Much Needed Mini Tummy Tuck and Lipo at 50. Finally Time for Me. 1 Grown Child - Nashville, TN

I had been in college for several years and really...

I had been in college for several years and really didn't take care of myself. After things slowed down, I found that I was about 45 lbs over-weight. In the last year I started exercising and taking better care of myself. I lost 30+ lbs but still didn't have the look I wanted. Dr. Nein made the rest happen for me!! I am now a size 6 - was a size 10 before surgery and a size 14 one year ago. I feel beautiful!!!!

Three weeks post mini tummy tuck and lipo

Saw Dr. Nein yesterday. All good and I think everyone that sees me come in the office knows I am happy. The huge grin that I can't stop. ;-). I still have about 5 weeks before I will have lost 80% of the swelling. A size 4 may actually be possible after all the swelling is gone and I CAN START BACK ON MY TREADCLIMBER. I do have breast implants and lift scheduled for 2 weeks from now and then I will be done. I will post pics as I get them from my Dr's office. People have asked me why I didn't take any before hand. Answer: I didn't want reminders of what I looked at when I weighed the most and definitely not without clothes! If I post pics at my heaviest it will be with clothes, then at pre-op and post.

Wanted to post some pics

These were taken at 3 times. First ones were taken May 1st, then May 20th, and last ones were taken yesterday.

More pictures taken today

I included the breast pictures since I am having surgery June 18th.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Nein, Darla and Alisha are all amazing!!! You just cannot go wrong with Dr. Nein. All three of them are such caring people and so helpful. Can you really love your plastic surgeon? If so, I do. :-). I was well informed on what my recovery would be like, the surgery, etc. I must say that I expected to feel more pain and discomfort than I did. Honestly, I cannot think of one single thing I would change about my experience with Dr. Nein or his staff.

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Looking great!!! Post new update. Love to hear about your progress!!!
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You look great! Did you have your BA on June 18? I just had mini TT & lipo yesterday-w/small BBL-oh the pain!
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Wow - amazing results so far.
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That is amazing!! I am so happy for you!!!! The lipo does seem to make a difference in dropping those inches. can't wait to see the result!
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Wow, down two sizes in such a short time! Amazing! I've had two and I'm down only one size in eight months!! Congrats on your transformation!
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Thank you. I can't believe you've had 2 tt's. I assume the lipo helped a lot with the ability to drop 2 sizes. My dr thinks it is quite possible I will drop one more size once the swelling is gone. I'm not holding out for that. It would be nice...but I can't complain with where I am anyway. The dr said yesterday that he removed almost a gallon of fat with the lipo. Human fat weighs about 8.4 lbs per gallon. I don't know how much skin and all was removed with the tt. Best of luck to you !!!!
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Not me going down two sizes, just one. I commented on somebody else going down a couple of sizes just from the TT. I didn't have much fat removed--only a couple of pounds at the most the first time and just a bit of skin last time. Made a big difference though!
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Very encouraging! Would love to see after pics. So was the lipo worse than the tt? I am considering a mini tt with lipo but nervous for the lipo part of it.
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Thank you. I will get pics from my dr when I go back in 3 weeks. They took pictures yesterday but won't have them until I come back. I do have the pics from pre-op and then 6 days post (completely bruised and swollen. Once I get the pictures from yesterday I will post those and the original ones. As far as pain from lipo and tt, its hard to say which was more painful. I certainly bruised more from the lipo, but I bruise easily too. I admit I thought about not doing the lipo but I am so glad that I did it. Almost a gallon of human fat was removed from my lower body! That has made a huge difference. Even though Dr. Nein said that I still have about 5 weeks before I reach the point where I will only have 20% of swelling left. I couldn't be any more pleased with the results I have seen so far. 2 jean sizes and 44 lbs lost as of yesterday. On the 18th I will have a breast lift and implants. That should then complete my mommy makeover. I don't know your circumstance but I think the lipo really enhances the tt. Good Luck!!
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How painful was it x
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Why did you go with the mini and not full tummy tuck?
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Congratulations on the transformation.  Happy to hear you that you have taken your body back and are loving the new you.  
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Thanks for this post. I am 52 and scheduled for a mini tummy tuck on June 10th. It makes me feel better knowing you had good results after reading some of these horrific posts.
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Please let me know how it goes. Good Luck
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