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63 Days Post Op and doing well.

Hello, I am 42 years old, married with four...

Hello, I am 42 years old, married with four wonderful children. I have wanted a tt for the last 10 years. I have just scheduled my surgery for June of 2012. I interviewed my last PS yesterday and chose him almost immediately following my interview. I have researched this particular PS for about a year along with several others. I have read every blog there is out there. To say the least, I have put a lot of time in researching doctors as well as the pros and cons, techniques and so forth.

There aren't any words to describe my feelings when I decided to act upon my desire. I work out and I have a fairly healthy diet. Upon having my last child a few years ago, I was left with a stomach, I absolutely cannot get rid of. In my previous pregnancies, I have always been able to lose the weight.

I have lost 30 pounds since having My last baby which puts me at about 160lbs. I amp looking to lose at least another 20 pounds before my procedure. Upon discovering RealTalk, and reading so many personal journeys, I decided to also write about my journey. To those of you who have included their journey, I say thank you, what a wealth of knowledge. I am grateful. I can't wait to finally have my tt in June. Talk to you all soon!

I forgot to mention I am also having some lipo on...

I forgot to mention I am also having some lipo on my inner thighs and knees as well. Looking forward to great results.

Trying to upload my before photos but having a bit...

Trying to upload my before photos but having a bit of trouble. Hopefully I will figure it out :-)

Looks like I am moving my tt to May instead of...

Looks like I am moving my tt to May instead of June! Yay! So happy. Will keep you all posted. I can't wait!

Made the first big payment today, anyone know what...

Made the first big payment today, anyone know what products other than my meds that I will need? I'm not nervous yet but I am sure that will come. My pre op is scheduled for April 12th. Time is flying by! Ready to be on the other side! Happy healing all! Any May tt's out there?

Hello fellow tummy Tucker's, I am still trying to...

Hello fellow tummy Tucker's, I am still trying to find a way to load my photos. We are currently in the moving process and my computer (desktop) has been packed away. All I have is my iPad and iPhone so please bear with me. We will be living in our RV for awhile which will allow us to quickly pay off my surgery fees. The RV is fairly large so I'm not too worried about space. I may just go and purchase one of those smaller laptops so that I can show you all my progress. While in this process of moving, my hubby lost his dad this past week so out of state we go! Puts us a week behind schedule on our move but it has all worked out. Hubby is sad but taking it well so far. You have all been a Godsend on this forum. I am so happy I found it. Oh did I tell you all I had a breast Augmentation about 15 years ago? I think it's time to figure out my boobies again. Not certain if I will get implants again. Don't get me wrong they were great but I am getting older and not certain if bigger breasts are for me any longer. Well today we are moving a bunch of stuff to storage. We leave next Friday to visit my husbands family. We have a long drive on our hands. I go in on Wednesday for an EKG and bloodwork for surgery. Trying to get prepared for this lengthy recovery and hopefully be ready for our vacation in August. Whoop whoop bring on tummy tuck recovery!

Good Morning All, looking foward to my pre op on...

Good Morning All, looking foward to my pre op on Thursday. Can't wait to ask all of my questions. I have updated my journey since my last post but somehow the posts are not showing up, oh well, for those of you who would like to see what I look like you are more than welcome to inbox me your number and I will text you my befor photos. I simply can't do it from the iPad. Kiddos go back to school today, they have been out of school for a couple of weeks due to traveling and spring break. I will only have the two littles ones age 2 to contend with :-/, lol! My 9 year old and my 6 year old says mommy don't need surgery, you look fine mommy which made me feel really good. I told them that mommy will be just fine and no need to worry. Well ladies, I have to start my day. Looking forward to a wonderful day. Happy Healing to all!

Hello fellow Tummy Tucker's, just wanted to let...

Hello fellow Tummy Tucker's, just wanted to let you all know that my Pre Op went well. Very happy with my PS choice. Had to try on the dreaded surgical panties. My babies were with me age 2, well one of them is my grand baby. When I took off my clothes to get my photos done the babies said yuck mommy your nakee ( that means naked) I could not help but to just laugh. I felt so gross with my clothing off and someone taking photos of my soon to be gorgeous bod! Lol! I made the dreaded final payment, ugh, that was tough but I am confident it will be all worth it. Hubby is so great to let me spend money that we certainly could use elsewhere. When going over my pre op paperwork today, I thought to myself, the realself blog has totally informed me of what's to come. I am more pleased with this blog more and more each day. What a totally amazing way to go through this journey with so many wonderful women who are super supportive. I am always on pins and needles when one of us realselfers, go I to surgery. I am always looking for them to say, I made it to the other side! Hope I will be able to update quickly for you all. Well time to get dinner on the table here on the East Coast! Have a blessed evening everyone and Happy Healing to all!

Picked up my meds today! Yippee! My happy pills....

Picked up my meds today! Yippee! My happy pills. Enjoy the remainder of your day everyone!

Hello fellow tt's, hope all is well with everyone....

Hello fellow tt's, hope all is well with everyone. Well I have had to push my surgery back a few weeks. I and now penciled for May 22nd and may have to puch it back again. My husband lost his mother a couple of days ago. We are headed back to the Midwest soon and I would not be able to make it back in time for surgery. Thank you all for being such a wonderful support. Have a great day ladies :-)

Hello fellow tummy Tucker's, well it's been some...

Hello fellow tummy Tucker's, well it's been some time since I last updated my journey. I am due to have my tummy tuck on May 22nd and I am really excited. Not nervouse at all at this point but very excited. I am prepping my recovery area here at home. Hubby has one week off so I am hoping I can get around a bit on my own after he returns to work. How is everyone doing out there? Does anyone have any last minute advice? Happy healing to all that have gone before me! Talk to you all soon!

Well just five more days ladies! I'm ready. Let's...

Well just five more days ladies! I'm ready. Let's do this! Happy healing to all :-)

Hello fellow tummy Tucker's, well I only have a...

Hello fellow tummy Tucker's, well I only have a few more days before its my turn and my children are feeling a little anxiety. I will be taking them out of school the day of my surgery. We do not have any family in this state so it's all on my husband for the next week following my surgery. Im feeling a bit stressed but I know it's just part of the process. Just ready to be on the flat side. Well that's all for now. Happy healing to all of you out there who have gone before me. Be blessed:-)

Just got the call from my PS and we have a date in...

Just got the call from my PS and we have a date in the morning! Yay! Nerves are starting to settle in. No turning back now! I have to get photos up somehow. I can email photos if any of you would like to see photos. Other than that I will have to wait to get a laptop in order to upload the photos. Sorry ladies :-( I want you all to see my progress. Well let's toast to the flatside! Cheers!!! Happy healing all!



Hello ladies, well it's 3am and I made it to the...

Hello ladies, well it's 3am and I made it to the other side. I keep dozing off. I am feeling fairly well pain level about a. 2 or 3 so far and the pain meds Re doing their job. Write more later. Until then, happy Healing to all! :-)

I am dong ok ladies. Not too much pain at all. I...

I am dong ok ladies. Not too much pain at all. I am not draining mug at all. Not certain. When he will take them out but they are not a bother at the moment. My doctor awesome! Oh by the way he took off almost 13 pounds of fat! Yikes! I will post again after the appt until then happy healing all! Be blessed :-)

Post op day 3 feeling so much. Able to get out of...

Post op day 3 feeling so much. Able to get out of bed on my own.
am sleeping much better as each day goes by. Not any kind of pain at all.iy only hurts when I get up each time I go to he bathroom. had to drain my bulbs. That was quick and easy. I get tired. Very quickly to say the least. I hq e been eating but able to ear small meals to eat must rest now. Will chat more
Later. Happy Healing!

Finally showered today, felt strong enough to do...

Finally showered today, felt strong enough to do so. My drains only bother me sometimes. Just had a cough fit and it was not fun at all. But I think I made it through it. Whew! Time for a nap! Happy healing to all of you out there!

Post op day 7 Well it's been a tough couple of...

Post op day 7

Well it's been a tough couple of days but somehow I turned the corner this morning. I was able to drink a few sips of decade fat free coffee. I must say that the most painful portion of this journey has been the lipo of the inner thighs. Not in so much pain anymore just a tightness and some tenderness. I have been massaging my thighs on my own so hopefully that will do the trick for the next few weeks. I have on drain that is still putting out alot and the other hardly anything at all. . Saw my PS this past Friday and he said that everything looked great. I will call my PS tomorrow let them know what's going on with my drains. My biggest complaint about the drains is that they are kind of inthe way of everything and they only hurt when they are in the wrong position or something is pressing on them. I was able to get my children off to school this morning with my husbands help. I still had the two little ones at home to deal with. This morning started off interesting with the two smaller kiddos but I made it so far. I wS so tired by 11:30 we all took a nap until a out 1:30 the little ones slept a wee bit longer so that was a plus. Overall I am doing ok. Hubby went back to work today so I am certain he was a bit relieved. Well on to healing some more. I will happy when the binder is gone. Dont like it at all. Happy healing all!

Well good morning fellow tummy tuckers, I must say...

Well good morning fellow tummy tuckers, I must say that I am fowling better each and every day. I am planning on Venturi g our today for some very light shopping on the things we need. NO HEAVY Lifting! Hoping to just treat my family to a nice dinner this evening. I still have both my drains so it will be just slow going today at my own pace. I am happy that I am feeling so much better. Getting back to normal slowly! Yay! I have been a little bit down but I'm not goin to let it get the best of me. Time to flow with this new transition in my life. A tummy tuck and lipo is a big deal so those of you considering any procedure, just please do your homework. Well, I must get back to healing cheers to all of you out there healing and or about to take the tt,mr, lipo plunge. I'm personally feeling it's all worth it! Go for it! Happy healing!

Well it has happened, I am a bit down. I feel as...

Well it has happened, I am a bit down. I feel as though it took so much from my family. The stress level ar home is somewhat high. It's been very hot outdoors so I have not been able to do much by way of activities. I did however take a quick trip to target and was extremely exhausted when that trip was over. Hubby took me to dinner the other night which was refreshing. I didn't each much but had sorbet for desert. It was yummy! Overall I am feeling better just to toll it has taken on my family is almost unbearable. We all have to remember, not only do we go through this whole change physically and emotionally, those that love us the most is also very effected but this whole process as well. I am sure as the days go by I will get better but until then, I am down in the dumps:-( hope you all are healing very well out there! Be blessed.

Good Morning post op day 10. Well I want to start...

Good Morning post op day 10. Well I want to start off by saying an extra special thank you to you ladies that reached out to me during my time of need! What a difference a day makes! I am feeling confident that the pain or should I say discomfort won't last always. I must say that feeling better makes a world of difference on your emotional state. I can honestly say that I don't believe that I have been through anything so hard for this duration of time. Labor only lasts for so long lol! I must say I have opened my eyes to cosmetic surgery. It's no joke! Well on another note, when I woke up this morning, I was standing straight! What a blessing and it felt sooooo gooooood! I promise to keep you all posted. I am not happy that I can't upload photos but just as soon as I am able, I will do just that. Have a blessed Saturday all! And happy happy healing!

Uploaded before and after pics with the help of a...

Uploaded before and after pics with the help of a fellow journeyer!

Hello my sisters, had my drains out today. Not...

Hello my sisters, had my drains out today. Not painful. One of the drains kind of stung a tad bit coming out but only last literally one second. Had to call my PS office as I have been hot and cold since I left his office this afternoon. His wonderful nurse Kim (love u Kim and Denise and Erin and the new lady who walked me to my exam room today! I forgot your name and I am so sorry :-) awesome staff, even put up with my terror two year old and my grandbaby who is also two. I had nonfinite but to bring the as hubby is workin out of state for a few days. well back to my story, upon speaking with Kim today (registered nurse) she eases my fears that I did something wrong today while making every effort to get to my appointment. Sounds like I may have over done it today especially with the babies and my drive to my PS was over an hour. Overall I made it through. Just took a muscle relaxer and I was in quite a bit of pain. Have not felt pain like that in my abs like that at all. I was allowed to take a muscle relaxer so hopefully that will do the trick just to have a bit of comfort. I have not been on meds since the evening of the fourth day post op. Well today I certainly needed them. Not trying to be a superhero here, needed some relief. Starting to feel better already. Dr. C examined me and says everything looks good. I can start scar treatment of cocoa butter and vitamin E oil. Today was a tough day but I am
Pressing on, oh did I say my drains were out? I think I did. Well time to rest up a bit oh by the way I am post op day 13. One morething, I am truly greatful for all of the prayers and well wishes. I am truly blessed! Big thanks to Great2bme for helping me with my photos. What a nice lady you are for taking the time out of your day to be a blessing to me! I am so grateful. Well time to spend time with my babies, happy healing realselfers! Until next time, be blessed :-)

Good Morning, well it's been 2 weeks, exactly 14...

Good Morning, well it's been 2 weeks, exactly 14 days! What a difference each day makes. Just like all of you ladies have said before, it does get better. I was also able to sweep the floors a bit with my daughter helping me with the dustpan. I have come a long way baby! My lipo sites are still very tender to the touch but getting better. Still a bit hard to get out and drive on a daily basis. Overall it's getting better. I am happy that I have some energy to at least get through some of the day. I can honestly say life is slowly getting back to normal. I can't be any happier about it. Well still have a couple of things to do before a nap. Have a wonderful day all and Happy Healing!

Looks like I may have an infection. I have a small...

Looks like I may have an infection. I have a small opening on my scar and it's leaking yucky stuff. PS wanted me to come in today but I just could not make it. I will get there first thing in the morning. Put some neosporin on it as advised by the nurse and I have it covered with a sanitary napkin. Minor setback but nit going to get me down! I will fight and do my part in making this surgery a success! Happy Healing All!

Hello all, just checking in, looks like I may have...

Hello all, just checking in, looks like I may have an infection. Something yucky is oozing out if my scar. I have a little hole. Yuck. I am goingto the PS tomorrow. So gross! It's an hour and a half each way but my health is most important so off to the PS I go first thing in the morning. Not what I had planned but I have to do what I gotta do. Just a small bump in the road. Maybe some antibiotics to fix me up right quick! Overall today has been an ok day. Happy healing all and have a great evening:-)

Update- no infection all, just a seroma but as a...

Update- no infection all, just a seroma but as a precaution my PS prescribed an antibiotic. I will pick that up from the pharmacy later this evening. My PS packed where my incision was leaking a bit and I will see him on Monday. Now I am so exhausted. I have less than an hour to rest and my older girls come home from school. Happy Healing to all and enjoy the remainder of your day.

Hello ladies and happy Saturday. Well today is...

Hello ladies and happy Saturday. Well today is post op day 18, seroma is still there but draining on it's own once or twice a day. Keep it covered and clean. I still feel like I am healing. Had another breakdown last night. Miss sleeping in my bed with my hubby, miss playing with my children and doing the daily mom things. It was a good cry and I think I really needed it because I certainly felt better afterwards. So tired if the recliner. I need to transition to my bed or the sofa. Hoping to get out today. Maybe that will make things a bit better. Had a slight fever last night but seem to be better this morning. I noticed my tummy is going down on the side where the seroma is. Hope there isn't a seroma on the other side ugh! It's a hot day already so it would be nice to get out and get something refreshing to drink and just hang out. Hubby, kiddos and I have a few errands today so hopefully we can get them done and get a little family time in. I will try to get more pictures and this time I hope they are more clear. So sorry about that. They looked a bit grainy to me as well. Thank all for the support. I have certainly relied on each and everyone of you and you all came through. Thank you all again and happy happy Healing!

Post op day 19, well wanted to off by saying that...

Post op day 19, well wanted to off by saying that you each and everyone of you who responded to my journey. Let me rewind back to this past Friday, had a small meltdown when my husband arrived home from work. It didn't last long because he cheered me up rather quickly. The crazy was that I was feeling fine. Don't know where the moodswing came from but I'm glad my hubby helped snap out if it quickly. Ok fast forward to Saturday, we had several errands to run. I lasted about halfway through before I started to fall asleep in the car. It was so nice to be out with the warm sun on my face, and yes it was super hot yesterday! Finally made it home and my seroma drained a bit. Had a quick bit of dinner and I was down for the count. Woke up sometime during the night for a bathroom break then back to sleep. I managed to turn on my side in the recliner. Don't know how I did that but it felt great. Woke up this morning feeling really good and flatter than I have beensince having my tummy tuck. The realization in knowing that this is a process has certainly become so real. Doing my best to just let my mind flow with this process. I believe my biggest frustrations were my limitations. I had to let go and just let hubby take care of me. It's called giving in and just allowing yourself to heal. We have more errands to run today but not so many. So my adventure begins for the day. Also hoping to get the kiddos to the pool today! Have a blessed day everyone! Happy Happy Healing.

Post op day 22, good morning ladies? How are you...

Post op day 22, good morning ladies? How are you all doing? I hope everyone is doing well and healing well. I've been feeling better and better each day. I am waking up flatter and flatter each day. Seromas seem to be healing so I am thrilled about that. There is a nice breeze out today so that's nice since it has been super hot. I am still wearing my binder night and day while taking it off for short breaks and showers. I'm feeling like myself more and more each day which I am thrilled about. This definitely has been a journey. I am pleased with my results more and more each day. Oh by the way. I have not been on the scale yet so I don't know how much I weigh but I will tell you all that I know for certain I have lost quite a few pounds. No complaints there. Also, my appetite is not what it used be and I am doing my best to try to eat as healthy as possible. I am standing straight for the most part without even thinking about it. Lipo sites are still a bit sore but nothing I can't handle. Well I have a few errands to run so I am off to get it all done. Happy Have a blessed day!

Hello everyone, had my 4 week post op check up...

Hello everyone, had my 4 week post op check up today. All is healing well and I am feeling pretty darn great! I really want you all to know that my PS is AMAZING, such a good man overall. For those of you in the DC area looking for a qualified and very skilled PS, look no further. Dr. C. And his staff will get you in to consult with him and the next thing you know, your proceedure of choice will be done. I do nit have to go back to see him for another two months. I was like awe, I will miss seeing him. It's always nice to be in good company. Well that's about it for today. Life is mostly back to normal. I can start doing some very light workouts so I think I will give myself a mother week then I'm back at the gym for life. Happy Healing all and God Bless!

Hello all, Well I thought I needed to check in...

Hello all,

Well I thought I needed to check in with you all since it's been awhile. I am doing very well. I am still healing. Had a bit of swelling last night and could not get into my comfy zone. Today I am 34 days post op and I can honestly say I am feeling really good. I had a home where my seroma was and I am very happy to say that it is closing more and more each day. I just keep gauze on it and it's kept very clean. Not many people has seen me at this point. Just focused on healing and keeping my children entertained for the summer. I still have a bit of swelling at the lipo sites and still sore but not bad. I can live with it until it subsides. I have not done any shopping at all just yet. Holding off until most of the swelling goes down. I do want to poit out that my body looks totally different in a good way. I have lost weight but have yet to get on the scale. I don't know what size I wore before surgery because I always wore medium yoga pants or workout clothing mostly everywhere but I will say I am about a size 8 or 6 and I am happy with that. I was cleared by my doc to do some light walking but when I tried I was in a bit of pain so I think I will pace myself on returning back to my workouts. No gym just yet. I am eating clean for the mist part and I know now that I have went through my surgery, it's more of a lifestyle change than before I had my surgery. I am completely, without a doubt elated about my results. My surgeon is just awesome! My hubby said I was back to my original hot body, not certain if I am there yet by I will take the compliment and run with it! Lol! Well all just wanted to check is to let you know how I am doing. Super happy with my results! Have a wonderful day everyone and happy healing!

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I have...

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I have posted an update. I am feeling almost back to normal, but i still feel as though I have a long way to go. I have lost a total of 17 pounds and feel really good about that. I still have some residual swelling but I am hoping that will subside in the coming months. I have appt with my PS in a month so I will ask him if I am developing dog ears on both sides and will also ask about the residual swelling. I took my first spinning class on Saturday and it was wonderful. I took it easy but it felt wonderful. Overall, I am so happy that I had a tummy tuck, I feel youthful and healthy and I just love my new body. I am considering getting my implants redone but that won't happen for a year or so. Well ladies I am hoping all of you are healing well and feeling great! I will update again when I see my PS in a month. Until then, take care and be blessed :-)
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Dr. C and all of his staff were fantastic from the beginning. The quality of care was wonderful. The meds he prescribed worked and never made me sick at all. I am one week post op. I am pleased and looking forward to amazing results. Dr C. U Rock! :-)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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How was the anesthesia? I just met with him today and I am SO scared to be put under. You just here all these stories. Did you do general or IV? What was it like going down? Thanks!
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Hi MyTime2Shine,
How are you doing? Your post-op pics show terrific results. Did your family in the other state(s) ever find out about your surgery? I imagine trying to keep your children from blurting something out in the future could be a challenge. I hope you're doing well and happy with the results!
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I am hanging on to hope...I have my consultation set for 23 July I firmly believe I am going to get it done. My husband constantly lowers my self esteem on big tummy side, I insist I want this and deserve this I know I can not afford it.....sad "mommie of my three sons"
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Thanks ladies, it's a long road to complete recovery but I am hopeful that I will get back to a normal physical state. I guess the older I am the longer it takes for me to heal. I should clarify that my lipo sites are still tender. I still have a little discomfort when I sleep on my leftside but overall I am feeling good. I am in awe of how my body is just shrinking. My seroma is still oozing a bit but overall looks good. I do still feel a bit more tired in the evenings and I know when I have overdone it. My body tells me to knock it off and go to sleep! Lol! I am completely thrilled with my results thus far. It can only get better from here! Sending lots of love and hugs to all my fellow tummy tuck sisters out there who are on their journeys. Happy healing ladies!
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So glad to hear you are taking care of yourself and going at it slow. I just started walking at a moderate pace for about a mile last week. It feels good to get out there but I'm in no hurry to do much more yet. I will be seven weeks PO in a few days. Can't wait to hear how shopping goes for you. Just know it will be a huge success for you!
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Glad you are doing well and getting back to normal with everything!
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It sounds like everythign is moving in the rigt direction for you
Still sore from the Lipo sights ? That is discouraging
I know mine are still sore now but I'm only 17 days PO so I sure hope
soreness doesn't last that long but anyhooHappy healing to you and thanks for the update
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Thank you Lost in Translation. I am feeling so much better. Hubby and looked into getting a tempurpedic mattress and I think we will invest we we purchase our home in the next few years. I'm just so thankful that I am feeling so much better. 22 days post op! I'm happy with my progress! Happy Healing!
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I just started sleeping in my own bed 4 days ago. I was 3 weeks post-op on Friday. We have a tempurpedis and it is MUCH nicer on my tailbone than the couch..lol. I hope you can get into your own bed soon. So much of our journey is patience and it is harder than I imagined it would be. You are looking SO good! Happy healing :)
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I feel you in wanting to sleep on your own bed next to the hubby! I also miss my two little doggies laying next to me when I sleep! We return the hospital bed in about two weeks! I can't wait! I hope the seroma gets better for you! Getting out and getting some sun should cheer your spirits up! Looking forward to more pics! Happy Healing!
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It might help for you to buy one of those 3" -4" foam mattress pads at Walmart and throw that on your bed. It certainly helped me to get comfortable on my bed as it conforms to your body. Just buy the twin size and you can move it from the sofa to your bed or where ever you want to plant yourself.
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Great tip! I have a pillow top mattress and I know once I return to my own bed I would need a firmer surface! I'm definitely going to get me one at Walmart soon! Thanks!
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Congrats on making it to the flat side. I dealt with a Seroma and they are a pain in the neck but take it one day at a time and rest. Happy healing. I only had to get mine drained 3 times and now just waiting for the skin to heal after getting them drained. Good luck and keep us posted.
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I am glad you are going to get checked it is a small bump in the road, I am still getting that seroma drained, it is closed doesnt hurt but the darn thing fills up right after he drains me, you sound like things are good though, the pics are blurry but boy you look great, keep on healing!!!!
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I am feeling fabulous. At week 5 there is a big jump in getting back to normal. I've been to Lubbock (1 hour drive to get there) twice this week and the drive didn't kill me like it usually does. Scars are all healing very nicely. I will post scar pics when I get back from Dallas next week. I am also going to post pics of my 81 year old mom whose implants are over 60 years old! She is so cute.
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Glad to hear you didn't have infection.i also had a small Sedona.dr drained a small amount of fluid out.my incision didn't open up .when I went back this past Tuesday ..no evidence of Seroma .so hopefully yours will clea up.
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Great2BMe you are spot on from all the things I've read and with speaking to some of the physicians I know from my former employment. I am hopeful, just a minor setback but I will be ok. I will remove the packing tomorrow, not looking forward to that but it is what it is, right? Other than that everything else seems ok. How are you doing and feeling?
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Glad to hear that it was just a seroma. Since it opened up, some of your swelling should go down. Keep neosporin on your drain hole wounds as well and keep them covered up until they close. You may have some weeping from these holes but that is normal. Some of them will close almost overnite. Some may take 2-3 days. My husband (physician) was a godsend in taking care of all my wounds. Don't start any scar treatments until the scars are completely healed, usually 1 month. But if you have a section that has opened up like yours I would wait until that heals.
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Thank you Great2BMe, I could certainly use the advice. Took a nice long shower last night about an hour to make certain I cleaned the wound through and through. There was no second guessing that wound was clean. Let myself dry out for a couple of hours a then covered the would with neosporin and a cut in half maxi pad. I'm up gonna get my kiddos ready and headed to the doc first thing this morning. I am dreading the long drive but gotta do it. I will check in once I return from the doc to let you all know what happened. So happy healing to all. God bless!
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Wow, that sucks. Yes, you definitely have an infection. He needs to start you on keflex or augmentin. I'm surprised they didn't call you in a prescription until you could get there. We would have. If you can't see your ps tomorrow, call them and have them fax a prescription for antibiotics to your local pharmacy. Treating an Infection is not anything to put off. Or if all else fails go see your primary care physician in town. He is more than able to write you an rx.
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Looks great !
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I remember my first drive 1 hour each way my 2nd week of surgery. It was all I could do to get back home. I was so relieved when I pulled into my driveway. You won't believe how much better you will feel even next week. But for me the benchmark was 4 wks and 4 days. No lipo pain whatsoever. I told you the drains getting pulled out were not bad at all. Feels weird when they pull them out though.
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Great2BMe, you were so right about the drains. I am feeling so much better and I am not so stiff and hunched over. Feeling a ton better. Just soon and I am amble, I will forward you a few more photos. Had to take a muscle relaxer about midnight and felt fairly well thereafter. I certainly appreciate your kindness. By the way how are you feeling?
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I felt like crap when I got home from working at the clinic yesterday. Lot's of swelling. I told my husband "I am done for the day! Closed! I got on the couch and stayed there until bedtime. Today, is better. My nurse is going to train our new employee so I won't have to go back up there for a while. Yea! I like working at home so much better.
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Enjoy and relax if you can.   

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