4 months and loving them!

So I am finally getting girls! Growing up with 3...

So I am finally getting girls! Growing up with 3 sisters, who were blessed with a nice pair of boobies, I am finally ready to feel like a woman, not a 15 year old "little sister"! Every year that passes, I wonder when I will get my inherited traits? ; ) ... I definitely have a figure to compliment them, they just never came! I am 3 y/o, currently a 34 A (barely) but refuse to buy anything smaller. I am planning on getting 350cc in each breast, hopefully ending up with a nice C cup, just enough to look proportionate! The main worry that I have is I will be taking 10 days off of work. I am a pediatric nurse and sometimes have to pick up my patients, so am worried that 10 days might not be long enough or I will overdo it when I do have to go back. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so the pain doesn't worry me too much... yet! Ill post "before" pictures closer to my surgery date. I can't wait! 68 days to go, can we fast forward time? : )

,,, Forgot to add these details- I'm 23 years old...

,,, Forgot to add these details- I'm 23 years old with no kids, 5'6, pretty active, 125 lbs, 34A.. : )

9 days to go!! I couldn't be any more excited!!!...

9 days to go!! I couldn't be any more excited!!! My main worries are being sick when I wake up, not having "frankenboob", and being able to take care of myself when my sister leaves on day 2. I have my prescriptions filled (antibiotic, percocet, muscle relaxer, anti-nausea, tylenol, frozen peas!) Any other ideas of what to get before the big day?

Tomorrow is the big day!! I am so, so excited!!...

Tomorrow is the big day!! I am so, so excited!! I'm not nervous, just READY to start the recovery process. My family and friends are being very supportive (almost too much) which is really great. I'll update within the first couple of days! : )

Well today is officially post op day 2!! I had my...

Well today is officially post op day 2!! I had my surgery 11/6 at 3pm so I can't really count that as day 1 since I slept lots and lots that night. Woke up every 2-4 hours to take my meds. Only 1 burst of extreme pain the first night which was quickly relieved by a percocet. Yesterday was very low key, went from my bed to couch and slept most of the day sticking to my pain/muscle relaxer schedule. Very loopy! Night #2 was a little better, continued to wake up to take my scheduled meds to prevent breakthrough pain. Was a little late again for my midnight dose and was hurting pretty bad. This morning, skipped my morning percocet dose and tried extra strength tylenol. So far so good. Went for a slow walk to the car and treated my sis to a starbucks as a "thank you". Also gave her my little pretty bras that I will miss since she wears my 34A's! ; ) Icing with peas now, and have my first post-op appt at 2:15.

I LOVE the look so far! Very high and tight but should be getting softer day by day. Arm pits are sore which I wasn't expecting. I got myself dressed and can get up by myself now, very slow of course! No wraps or straps, just wearing the surgical bra with a dressing over the incisions. Hopefully my appointment goes well and that he does'nt squeeze these rocks too hard!! ; )

Will post pics later!

Post op day 3! Feel great, showered and brushed...

Post op day 3! Feel great, showered and brushed my own hair/dressed myself. Hopefully today will be the last day of percocet/valium! Still moving slow but will try to go outside and get some fresh air later. The left one is higher and tighter but hopefully will drop and even out. Incisions look good, used neosporin after my shower. They don't have to be covered but I might feel more comfortable with a clean dressing on them anyway instead of rubbing against my bra. I have full range of motion in my arms but still very, very slowly! And I'm not lifting anything heavier than my pillow. I've been sleeping great sitting up propped with pillows surprisingly. I do feel super bloated so am taking miralax so hoping that kicks in soon! Will post more pics soon!

Day 5! Still loving them! I definitely wake up...

Day 5! Still loving them! I definitely wake up very very stiff and sore. Massaging them helps and showers feel great. Took my last percocet at midnight last night and have been doing tylenol today. The only thing the nurse did at my post op was take off my dressings and said they looked great. Next appt is on the 14th. Yesterday I went on a nice long walk with my dog (No, i wasn't holding the leash). I drove today and went to dinner last night. Still sore to get dressed and still feel very bloated. Miralax has been part of my daily routine! Posting a pic, will will keep updating!! : )

Day 8! So far, so good! I am getting SO SO TIRED...

Day 8! So far, so good! I am getting SO SO TIRED of sleeping on my back! So last night, I propped up a pillow and angled myself to the side and slept great. I have been waking up super early and they feel so tight (morning boob?) so after some stretching and massaging, they feel better. I have my second post op appt this afternoon. I'm nervous because this is the one where apparently he squeezes them lots! But i'll learn new massages to help them soften up more. Lefty is more sore but I'm assuming it is because I am left handed and use those muscles more. I'm only on tylenol, taking it about 2-3 times a day. I go back to work this saturday and will hopefully be ready enough to get through a long 12 hour shift with my sick babies! (I'm so used to taking naps for the past week!) I hate the surgical bra they gave me, it has no support so have been wearing a zip front sports bra, in a 34C. Might be too small so I'll try on a 34D today after my appt. I just want to get back to the gym!!! ... and can't wait to wear a regular bra again!

Day 9!- Post op yesterday was great, very quick! ...

Day 9!- Post op yesterday was great, very quick! He took out the stitches, squeezed them gently and pointed out the exact concerns that I was going to bring up, and said they looked GREAT! He also said I can sleep without a bra but I'm sitting here without one on for the first time and i feel like they don't know what to do with themselves, so heavy! Also told me to start with cocoa butter and vitamin E oil to the incisions. They are a little longer than I expected, so am hoping they heal nicely!

Cons- I keep waking up scooted down with soooo much pressure and soreness around 6am every morning. Any ideas of staying propped up better or avoiding this problem? I use 5 pillows and somehow always end up in so much pain! I even use the techniques that I prop up my kids with at work (in the hospital) and nothing helps! Had to take ibuprofin this morning.
-I'm getting a dry cough that hurts my girls so bad that I have to hold them, looks pathetic. (nervous to start coughing at work and accidentally grabbing my boobs!)

Pros- I LOVE them, they are starting to drop more and more every day. Tried on a 34C bra yesterday with my sis who has huuuge tatas and it was too small! But 34D was too big... so I'll wait until they get a more natural shape to do the sizing/bra fitting thing, don't want to get discouraged! Lunges and squats are my current daily workout, no abs since I can't lay on my back and really can't do anything else, per the doctor's orders!

-I was doing my hair for the first time yesterday and is it normal to hear a gurgling noise from the implant? The left one would "gurgle" when I put my arm down from being raised with the curling iron. Sounds like stomach noises but in my boob!

Day 10: Aghhh I go back to work tomorrow!!!!!...

Day 10: Aghhh I go back to work tomorrow!!!!! Surprisingly, I feel really great today, no pain at all right now besides some incisional pain here and there. Hope my co-workers are willing to help if I have to lift a big kid! : / Going shopping with my mom today, this will be the second time she sees the girls, she's very excited for me. Yesterday, I saw my dad and I felt so bad, he didn't know how to ask how I was feeling so he said "how's your chest?" hahaha. ; )

Day 13: Aghhhh I had 2- 12hr shifts at work.......

Day 13: Aghhhh I had 2- 12hr shifts at work.... and I didn't realize how much I use my pec muscles!! : / The first shift, I was hardly able to undress myself when I got home, took tylenol and the second day back was a little easier so less strain on my boobies. Even just raising the crib rails was painful! By the end of my shift, I couldn't even pick up my 7 lb. patient to calm him, felt awful. I figured 10 days would be long enough off of work but I think I should have taken a full 2 weeks off. My right incision is looking a little odd, I went to take a shower and noticed a little bit of clear drainage... like an incision inside may have popped? So I showered, put on neosporin and will be taking it very easy for my next 2 days that I have off. So frustrating!!!!!! Has that happened to anybody else? I am also still very stiff in the morning and can't sleep on my sides yet, only for a few minutes. I hope that this is just a minor set back and everything feels better with some rest. They still are looking great, just not feeling the best..... Maybe I worry too much?

Oops, I meant to say Stitch instead of incision...

oops, I meant to say Stitch instead of incision that may have popped!

So I am 1 month (+ a few days) post op! The girls...

So I am 1 month (+ a few days) post op! The girls feel great! Incisions are finally healing up nicely. I can do everything I could before surgery except my workouts are pretty pathetic. Anybody have a good sports bra that you recommend to wear running? I can't run without them hurting still. And I was told not to do any arms until my next post op appt next week. I can fill out a 34C and 34D fits, just not as snug. I am sleeping w/o a bra and am comfortable on both sides and flat on my back which I thought I would never be able to do again! lol. Doing massages a few times a day and they feel just like i've always had them! I'm also back to normal at work, just can't lift my big kids still. It's funny to look at my twin sister who is still happily flat like I was and realize that mine were her size just a month ago! Best money I've ever spent! I'll add a new pic soon!

4 months! They still feel amazing, just like I've...

4 months! They still feel amazing, just like I've had them forever! Scars are a little darker than I would like still but my surgeon said they will fade over time. I can run, sleep on my stomach, absolutely everything as before besides not being strong enough to do push ups! But if that is it, I'll take it! Going to Cancun in May, can't wait to debut my new swimsuits! Will post pics tomorrow! : )
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How man CC's did you end up with ...? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your BOOBS they LOOK AMAZING not to big not to small. I wished my looked like yours :(
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They look gorgeous! They ook great and proportionate to you, congrats again!
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You look amazing!!
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Looks good!! Which profile did you get?
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Thanks! I got moderate plus.
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Did you get silicone or saline?
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I got silicone
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Your pictures look great and its so motivating to here that you were almost(if not completely) back to your normal routine after 9 weeks or so. Im also excited when you mentioned after 1 month, you were pretty much back to normal. Great pictures! Are you going to be posting more pics on your 6 month period? I heard that's when we should start to see the end result; if not 6 months then between 6-12 months. Congratulations again!
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Thanks!! My surgeon said at my 2 month visit, that they are now how they should be forever (unless I gain weight!). I'll post 4 month pics tomorrow!
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Looking good! Check out some Under Armour sports bras, I have quite a few that are really good...Nike as well. My surgery is in 3 weeks and I can't wait.
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Thanks! Good luck to you!
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They look great. I'm on Day 4 and I'm feeling good. I just need to start icing them more to assist with the swelling. I think I had bra on too tight last night and it seems as if they swelled up again
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Yes, ice was my best friend!! I think I had ice/frozen peas on them for the first 5 days, then it just wasn't comfortable and only iced them at night.
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Wow you look geaat! My surgery is next Thursday! So exciting!
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You look awesome !
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Yeah shopping the fun part after the new girls! Hope work goes well and glad your coworkers are so willing to help! Glad your recovery is going so well! Hope mine does too! 34 days to go! :-)
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you look great..
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Hey you look great... I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting the same pain in the morning, its called morning boobs it will go away eventually maybe in a few days or weeks =)
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Well hopefully it goes away soon!!! It's awful ; )
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Hey!! They look REALLY good!! SUPER PERKY :) Have you tried to get a 32D? Sometimes going up a cup size but down in the measurement works :)
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You look really good! I have those bras and I can't wait to fill them out.
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Congrats! You look great! I, like you, am very active and I think the recovery scares me more than anything else. I am scheduled for January 3rd and the nerves are already kicking in. Glad your recovery is going so well!!
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You will do great, my best advice is to make a list of times with whoever will be giving you your meds to stay on top of the pain!!! and frozen peas, peas, peas!!
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They look great! Congrats! I'm just two days behind you! I'm still on perks though and every four hours! Ill be glad to feel like myself again! :-)
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Thanks, yours look great too!! Hope your recovery is going well!
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