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Lost 37 Pounds. Full Tummy Tuck with Lipo on 9-22-10. - Gastonia, NC

Had a C Section 23 yrs ago and my abdomin never...

Had a C Section 23 yrs ago and my abdomin never went back flat no matter how much exercise/weight loss. I have wanted this corrected for many years and at age 51, I did it! I am very satisfied and would do it again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I celebated with two of my favs, family and food! I am 9wks post op full TT with Lipo and doing very well. Will post new pics in next few days. Still having that dreaded afternoon swelling...don't enjoy that! My incision is healing nicely and I am using the Palmers as reccomended by Kimmers. Should I switch over to the Bio Oil now? I would like to here from some of you guys that are 4 months out. How is your swelling, soreness etc? I have a trip planned for Hawaii in January and wonder how I'll feel then at 4 mo post op. This is my dream trip and I want to look and feel great. I am very pleased with my flat tummy and have even purchased some bikinis for the trip...that is huge for me. Never thought I'd wear a two piece again ;)

Posted my 9wk pics.

Posted my 9wk pics.

Aloha from Hawaii RealSelf friends! I am 3 months...

Aloha from Hawaii RealSelf friends! I am 3 months post op and enjoying a wonderful vacation in sunny Hawaii. Posted a new pic today. Still uncomfortable without my compression garment for long periods of time although I have managed well on the beach on the island of Kauai in my swimsuit! So very glad I had this surgery! Soooo worth it!

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Hey annie51, I am so happy I found you on here. I was trying to find my PS on here and then I found where you had your TT by the surgeon that will be doing mine :))) How was he during your journey? Are you satisfied with evertything? Anything I should know before I have my pre op?
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Have a great holiday! Just saw your pics, you look fab!
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Thank you Chinababe! Having a wonderful time and just posted a pic from Hawaii.
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Hi Annie how are you doing?
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Happy New Year Kimmers! I am doing great. Hawaii in 6 more days!!! So looking forward to this. My surg was 9/22/10 and I still have swelling and discomfort if I don't weat my compression garment...is that normal? I have definately eaten too much over the holidays..got to get back on track!
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Hi Annie!  Good to hear from you:)

The swelling and discomfort are all normal yet.   From what I am reading on the site many women have the swelling problem when they don't wear the garment.  I never wore mine after day three and still had swelling so not sure it matters either way. 

That is right..Hawaii!  I forgot about that trip for you.  How exciting. 

Yes the holiday bliss got us all so off to a fresh start now.  I had to go through my entire kitchen and "De Crap" the cabinets.  I just tossed an entire pan of cookies and fudge in the trash yesterday.  I have had enough:)

I posted my month to month diary for all to read.  It gives you a little idea of what I went through from month 1 through month 8.  http://www.realself.com/forum/month-month-diary-post-tummy-tuck

Let me know how your Hawaii trip goes.  Have a great time and relax!
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Hey Kimmers,Life is very good here on the island of Kauai! Juat posted a pic. Had to take a few minutes to check on my Realself girls :)
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Hi Annie,

You look wonderful!   Nice flat tummy and I love that hot pink bikini :)  Where did you get that?  I need one...

Enjoy your vacation and soak up all of that warm sunshine for us.  Post some more Hawaii pictures!

Have a great time. 
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WOW. Fantastic pictures!! You look fabulous after only 9 weeks. How is your scar coming along? I will be following Kimmers advice, for sure!

Its so nice to see another TT in North Carolina... I am in Greensboro and I think most of my friends think I am crazy for doing this! I keep telling myself that if you haven't been in my shoes its hard for anyone to understand what is like. I am just so excited and I cant wait!!
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My scar is doing great. I am massaging with the palmers twice daily and it really helps! I am a nurse and some of my co-workers told me I was stupid for doing this and that I would be sorry. That just made me more determined to do well and refuse any complications! Most of my friends and family were positive and supportive and I tried to surround myself with positive thoughts and determination. I went back to work in 2 wks sporting my flat tummy for the haters...lol!
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Don't you just love how all the haters throw around all the negative advice!!  Poopers I call them...You go girl and sport that nice new tummy with a big smile on your face :)
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Hi Annie - I am anxious to see your new pics girl!  

Hawaii...Ah how nice.  You will just get better and better each month but still may have some swelling at four months.  I had my surgery on April 14th and was wearing bikinis starting at 8 weeks post op and did so all summer.  Looked fine and my swelling generally didn't kick in until mid afternoon anyway. 

You will look beautiful in Hawaii so so go and strut your stuff girl!  You will figure out when you need to rest and how long you are able to be up before you start to swell.  I had it down to a fine art by four months. 

Start using the Bio Oil at three months and do so for 12 weeks.  Massage that scar very firmly 2-3 times a day in order to smooth it and fade it. 

Let me know when you post the new pics!
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Thanks for the info Kimmers! I posted my pics.
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You look wonderful!!  Thanks for posting :)  Yep you are bikini ready.
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You look great. Thanks for posting pic of skin. I haven't had op yet but looking at what he cut out of you
is really informative. I look forward to reading your updates. This site is really addictive!!!!!
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Wow, you look great. Congratulations. My PS gave me pics of what he removed and ... OMG, it is amazing. Keep up the good work.
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mkell, Thanks, I feel good and hope your recovery is right on track! Yeah those skin pics are crazy. I must say it looks better laying on that OR table than on my tummy!
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That is so true, I just couldn't believe it, he told me he took out over 7 lbs, wow, amazing. Take care of yourself, also.
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You look wonderful. I also had a C-Section 23 yrs ago and no matter how hard I worked out my tummy was never the same. Your new tummy and belly button looks awesome. Your doctor did an amazing job.

Keep us posted on your recovery..
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Hi Ortizlj, Your tummy looks awesome also! I too work in healthcare as a nurse and I feel your pain regarding the swelling! I don't think I'm drinking enough water. Can you tell that really makes a difference with the swelling? Yep those C-Section's really wreck your tummy. I too am very glad to have my pre-mommy tummy back.
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So I have like a question. Can you get a load for this or does it have to be paid before you go? I know that a weird question but I know some surgeries you can pay so much down and so much afterwards
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Hi Mindy,

Most surgeons require a down payment to schedule the surgery and then payment in full so many days/weeks prior to the surgery.  When you have picked a surgeon just talk to their Patient Care Coordinator about the terms for that practice.  Most offices also offer financing through Care Credit or some other financial organization. 
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You look amazing!  Now that picture of what he removed is crazy...You always know they take a large amount of skin; but when you actually see it laying on a table...OH MY! 

I can't wait to read more about your healing process as you go.
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Hooray for you! We'd love to see more photos as your healing progresses. How has your pain level been? Have you seen Kimmers' great Tummy Tuck Survival Guide in our forums?

For more discussion about tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, and getting our bodies back, see our Facebook page, Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back.

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wow you look really good, I can't beleive they took that much skin off you. How's the healing and the pain going? I haven't got my surgery date yet but I see my doctor this thursday for dates and times. I hope it's soon this waiting is killing me.
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