Rhinoseptoplasty for Childhood Abuse Victim

As a child, I was teased about the "bulb" tip of...

As a child, I was teased about the "bulb" tip of my nose. Also as a child, I was a daily victim of physical or verbal abuse by my mother. At 14, one of those instances resulted in a broken nose that was never treated. Worse yet, now in my 40's, I look JUST like my mother as I remember her during those years and am often told that. After years of psychological therapy as well as struggling with the deviated septum and chronic sinusitis, my internist referred me to a dr who specialized as both in otolaryngology as well as board certified facial reconstruction and plastics. After determining to physical need, he confirmed me psychologically sound with good reasons for my cosmetic choice. I had my surgery yesterday, and can already see from underneath he cast that he did an amazing job! I feel blessed!


First of all, I'm so sorry you had to go through that abuse as a child. How horrific. It sounds like you're doing the best you can to take care of you now and that is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sure it'll help other folks embarking on septo-rhino journeys.

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Looking pretty good 6 days post-op. cast off...

Looking pretty good 6 days post-op. cast off tomorrow! Less initial bruising than I expected. Absolute worst pain was in my TEETH, which was unexpected. A little concern about a bruise the runs under my cast that is remaining purple (rest are yellow). Will post pics.


Thank you Angie for your kind words :) Cast comes off tomorrow and I am excited. Only one concern, and that some interesting bruising along one side margin of cast and running underneath. Rest of bruising is yellow now, but this is still deep purple. I know this is near an area where some significant bone filing had to take placd. Hoping they just wrote on me with a purple Sharpie, haha! Guess I'll find out tomorrow! Will post pics!

Cast came off this morning! "MOVE THAT BUS!". I...

Cast came off this morning! "MOVE THAT BUS!". I was nervous about what to expect, but LOVE it. Even with residual swelling at bridge and tip, the new definition is evident and I actually now have a TIP to my nose, its straight, and I can breathe! AND, I have my own look now (not a visual clone of my mother). For the first time ever, I really like what I see when I look in the mirror--and this is only DAY 1 post-cast! I am far more pleased than I expected to be at this point. Can't wait to see what lies 3-6 months down the road! I actually have full feeling in the tip, and only slight upper lip numbness. Still some bruising, but nothing a little makeup won't cover. What swelling I do have leaves me still with a nose smaller than my original. My doctor was happy and chuckling at my "ecstatic-ness".

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I failed to mention another thing I love about my...

I failed to mention another thing I love about my Doctor. I am a tall woman and a leader in my community--he understood that I did not remotely want some "standard definition of a perfect nose", or a dinky or pointy little Hollywood diva nose. Without drawing pictures--he understood and delivered exactly what I wanted. THAT is a good doctor.


Hey all, I'm new here and have just joined now. I don't want to hijack someone else's post but i am currently saving up to have rhinoplasty. It won't be for a long while, but i wanted to comment now after reading this post. Your story really hit me, Blogwriter. I want rhinoplasty for the same reasons, a horrendously abusive (in every way) mother. She broke my nose when i was very little -before i even started school. My nose is wonky and just a lump that looks different from either side. It clicks and bleeds if i blow it, rub it, or even wash my face. But i'm getting carried away, sorry. I will go into more details when i'm the one writing a review. I'm so happy that you got your nose fixed and are satisfied with it, i wish you all the best. It's a real shame that you have to fix what someone else -a horrible person- has done to you, but i hope you're happy and free now. I loved reading your story and it really touched me. Hopefully you have other family to support you and are loving life. All the best.
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Your story is a sad one, but also one that uplifts. I am so glad you took the steps to rid yourself of your mother's nose. Your new nose is completely beautiful, and it's all yours. Congratulations! And please post more pics as time goes on...
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I will post some new pics soon! Just passed 5week mark and still changing gradually each day. I hadn't logged in in awhile and just now found all these encouraging comments! Thankful for everyone's kind words!
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I give this rating due to the thoroughness he took in exploring my psychological health at this stage in life considering my history. To not do so would be unethical and careless. He also listened to what I wanted and thoroughly explained what needed to be done functionally. I chose him bc of his multi certifications in the areas I needed as well as community recommendation.

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