No Time to Stall I Made the Call -have my Date Going for It All...TT& MT -LP of Lat Thgs, Back/ Flank, Mid Thighs-Nashville, TN

I must confess I have been stalking this site also...

I must confess I have been stalking this site also and the Love that is given to each and everyone is WONDEFUL !!!! I want start by saying to all that have taken the journey and posted before and after pictures Thank you and you all look Beautiful. I wish my date was closer and it would be over with but I tell myself to calm down July 22 will be here sooner that you think. I have purchased supplies in which I clean a dresser drawer out and place them where the person who will caring for me has everything in one place. It took me a while to tell this person what and why of me needing help (he knows I'm very Independent person) and some guys don't understand. But since I have discussed and told him I'm beginning to wonder who my doctor is. I know this is a good thing please don't get me wrong but the question .... do you have this , did you do this, what's in your packet that the doctor sent you read me the last part again....Whew. Then I confided in my sister and here we go again question after question (have no family member living here ) I have the support so I'm going quit whining.
I'm having weird feeling one minute I'm excited, then little scared, then giggly and when I look at myself in the mirror I say "Dam" turning 55 really caught me off guard (when I get bold to post before picture you will see) lo...l I'm going to bring this to a close .... To all please continue to give the love and support that I have read...I'm would like to join the ranks 07/22/2014 is my Day.

Time to the Real Deal......

Well as I start my count I'm starting with the before picture .....

Finally ......

I know my wish picture may seem different... but... I want to be me (not knocking anyone choices as to their wish picture) but I want Dr. Haws and myself to create a new me (hope this make sense)

Small funny

There she goes again

12 Days for Pre-Op Appt ( July 8 )

Looking at the calendar only 12 days until my Pre-Op Appt. Yeah !!!! I know it's crazy to be excited about paying (lol) but it only confirms that I have made this happen and it's going to happen.
I was talking to a male friend (my best friend) he is so glad that I'm doing something for myself for a change.

Story of the poochies.....

Meet the Pooches' Part 1

Meet the Poochies 2

Me and the Poochies are at work today and thinking 8 more days for Pre-Op Appt. Talk to the Hand is excited also she will be the one to handle the $$$$.... I'm not losing it RS members just trying to keep my nerves down.... lol.... (the Poochies characters).

Meet the Poochies Part 2 (Proper Intro.)

Since Flatside Heifer made her appearance while they were being introduced the Poochies wanted to be properly introduced the photo with Ms. Front Poochie is Ms.Talk to the Hand.

7 Days until Pre-Op

7 days until Pre-Op
Me and the Poochies will be rolling out early tomorrow we have things to do.
I have already purchased quite a bit of the things I will need (thanks to RS members) I sort of read through different post to compile my list. I am going to make it easy for the person who will be taking care of me so I clean out two of my dresser drawer and placed everything for my after surgery care in one and sleeping stuff in the other, That way everything will be close by when needed. COME ON JULY 22.....

Time is getting closer

We got a lot done yesterday..... washed and waxed my car, picked up a few more things that I'm going to need and some house cleaning (trying to keep busy and calm) but as the days get closer this feeling of over excitement will kick in and I go into over think mode.....

No Time to Stall I got the Call .....

Got my reminder for Pre-Op Appt Call... Soon I will be on Flatside with like the rest of y'all.

8 More Days .......

In 8 Days I will be on my journey to become one of the Elite Ladies of the Flatside.

6 Days and Counting........ July 22

Well time is getting closer and the mix emotion are trying to take over.......BUT I WILL BE STRONG.

The time is almost here

Only two more days..........................................

Have to be honest

I had a real bad melt down today but a wonderful person came to my rescue (she is already on the flat side). To all the RS member it is very important that the person giving you after care fully understand what's ahead. They may say the things you want to hear and at that time...... Say they understand but when reality set in (not saying all people) it's a different story. So make sure that person is up for the challenge and they understand this was a choice that you decide to do but you trust them enough to be there without judgment.

Pre-OP Today

Today I am drain less, stich less, but bruises mmmmmmmmmmmmm got to heal.

Here we go ......

7 days post-op several melt down (1 days very bad) BUT I'M over it and moving forward.
Repeat:.....Poochies have left :( drain has been removed, stitches gone but lots of healing to do from the lipo. And the swelling oooowee ... Few picture update.

Picture update

Picture update...... : )

Picture In order

Just want to update picture with the before and afterward.
July 22 was my Flatside crossover.

This has been day 16 Post -Op

I had my Back flanks done .... did not want post because the bruising was ugly but after 16 days I'm ready to show the back side. My incision is healing nicely (bb love it and will give it time)

Entire incision

The look of the entire incision.

Wishes Do come True

When I posted my wish picture one was to wear this without that so thanks to my wonderful
PS - Dr. Melinda Haws she made my wish come true.... As the say pictures speaks a thousand words
and I will let them speak now.....Bored and could not sleep last night so I played dress up.

Little Funny

As you know the Poochies made their exit on July 22, 2014..... Well this check this out.....


As you know the Poochies made their exit on July 22, 2014..... Well guess who paid a visit ?

Had to do it right

Some of you may think I have too much time on my hand but I had to give the Poochies and the Rolls a proper going away. lol

Now for the Rolls

They too left on July 22, 2014

All Suited Up

This is the full body suit by Leonisa... Thanks Mrs. ReFINEd

24 Days Post-Op

This is my 24th day of Post-Op so it time to go back down Memory Lane.
I know I am full myself but can't help it.......Today I was able to get in so very old yoga pants and strut my stuff. So the pictures will take you back

28 Day Post - OP........ Let's Play A Game

To all the RS member I know some of you have played the game where there are two pictures and you have figure out what is different between the two photos....... so I have posted two picture one was taken 8 days before my surgery day and the other one was taken 28 after my crossing over
This is easy one..... My PS Rocked it......

My First Day Back On The JOB

OK !!!!! RS Ladies .... My first day back and it has been unreal had I known I think I would have called in sick (stay out a whole month) so it was time to come on back. I'm the only female in my group in my area...... So the game of the day was.... Let's find out why she was out.
Question : How was your vacation ?
My reply: Awful
Reaction: Really !!! What happen ?
My reply: You really don't want to know.
Another person enters ... Oh you are are back ! How was your vacation.. heard you were ill.
My reply: Vacation was awful and yes I was ill to the point that I had to have surgery and I'm on a two week restriction from lifting.
Reaction: Oh ! I'm not going to ask it must be personal.
My reply: Yeah it is and I don't really want to talk about it (half frown on face)
Reply: Well you look very nice today is that a new dress
My reply: Thank you no this has been hanging in my closet for a while I decide this is what I was feeling today..... Wore one of my wish to wear dresses (without) the Poochies may they RIP
with my binder, cp garment and all ....wheeew
Reply: Oh okay.
I love compliments but stay out the Business .....

Work Day # 2

Well I was feeling myself again this morning ( will not post anymore wish clothes after today).
I know you guys are thinking that I have gone black and white stripe crazy but I am feeling so good to be able to wear these outfits without the excess : )

Slamming in The Dress Slacks -6 Weeks Post-Op

After not wearing dress slack for a long time .... Can we say slamming !!!!!!
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Haws and her staff are WONDERFUL !!! I've had a consultation and set the date, my Pre-Opt appointment is 07/08/2014 On my consultation day I was wondering how am I going to show these rolls to this Doctor but she made me feel at ease. She was very attentive, listen to what I want and in return gave me suggestion as to what she could do and still give me the result that I hope to achieve. My date 07/22/2014 I'm hoping to give a after review. *********************************************************************************** 08/22/2014 - I am officially 1 month post-op today -Update Let me start by saying pictures speaks a thousand words and if you have view my photos you will see what I mean. When I had my consultation and my pre-op appointment I did not have a wish picture, my wish was different and that was for Dr. Haws and I to create a new me and to wear some clothing without the (rolls). During my pre-op session and after the photo session she did her magic on the photos showing me "The New Me" and she was so on point with my every thought as to what I wanted. She is a true person of her words before I was rolled into the surgery room I told her to "Make it Right and Tight" and that she did. The magic she put on my pre-op picture and my body be the canvas was a work of art. What more can I say ?...... Dr. Haws and her staff is the Bomb !!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Girl look at you. Somebody will be scooping you up shortly and you'll be given me a "wedding report". Ain't God good.
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All I'm going to say is when you give that PINK SLIP and they keep coming back ????????
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You are looking Awesome!!
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Thank you so much
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Thank you
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Looking great!!! I swear you are 21:-)
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Thank you ( 21 I wish )
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Thank you ..... I held my breath and closed my eyes lol : )
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Touch down, slam dunk and home run
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Thank you .... lol
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SLAM DUNK!! :) Happy Monday!
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Thank you
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Looking good.
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Love your transformation!!
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Thank you...... : )
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YW! :)
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You look beautiful!! Love your dress!!!
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Thank you : )
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You look great! Your belly button looks natural too! Go girl!
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Thank you : )
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Thank you..... : ) I think I got to comfortable being off work... my schedule is weird when I went back to worked I did only two days Monday & Tuesday (7 a.m. to 7p.m.) I was so ready to get out there Tuesday and today being Wednesday I have stayed in my bed all day long ....turned my phone off and I only got up for bathroom breaks and to make my smoothies. I see now why they say take it easy going back to work.
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Yes that was a bit much for you! But u made a hell of a comeback on them.. Board certified!!!! Lol I actually went back today for 2 hours just to see if u could handle it afterwards It was ok but I may have pushed myself too quick... I've been relaxing all evening and don't plan on leaving the house on tomorrow
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