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So here is my story...I always contemplated...

So here is my story...I always contemplated getting a tattoo and thought long and hard about it before I got mine at the age of 20. It was just a script of a verse out of a song my father wrote for my mother before he passed ad I got it in my mothers handwriting. Loved the tattoo but didn't love that the guy blew out the letters and scarred my skin in some areas. Im a perfectionist so it bothered me a lot. I waited a year and started looking around for people to get a cover up. I wanted to cover it with roses and still get the first line of the verse around the roses (Roses will fade but the memories remain). so I finally found someone that was in my price range and had done some really good work from what I could tell from his book. So I started the cover up and got half of it done but to my dismay I realized that the original tattoo was not covering. So I decided to not go any further with it and started my search for tattoo removal. I recently just went to my first treatment on May 1. She estimated that it would take 12 to 18 for full removal worst case scenario. They put ice packs on it before they started the treatment and they used the medlite c6 laser and it only took about 10 mins but damn did it hurt. By the way my pain threshold is like a 0. But it bared through it with no breaks so I guess it wasn't as bad as it could be and I had my mom by my side to hold my hand. Afterwards they put on some antibiotic cream and I didnt have any bleeding or blistering but she did say as we got further down into my dermis I would see the bleeding and scabbing and blistering. It burned for about a hour and then calmed down. The next day it was just a little sore and now im 2 days post treatment and it just itches a lot but the A and D cream helps with that. I haven't really seen a change in the tattoo but in some places I can see what I believe is the breaking up. All I know is I love my body very much and I have always been very confident with my looks but with summer coming up and this tattoo around my hip I can only feel depressed and a sense of dread. All ive done is cry and obsessively research how to cover up my tattoo for my beach trip I have planned with all my college friends and all those summer days ill be in my bikini. Im just going to try and be hopeful and not let myself get to down...but right now that seems impossible.
Hey! Welcome to the community! I am glad you found us and trust me, here you will find help, support and understanding! We all are here for you and we are going more or less through the same! Ink regret can be really hard, but you will deal with it. Trust me :) I am also removing my tattoo! First of all, congrats on your first treatment! Isn't it relieving to feel you are doing something to fix things up? I find this thought really comforting! Do you know what laser are you treated with? Your tattoo is colored and I suggest to checking PicoSure laser as I heard it is the best to treat multicolored tattoos. Secondly, don't cry! Please, try to stay positive during those times as it is going to be a long process and you do not want to look back at those times with regret of wasting time on being sad or self blame. We are here for you! Stay strong!
Thanks Marriska! It was the medlite c6 laser it's suppose to be able to treat all colors from what research I've done but after being on here and seeing a lot of people talk about picosure so if I don't get the results I'm looking for ill look into that! It is really comforting to see so many people going through the same thing as me and seeing people's progress. I know it's gonna be a long journey but your right I do get relief from knowing that it won't be there forever! A year or two is nothing compared to my whole life. Ill try and keep my spirits up through the process thank you so much for the support!

Day 4 post 1st treatment!

Today I'm itching like crazy!!! And my skin is starting to peel as if I had a horrible sunburn.... I'm keeping a and d ointment on it but that only helps so much. It makes me not look forward to the blisters and scanning and more itching! lYesterday me and my friend went and got me some samples of dermablend leg and body and the setting powder since it's suppose to be the number one tattoo cover makeup and waterproof! I'm gonna try it and see if that's true with my samples later so I can be ready for the summer and my beach trip...fingers crossed! Ill post pictures later to show if it covers or not.
your a trooper getting through that big tattoo laser session! goodl luck, also i know KAT VON d HAS a make up line that makes really good tattoo cover up, worth a look i guess! c6 great laser!
Yea I feel pretty tuff after going through it lol it was deff painful for me just thankful I can handle it! And yea I'll have to look into it thanks! And I'm glad to hear someone say that's a great laser cause I was wondering!
Hi there. Congratulations on the first treatment. How are you feeling now? It's always mentally difficult during the 'why did I do it?' stages, but a few treatments from now and it will look a whole lot better. At least the tattoo isn't meaningless either. I actually gave Dermacolor a try a few days ago. Have a look at my latest update. :-) Stay positive!

Dermablend may end up being my bestfriend for bikini season!

So I tried out my dermablend leg and body last night and I still need some practice on blending but it actually worked! The sample I got was a little to dark for me but I get much tanner in the summertime so it might be perfect after I tan a little more. My tattoo is raised though and I'm guessing that's mostly from having my treatment five days ago? After applying the dermablend and setting powder I got in the shower to test out the waterproof theory and that was actually true! Nothing can't off with the water just running over it I have to rub my hand on to get anything off and still I had to use makeup remover to actually get it off. So I'm pretty sure swimming won't affect it at all! This gives me a little relief for this summer since I'll be in my bikini a lot and am self conscious of my body now when I never have been before. It's deff a change for me but just gotta stay strong and think of the positives! Hope this updates helps everyone!
Your story is all too familiar to many of us! I still beat myself up for what I've done. I'm glad you made the decision to get started. Congrats on your first treatment! I hope you see tons of fading too. That dermablend looks like it does a fantastic job. That's amazing! I may need to try some myself! I hope your beach trip is awesome, and maybe keeping the tattoo covered with makeup will help you keep your mind off of it some! You are definitely right, stay strong and think of the positives! It's what will get you through this. Keep us all updated on your progress!
Thank you! I'm glad I've gotten started to cause at least I know I'm doing everything I can and that's all I can do. I have seen some fading of lines and spots within the red not a ton but enough to make me hopeful for my next treatment. And I rlly hope the dermablend gives me a lil confidence back at the beach so I can enjoy myself. I'm thinking I'll try a high waisted bikini to and see if I can pull it off! Thanks for your support it mean so much to see how many people are going through the same exact thing as me!
i'm literally 3 hours from going into my first laser treatment and im freaking out ): i'm removing a pretty large coloured tattoo on my hip area, it's a cover up job.. the first tattoo went bad and the cover up went horrible too. it's a pretty new tattoo, about 3 months old so i'm worries about that too as i read laser treatments work much better on old tattoos ): the doctor says she'll be using the NdYag laser on the black, and am Alexandrite laser on the blues and greens. i'm getting it done a hospital here in Bangkok, Thailand as i'm based here for the next year..

Second treatment with medlite c6 laser!

Well I had my second treatment 3 days ago... This time it reacted more to the laser and clouded up which made me a little more excited. It was still super painful but It didn't do that the first time so Hopefully it's reacting to the laser more and more! Now it has just been red and sore! I've been applyin my a and d ointment multiple times throughout the day. Still no big difference but I guess that's part of it... It's a slow slow slow process which gets me down a lot. Knowing I'll have to wait maybe two years before it's completely gone is hard! But recently I've met someone and they have been super supportive of my decision and not judgemental at all which made telling someone about it a lot easier! I'm very thankful to have found someone like him...he even went to my treatment with me and held my hand through it all lol. But I'm just continuing to hope for the best and hoping for the best for all of u also! Will post pictures soon! And happy fading to everyone!!!
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