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Anchor Tummy Tuck Schedule March 21, 2011 - Fort Bragg, NC

Three years ago I weighed 327lbs. I lost 125 of it...

Three years ago I weighed 327lbs. I lost 125 of it with diet modifications like clean eating and portion contol. I have a large flap of skin and loose shin and tissue above my belly button. Because of this skin my mobility is impaired. I cannot run unless I'm spanx'd to death which is just not comfortable either. I am also now a certified personal trainer, my way of paying forward my weightloss, but who would trust a trainer thaat looks fat? Not me.. so I decided its time for me to do something for me. :) I go in Monday... I am writing this on Saturday.

The pros of this are limitless.. the cons are just the down time... am I nervous? Heck yes but I know I am in great hands. I will upload before and afters when I get home.

Actually sitting feels better to me than laying down...but maybe that's because I don't have a recliner. And I've been taking Vicodin but I think I'm allergic to it because it makes me itchy, VERY itchy! I'm staying at my dad's house while I recover so my kids don't push me to do something I shouldn't...but this involves alot of stairs. :( I'm currently waiting to see the doctor...I'll be sure to take a pic while the binder is off to show you what my belly looks like. Happy Healing!!
WooHoo...we are tummy tuck buddies, I guess. I also had mine yesterday! I'm doing pretty ok so far, but can't wait to get back up and running around. Have you seen your doctor yet? I have a 3:30 appt this afternoon and can't wait to see my belly!
I don't have to go in till Thursday.. Its taking everything I have not to peek. Lol. I can tell the panni is gone and that is good enough for now.

I have make it out to the couch and I feel a hundred times better not to be couped up in my bed. Sitting still is not my favorite thing.. how is your pain? Mines is a lot better then it was this morning.

So today was a dressing change.. I was completely...

So today was a dressing change.. I was completely unprepared for what I saw.. instead of the anchor cut that the PS and I discussed as the only chance I had at good results, I basically received a panniculectomy.. I am distraught. My pain is not under control and I would have never gone through with this if he would have told me prior to surgery that he just wasn't going to bother doing the surgery we had talked about. I understand there is bloating and such and the results cannot be judges for weeks but with all the loose skin on my upper abdomen I am at a loss.. sorry for such a negative post..but I had to vent my despair.
I saw that you wrote your doctor was an “Army Surgeon”… does this mean he is a general surgeon or is he licensed to perform PS? I did not think that a panniculectomy was something that Cosmetic Surgeons did as they are typically not done for esthetic purposes... more for practicality and hygiene, as I am sure you know.

I am sorry you are unhappy with your results. I am hoping for your sake it is just a matter or swelling and there is loose skin that your doctor will fix this for you... that is if you even want to see this doctor again. Best wishes.
Are you sure? Did you speak with the PS about this? I'm hoping for the best for you!!!
I have an appointment in the morning.. he better have clear answers as to why it is this way.

Went in for post open wound care.. The PS...

Went in for post open wound care.. The PS explained his choice of not doing the full surgery.. He fixed the drain that was hurting.. I ammuch better now.. thank you all for your support. :)
A visit should help. :) and the drains do get a lot of attention. My 5 year old caught a peak of them and now has to know everything about them.. (I was sad when the PS said I couldn't get them out today) lol

I haven't been peeking much other then to adjust the foamy stuff and add bactracin to my belly button.. but I can't wait to see it in 2 weeks. :)
My husband plans to bring my son to visit me starting tomorrow. As far as my daughter, I think I'll have to wait until they remove the drain to see her, otherwise I could end up in some serious pain as a result of her cute curiousness. I can't wait!! :)

Don't be shy or ashamed of yourself...be proud!! And it will only get better. Hugs and kisses!
You are probably right.. missing family is hard. But I promise you taking care of you is perfectly acceptable. ;) you cannot care for them unless you care for you first. Maybe you will feel up to going home a little earlier or maybe having them visit?

Tomorrow I may get brave and post some pictures. I just don't wanna scare people off. Mine was more for reconstruction then just a tummy tuck. My PS removed about 10lbs of skin and fat..But believe me anything is better then what was there lol

Ok today is day 4 post op.. My goals for today are...

Ok today is day 4 post op.. My goals for today are to be pain killer free, take my second shower, check on my garden ( point at anything that needs to be weeded) and maybe fold some more laundry ( no I am not able to get it out on my own lol) and make dinner. Day 4.. my lower back is killing me from being stooped over and sleeping in weird ways, my drains are in the dang way of everything, and I would like for the colace to work but other then that my only" discomfort" as the nurse deemed it is in my hip area.. feels like something is pulling..other then that it is a billion times better then day 2. Wish everyone well in their healing or decision making process. :)

Ok on to day 5.. Yesterday went ok. I ended up...

Ok on to day 5.. Yesterday went ok. I ended up having to take a pain killer when I got a tickle in my throat leading to a coughing fit.. new note to self Avoid that ever happening again!!! I will be keeping halls refesh handy for quite awhile. I am increasingly frustrated will my "balls" the drains are always in th way. (My drain insertion points are on the insides of my thighs) I am very very very hopeful that they will take them out Tuesday. So maybe today will be a no painkiller day. Sleep is still on and off but its also improving..I was able to walk alot more yesterday without being exhausted....My new belly button is ummmm something but even with my pot belly and that i now have i am content with the results I think.
They did a muscle repair too... Its really painful to cough lol I am very nervous about the drains being pulled out. Today I have been in a ton of pain and have the blues realy bad.. I hope the results get a little closer to normal looking. I used to have 2 large fat rolls one hung way down.. they removed what they could but I still have some flab and loose skin left. Maybe I will get a revision when I forget how much this hurt. Lol

Being an Army wife is an experience.. hubby has been gone a lot the last 3 years.
I see...so you basically got a full tummy tuck, except for some reason he didn't make it as tight?!

How's your son dealing with Mommy having a boo-boo?
Yes I got a full TT but I was expecting a anchor TT which is both the hip to hip incision and from breast bone down.. It would have adressed the loose skin and fat above my belly button better thn what the regular did. I am very disappointed but I have to be happy with at least getting rid of the fat roll that hung down so far.

My son have been very helpful to me. He picks up what I drop lol.. I hope it continues next week when hubbys leave is over. :-)

Hope you get some rest tonight.

Lets see day 6.... boredom has set in. But at...

Lets see day 6.... boredom has set in. But at least yesterday I was able things around the house like dishes and dinner. A little more each day..Not in any real pain which is a huge plus. The is just alot of stretching sensation. :)

As far as the blues goes.. I am having to look at my before pictures often so I can remember where I started. It at least stops the tears about whays less. I have to remember to be grateful.
Good morning! :)
Good morning! I am starting to feel human again.. like a functional member of my household instead of a lump in my "nest" as my husband calls it.. Today hes back at work so its me and the little one. :) I did get up and was able to make hubbys breakfast and het his uniform ready.. I was thrilled to be able to move that much.

How are you doing? I saw you are starting to swell.. I have read that is pretty normal. Are you ready to be drain free? I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Sooooo ready to be drain free!! Last night was the first since the surgery that I actually slept all night. :) Today I'm moving around easier...and faster, too! Yeah, I have some swelling, but not enough to really complain about. Glad you're doing better also!! :)

Its been a week since surgery. I got my drains out...

Its been a week since surgery. I got my drains out today!!!! Its so much better. :) My movement has improved a tremendous amount. I had a visit today and it went ok. I am just impatiently waiting to be able to sleep normally and then the bavk pain will go away. I drove myself to the appointment today. The freedom helped the blues. My swelling is down. I still get tired quickly but its understandable.. Healing more each day. :)
Dr Ortiz

Just fyi. . Dr Ortiz is an US Army surgeon.

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