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Dont Try This at Home! 25% TCA - Nashville, TN

I was considering a TCA peel last year. I read up...

I was considering a TCA peel last year. I read up on it like gangbusters. I knew everything there was to know about the process. It was ridiculous how much I read.
I ordered the product online and did a patch test. The patch seemed to heal very slowly, but I assured myself that due to the low complication rate, the residual redness would go away in time.

I went ahead with the full 25% TCA peel and burned my skin. I will post pictures.
Please let me assure you of how careful I was. I had everything ready, had directions that I followed to a T. If I had a do-over, I would have ponied up the cash to go to the dermatologist and be under professional care.

I plan to undergo multiple v beam treatments to try to correct the persistent redness.

I wish I had just stuck to my salicylic acid peels. My skin loved them and they did no harm.


YALL ARE ALL WRONG! The nashville lady didn't do anything wrong persay except that she is NOT a professional and didn't know how to evalute her skin and neither do most of you. Her skin was simply too thin for 25% tca. I'm glad for her that she only used 25% or she could have been permantly scarred. This really is serious stuff. As a medical aesthetician I'm even scared to get my first TCA peel. IT is always better to undertreat the patient than overtreat. You can always repeat a peel later
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Dear kfparkin, When you make statements, such as "Yall are wrong!", people are less likely to hear your message (which is to go to a dermatologist for a TCA peel, as I stated in my review, even in the title of my review). If you discuss an issue with mutual respect, others are more likely to hear and heed your message and develop a respect for your stated career.
It look like she picked the strongest %. I feel bad for her, and feel she should have included her doctor about the 8% on the first time.
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Photo...Six Month Mark

Hi there...after all the shocked replies I received about my skin, I wanted to post an update pic so everyone can see that everything has healed and there is just a bit of persistent redness. This last pic I am wearing makeup in; however, I wear very light makeup. I put in the arrows because without them, I dont even think people would notice. :)

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A couple more pics

A couple more pics


Did you prep your skin for at least three to six month with Retin-A and hydroquinone before the peel. That is the biggest part and very important to get a safe and good out come. Never use TCA on a non prepped skin.
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I most certainly did. In fact, I am a long time user of RetinA and an as needed user of Hydroquinone. They have done wonders for my skin and I am actually currently using both. I hope they improve some of the residual TCA scars. I appreciate your concern. Again, I would like to restate that this review is not a how-to or a play-by-play of what I did. I state that my research was extensive and it was beyond complete. I did everything (preped with Retina, started at a low %, did a patch test). I had everything I needed ready and more. I did everything so very darned carefully. The only stupid mistake I made was ignoring the fact that the patch test healed so slowly. That was a red light I chose to ignore because the lower strength TCAs had been fine and I wanted beautiful flawless skin so badly. I posted my review specifically to warn other people that you can do everything, and I mean everything, and have it go wrong. Like I state below, my derm told me my skin was too thin. He was absolutely right and would probably have steered me in a different direction had I come into his office and not been a cheap skate. My skin is so thin that I have redness under my eyes because you can actually see through it. I just thought that was only my under eye area, not my whole face. Apparently I am just thin skinned. Stupid genetics! Thanks, mom! Anyway, at the end of the day, being cheap isnt worth it. Just go to a derm. Have it done once and make sure your skin reacts well. Pay attention and, if everything goes well, then try it at home the next time. Final note - it really frys my cannoli how much derms over charge for this procedure, which takes just a half hour and costs next to nothing in supplies. If they didnt overcharge, I would have gone to the derms office.
Yes it is good and will help for sure. Also peptides work the same but less irritation. I know they do, but an aesthetician specialize in that area charge less. You want to get the right depth down to the papillary dermis to get good result, down time from that is around 10-12 days.

Its been a 14.5 Months

The scarring is still there. It is lighter and finally I am seeing just the hint that it is starting to fade to a brownish rather than pinkish scar. I restarted a regimen of hydroquinone and RetinA about 6 weeks ago, so I will be back in a few months with more updates to see if there is any improvement. I look some pics in the bathroom this morning with no makeup (forgive ugly tired morning face!). The lighting in my bathroom stinks and I take pics with my iPhone, so I just did my best. All of my scars are easily covered with makeup. Fortunately, much of the red scarring is on the cheek, so i just use less blush


I did a 35% tca peel on myself and it worked fine. I used a cotton bud and put one light layer all over my face, it burned like hell so I took it off after a couple of minutes and my face was well frosted. I would not apply it with a cotton pad as I think this method applies more product than you actually need. My face as totally healed after one week and my skin looks a lot better and next time im going to do two light layers. Just make sure you don't apply to much at once.
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AND FYI - even with a license a professional only is allowed to put a 20 TCA on the skin. Did you say you put a 25%.... and this is my point - these companies will sell anything to make a buck, yes, it cost to see a professional, but wouldn't you prefer someone who is trained in skin putting an chemical on your skin?
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Hi recegirl, Since it is the second time I've seen it, I would just like to let you know that typing in caps (LIKE THIS) is the typing equivalent of yelling, rather than adding emphasis. :) that may be why you got that passionate response from PinchPot (lol)! I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say 'professional.' I dont think you mean a medical professional, because they go much higher than that routinely. Generally, 25% is considered on the lower end of a deep peel. You can review the doctors comments on this site and I think you will find that it is considered the lower end of a medical grade peel. I would be curious to know why anyone would bother with a lower % TCA peel, since the goal of the TCA is to penetrate as deeply and evenly as possible? Perhaps those who cannot take time off work to deal with the very real down time? I'd love to know more about this! Regarding the cost, I dont think anyone is in disagreement that it is preferable to see a professional. I would really appreciate your professional insight into why the cost is generally so high? That was something that I was always left wondering and would love to know more about why. I'm sure anyone who reads this thread would love to know more about that :)
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