Change of Plans-Raleigh, NC (Full TT, Breast Lift/Aug. on Sept. 6th) 5 Weeks PO!

I am a 27 year old mommy of three girls. I have a...

I am a 27 year old mommy of three girls. I have a wonderful family and am very blessed and happy. However, though I would do it 100 times over, pregnancy and breast feeding have not been kind to my body and has definately left their marks. Lots of them! I am currently just trying to get my ducks in a row and do my research before i jump into this. We are done having babies, but i will have to wait a few mnths before I feel comfortable going through with the surgery due to the fact that my youngest just stopped nursing a couple of weeks ago. I think it will take a little time to see whats left of my poor girls. Really considered nursing this last one till she was 12 (just kidding). I am currently 135 lbs and 5'4", so only about 10 lbs from my goal weight. Hoping to reach that as well before I begin this mommy makeover journey. Definately know that I have 3 problem areas: Breasts, Tummy, and upper thighs. I've not had a consultation yet but I have a pretty good idea of the procedures that are offered. I am sooo excited about finally doing something for myself and have been looking forward to this since the birth of my first child. I would really appriciate any advice and am very excited about finding a community of other moms who have been here.

Thanks, CCC's Mommy

P.S. I looked at a general cost list and combined the totals of the procedures that I am interested in to come up with the cost. It wouldn't allow me to leave it blank!

It's the best decision of your life! I'm just one week out and so happy.
Hey, Im just beginning my journey too. I live in Memphis and we have alot of similarities. i have two girls and the youngest is 7 months old :) Keep me posted about finding a doctor and prices and i will pass on info to you as well. Good Luck
Hey Ifsogirl83. Glad to hear from someone else in the planning stages. I am currently looking into a couple of docs here in the Nashville area. I plan on scheduling a consultation here in the next week or so. I will let you know what I find. Good luck to you! Keep me posted...

Just wanted to add a few details about my weight...

Just wanted to add a few details about my weight loss journey. My girls are ages 6, 5, and 14months. I was always a pretty healthy weight through highschool, 5'4" and around 130 lbs. I married my highschool sweetheart in 2003 and 6 weeks later became pregnant with twins. What a surprise, unfortunately we lost the babies at 16 weeks. I had already put on a few pounds and really started putting it on after the loss due to depression. Became pregnant with my oldest daughter a few months later and topped out at 230 lbs by the time I delivered. I had just started to loose and had made it down to 185 when I became pregnant with my second daughter. Back into the 200's! My girls are only 17 months apart. It was after my experience with gestational diabetes, that I regained control of my weight. I never want to experience insulin shots again and it was an eye opening experience for me. I was able to make it to 140 lbs and kept it off for over a year when I became pregnant with baby girl # 3. This last pregnancy was much healthier and after the delivery, I was able to snap back much faster. Currently, I am 5'4" and 135 lbs. I would really like to loose about 10 more lbs before my surgery, but I feel like my weight is pretty stable and healthy. I just stopped nursing my 1 year old and am trying to give my body some time before I have my makeover, but I wanted to share my experience. I feel like the more details people know about me, the better they can relate. I hope this wasn't too much information, just felt like sharing!

Well, the process is started... I have three...

Well, the process is started... I have three consultations scheduled over the next couple of weeks. My first one will be this Wednesday. Sooo excited. I am currently making a list of questions, so if anybody has anything that I should add to that list, please advise. They are all board certified, I know this was emphasized by everyone. Thanks ladies! I will be adding my before photo's soon although I'll be honest, pregnancy has been far from kind and it's not pretty...

Very exciting! Here's a pretty thorough list of questions to ask at your consultations. Let us know how it goes!

thanks. that is a great list...

Had my first consult Wednesday. I liked the doctor...

Had my first consult Wednesday. I liked the doctor and it wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I had imagined. It was exciting to hear his opinion...He suggested a donut lift, implants that would make me a large C. A full tummy tuck. And a medial thigh lift. I was very excited about the donut lift, as it has less scarring than the lolly pop. He did say I had pretty major seperation in my abdominal muscles and he would be able to fix that with the abdominal plasty and could remove most of my stretch marks, the rest would be much lower and less noticeable. As far as the thigh lift, he said he expected pretty good results because it's just small pockets of skin on my inner thighs and the scars would be in my panty line. He seemed to think that all of these procedures could be performed in one surgery and I probably wouldn't require an over night stay, but it was an option if I needed it. His quoted price without the overnight stay and with saline implants was $15,300. For silicone implants it would go up $1000. Does anyone have a preference between the 2? He didn't give me much detail as to one over the other. I have two more consults scheduled with other doctors over the next two weeks. So, I will update as this process moves along...
I have to say that your pregnancy weight gain(s) and loss sound identical to mine. I am pretty sure I was at the exact same weights at the height of my pregnancies and before my second pregnancy. I'm now the same ht and wt as you and I wear a size 4. My inner thighs are a mega issue too b/c of all of the weight gain/loss and stretched skin.
Have you made any decisions ye

Wow. I haven't updated in quite a while! We have...

Wow. I haven't updated in quite a while! We have been super busy and had to change our plans around. My husband got transfered with his job quite unexpectedly, so that has been sort of all consuming. I was planning to have my surgery in Nashville, this past May. However we have had to move to North Carolina for my husbands job, so once again everything else was put on the back burner. I had 3 consults in Nashville and had chosen a surgeon that I felt pretty good about. However, now if I have surgery in Nashville, I have the added expence and inconvenience of traveling. I think anyone with small children can relate to how well that scenario would work out (not). So, I have started my process over again here in Raleigh, NC. My 3rd and final consult is in a month and I feel pretty confident that this will all work out. I will not be deterred, I have wanted this for sooo long! So, my new projected time frame for surgery is this coming November. That gives me 4 months to get all the kinks worked out, find a surgeon, and make a plan. Part of me wants to just get it over with already, but I know that going into this without doing the proper research and making informed decisions would be dangerous and stupid. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I'm just trying not to get too frustrated by all the delays and changes in plans. And on a positive, I really like it here! Thanks all for listening, I will update after my last consult and let ya know what I've decided.

I am sooo frustrated! I can not seem to find a...

I am sooo frustrated! I can not seem to find a surgeon... I've read from a lot of the stories on here that when you find the right doctor, you just know! Well, I found a surgeon in Nashville that I was pretty confident with, but then life happened. My husband had to move for work to North Carolina and so I started the search here. I have had three consults here. Two were no goes and the last had a lot of potential, until his office called back with a quote. He wants to break my procedures up into 2 seperate surgeries. Just for an Lift/Aug, Tummy tuck, and armpit lipo, $21,700. He told me the day before that he could lipo my flanks and outer thighs at the same time as my tt, but now his office manager says that he changed his mind and feels that those procedures can be performed later with a medial thigh lift, which by the way, she didn't have a quote on. I feel jerked around... I have paid for 6 consults now alltogether and still feel as lost as a ball in tall weeds... Would appriciate any advice!`
Hang in there will happen for you! :)

Here's one reviewer who loved her NC doctor.


Wow! Yesterday was huge! Went for another consult...

Wow! Yesterday was huge! Went for another consult and finally clicked with a doctor. Within 5 minutes of talking to her, I knew she was the one. Yay! Loved her, loved her staff, we were on the same page with the procedures and the price was reasonable... In fact, I felt so confident, that I booked my surgery for Sept., 6th. OMG, that is in 18 days! I am sooo excited... Having a doughnut lift, implants, full tt, and lipo of the flanks and outer thighs. I will be having a medial thigh lift at a later date. Afraid that too many ouches in too many places at one time would just be too much. Now that I feel like this is really coming together, I feel compfortable enough to post my before pics. I think in order to get a true feel for my journey, I'm going to post a pic of me at my heaviest. But, the only fat pics that I didn't throw out, are the ones with my babies in them, Lol! I am also considering doing a video, but I haven't decided yet...
Holy MOLY congratulations on such a tremendous wt. loss~that's amazing~
Oh you asked about the silicone and saline I haven't' had mine done Yet but I'm going with silicone through all my research this is very bias I am sure but women seems SO much happier with the silicone and it seems way worth the extra 1000.00~ just my 2 cents~
I agree. I have spent a lot of time reading reviews and I came to the same conclusion. Plus I am having mine over the muscle, and my skin is just so thin, I'm afraid I would have a bunch of rippleing with saline. So, I have to ask, how bad is the thigh lift recovery? I'm having that done at a later date. And I know you were having your breasts done at a later date. Have you scheduled yet?

O.k. drummm rolll! Here are my before photo's!...

O.k. drummm rolll! Here are my before photo's! It's not pretty ladies... So, consider yourself warned.
k. thanks!
Baby steps... Can't wait to be in your shoes! BTW, on a serious note here, just how functional were you a week in? I will be on my own after a week, so I'm curious.
I would say about 60% normal. Took time getting out of bed and what not. As long as you can take it easy, read, watch movies...ect. You will be fine. Do not lift more than 5 lbs. You will be alright. Just know your limits and take it slow.

Holy Cow, I am having surgery in less than 2 weeks...

Holy Cow, I am having surgery in less than 2 weeks... It's just starting to sink in! I am nesting like crazy and trying to think out every scenario possible. I am a slight over preparer! Trying to plan out menu's and child care. Hope I don't drive myself or my family crazy in the meantime! If hurricane Irene doesn't interfeer, I will be having my pre-op on Monday. So, until then....
I am excited, but a little nervous too! Just ready to do it! Trying to plan everything out: menu's, childcare, supplies. Going out of town the weekend before, so planning ahead is crucial! How r u feeling?
I keep thinking about you too~ holy smokes girlfriend~ it's getting close how are you feeling? Do you have everything ready?
I am SO excited for you!!

Had my pre op today... I am soo excited. One week...

Had my pre op today... I am soo excited. One week from tomorrow, I will have my resteration and upgrades lol. All supplies are bought, scripts are filled, and the surgery is paid for, now just the wait! Was really hoping that they would send me home after surgery, but looks like I will be staying the night at the surgery center instead. They said it would be safer and they would be able to manage my pain better anyway. My husband went with me today and met my PS and got to see the surgery center and meet all the staff. I think this really helped to put him at ease. My only hesitation at this point is implant size... I am a pretty small person. 5'4.5" 129lbs (size 3 pants), I don't want big ladies. Was really hoping for the whole package look, instead of those being an overbearing presence. I have had 7 consultations in all and the one thing that all the surgeons were pretty constant on was the implants... 330 to 360cc's moderate plus. I'm pretty small but my chest and shoulders are wide and I have tons of loose skin and almost no volume left (barely an A). This whole size thing is really freaking my husband out too. He doesn't like very large boobs. He's really afraid that a full C is going to be too much. Currently the plan is 350cc moderate plus silicone, subglandular... Any advice?
I can hardly stand myself... LOL! I keep grabbing my mommy pouch in the mirror saying in less than a week, you will be gone!
Are you excited! So, very close!
I'm only 5 ft and got 371 they fit me perfectly. I didn't wanna go too big either, I wanted something that matched my body. So 350 will probably be fine, bc I looked at your before pics and your breasts are a lot like mine were. Total loss of breast tissue after breastfeeding.if you are wanting just a c I think they will be perfect. Good luck. I know the days before are crazy nerve wracking.

24 hours post-op and all I can say is what have I...

24 hours post-op and all I can say is what have I gotten myself into? Seriously underestimated the pain! On my own in the morning since hubby has to go back to work... I hope this will all be worth it. Right now I just have a lot of ouches and a bad case of the blues! Will update with pics in a few days.
Hang in there, first 3 days are the hardest. Stay on top of meds and you'll be past the pain before you even know it!
thanks girl. i'm feelin better today for sure.
Oh you poor thing~ just keep up yours meds~ and take one day, one hour at a time~ and you will get through it's tough~ I know~ don't get behind on your meds if need be move it up and hour~ : ) in a week you be feeling better promise~

Had my first shower tonight! Oh, it was glorious....

Had my first shower tonight! Oh, it was glorious. Unfortunately, I had to see all of my body and wow, I just wasn't prepared for what I saw. I'm posting pics now. Do my boobs look normal? The implants are up to my collar bone and my boobs are underneath. The ps said this was normal, but it's sort of unsettleing anyway. Wow, just feeling kind of down!
I got a doughnut lift and 350cc silicone implants subglandular. I am just trying to be patient! Thanks so much for the compliments! I am actually feeling pretty good today. Getting around a little better everyday! Hope you are well and can keep me updated on your recovery as well. HUGS!
Good Afternoon CCC~ how are you today? you tummy and the rest of your body is going to LOOK amazing I mean it does now I can see it in the Pic. and right afterwards you are SO swollen so can you imagine in a few weeks from know how AMAziNG your going to LOOK~ WOW ~ super hot~
Did you get the lift or just the implants? I am sure when the implants come down they are going to settle right down in the pocket and they are going to look great~~~~ but take another pic. in a week or so and keep us updated~ xox big hugs (( ))
You look great!! I am on day 8 PO. The first time I saw my belly my husband was in the bathroom with me and I took off my binder and did not like what I saw. Of course I didn't say anything because my husband just dropped 12Gs on my makeover. Since then though, things are smoothing out, falling into place and making me very happy! Give it time honey and get lots of rest!! Congrats!!

Day 4 PO I am doing a lot better than I had...

Day 4 PO

I am doing a lot better than I had anticipated. The day of surgery and my first day PO, I was thinking "Why did I let someone do this to me, and even worse, I paid them to beat me up like this." Thankfully, I have turned the corner and actually feel like I'm recovering. I actually feel well enough to stay alone with my 3 girls today. My 7 and 5 year olds are a big help, and as long as I cover up with a pillow, my 20 month old can lay in my lap. Cuddling with my baby = happy baby and happy mommy. Not holding her has been the worst. She is such a mommy's girl!

I stayed the first night at the surgery center and that actually turned out to be a good thing. But I have been on my own during the day since day 2 and have done fine. They sent me home in a sports bra and velcro binder. I have found that ace bandages are my bff's. I wear them over my bra and binder some during the day and they really give me some extra support. Makes it a lot easier to get up and around. I don't feel like my binder is tight enough sometimes. I take motrin twice a day and this helps with pain control until the evening. I usually take a pain pill in the evening and sometimes another before bed. For some reason the evenings are when I feel stiff and sore. So far, I have had one bm on day 3. I have taken stool softeners religiously since day 1 and took mom for 2 days to get things moving. I had no trouble at all with the deed! Anyway, gonna take everything off again tomorrow: wash my binder, sponge bath, and get some pics. Hoping my implants have dropped a little more, but I doubt it. I looked online and found some other ladies who had the same issue with riding high and their's looked amazing once they settled. Makes me feel a little less panicy lol!

Also wanted to let you ladies know that I appriciate your support so much. We recently moved out of state, so we are away from all our family and friends. This situation would be pretty lonely for me if I didn't have this blog. So, thanks again for all your support and advice. XOXO
Thanks Angie. I can honestly say that at this point I feel great. It's day 6 and I haven't had any pain meds in 2 days, except for bed time. I got up this morning and got the kids ready for school and then drove them. So, I am in a much better place. Thanks for checking on me.

I'm so glad we can be here for you! You're looking great! Your implants do look like they still need to drop, so don't worry about that too much at this point. How's your pain level now?

Wow, you look itty bitty all wrapped up in that ace bandage! I bet you are going to look so amazing once you are healed up, you already look awesome. Happy healing(-:

Day 7 PO Well, I feel good physically. Am...

Day 7 PO

Well, I feel good physically. Am getting back in the swing of taking the kids to and from school. Bumming around the house, picking up some. Other than that, taking it pretty easy. Thought I was on the mend, till I woke up this morning to find that my left breast is inflamed and tender. Looks like it's sun burned in patches. Noticed it wasn't exactly right yesterday evening, but figured it was just par for the course. Like maybe I had just overdone it or something. But, this morning I could feel a difference. I called the PS office and they put me on a stronger anti biotic for infection. I go in tomorrow for my first PO visit, so she told me to trace the inflammation with a marker, so that she could see if the redness was spreading.
After reading about implant infections and their repercussions, I just feel like crying! Please pray for me. The last thing I need is to have more surgery and expence.

Went ahead and took 1 week pics anyway, will post in a bit...
will be praying for you! ; )
Thanks H!
Hey CCC, I really hope you are feeling better soon! I am sorry you are feeling down; I hope that antibiotic does the trick. Best of luck to you and hugs!

Day 8 PO Went to see my PS today and it went...

Day 8 PO

Went to see my PS today and it went pretty well. She feels like my infection is not severe and that the anti biotics will work fine. Also, she said that my implants will adventually drop and look great. She is having me use an ace bandage across my chest to encourage them a little south. Also, has me starting massage. And, she removed my right drain! (OUCH!) But so glad that thing is gone. Also she removed my belly button stitches. Love my new BB! The old one looked like a butt, LOL! I go back on Monday to have the other drain removed, and give her a chance to check on my infection. So, here is hoping to a smooth recovery from here on out!

Also, wanted to take a minute to say thank you soo much ladies for all you support and encouraging words! It means so much!!! XOXO
Wow it sounds like you are doing very well. I'm so happy for you that you did this so young. I put up with my deflated breasts for 17 years (since my last one quit nursing) and I missed them so much. Your a hot mommie now girl!! Hope you kick the infection and just feel better all the time you look great.
hoping your appointment went well!!! you are looking fab!!! will be praying the antibiotics take care of any possible infection!!! xo!!
Thanks doll! You are looking pretty amazing yourself!!! I really appriciate your support!

Ladies, I have an announcement! After just 24...

Ladies, I have an announcement! After just 24 hours of wearing the compression strap, my right boob has settled nicely and the left one is on its way! They aren't exactly even, but I know they will be. Oh I am sooo excited. No more square boobs... I see all these post-op pics of the pretty round boobs, wake up from surgery thinking thats what I got and about have a heart attack when I see square bricks instead. So happy! Just had to share! Attaching photo's...
LOOK AT YOUR BOOBS !!!! They look Amazing!!! they Dropped! see we both learned something! I panicked with you~ sorry! now I can be happy with you!!! ha ha ha~ Oh my lands they look so AWESOME~~~ ARE YOU SO HAPPY OR WHAT??? so when I do get my boobs done you can comfort me! and let me know I will be okay ha ha ha~~~ you have One HOT body women~
H, I don't know what I would do without your support. Thank you soo much! I am so excited that I could do cart wheels right now if I wasn't so dang sore!!! And let me assure you, when it's your turn, I will totally have your back.
Thanks so much mom_me. Your support means a lot. I was just checking out your pics and let me just say WOW. You look stunning! Can't wait to get to where you are... XO

Feeling pretty good today. Took the kids to...

Feeling pretty good today. Took the kids to school, straightened up the house a bit, and made a pot of chili... Wish I could push the fast forward button to Monday, so I could hurry up and get this last drain out. I feel like once this drain is out, I will be free! Also, my left boob has dropped a little more. I am very happy with the girls! I added a new pic...
Thanks June Bug, I am looking very forward to no more drains!
Looking great, I am excited for you to get that last drain out so you can be a free woman(-:
wow you are going full speed~ slow down girlfriend~

2 Week PO Well, its been a ride, but totally...

2 Week PO

Well, its been a ride, but totally worth it. Went to see the PS yesterday and got my second drain out, good riddance! Feels amazing to be drain free! Also, had all my steri strips replaced. Was so impresses with my incisions, very thin and colorless. PS said that breasts still had a lot of dropping and fluffing to do and that it may be up to another 6 weeks or so, but not to be discouraged that they were fine. Told me to massage often and wear my strap to help push them down, she also said that I could go braless some. Also, she recommended that I wear the binder another 4 weeks inorder to obtain maximum results. Hate it, but can live with anything if it helps me obtain great results. I find the binder very itchy and difficult to get on and off, so wearing it in combination with the spanx is too difficult at potty time since I have to remove the binder to get the spanx pulled down. But I love the feel of a compression garmet underneath the binder. So, I have discovered a shaping cami that is working great underneath. The line is called Marilyn Monroe. They sale it here at Rugged Warehouse for $7.99. The cami is super long, the compression is perfect, and it isn't tight in the bust. So, that is where I am. No major issues. Pain, swelling, and pottying are all fine. I feel blessed! Will post pics this evening...
Thanks June Bug!
Hurray for no more drains! You are looking great!
Hi CCC, you are looking awesome!!! I am so glad you found a good compression cami. Isn't is great to be drain free and comfortable! Yay for you, you look amazing!

3 Weeks PO I was 3 weeks yesterday. It seems...

3 Weeks PO

I was 3 weeks yesterday. It seems like it's been longer than that. This is definately the slowest heeling that I have ever experienced. I feel pretty good most days. Swollen and tired at night, but nothing major. Still waiting on my boobs to settle. My implants haven't dropped into their pockets yet, so they are riding pretty high and I won't see the full results of my lift until they drop. Atleast that is what my PS and a few other women who have experienced the same issue keep telling me. Patience I suppose. In the mean time, life goes on. I have to hold myself back a lot of times because I feel good enough to do some of the things that I am not supposed to yet. I would say that I don't look much different than I did a week ago. I guess the biggest thing for me so far is that yesterday, my PS said that I could start sleeping in just my spanx without that itchy binder. It felt glorious and I didn't wake up at all last night. First full nights sleep since surgery!!!

5 Weeks PO I actually feel mostly normal now....

5 Weeks PO

I actually feel mostly normal now. Doing most everything that I was before surgery except hitting the gym. I don't plan to go back till I'm 3 months PO. I know myself, and I will over do it, so I'm just waiting till I'm clear for all my workouts. I stay pretty active running after my 3 kids, so that is fine for now. I have discovered that as long as I stay away from all processed foods, I don't swell much. During the beginning of my recovery, I had to depend on convenience foods to get by, but now I'm back at clean eating. All that processed junk was making me sick, no wonder I was swelling. I wear spanx in combination with my post partum belt, only when I'm going to be very active or on my feet a long time. The support makes me feel better. But just hanging around the house or sleeping, I don't need anything. Still trying to be patient with my breast lift. I go back to see my PS at 7 weeks PO for a check up and if they aren't much improved, I will be having a revision! My tt scar looks pretty good. I noticed that it's redder and going through it's "angry" phase, but even with all that, it's still thin. I'm using palmers oil on my scars and it seems to keep them moisturized and the massaging keeps them soft. So, all in all, pretty good!
I live in NC!! And need some advice on a good surgeon..if u don't mind how much was the total price?? I want a full tt and breast implants..any advice would
d be great :-)
You are looking great - I feel as if I'm in the same boat as you! I am 16 days post op and having the same issue with my breasts. My left hasn't dropped yet and I"m massaging it a lot but I guess in time. Also, I thought with the lift that they'd sit higher up, but also like you said, we should see that after the swelling and when they fall into place. I guess we get so impatient cause we can see our stomach results immediately!! My breasts are so tender, I would love to have a full night of sleep as well!! Take care, and keep us posted!
Thanks Shortie. Patience is hard, but the time starts to fly. Sleeping came a lot easier after week 3. That was my biggest hump. At 5 weeks out I feel almost completely normal. Hang in there and happy healing!

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