My Tummy Tuck / Mommy Makeover 3-18-11 !!! Nashville, TN

I am a 39 year old married mom of two boys (ages...

I am a 39 year old married mom of two boys (ages 14 & 12). I am 5'8 and currently weigh about 155. I am scheduled to have a full tummy tuck with breast augmentation on March 18th and I go for my preop appointment March 9th.

My plastic surgeon told me that my abdominal muscles did not need tightening and I should be able to get a "skin only" tummy tuck. She did say that when she gets into the surgery that if it looks like I could use some tightening that she would do it. If anyone has an experience with a skin only TT, I would love to hear about it.

I am desperately trying to get down to at least 150 by the 18th. Not my ideal weight but I can live with it. I wish so badly I loved to work out or atleast enjoyed it a little but I suppose never will. So, I do good to workout a couple of days a week (doing a dvd or my elliptical)or go on an occaisional walk around my neighborhood. However, I may be more inclined to do some pushups when my belly doesn't drag the floor. :)

I have been suprised at people's reaction to my decision. Some I thought would not understand have been really supportive and others are like "why would you do that?!" However, if I show them my belly they are usually like "Oh, I didn't know you had that!" :)

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I have done pretty...

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I have done pretty good on my diet. If I weigh first thing in the morning I am 150. We just got back from a short vacation, so that didn't help with the weight loss, but overall I have lost about 10 lbs since I started, so I'm pretty happy with that.

My surgery time is 930 in the morning. I am so excited, but even more nervous !!! :)

Today is POD 1. Yesterday went by pretty fast. I...

Today is POD 1. Yesterday went by pretty fast. I was so relieved when I woke up and heard that everything was over and that it went well. I was really hoping that the pain would be better than I was expecting (but I was preparing for the worst :), but it is pretty bad when I'm up and walking, but when I'm in me recliner it is not bad at all. I'm pretty much taking my pills every four hours and plan to do so at least the weekend and then maybe I'll try to stretch it out a bit :)

POD 2. I actually slept ok last night. I...

POD 2. I actually slept ok last night. I didn't have to get up to go pee at all. Thank goodness! I did take 2 percs at 1030 (before bed) and then 2 more around 300 am. I wasn't really hurting but I just wanted to sleep. I haven't taken any pills today but I plan on taking a couple more tonight before bed. Most of my pain is my lower back and my neck from sleeping in this recliner. I'm just sooo bored. I will stay in my recliner and then maybe go to the couch for a while and then maybe go upstairs to another recliner...that's my activities for the I did kind of shower this morning. I'm not ready to take my binders off so I wrapped them in plastic and got in the shower and washed my hair. I may try to take an actual shower tomorrow.

Photo Update

Got my drain out today! That was a really weird...

Got my drain out today! That was a really weird feeling. Thank goodness I just had one. Feeing much better. I went to Target and out for lunch. I still can't stand up strait so my back is killing me if I stand or walk for very long. I am standing more upright than I have been though. I will try to upload some new pics this week :)
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Hi there! I know I am months past all of your posts, but Dr. Haws is doing my TT with MR and lipo of the flanks in January. After a very difficult pregnancy and all the weight that I gained during, but didn't mean to :) I have lost the weight. Things didn't bounce back the way I expected. I am so excited and thus far am extremely please with her. Your pictures look great. Are you still pleased? How is the rest of your recovery going? Best wishes for your continued success!
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Hello,so how's everythang goin for you?? Lookin nice!
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Wow girl you look great! Look how tiny your tummy is!!!
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Doesn't it feel good to have the drain out? U r doing good if you went to Target already. Your belly is looking Good!
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Glad to see your new pictures. Looks great, the swollen look won't last.
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Glad to see/ hear you are doing so well. you new tummy looks great, hope mine looks that good!
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Your tummy looks beautiful!! Fantastic results. Nice low incision. Plus it looks like all the stretch marks are bye bye!! Hello bikini!
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No not all the way. If I'm up too long my back starts hurting.
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Your belly looks great! you need to get plenty of rest. I'm 12 days post op and doing good. I stopped taking my pain meds day 3...however this past weekend I had to take them just so I can sleep. I'm not having any pain. It's just Im,uncomfortable in my bed and recliner and its hard to fall asleep. I will talk to my PS about that tomorrow at my second post op appt. Other than that I'm doing good. I'm glad I had the surgery. O luv my new body!
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I'm pretty much just taking the meds so I can sleep also. I may try to only take one tonight. Your pics are amazing! I can't wait to take these binders off so I can get a better look. I may do that today when my mom gets here :) So, do you feel like you are standing upright yet? My back is killing me worse than anything!
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How are you? Did you get your drain out yet? I am thinking of you as my date fast approaches!
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Yes...I got it out on Wednesday. So glad to get it out. It never really put out very much. I definitely feel like not having the muscle repair has made it easier. Your day will be here before you know it!!! :)
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Our bellies (your old belly!) look the same! Right down to the tattoo! I am having a skin only TT and BA on March 31st. Did you End up having any tightening done? I can't wait to follow your recovery. My mother in law will be coming into town to watch my 3 little ones. I don't like pain meds so I am hoping to be off them after a couple days.
Your belly looks great! Congrats!
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I did not have the muscle tightening. My ps said she would do it if she got in there and I needed it, but I don't guess I did. I didn't talk to her afterwards, so I plan on calling tomorrow to see exactly what was done. I don't even know for sure which implants she went with and I was too out of it to ask on Friday. The pain keeps getting better and I haven't even taken any percocets for a while, but I am going to take some tonight before bed :) The not being able to stand up straight is killing me!
That is too funny about the tattoo. I have been wanting to get rid of that stretched out thing for forever!
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Aww you look so good!!!
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You look fabulous! Glad to hear your doing good!
  • Reply Tummy looks real nice!
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Can't wait to see ur results!
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Thank you so much for all your positive thoughts and your prayers! POD 1 and I'm feeling pretty much as expected :)
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I was thinking of you today and wishing you luck with your surgery! Every day is a little better and a little better!! Stay positive! I am 8 days post op and have felt really good since day 4 but I am feeling great today! Don't over do and get your rest and I look forward to seeing after pics!!:)
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Good luck today! It is so worth it! Can't wait to hear how your doing.
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Good luck today! You are going to look awesome!
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Good luck on your surgery! i know you are anxious. im 8 days post op...and i can honestly say im glad i did it....and it was Not painful. mostly discomfort. you will have a new body in a few hours.
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Good luck! You will do great. I am 6 days post op and doing so good. It has been so much better than I ever thought it would be. Tomorrow you will go in, your doc will mark you. Make sure you look closly at where he draws the incision so you are both in agreement of where you want it to be. After that you get a nice IV that puts you to sleep fast! The next thing you know it's over!
Keep us posted :)
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Tomorrow is the big day. I am sending prayers and a cyber hug your way. Its great that you got down to 150. You will see great results. Can't wait to hear back from you.
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