No Time to Stall I Made the Call -have my Date Going for It All...TT& MT -LP of Lat Thgs, Back/ Flank, Mid Thighs-Nashville, TN

I must confess I have been stalking this site also...

I must confess I have been stalking this site also and the Love that is given to each and everyone is WONDEFUL !!!! I want start by saying to all that have taken the journey and posted before and after pictures Thank you and you all look Beautiful. I wish my date was closer and it would be over with but I tell myself to calm down July 22 will be here sooner that you think. I have purchased supplies in which I clean a dresser drawer out and place them where the person who will caring for me has everything in one place. It took me a while to tell this person what and why of me needing help (he knows I'm very Independent person) and some guys don't understand. But since I have discussed and told him I'm beginning to wonder who my doctor is. I know this is a good thing please don't get me wrong but the question .... do you have this , did you do this, what's in your packet that the doctor sent you read me the last part again....Whew. Then I confided in my sister and here we go again question after question (have no family member living here ) I have the support so I'm going quit whining.
I'm having weird feeling one minute I'm excited, then little scared, then giggly and when I look at myself in the mirror I say "Dam" turning 55 really caught me off guard (when I get bold to post before picture you will see) lo...l I'm going to bring this to a close .... To all please continue to give the love and support that I have read...I'm would like to join the ranks 07/22/2014 is my Day.

Time to the Real Deal......

Well as I start my count I'm starting with the before picture .....

Finally ......

I know my wish picture may seem different... but... I want to be me (not knocking anyone choices as to their wish picture) but I want Dr. Haws and myself to create a new me (hope this make sense)

Small funny

There she goes again

12 Days for Pre-Op Appt ( July 8 )

Looking at the calendar only 12 days until my Pre-Op Appt. Yeah !!!! I know it's crazy to be excited about paying (lol) but it only confirms that I have made this happen and it's going to happen.
I was talking to a male friend (my best friend) he is so glad that I'm doing something for myself for a change.

Story of the poochies.....

Meet the Pooches' Part 1

Meet the Poochies 2

Me and the Poochies are at work today and thinking 8 more days for Pre-Op Appt. Talk to the Hand is excited also she will be the one to handle the $$$$.... I'm not losing it RS members just trying to keep my nerves down.... lol.... (the Poochies characters).

Meet the Poochies Part 2 (Proper Intro.)

Since Flatside Heifer made her appearance while they were being introduced the Poochies wanted to be properly introduced the photo with Ms. Front Poochie is Ms.Talk to the Hand.

7 Days until Pre-Op

7 days until Pre-Op
Me and the Poochies will be rolling out early tomorrow we have things to do.
I have already purchased quite a bit of the things I will need (thanks to RS members) I sort of read through different post to compile my list. I am going to make it easy for the person who will be taking care of me so I clean out two of my dresser drawer and placed everything for my after surgery care in one and sleeping stuff in the other, That way everything will be close by when needed. COME ON JULY 22.....

Time is getting closer

We got a lot done yesterday..... washed and waxed my car, picked up a few more things that I'm going to need and some house cleaning (trying to keep busy and calm) but as the days get closer this feeling of over excitement will kick in and I go into over think mode.....

No Time to Stall I got the Call .....

Got my reminder for Pre-Op Appt Call... Soon I will be on Flatside with like the rest of y'all.

8 More Days .......

In 8 Days I will be on my journey to become one of the Elite Ladies of the Flatside.

6 Days and Counting........ July 22

Well time is getting closer and the mix emotion are trying to take over.......BUT I WILL BE STRONG.

The time is almost here

Only two more days..........................................

Have to be honest

I had a real bad melt down today but a wonderful person came to my rescue (she is already on the flat side). To all the RS member it is very important that the person giving you after care fully understand what's ahead. They may say the things you want to hear and at that time...... Say they understand but when reality set in (not saying all people) it's a different story. So make sure that person is up for the challenge and they understand this was a choice that you decide to do but you trust them enough to be there without judgment.

Pre-OP Today

Today I am drain less, stich less, but bruises mmmmmmmmmmmmm got to heal.

Here we go ......

7 days post-op several melt down (1 days very bad) BUT I'M over it and moving forward.
Repeat:.....Poochies have left :( drain has been removed, stitches gone but lots of healing to do from the lipo. And the swelling oooowee ... Few picture update.

Picture update

Picture update...... : )
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Haws and her staff are WONDERFUL !!! I've had a consultation and set the date, my Pre-Opt appointment is 07/08/2014 On my consultation day I was wondering how am I going to show these rolls to this Doctor but she made me feel at ease. She was very attentive, listen to what I want and in return gave me suggestion as to what she could do and still give me the result that I hope to achieve. My date 07/22/2014 I'm hoping to give a after review.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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U look amazing. ...Congrats
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Thank you so much.... I Have been thinking about you.. how did thing go for you. I may take another week off depending on how it goes on my next appointment. I got cabin fever today so went driving (used a pillow not too bad) but will be sitting still the remainder of day. I'm swollen so will post picture of the Lipo later.
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Went for post op today got one drain removed. Some staples out and bb clean. Took 1st look at self likey likey. Will post pictures later today.
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Good for you !!!!!! can't wait to see. My hair stylist was teasing with me ( I can see you now wearing a belly ring) I told her " Girl how did you know I've been thinking about that" we had a good laugh over that one. Keep me posted as I will you : ).
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Oh, and get you sone arnica by does wonders for bruising..i bought mine from
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The arnica I do have and just start using it. Your Tea mixture : mug of hot water, dash of cinnamon, cayenne pepper and lemon (with pulp). right ? (sip and enjoy)
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Yes maam, thats it:) ready to urinate frequently because it flushes the fluid off of you
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You look Absolutely Amazing!!! I Mean every word of that.....the meltdowns will happen ( you' re human) but stay encouraged...a lot of days I found myself just laying in the recliner with worship music playing and helped a lot....but dont allow others to still your joy..enjoy the new YOU! Be blessed!!
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Thank you.... will be getting the ingredients today to trying your tea mixture.
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Hang in there you didn't divorce the poochies for nothing.
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You are so right about that and thanks
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You are going to be even more gorgeous once you finish healing!! Hang in there!
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Thank you
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You will do just fine...Dr. Haws and nurse Lynn will take great care of you.. Best wishes love!!!!!
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You are so right they are a wonderful crew
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JukeGirl...where ya at? It's our turn, we'll be on crossing over in less then 12 hours. Prayers up
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I made it over..... I must say Dr. Haws she is the greatest even when came in she had me laughing as marked her spots. She took the time and talk with the person who be taking care she explain to him the different emotions and the do's and don't. The last thing I remember was telling her let's do this make it right and tight... And that she did. The next things was me getting my clothes on to come home- WED was the day of HELL.... but I now understand how that first shower can make a world of difference I FELT LIKE A MILLION Dollars. I had concern about my drain (have only one) but contacted Dr. Haws and she told if it still did not seem to be draining to come on In. Went into office and Lynn took great care of me (I looked a hot mess and she was understanding why I did not want to come through the front door) Lynn you are the Best and thank you so much. Still swollen but will post picture soon,
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Happy, ur making out well. Congrats
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Hey Ma'am, how was ur Pre-op? Mine is tomorrow just knowing that I'm will be making the final payment is making it all so real.....Flat side here we come! !!!
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!! excited. Dr. Haws is the BOMB !!!!!. Been on a natural high since I left her office.... I went over everything with nurse filled out paper work got my scripts. I then was taken to the photo room took 17 different pictures went back to the patient room.. Few minutes later Dr. Haws came in with the big version of an IPAD she turn it on and pulled up my pictures that's when she started her magic. She explain to me what need to go lol how she was going to remove the excess skin for my tummy tuck (going to be right and tight) giving me my figure back . I told her (I must she was on point with my thinking) you are creating a monster..... I know already that I'm going to have to check myself for this change because what she has planned I will have be snatch down a few knots ( lol ). On serious side I'm hoping all goes well I've had highs and lows with this but too late now " I showed them the money today " (glad that over with ). The only concern I had was ejecting fat in the backside this came up in my consultation in which I wasn't to thrilled about (Blessed at birth ). But she explain that it would be a very small amount she is wanting to fill the (Swiss cheese aka cellulite ) lol to make it look smoother so I'm cool with that. So I'm down to getting the rest of my recovery stuff and doing the count down..... Good luck tomorrow : )
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Well remind Poichies and her crew that they don't have to dig the divorce papers the judge already signed and they can take half (stomach). Even more.. I'm sure you won't complain. Lol. Countdown is definitely on.
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Yea....A new surgery buddy, my Pre-op is on the 9th...Congrats, can't wait for our cross over...Prayers
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How are things going for you ? ..... Our time is getting closer- Pre-op is the 8th.
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Have been working a lot, trying to make sure everything bill wide is together while I'm off from work. Going pick up some items from the store after Pre-op next week.
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I have been doing the same thing (working every extra hour I can get) yesterday and today was a wonderful break (2 days off ) but when I go in tomorrow it will be non-stop until July 20th (last working day) before I go on vacation - undisclosed location with no internet or phone service is what I'm telling everyone...... lol.... See ya on the Flatside.
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