Had Tummy Tuck 4 Mos Ago Now Getting Lipo on Flanks - North Carolina, NC

The tummy tuck made my belly super flat...but my...

The tummy tuck made my belly super flat...but my flanks are more noticeable. My fix have me two choices...lipo only OR lipo and excision of the flanks. The latter would extend my TT scar around to my back...no thanks. Plus it is more$$$. No thanks. Any helpful hints will help. I am not going under general anesthesia bit opted for local only. I've had to kids without epidurals so.... Lol.

My day is tomorrow! So excited to get this lipo...

My day is tomorrow! So excited to get this lipo and tweak my TT! No anesthesia, just some valium and local. Should be fine. He didn't mention drains or any of that BS so I am expecting soreness and heavy bruising. I am nowhere near as anxious as I was before the TT though. Well, I am going to read some other's posts on the flank lipo and turn in and get rested for my big day tomorrow!

Went in at 9:30, popped a Valium and a pain pill....

Went in at 9:30, popped a Valium and a pain pill. Got gowned, photos taken and prepped. I had local, so 2 injections that burned like hell, and then he injected some tumescent fluid. We had to wait 7 minutes and he started the actual lipo. I could feel the cannula inside and his hand on my back pushing the fat around lol. It burned a bit near my hips. They couldn't believe that I was conversing and laughing during the lipo and didn't even wince. I guess my pain tolerance is high. I had both of my kids without epidurals and was fine. I don't believe in popping pills for pain too much either so maybe I've but my tolerance up mentally. But I drove home and everything afterward. This was a cakewalk compared to the TT! I'm not gonna lie though, the local wore off a couple hours after I was home and I feel some pain. Nothing immobilizing, but it hurts to sit back on the sofa. I has to put 3 pillows behind my back. Plus ill sleep with tons of pillows tonight. I have been taking arnica for about a week and an still taking it. Vitamin c and bromelain (pineapple extract tablets). I bought a topical ointment from eBay called traumeel. I honestly don't know if it made a difference. But it can't hurt. Bruising is starting to appear. Not horrible but I expect it will get worse. If not, then those supplements work, b/cuz I bruise easily and this lipo was aggressive! I have on spanx and a binder. Oh, he only made two tiny incisions into back. 900 cc's sucked out. I'm posting pics I just took. I am going to take a pain pill. This is the first one today (other than the one right before the procedure.) I haven't even popped a Tylenol. It is not bad at all. I'm a bit uncomfortable and sore, but nothing excruciating.
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Do u mind if i ask what he charged for your tummy tuck?
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You look amazing!
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Hey! Thanks for commenting on my post. My surgery is only 2 days away and I am so nervous!! I hate this muffin top! I don't know of anything to get rid of the darkness of the scar. Mine is dark and raised too and I don't know what to do about it. I am having scar revision because the surgeon said if feels empty under the scar and is going to use a different closure technique. I'll keep you posted
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You do look great, but I can totally relate to being super judgmental of your own self. I will b happy if I can put a t shirt and jeans on and not have skin hanging over on my side or back :). When did u have tt? Mine was Sept 2012. Keep us posted :)
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I had my TT mid August (2012). I will keep u posted! Thanks!! Good luck
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Good for you. I am 3 weeks post op and but I had full abs, full back and inner thighs and flanks.. So a lot more 4000CC. It is worth it. I couldn't say that before. Now incredible results. It does take 3-6months for the final. It took about 3 hours and I had general as it was so many areas. He used stitches so only leaked 1 night in the hospital. Rest, take time to heal and love your new body.
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Wow, you had a lot of areas. I didn't think they did all of that at once...but I suppose with general they can. I am going to look at your photos. I'm sure u look great!!
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Omg.....I also had a tt 4 months ago and have the same issue. I'm having my lipo on flanks and bra fat roll on march 8th. I think I look very similar to you so I know what u mean by feeling Ur flanks are more pronounced after tt. I am also doing it with just local and a valium. Please keep me posted on Ur experience since u will b a month ahead of me.
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I just looked at your pics and we do look about the same!! You have bigger boobs lol. But midsection...same. I just posted an update and photos so feel free to check my updates. I'm so glad I did local. It made the whole thing so much simpler. Let me know if you have any questions and ill do my best to reply ASAP. Good luck!!
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Wow I can already see a change and its just immediately post op. I hear final results around 3-6 months. Let me know if u swell a lot during the next week or so. Also were u leaking fluid when u got home? How long did procedure take? I'm sure mine will b longer because I have back fat rolls I can't stand so he's doing those as well. Looking good :)
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Thank you for the compliment! It (tge actial lipo) took an hour and a half, maybe a little less. I didn't have much leaking at all (virtually none). They put pads inside my binder and there was a tiny bit on those. Today I am much better. I was dizzy this a.m, but I got up quick, plus I took a pain pull before bed. Those make me dizzy and sweaty. Lol. I took two 500 mg Tylenol today. I feel fine. A little sore when I move a certain way, but, I'm totally functioning. Took a shower and did laundry. I am swollen. I just took more photos and against my better judgement tried on some clothes. Don't do that, lol. They are tight and its because of the swelling. I wish I had taken my measurements before. But, I definitely see the difference. I think though that when you look at yourself, you don't see the difference as much as someone else dies when they lol at your before and after pics. I see a slight difference, my daughter was like "wow, look at the difference!!". But measure and take pics so you can compare. I am pretty happy so far. I was given the option to have an excision and lipo but didn't want to do all of that. I'm going to keep posting pics each week hopefully.
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