I have three small children. My muscles are shot!...

I have three small children. My muscles are shot! I had spent so much time being pregnant, I really neglected my workout. So that being said, I really need this.

I will be having a TT, lipo to flanks and thighs and a breast lift with small implant.

I adjusted my cosmetic surgery plans. I decided to break my surgeries into two separate dates as I didn’t want to be completely useless to my family. I recently had liposuction on my inner and outer thighs. GREAT results. I wore a size 10 jean before my surgery, today, 18 days post op I am putting on a size 4. I know I have about 4 more months for ALL the swelling to go down. I am tickled pink. I think my surgeon is the greatest and have full confidence in him. Can’t wait for part 2!!

The time between now and January will fly! Please let us know how you're doing as you get closer. This is a big step and one that deserves to be documented. Plus we're here to give you support and information along the way!


Oh my goodness. Only 3 weeks away from my TT and...

Oh my goodness. Only 3 weeks away from my TT and masto/aug. I’m so excited. My plans are already made for all of my childcare and dinners for my family during my post op period are made and in the freezer.

I’ll post a pre op picture before I go. Then some post op pictures during my recover. YEAH!!!

I had breast aug and tummy tuck together, and it has completely taken me away from my four kids! I didn't think it would be that bad, but that is 2 major surgeries at the same time!

Wishing you the best! You will love the new you!
Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. I have planned it so the kids go back to school 6 days later, the same day my husband goes back to work. I'm excited.

I'm sitting here in my PS office about to my pre...

I'm sitting here in my PS office about to my pre op markings done. Wow, it really feels close now! I'm excitedly nervous and nervously excited!
Been thinking of you all morning. I hope all goes well.
Good Luck and Best Wished tomorrow!!!
You will do great tomorrow! Anxiously awaiting my turn! I

Post op day 1. I made it through surgery fine. I...

Post op day 1. I made it through surgery fine. I tinkled two hours after my catheter was pulled. I drank 2 12oz gatorades. Felt good. Coughing is horrible. Feels like hell. Went ahead and took a pain pill, sleeping pill and sinecch at bedtime. Slept well. My husband is the best nurse. I got up and tinkled about every 2 1/2 hours. I have 2 drains and an On-Q pain pump. The drains drain about 75 cc every 8 hours right now. I also have the leg sleeves that compress. They feel nice. Well, I'm about to be let go from the surgery center. I'll update again later.
8pm post op day one. Feeling a bit tight. You know, not hurting but sore. Like after a really good workout. Peeing good. Ate a little broth earlier. Took a lortab 10 earlier. Big mistake. Nauseated for about 6 hours. I am usually a half of a 5. Won't make that mistake again. Drains are draining pink fluid. I am stripping the tubes and emptying about 20cc from Esc about every 4 hours. Will check in again in the morning.
Congrats on your MM! I cant wait to see Photos, take care:)
Glad all went well for you!!! Happy Healing and Recovery!!!

Post op day #1. Not too bad I have 2drains and a...

Post op day #1. Not too bad I have 2drains and a pain pump. Got discharged from the surgery center at 1030.
You look great, Cenla!!
Very nice! Hope your recovery continues to go well!
You look great!!

I posted these pictures for post op day 12. I got...

I posted these pictures for post op day 12. I got up and got into “normal” bra and spanx for a grocery store trip. These are the pics when I got home.My breasts are starting to settle down into their right place. The incision is so low, and the BB is so natural and small. It looks like my pre BB.
I am really so pleased how all is looking right now. the best part is that I am not as hunched over as I was 4 days ago.
how much was the surgery
how much was the surgery?
Hi Ceno,
I am 4 days post-op today from a TT, Hernia repair, MR and lipo to the flanks. I am doing pretty well, but decided to read up on the January Forum to see how everyone was recovering day by day. Your forum has seemed to help me the most so far throughout my journey. I think I read that you have younger children and I was wondering if you could give me some insight as to what to expect in the weeks to come. I have a 6, 4 and 22 month old. Right now my husband has been home, but he is returning to work tomorrow. My mom will be here all week to help out and then I have have her and a babysitter set up to come for the weeks following. What kind of help have you had and do you think all of this help will be necessary once I am 2 weeks out? I am still taking percocet, but I am going to try to make the change over to Motrin little by little today. I would like to see what this is like without feeling so groggy all of the time. I get up a ton to pee, but head back to my recliner shortly after that. I felt great this morning and was walking pretty up right, but then I hit my husband in the face while putting on my t-shirt and began to laugh really hard and couldn't stop. My abs have been sore since. Other than that, I have been doing great. My PS told me to keep my binder on and not move it at all until my pre-op appt on Tues. I only have one drain that has been putting out about 17cc a day so it should be removed on Tues as well. I am really excited to see what everything looks like. I know that I am swollen in my mid-section, but I have been trying to eat low-sodium, drink a ton of water and take bromelain. Have you had a hard time with your kids? I hate not being able to pick them up and hug them...I also hate listening to my husband have a hard time with them downstairs while I am unable to do anything. Anyway, any advice, words of wisdom, tips, etc... you have would be awesome. It sounds like you are recovering well. I tried to look at pictures, but I couldn't find them. Thank you for listening.
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