I love this forum! I mean seriously, late night...

I love this forum! I mean seriously, late night reading, almost every night - did I say getting a little obsessive? I'm a 31 yr old, happily married, momma of a 15 and 6 yr old, currently at 5'5, 140lbs. I had my first when I was really young and was able to bounce back to normal weight and size literally the same day I gave birth (i mean who does that?). Well after 2nd child, not the case! I went from 130 to 210, then back down to 150. I've been working out for the last 2 months and now I'm at 140 (goal weight 135lbs). I'm scheduled for a TT (for sure) on Dec 19 and perhaps boobies too (i'm not 100% on boobies). I've always felt confident inside, however, when I see my stomach, the flab, the sagging skin, the sad face belly button, it definitely knocks my confidence level down alot. And I know I'm not the only one that pinches and squeezes the skin late at night... imagining how it would be like without it. Did I mention I've never been in a bikini? So these hips are done birthing, hubby on board, and I'm ready! I've been thinking about this for years, and talked myself out of it several times like - you're being selfish, you're beautiful, hubby already loves you, who else is gonna see you naked, you might die and leave your kids motherless (yes I totally went there) and the $7k could go towards starving children around the world, blah blah blah, but I always come back to this forum... I'm sooooo ready and I'm over the moon excited - Will be posting my before pics soon. If anyone has comments about boobies, please do share. My concern is that I'm already a C cup (sorta flat), but would like to be a C cup (full) or small D cup, so not really a huge difference also not sure I want to pay the $5k for something that may not add a huge pizaz? Hubby says, baby, you should get it done all at once... i dont know - I'm still on the fence. Good night :)
Good luck!! I wish I had bl with my TT . Have read where girls say it is all good. If you have recovery help for a couple weeks go for it but you do have a 15 yo so that helps
Def listen to hubby and get the full meal deal if you can. I have to do my surgeries separately as that what the docs around here. Can't wait to see ur pics ;)

Here goes pictures - 6 weeks pre-op - Eeeeek!!!

I'm 6 weeks away from TT and boobies :) I just realized how much lower my right breast is compared to my left. Hubby goes "baby, they're like testicles, one ball always hangs lower" - Did you really compare my breast to your balls? Then we had a good belly laugh - afterall he did charm me by his humor! Happy Friday everyone!
Excited to follow your progress!
Tummy tuck muscle repair with some lipo.......
Congratulations on your decision!!! Best of luck, and will be waiting for your pics!

Cost breakdown of TT w/muscle repair and if I decide to add BA

Cost breakdown of my TT ($7,486)
Surgeon's fee - $4,000
Op room - $2,000
Anesthesia - $1,236
Pain pump - $250

Cost breakdown of my BA w/silicone ($5,359)
Surgeon's fee - $2,700
Silicone - $1,550 (Saline would've been $650)
Op room - $500 (multiple procedure discount)
Anesthesia - $609 (multiple procedure discount)

5 weeks away - super excited!

I don't really drive with my belly hanging out like this... (except on Thanksgiving - jk) My shirt is pulled up so you can see loosie-goosie.
We're scheduled a few days from each other. Good luck!

Decided on TT and BA only and No on lipo flanks

Happy Sunday. Just a couple of before pics... Also, I've decided to not add lipo to flanks. I'm active, work out 5-6 days a week (started working out hardcore September) and I'm sure I can tone those lovely love handles. Read a lot of reviews and not wanting to deal with the ongoing pain - Besides, would rather invest $ in the BA instead ;) good night ladies.
Good luck, Im sure you will have amazing results.
I will be following your journey I am excited for everyone who decided to go for it!
Good luck!!' Can't wait to see your PO PICTURES!!!

Proof that I'm Expert at hiding the belly skin

I've been lucky to have zero negativity from anyone regarding my decision. All friends and family fully supportive. Here's a few pics of me fully clothes, so you can see that I'm an expert at Hiding the skin. Today I'm 5 5", 143lbs size 4 - 6 jeans, 34 c cup size. 30" waist, 36" hips.

Op Goal weight 135lb

I'm determined to hit my goal of 135lbs prior to surgery. I've got 1 month to go! Super excited!
OMG......I am reading you update and just realized that I have one month left too.....YEAH
Yes girlfriend! We have the same date - will be thinking of you :) Xo
Can't wait!!!! Be sure to update photos and I will do the same!!!

Thinking about cup size...200 or 250cc?

I'm at a flat C cup and I'm going for a natural full / cup runneth over C or D cup. To achieve my desired look, PS says best option for me would be silicone and going over the muscle. So I'm debating on 200cc or 250cc... I'm leaning towards 250cc because so many have wished they've gone bigger.

Goal boobs

Here's my desired look.

Over muscle because...

Oops didn't clarify, PS said over muscle for me because I have plenty of breast tissue and also I'm extremely active. I agree with her 100%

To all the ladies here!

Good luck you will look amazing!!!!
The threaded plank! Lol I feel you on that one-- I hate planks Bc I don't look how I feel.. I feel fit, strong & healthy but then I see a "big belly" it just doesn't belong.. We have similar issues I'm excited to follow your journey. Best wishes!
Good luck darlin, you are going to look and feel amazing. You have beautiful skin and you look really healthy. Best wishes and I look forward to sharing our stories.

Feeling buyers remorse

So last night I was feeling major buyers remorse. I had thoughts of guilt and feeling like I might want to back out. I told my hubby and he goes "baby, if you don't want it than don't do it, but if you do, then DO IT!" Then I read a lot of your reviews and I'm back on for my TT and BA. So thank you sooo much everyone for posting your personal journey - the good the bad and the ugly. I truly appreciate you all. Btw, I'm hitting the gym really hard but the weight is just hovering right at 141... I still have time to hit my goal of 135 - and even if I don't I'm still on for the tt and BA. Here's a pic of me from gym.
I'm scheduled for Dec. 20. We are similar in build. We are are gonna look so hot! Lol I've been considering adding BA as well but I think I'm gonna just wait till next summer to see if I'm still wanting it. Go for it all if you can!!!

To lipo or not to lipo the love handles?

So I had originally decided not to lipo the love handles but after looking at my pics, I'm reminded by how much I dislike mine. Ugh I wish I could just make up my mind! Pre op appointment is tomorrow. Feeling overwhelmed... And I don't like feeling this way.

2 weeks pre op / pics of flanks luv handles

good luck, i bet you're going to have awesome results since your body already has fantastic shape!
I am the same way! No one could tell I needed one and even now, no one can tell anything different quite yet! But I know it's different! However my hips seem to still be either fat or swollen so I'm still waiting for that to go down to start flaunting some tighter clothes! Honestly, I would ask your surgeons opinion! I just put my trust in mine to do what he thought would give me the best results! It will all come together!! Good luck to you! You already look great in your clothes but your going to feel so much better!
You look great in your work and workout clothes. I can hide mine well am people question why I am doing this. You look good now but will look amazing later!! Good Luck and keep us updated!

Decision made - TT, Lipo Flanks, BA

Pre op this morning with Dr. Haws and her nurse Lynn. Also paid surgeons fee - and now want to throw up at the cost... (Just my nature) Nurse Lynn was very knowledgable and answered all of my questions and concerns, Like should I take stool softener a few days before? Answer no - just take after surgery. No lifting over 10lbs, no driving for at least 2-4 days. Walk 2 laps around the couch every 3 hours :) Dr. Haws also very knowledgable and we discussed my goals... Pain management - she decided not using a pain pump but instead injecting experiol (spelling) on all the surgery areas and only 1 drain and have it exiting the edge of tt incision, instead of a separate exit on top of the hoo ha (which I've seen lots of on here) Talked about my flanks (genetics) and even if I worked out like an athlete, I will always have that "love handle shape" so lipo flanks will help contour it. BTW, attached are my dr. Office pre op pics and holly cow - I look hideous lol and my flanks too gross!
Good luck. Can't wait to see your updates. I'm PO day 19 and planning on a BA next year. I had a reduction over 20 years ago so now I need some fullness in my life.
Ok, so you are Starting out with a great figure, you are so gonna look freaking Amazing!! Good luck, we're all here to offer tons of support and answer any questions. Two weeks!! WooHoo!
Good luck!!

Crazy dreams!

What's up with these wild dreams lately? 1 dream, I show up for surgery and they tell me sorry - your not scheduled till next month. Lol. The other dream, ps half-assed my TT and left my belly button as is... Wth - must be because I'm excited yet naturally nervous too. Please hurry up Aunt Flo - come on already. If my calculations are correct, should be here tomorrow, and gone by the time surgery starts :) fingers crossed. Picked up some smooth move camomile tea and will test drive it tomorrow or next day. I have heat pads and ice packs but ps doesn't want me using it unless she approves - since I'll be numb, she doesn't want me to inadvertently damage tissue. No aspirin or ibuprofen. Scale will not budge at 141lbs (goal is 135) Oh well... I feel great so screw it! On a good note, i got all 150 Christmas cards / letters stamped and address woo hoo! And almost done Christmas shopping. Hope you had a good weekend.
Congrats on your upcoming surgery. Don't beat yourself up so much over the cost. You are worth every penny. Keep us posted ;-)

Showercap undies!

Hubby saw my pre op pics from the dr office and said "baby, I like those blue showercap undies" (not serious) but I did lol and had to share.
Haha that's funny! You're going to have beautiful results. Are you having a lift or just inplants? Im trying really hard to convince myself I could get away with just implants but alas, I could be wrong. My breast are similar to yours.
I thought I had saggy boobs... until the surgeon measured my pups and said, "your boobs are NOT saggy at all! - because it's so flat, it gives off the appearance of saggy boobs. She said absolutely no lift necessary! She even busted out her ruler to show me - I was like "woo hoo" happy dance. She says the implants will give it lift :) I'm a c cup now, and opted to go Silicone 222cc. What did your ps say about the lift? It's very pricey so make sure you get a 2nd opinion.
Hi! Wow I am shocked at your story, only because I feel like I'm reading my own. I think you have the body to achieve your ideal image. And you don't seem to have unrealistic expectations. I'm so excited for you and a little jealous that your surgery is next week! I still have a little less than a month. I look forward to following your progress!

(TMI - but...) AUNT FLOW IS HERE! Woo-hoo

I should be done and over with aunt flow by the time my surgery is here. I'm so happy! Yes I'm bloated, yes I weigh 5 lbs more today, yes my back hurts, but it's the happiest periods ever! LOL Happy Hump Day!
LOL, and you were happy with the results...even though nothing was different lol thanks for sharing.

Yep, this says it all

Oh my gosh are you super excited nervous all at the same time? Good luck! Looking forward to following your recovery.
Can't wait to see your results, you are going to be so happy :) good luck!
Love it!! haaha Yep I weakened and had some chocolate, it was sooo yummy and I felt compensated for all the taste deprivation!

Anxiety like a ton of bricks :(

I'm 5 days away, yes I am super excited, yes I'm hormonal (my period) and to top it off, I have super anxiety today - to the point of trying to talk myself out of this... It's like all the reasons why NOT proceed, came rushing in all at once. From what I've read, this is normal. I went to the grocery store - big mistake! Everyone was getting on my nerves and all I wanted to do was cry. Got home, took a super hot long bath and felt 110% better. I took pics of myself again to remind myself why I've decided... So here's my pic (+7 lbs of bloat from my period).
Good morning! Just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing? You must be busily prepping your home for Christmas... Whatever doesn't get done? Don't worry about. Do what you can and the rest really, really will be ok as is :)
I totally understand the anxiety, but I'm sure that we'll be fine. My TT is tomorrow morning at 7am and I have had a rough couple of days dealing with anxiety. I'll be thinking about you! You'll do great!:)
Hi there, I sure hope you are zzz right now and getting rest! Will be thinking of you too. Post asap - will be checking up on you!

Bought a NutriBullet yesterday to help with healing...

I jumped on the band wagon and bought myself a nutribullet from Target $99. My objective right now is to get my diet as clean as possible post op and while healing. This will make all the cells in my body very happy healthy - and generate quickly.
So, made me a spinach, banana, apple, raw almond smoothie and YUMMY! You cant even taste the spinach. Even my 6 yr old loves it - just give it a cool name like Monkey smoothie or Incredible Hulk Smash Smoothie... So here's my eating regime for pre op. Very low salt! No soda (which I don't drink anyway) Lots of fruits, Veggies, nuts, lean meat - chicken/fish. Steering clear of flour. Green tea with local honey. All in all, it's day 2 of Nutribullet and LOVE IT!
I lived smoothies after my back surgery. I should do that again. 3 days PO here.
Great call with the clean living!!! I'm planning to do the same. Watch "fat sick and nearly dead" or "hungry for a change" to help get your mindset for clean living.
wow, I just watched the trailers on these and wow!!! I'm gonna see if it's not Netflix, thank you.

Tis the Night before surgery...

Yesterday I tried to talk myself out of getting the surgery. My boobs (with the help of Victoria secret - don't look too bad) belly and luv handles I could live with... BUT!!! I remembered why I'm doing this. For me... No-one else... For me to feel comfortable in my own skin. For me to shine on the outside like I already do on the inside. For me, because I'm always doing for others... For me. Because I've worked hard for it. I'm tired of always flexing and sucking it in. No amount of crossfit or boot camp will rid this skin. For me because this is what I want. Exhale, aah that felt good :)
Talked to anesthesia today, no food after midnight, no fluids after 6am - oh you better believe I'm gonna drink a huge glass a water at 6am so my veins are nice and juicy for the IV. My surgery is at 930am but I need to be at the hospital at 730am. No nail polish. No makeup. No perfume, no lotion. Wear a button up shirt, comfy lounge pants.
Also, I am nesting and have been nesting all week - Weird. Room is spotless, closet spotless, not a single item of clothes on the floor (huge accomplishment) dinners are all set for next few days. Laundry done, rx picked up. I will wake up early and shower and shave the ol hoo-ha :) and legs of course.
I'm not nervous anymore. I'm now in the excitement stage. Just sad that my hubby is so nervous about me going under...
Gonna go to bed a little early to get extra rest.
Ladies, I will post as soon as I'm awake from surgery.
Love and light to all you beauties!!!
We will be going in for surgery about the same time in the morning! Crazy to think, this time tomorrow we will be in the flat side! You are going to do fabulous!!
Good luck tomorrow!!!
Oh my gosh good luck my dear!

Morning of surgery pics

It's 630am and Wanted to take a day of surgery pic... Said goodbye to my belly while in the shower. A little bitter sweet. Thank you my little Buddha belly... And goodbye.

Forgot One more pic

Good luck
Very excited for you!!!! Will be stalking you for updates!
You're going to do fabulous!!!! So excited for you!

Marked up ready to go

Best wishes for a smooth recovery. I love the way you thanked and loved your body for all the good years. You are going to look amazing.
Good luck!!!
It Is bittersweet, isn't it? Our bellies did a great job accommodating the babes... I'm thinking of you right now and So excited for you!!! Good luck, see you on the flat side :))

Day 1. It's 2am

They started on me about 1100am, and I woke up at 3pm. Left hospital 415pm. Got home at 530pm. Last thing I said to anesthesia was, felt like I took 4 shots if tequila back to back zzzzzz. When I woke, I was nauseated and although felt like I could vomit, it never happened. Hard to talk, sounded like Marj Simpson. Very Thirsty and cotton mouth - yay ice chips. Also I immediately felt tightness in my ab muscles. And felt pain in my lower back. 1-10 with 10 being nail on hammer, I was prob at 3 (mainly the back). They had a catheter inserted during surgery and I still have it in. Will remove at about 10am today. Beware, my sense if time is all screwed up. Cat ride felt like 3 hrs. The hardest part so far was getting from car to house. Nauseated and had to take a quick break half way thought I was going to vomit. But didn't. I love my breast!!! They are exactly what i wanted. Like have zero discomfort coming from them. It's all mainly from back muscles. Also, I'm starting to bruise on lipo areas flanks, I have 2 lipo holes and one of them is and has been leaking like crazy! We stuck a maxi pad on it to soak up the ooz and have already filled up 3 pads, through my lounger pants. Strange that it's leaking so much. I only have 1 "grenade" exiting my actual tt incision its doing well. Draining very slowly. Maybe cause it's coming out of my lipo hole? At 8pm I ate 2 small tangerines, half of a peanut butter banana honey sandwich and drank total if 2 bottled waters. Just listened to my body and it was hungry :) I'm hunched but not as bad as I thought I would be. already starting to stand more upright. Making sure to make a lap around the house when I feel up to it. Overall I'm at a discomfort level 3. Pain level 3. Thank goodness for the recliner!!! An absolute must! And hubby and daughter are the greatest nurse ever!!! Oh and stay on top of your pain meds otherwise you'll be sorry! I was prescribed a OxyContin/Tylenol mix. (Because In the past had Vicodin and vomited profusely for 48 hrs) Strange but it's working :) Ok gonna try to rest now. Happy healing to you all xo!
Congratulations! You sound great and keeping a sense of humour will help alot in the weeks to come, Marg Simpson that's funny. lol. I didn't have alot of leakage from the lipo holes but I've heard lots of women say they soaked heaps of maxi pads, so its very normal I think.

PS took out 1 liter fat from flanks and 1.5 lbs of skin

Took a little cat nap and awake again... In feeling happy/great emotionally. Got a wonderful hubby who's taking such great care of me.
Welcome to the flatside ! Rest and happy healing :)
Sounds like things are going well!! Looking forward to pictures, but I bet you are too! Do you feel lik this all surreal? How tired are you throughout these first post op days? And is it more actual fatigue or do the pain meds knock you out?

Day 1 7am

catheter was making me feel uncomfortable so hubby removed it. It was a breeze. A tiny sting. Here's a pic of me. Love the low scar and the boobs! Of course boobs are super swollen right now so I expect them to look smaller which is perfect and I have feeling in both nipples - so happy! Was a huge concern of mine. Slowly getting appetite back, ate a small tangerine and 3 crackers. Drinking lots of water. Gonna get some rest now. Hugs and happy healing!
Congratulations. You look Fantastic! Sounds like you're doing all the right things, including keeping your sense of humour up and running :) So glad you have good nurses!


I have boobs!!! I am so so so glad I did all my surgeries at once. Tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo flanks, and BA. So glad I did! And thanks all of your support because I tried to talk myself out of It many times.
Wow the first person that is my height and weight before surgery and we got almost the same things done. How are u feeling and healing?
It looks wonderful! so Happy for you
You look great!

Day 2, 9am

The hours seem to go by soooo slow. Yesterday was rough. My ps did not use a pain pump due to my allergy to codeine. So she injected experiol on all surgery sites. It was supposed to be numb for 3-4 days but my Body metabolized it all within 24 hours. And now I can feel everything. And let me tell you, it's very painful. My pain was up and down, from a 3 to a 9. The stitches on my abdomen will get a burning sensation. Like getting a new tattoo. It's tolerable. It comes and gos. My lipo areas are blue and purple and very sensitive to the touch. I bumped inTo the bathroom wall and holy hell! My boobs feel a little like when I was pregs and engorged. The boob pain is easy compared to the others. Hubby went out to get me one of those pillows people use in airplanes. Still hunched. I'm feeling groggy and very low energy today. Since catheter is out, I pee like a 90 year old man. Slow dripping and when you think you're done, well there's a little more... Sipping on green tea / honey. Right now I'm Emotionally stable - just so very grateful hubby and daughter are here with me. Pain is at a 2-3 right now. Felt like I had to go #2 but false alarm. Also starting to swell. Will post pics later. Hugs and happy healing.
We're in the same boat my friend! I hope your pain is getting better! I've just been super sore and tight today and soooo much more tired than I was yesterday. My incision sites are all still bandaged up and I won't see them until my next appointment on the 23rd. Hope my scar line is as low as yours! Good luck with everything and keep us posted ;)
Congrats!!! Take it easy.... Ahhh hope your pain gets better..
I feel you on the burning sensation and old man peeing! But I sure wish your pain was minimal! Hang in there

Day 2

The peeing is well described ;) It will get better!!

Gas pains, oh how I wish I could fart!

My intestines are full of air, oh how I wish I could just fart it out like men do. Discomfort from gas :(
OMG.......I am having the same pain lol. I did learn that when I went to the bathroom to urinate I sit there for like another 3 to 4 mins to get the gas out. Gotta do what we gotta do :)

Day 3 615am

I've been up since 4am. Burst if energy. Decided to shower, washed my hair, pits, and hoo ha - could not reach my legs (oh well-next time) boy that wore we out! But I feel so awesome. I'm finally passing the gas, poor hubby - for the first time in 10 years I've been farting in front of him. It's just air... I'm healing really well, the low sodium diet right before and post op are a must! I'm barely draining. Also, I'm starting to be itchy, a good sign. My spirits are high, energy is up, and liking what I'm seeing under the cg. Happy healing ladies!
How did you take a shower? What did you cover your stitches with or did you? I was told that I could shower but being a punk about it. I did wash my cucu.....just want to know the technique for doing the rest.
I used a small belt and tied it loosely around my neck, hung the grenade to it. I didn't cover the stitches. I just left it as is. I did use a blow dryer and dreys it on cool when I was done with the shower.

Be careful when drinking

I swallowed wrong and had a coughing spell and I think that's what death feels like.
Haha I had swallowed my water wrong on day 2 and I think that was the most pain I have had during this whole thing! Not fun
You are gonna look hotttt!!!!! Yay you!
Judging by the pics you are going to have fantastic results. Even bruised, swollen, and hunched, your waist is super tiny and you look so flat!!

Comparing pre op / 3 days post op

Lol about the gas ;) Things look to be coming along beautifully!

Day 4 9am - BM! Woo hoo

Good morning my rs girlfriends. Oh how I love reading your stories and journeys, your ups and downs, your sense of humor. You ladies are all rockstars :)
I'm feeling wonderful today. Started weening off my narcotic in day 2, now I'm taking a half a pill every 6 hours. I took MoM yesterday at 8pm and had coffee this morning, within 10 minutes of coffee I had my first bm - oh how happy happy I am! Yesterday my back pain was at a 7 and everything else was a 2-3. Today, I bet my back pain lessons since I had the BM. I'm still at 2 pain everywhere else. (Scale 1-10) still hunched. I've been swollen since day 2 but not sure if I would call it "swell hell" just yet. I eat very clean and very low salt. Wonder if that has anything to do with it?
I'm barely draining anything so hopefully will take my drain out. Last night I felt irritated and defeated, bloated, gassy, major back pain. Today I feel great, spirits are high. Here are my day 4 pics in hopes that it will help you on your journey. your pics have helped me tremendously. Love and light to all!


I was about 143 pre op.
day 2, I was 147.3
today (day 4) I'm 145. Swelling is slowly going down :)
So far so good! you look wonderful!
I love reading and keeping up with your progress!!! I've already had one consultation and going in for another one (second opinion on certain things) the end of January! You're doing an amazing job!!!! I can't wait to see pics as you heal!!!
Awesome! Please keep us posted in the date you chose. This is definitely not easy breezy but totally do-able :) good luck on finding your ps.

Day 5 - The recliner / love hate relationship

I had a great 'day' yesterday! I normal/clean, snuck a couple pieces of homemade fudge... my bff and her family came to visit me - and every time they do, let me tell you, we lol till our stomachs hurt! and sure enough, I was hunched over, tears in my eyes from lol and hurting all at the same time. It hurt, but to me, it was worth it because it filled my spirits with so much joy.
If I stayed in a seated position, my pain was easy breazy at a 2 so yesterday I took 500 mg of Tylenol every 4 hours, but when I walked, that shit was like a 7-8. OMG my back was screaming bloody hell. (So I took it as a sign to sit my bum down) Well then comes bed time...
My back muscles hurts so bad, don't confuse it with lipo pain, its 2 different pains. Lipo pain tolerable, back pain - the devil! Come bed time and I could not get comfortable with my recliner tonight. My bum did not want to behave. I sat in it and my butt said "Oh hell no"! what?! so I tossed and turned about 2 hours later, by this point I was so tired, irritated and frustrated that while I was trying to get out of the recliner and put the leg thing down, it wouldn't snap in down place. So I was slamming the hell out of it, like boom boom boom boom boom. And I wanted to cry and burn that bi$%& down all at the same time! Then hubby woke up and insisted I take my oxy and so I sat there on the recliner like a defeated weeny baby. That Oxy took 1.5 hour to kick in! Normally it kicks in within 25 minutes... that's what people mean when they say chasing the pain is an uphill battle. Note: I will take my oxy at night and Tylenol in the day...
Seems, I am most energetic in the morning and day, but around 8-9pm I get irritable and my back and bum turns into a flaming dragon.
I woke up and took a bath... I didn't submerge. I put a small step stool in the bath tub and filled water only up to my ankle. I took a real shower 2 days ago and I much prefer the bath version instead. I was able to go at my pace in the bath vs trying to hurry up in the shower cause my back hurts so bad. Shaved my pits, yikes it was harry. So glad I had a razor that doesn't require shaving cream. Venous Spa Olay something... cant remember. Today, I'm walker straighter with a slightly Steve Urkle sway. This helps with my back. I would definitely say the worse part has been the back pain for sure. I look about the same as yesterday so no pics today. Ok, done rambling.
Ladies have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healing. Don't know where I'd be without you - probably still have my jelly belly :) thank you so much!

Day 5 Hair loss

I am experiencing hair loss. Just saw in the bath tub about 20 strands of hair. However, in a good note, This is my normal anatomy, I notice that after my body goes through trauma, I always experience hair loss. My last 2 births - hair loss. And how I know it's not related to the medicine is 1 birth was all natural with no pain meds. So boo hair loss :(
I hope my recovery goes smooth like yours. Thanx for Sharon your story! I need to get on it and lose some weight. Less than 2 months to go
You sound good Rosie, that intense back pain goes soon, as your muscles get stronger there. You're so right about not chasing the pain. I hope you had a Merry Christmas without sodium! x

Day 7 - 1st post op appnt

Hello RS sistas, as slow as the hours seem to go by, I can't believe it's already been a week!
Yesterday (day 6)
Was Christmas Day. I had a great day. And already off the pain pills (except a little Tylenol for my back)
Walking straighter and less back pain. For me, day 5 was the worse day for back pain - and everyday it gets less and less :) I'm getting a little itchy around the lipo areas and random tingly sensation, and sometimes shooting zings but especially if I move a certain way. I also pooped today but disappointed 20 minutes on the throne resulted in 2 marble sized pebbles (sorry for the tmi) either way, still happy it's moving along. Family went to the movies and I cried because I couldn't go. And I'm not even a crier! Pathetic. What a weeny. I must have extreme cabin fever and now I know why everyone says it can be emotional roller coaster. Btw, glad I didn't go cause I napped instead ;)
Today (day 7) 10am
Today I get to to my first Postop appointment. took a bath (did NOT submerge - sat on small stool in bath tub) took a few pics and although swollen, I'm liking what I see :) finished my antibiotics thank goodness! My pain is at a 1, back at a 3. Last night I tried to sleep on my bed. So damn tired of that recliner. 2 hours in bed and I couldn't get comfortable. Moved to recliner and was out within 15 minutes. I noticed I was able to fully stretch out to sleep on the recliner, so so nice. This is not the same as being fully stretch out flat... Not quit there yet. Walking straighter, and faster. Will post what the ps says. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Weight update

(Ps removed 1.5 lbs of skin and 1 liter of fat, added 222 cc of silicone - gotta factor all the weight, just saying)
Pre op 143
Day 2, 147.3
Day 4, 145
Day 7, 141.8


Forgot to mention my appetite is in full swing normal starting day 6. But I will admit, sitting on my butt watching food network all day doesn't help either... Lol. Me hungry hungry hippo!!!
Aw, you're sounding so wonderful ! Glad you're getting to a point where you're seeing improvements happening, I loved that stage, myself. In the spirit of TMI, how's about you try some Dulcolax suppositories? I'll tell you what, that make things move Much smoother than just a laxative. Much. Smoother. As in little pain and no cramps. They work quickly, too. There's my TMI input for the day! Your weights recorded look right on track, you're going to be surprised that when the swelling goes down a bit, even if you're only a couple pounds lighter, how much differently your clothes fit on you. Pants may be tight for awhile, but the way shirts look? Omg. I just love that part :)))) So, good luck at the PS's, let us know what he thinks! Congrats on doing so well already, you're awesome! ( the crying jag- yeah it happens. Sorry you had a bad moment. I'm so glad to read it was just a moment, then you moved right along, good for you!) All the best!

Pics this morning

You are doing so good! This is an amazing journey. Just keep you focus on end results.

Drains gone!

Woo hoo, drains are gone! I could've had them removed 4 days ago but ps office was closed. Ok, not gonna lie - the worse part was when nurse took stitches off the drain site. Then she pulled the drain out, strange pulling sensation and it only hurt at the drain site. She kept telling me to breath and if guess I forgot because I got light headed and then can feel my body starting to sweat. Nurse says body goes into fight or flight mode... Glad I was laying down otherwise I might've passed out. Cleaned and replaced all tape and everything is healing up well. Nurse says I am swollen in my lower back and my belly (duh). Saw my belly button today, looks like a hole - nothing cute about it just yet. She didn't cover it, wanted it to air out. She also trimmed my 3 panel cg into a 2 panel. I wished I knew, I could've done that days ago! I have a short torso so it kept riding and rubbing my BA incision. Also, very glad hubby drive me because I was light headed all the way home. I just ate lunch and now I want to rest - tired. Will post pics later. Have a great day ladies!


Forgot to mention I could switch from Tylenol to ibprofins now. Nurse says the in profound will help more than Tylenol. Take 600mg twice a day.

Pics of Belly button

Say hello to Lola

Totally getting obsessive with taking body part selfies... Say hello to Lola - the right boob hangs a tiny smidge lower so her name is "Low" and the other boob is "La" and together they make "Lola!" Lol - I'm acting like a total space cadet right now - just very happy and giddy, got my boobs back! Recap, I was a 34c/d cup flat, and now I'm pretty sure I'm a 34d.

Bikini 7 days post? In December? Why the heck not?

So after resting a bit from going to post op appointment earlier I got a jolt in energy. I had the idea to put on some bikinis. These are my daughters bikinis - she is very well endowed with natural DD (most likely when she has kids, she will need BA like me) of course this is just for fun... Enjoy. I'm gonna go sit on the recliner now, whew that was draining!
Woah you look amazing, Lola...lol thats cool. Lola is looking fantastic too!. I can't believe you are only 7 days either! Congratulations.
Thanks diva, me too can't believe it! Hope you're doing well.
You look awesome...did they put more tape on you or is that the same from your surgery? How did it feel when the drains came out? I have my first post op appt tomorrow and draining less than 25 cc :). When did they say that you can start your scar treatment? I ask a a lot of questions just want to know your experience.

The hoo-ha files (tmi warning)

Hello ladies. Wasn't sure if I wanted to post this but remembered how much your brutal honesty has helped me So here goes... I am so pleasantly surprised, no, I'm very ecstatic to report that I love my new hoo-ha! From everyone's pics, I new my hoo-ha would be pulled tight and higher on the front but didn't expect anything else. What I didn't expect was... The little sailer of the ship (ahem, aka clitoris) sits about 1/2 to 1 inch higher. My old mons was jiggly/soft, but this one is much tighter, even the pubic hairs stand a little taller - I know I know - told you tmi! kegal muscles are now supercharged and can flex/squeeze like an anaconda. What a bonus! Did not expect to get a new and improved hooha! And I read another RS sister mention her orgasms are more intense? Well there you have it. Here's to your new and improved hoo ha xoxo
You look fabulous!!!! And yes, the wild thing is wilder than ever ;) awesome bonus our PS should share with us, lol
How long before surgery did you start the low sodium diet?
Hi sista, 4 days :) I even made 2 batches of homemade chicken and orzo soup with only 1/2 teaspoon salt in the entire pot. Had to make 2 cause the family ate all of the first batch! I then put a scoop or 2 into ziplock bags and froze them (for post op). It was soooo good. Warning, your taste buds quickly get used to low sodium and then everything starts to taste too salty. good luck!

Day 8 - this tired bear did not sleep good last night

Good morning! Whew I'm tired. Tried to sleep in my bed - that lasted about 1 hr. Then moved to the recliner (cringe) and just couldn't fall asleep. It was like all the pillows were in the wrong place. Perhaps I overdid it yesterday and now paying for it. I'll be sure to take it easy today. Here are my morning pics.
Love the day 8 pictures! Only 13 days till I'm on the flat side. I love hearing all the brutal honestly. As a nurse the more details I have about something the more sense it makes to me. I plan on sharing all the good and bad. I'm planning to sleep in the recliner for a good 10 days based on what everyone is saying about trying to hop into bed too soon. Do you have any stairs in your house? I have a tri level house so lots of stairs, I'm a little nervous about that
I have stairs bit I avoid them just because it takes slot of energy but Stairs won't bother you a bit. You'll move slower but it won't hurt the belly. I think snowfly has stairs too.

List part 1 - Ridiculously long list of things that I found helpful

Pre op eating, I started mine 4 days prior And it contributed to my healing big time. my drains could've been removed on day 3-4 (but ps office was closed for Christmas)
Eat low sodium / eat clean and lean
Cut out all sodas / all alcohol
Cut out White flour
Lower sugar intake
Do not go out to eat - they put so much sodium in everything! Unless you know for sure! Just don't do it. Not worth it promise.

Most important. Recliner! Rent one borrow one whatever you have to do - get one!

4-6 pillows, 2 small pillows, and a neck pillow like used an airplanes. That neck pillow is a must for me, especially on days where you sleep almost upright. Another rs sister mentioned a boppy pillow that helped her butt. I didn't have one.

Comfortable tanks to wear under cg. Recommend them not be too loose around the belly bc this will add creases to your skin once you put the cg on tight. I had a bunch of soft tanks laying around. Some rs sisters used wife beaters.

If you're having BA - Sports bra with front zip. I Used this for first 4 days then switched to normal sorts bra. I only had 1 front zip - it worked. Keep in mind you don't want your BA incision getting rubbed and agitated with bra underwire.

Meds for pooping. I know... Whatever will help you wake up your bowels. I normally have 1 BM every morning so I didn't fret too much on this. On day 3, I did however had to take 1 dose of MoM and 1 gasx pill - had a BM on day 4, 6 and 7 (morning coffee always helps) Some rs sisters say prune juice, stool softeners, doculax, suppositories, helped them.

Get some Tylenol and ibprofin to ween you off the narcs. Do not take more than 4000 mg of Tylenol in a 24 hr period. And be careful if you're on the Percocet/Tylenol mix. Ps did not want me taking ibprofins till after 7 days - no more than 600 mg twice a day.

Flush able Wet wipes for wiping hooha, boodie, whatever - especially if your ps doesn't allow showers till way later. My ps allowed me to shower day after surgery but I still found the wet wipes handy.

I showered on day 3. I used a small belt and hung it around my neck (sounds aweful doesn't it?) and then hung my drain on the belt. Worked like a charm. My shower was not big enough to put a chair or stool in it so i ended up Rushing my shower because my back hurt so much. I wasn't able to wash my legs and feet. Could not reach them. Next bath (day 5) I put a small step stool in bath tub, sat on the stool, and filled water a little higher than ankle (do not submerge!) I used a plastic cup to scoop water. I found no back pain and I was able to wash all parts and take my time. And I did not cover my tape or belly button. Used normal soap. After bathing I did use a blow dryer to to dry my tape and bb.

Razor, get a razor that doesn't require shaving cream. This eliminates another step while bathing. I was glad I did. I got venous olay spa. Totally Worth it to me. Trust me, after a few days your pits will be nasty and you'll want to shave them!

If you lipo - get some always Ultra thin pads. (Not everyone leaks, but some do) I was one of the lucky ones...I used about 10 pads to soak up my leaking lipo hole. It worked like a charm! And was an absolute must! I had medical tape to tape it on place. On the 1 hr ride home, My back lipo hole leaked through the hospital gauze, cg, pants, and on my car seats. It was a bloody mess! It stopped leaking on day 2-3.

Bruising. I got bruised even in areas where the ps did not do any work. This is normal. I did not use any creams for my bruising. Just letting my body do it's thing. Some rs sisters recommend arnica cream.

Granny panties, get 1-2 sizes larger! I didn't get larger and ended up cutting slits in my granny panties. First 2 days I didn't bother wearing any panties at all. Found it was too right around belly and thighs. You will be swollen even in areas where no work was done. Feet. Thighs. Etc.

Chapstick - a must! I love burtsbees.

Loose Lounge/yoga/sweat pants - you will live in these for at least 1-2 weeks. I already had some so didn't have to purchase.

Bent straws for drinking. I didn't use any but Another rs sister recommended this. I drank only bottled water religiously to help flush my system. Be careful when drinking - I swallowed wrong and had a coughing spell - hurt like hell! If this happens, take a small pillow and pull it into your stomach right under your boobs. This helps - promise.

Food: crackers! I'm not a cracker eater but this was a must especially when taking meds and feeling nauseous. The antibiotics made me queasy.

Fruits. I ate 4 (halos or cuties) aka tangerines a day. Apples with peanut butter yummy. Pretty much stuck to my low sodium clean diet. I wasn't as strict during post op as I was pre op. I did eat a few pieces of Chocolate here and there. I gained full appetite at day 4.

Tips: Fully prepare your helper. The first 3 days will be very hard for them. My hubs wishes he was briefed on what to expect. Poor guy.

Prior to and after surgery, Show lots of love to those that will be caring for you! After surgery, You will be irritable, you will be emotional, they will be picking up ALL of your mommy slack (which is lots!) and go ahead an thank them and apologize in advance :) this is taking a huge toll on your body but they will be there for you at your becking call.

Hair loss - I experienced this and other rs sisters have too. This is normal.

Eyes. For days 1-2 it was hard for my eyes to focus. So did not do much reading.

Pre surgery nest. Remember nesting when you were pregs? Do it. This will be the last time it's done to your specs for the next 2 weeks. I had all laundry done, sheets washed, house cleaned, dinners for next couple days premade and frozen. Tie up as many loose ends as you possibly can and the ones you can't get to, let it go...

And I can't say this enough. Rest rest rest! Don't overdo it, stay on top of your pain meds especially at night. Listen to your body. Drink lots of water. I know this list is long and daunting. I hope this helps you. This will be a journey that will be so worth it. Keep your eyes on the end result. You will love them! Good luck and happy healing. Hugs xo
That is a fantastic list, I couldn't agree more with all of it.
I love reading all your updates and seeing the pics. Thank you for keeping it all "real" because it really does make a difference for those of waiting...my surgery is just 6 days away.
You look really wonderful!

Day 9 - walking straighter and slept in the bed

Good morning rs sistas! Today I woke feeling great! Even took a long real shower and hot water hitting my back felt so good. I'm clean with clean clothes on - Rosie is happy!

I'm happy to report that I'm standing about 90 straight. If I make a conscious effort I can stand 95%. My back pain is lessening. Last night I slept in my bed. But I wouldn't call it a victory just yet. I toss and turned and woke every 2 hours to reposition. I slept on both sides and back and was able to lay flat with just one pillow. Of course, it takes about 3 - 5 minutes to get into position and relax the muscles. Woke at 5am and took a half Percocet cause I was in pain.

abs feel rock hard like I'm flexing. It's mainly along the middle-right. I bet it's from the muscle repair. Swelling is minimal, mainly in back from lipo. Spirits are good. No crying spells to report. Bruising is getting better - I'm not using any cream. Just drinking water, lots.

Have a great day!

Cg - if you go from 3 to 2, keep your - piece.

So I went from a 3 panel cg to 2. Nurse cut for me, but I could've cut it myself (had I known). It kept riding high and hitting my BA incision.
I kept the piece and "training" my waist a bit. See my pics. I put the 2 panel on normal and then put the 3rd panel on my waist tighter ham the other. Wished I had an hour glass but instead I got straight boyish torso. now that my body is contouring, this is a perfect time for me to train my waist. I started on day 7.
This list awesome, I am going away for surgery and by the sounds of it the recliner is the way to go but I have to research what to do instead

Before and after day 9

Ladies make sure you take lots of before pics. Makes it easy to go back and look at where you were, especially on days when you're feeling critical and nit picky. I haven't hit this stage yet, I'm at the "wholly shit, can't believe its me" stage. Especially when i look at the before and after, I love them!
I wished I took a full frontal naked before pic so that I could see exactly how much higher and different my hooha sits.
Hope you ladies have a good day.

More day 9 pics

You look great!!! I'm jealous that you can sleep in bed- I can't just yet.
you're welcome ladies, Im so glad I found this site - it has helped me so much and Im hoping my post can in turn help others. My neck pillow had a snap that connected the ends. I LOVE this feature because it kept the pillow in-place. So super excited for you! You will love your results.
:) Im excited for you. Please post often so we can follow your progress, hugs.

Found the perfect bra for BA recovery

Had cabin fever soooo bad so daughter drove me to target. Found this Bandini and got it in a XL. For $16.99. It's so comfortable and fits like a dream. 20 minutes at target and I was done. I could've went longer but I would've paid for it later.
Oh, my. I definitely see the similarities between our bellies. This is exciting to me because your post op pics are amazing! There is hope for me! I have this fear that I will spend all this money and energy and not be happy with the results. I totally trust my surgeon, but it's just one of those things I think about. I too have the weirdest dreams about the procedure. Thanks for being so honest about the whole process. I will be following your journey.
You look great!!! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Happy healing...

Comparing day 4, 7, 10

Slept in the bed all night. It wasn't easy, Woke every hour to reposition. It's as if my abs want to constantly contract and I have to breath deep to relax them. Hard to turn and try not to engage the abs.

Day 10, Off of all meds including ibuprofen and Tylenol. able to laugh without being in pain. I can walk 97% straight.

Spirits are high. Energy is back to normal however I get fatigued very quickly. Yesterday 20-25 minutes at Target was all I could handle. It's like spurts. I do and then I rest / rinse and repeat.

I'm very happy with my results. My belly button is an innie and healing very well.

Boobs - longer upper torso

Wanted to take a moment to discuss my longer upper torso. (shoulder to nipple). I always thought my boobs were saggy, It always bothered me, so I discussed with ps and was surprised when ps said lift not necessary, cause there's nothing to "lift". Having a longer upper torso, My breast "as a whole" sits about 2 inches lower than ideal and gives the appearance that my boobs are saggy.

So I turn to google to see what ps was talking about. Sure enough, I saw breasts placement in all positions.

Wished my breast as a whole sat a little higher. Oh well. I'm still very happy with my breast and they aren't saggy ;)
I also have a long torso, my doctor said they were not as droopy as I thought, only a few centimeters lower than where they should have been but the fact that they were deflated and different cup sizes made it look worse than it was. With the lollipop scar they look awesome now, no implants needed! Love your results!

Progress pics

Day 10 looks fantastic! I won't get to take over the head photos until 20 days post op. I'm having transaxillary implants done and won't be able to move my arms up. This will be interesting. You're looking fantastic and it's exciting to know that you're feeling so well after 10 days. You seem just as active as me so I'm hoping of similar results!!! I enjoy reading your posts!!! Thanks for all the tips. I have a huge list!!!
Haha your hooha files cracked me up! ;) I had exactly the same realizations...def an added bonus! And your list is super helpful- great resource for those looking for advice about what to do/have ready before their procedure- nice work !

Weight update

Wanted to post my weight to show the progression of swelling. Currently Swelling is minimal. I contribute this to clean and low sodium eating. I've been eating normal appetite since day 6.

Ps removed 1.5 lbs of skin and 1.5lbs of fat, added 222 cc of silicone (1lbs)

Pre op 143
Day 2, 147.3
Day 4, 145
Day 7, 141.8
Day 10, 140
You will look awesome! Yes being active is a must! I didn't get a toilet riser, if you're active or workout, your thighs will be strong enough to handle the squats or stairs.
I know right?! Hubby has no idea - he won't last 30 seconds. Haha tmi crack myself up! Im excited for you! You will look awesome. Take bunches of before photos. I wish I took more.
Your boobs look great! And natural too! They don't look droopy at all ;) yay boobs!

Day 10 pics

Day 10 comparison

What a difference already! You are looking really well healed and not alot of swelling either.
Looking great. Healing well ;)!!
Fantastic results! You look gorgeous! I was 140 the day of surgery, now 8 months later I hover around 122.. Don't be surprised if it keeps going down ;)

Measurement update

Since I'm updating my weight, thought it might be helpful to update measurement too. I still have swelling, mainly in my back on lipo areas.

Dec 30. (Day 11 post op)
Comparison before / after
Boob 34 / 35
Under boob 29.5 / 30
Waist 30 / 31
Hips 36 / 36
Thanks diva.
Thank you.
Thank you. What a bonus!

Dry skin

Noticed on day 9 my skin, head to toe, is very dry. Didn't think much of it and left it as is.

Today, day 11, it's ashy. Looks like it's snowing-skin (gross)

Remarkable how the body puts it's priority into healing the wounds and puts the normal function (like moisture in skin) on the back burner. Increase in water and lather on the Aveeno :) btw, I'm still losing hair put it's slowing down big time.
Your awesome, loved reading your review! Hairfinity works great for hair health. Illove all the pictures, so helpful! I sure hope I heal like you! Great results, hellllo Lolita!
You will be soooo happy with the results. Sometimes I look at my new boobs and just vaguely remember my old ones... I'm only day 11 and soooooo happy. I'll be checking up on you :) hugs
Thanks :)

Day 11 - drove and then had sushi

On day 9, was getting cabin fever sooo bad that I had to do something. Anything. So I Decided to cook dinner, kale mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli, and pan sautéed chicken with Rosemary and balsamic orange marmalade sauce. Cooking gives me peace and clarity (weird). It was sooooo delicious. But damn it wore me out! 2 tylenols later and then zzzzz

Day 10, I could've easily went into the office and worked a few hours... But then I slapped myself in the face and was like "hell no, rest!!!" So I did 3 loads of laundry instead... (I know I know) I've always been a worker bee and it drives me crazy to just sit around. I did listen to my body and rested I between loads ;) Slept in my bed - felt awesome. 10 hours. And no pills.

Day 11 (today) Bored out of my mind. Afraid my ass is going to be permanently flat from sitting on it all damn day :( Debated about going into the office, but I didn't. False alarm ;) Drove about 1 hour round trip to drop daughter off. Then had sushi with hubs for dinner. Been doing so good with my low sodium. Curious to see how much I swell tomorrow from sushi. We shall see... (1-10) Pain in abs is at a zero, back is at a 1.5 - 2, lipo area only hurts at a 3 if you press on it. Lola (my boobs) are less swollen and looking more lovely than ever ;)

Everything is going great. Cannot complain. I'm only on day 11 and will do it all over again in a heart beat. It's So worth every penny and gas pains and pain pill. Even though I went back and forth and couldn't decide, I'm so happy I did tt BA and lipo together. I recommend it! Just Do it - like Nike

happy healing and good night.
You are cruising through this. I can really relate to your cabin fever, I started to get it badly too in the first couple of weeks, so I hired a wheelchair and had a big day out like a pensioner being pushed around! It made me feel great.

Day 12 Swell hell in full effect - Damn you sushi!!!!

Went to dinner with hubs, sushi... and about 3 hours later I started to swell. Not lite swelling either, major swelling. Back was in pain from the swelling and incision felt tighter than ever. I had to take 2 Tylenols. It was horrible. I've gained 2.2 lbs of swell :( damn you sushi - not worth it. Will not be going out to eat!!!

Pre op 143
Day 2, 147.3
Day 4, 145
Day 7, 141.8
Day 10, 140
Day 12, 142.2 (Sushi swell from night before)
You look great. Awesome results !! Breasts look sooo natural. I have a long upper torso too. If I get BA I want natural look like yours.
What a great gift you're given to yourself.....keep healing.... Happy New Year ((((Hugs))))
Time to break out the smoothie maker and do a peeled cucumber and pineapple smoothie/juice. Natural diuretic!

Day 14 pics - scale doesn't budge, but inches are!

Good morning my rs sistas. Happy new year ya'll (southern)

Just a quick update. Today I weighed myself and the scale will not budge, however, the inches are coming off. Honestly, I'd rather lose inches than weight anyway. if you're keeping track of your weight, make sure you measure your inches too.

Judging by weight, I'm still swelling, and according to my measurements, my body is slowly contouring into its "new and improved" shape. It was very important for me, that my ps understood my goals of a natural look. From boobs to belly button - must look natural. I didn't want my bb to be a perfect round circle - because after all nothing is "perfect" in nature. And ps delivered! I couldn't be more happy with my results.

Weight update
Pre op 143
Day 7, 141.8
Day 14, 142.4

pre-op / day 7 / day 14
Boob 34 / 35 / 35
Under boob 29.5 / 30 / 29
Waist 30 / 30.5 / 30.25
Hips 36 / 36 / 35
Ur updates are so informative! I wish I had that much to talk about. Lol! You look great! I have been trying to stay away from the scale and my measurements. I'm afraid it may be more and put me in a state of depression. Happy Healing to you though! Again, you look awesome
I LOVE the comparison pictures! You really are healing so nicely, you go girl, you got me excited girl!!!
Wonderful review! Happy healing! I am very happy with my results and can't wait to return on Jan 8 for f/u. Please keep in touch!

Day 17 TT incision pics

The tape was bothering me making me itch and I was so over it so I took it off and going to let the incision breath. Right in the middle bellow my new bb is my old belly button. If you squint, you could see my old bb piercing (one of my regrets) anyway, I have a different tiny pin hole (not piercing) that stays moist. It's not alarming but geesh, wish it would behave and dry out. Ps will most likely do a minor revision to remove more old bb. I notice on hips, incision seems to be much more thick with ridges and fissures... I'm sure this will smooth out over time.

Good note: I love love my new boobs. I was worried about them feeling like "they won't be a part of my body" but they absolutely feel like they belong.
Bad note: I think I might have a stitch giving me an issue. It feels like it's poking me from the inside and it's itchy.

Lipo flanks
This still hurts. Feels sore like a bruise. I wouldn't call it painful. Just discomfort when pressed but nothing to whine about.

Feels like I did thousands of crunches and only uncomfortable if I sneeze or cough. Not unbearable but it reminds me "hey, we got our asses kicked just 17 days ago - take it easy"

Hope you ladies are healing well. I have another post op appointment in 3 days and will update then. Have a great day!
Looking great:-) how u feeling?!
You are looking great
Very nice, your new bb is a nice shape too!

3 Week post op check up

Hello RS sistas, hope you're doing well / healing well :)

Today, I had my 3 week post op check up and wanted to share the news.

Boobs: She said my boobs look great and they will "settle" more and become more "jiggly". I told her I feel a stitch under a boob and it's really bothering me. She found it and extracted the little bugger - about 1/4 inch long. I feel so much better now. I can wear any bra that I find comfortable. No longer need to tape my BA incision.

TT: She checked the incision, and everything looks great. Says the incision will flatten out. Wants me to keep taping it until our next meeting 1 month from now. She may or may not decide to do a revision on my old bb - we shall she.

Lipo of Flanks: Says body will continue to contour and said to NOT purchase any new jeans as I will continue to see changes. She says I have about 5lbs of swell on me (wow!!!) I'm still tender to the touch, just feel bruised. (although no bruise visible)

She says anything major would've shown itself by now. ie. Seroma, etc. Also, I'm free to do light activities but to stop immediately with any pain. Also, she says if I have major swelling at night, that means to back off because I overdid it. I'm going to wait a few more days before I go to Zumba. I will post my 3 week pictures either later on today or tomorrow. Till then sistas...
Can't wait to see your 3 week picture!!!!
Looks like you're still doing beautifully! I'm under orders to keep my incision taped until my next post op in a few weeks too, so it sounds like that's a good thing to do ;)
You look wonderful girly!

3 weeks post pics

Hi ladys, I took these pics myself this morning.
Happy healing!

Week 2/3 side by side comparison

The week 3 pictures were taken by me and it was hard to get an accurate angle.
Judging by pics, even though ps says I have about 5 lbs of swelling, looks like swelling is slowly going down. (Curve of my back) Also my bruises are almost all faded.
Happy healing!
Great review. Amazing results!
You look great luv! Love your review. Thanks for all the info. Yes, we definitely do have to be strong women to go thru this. Its certainly worth it tho :-)
You look amazing!!

3 week Weight and measurement update

Pre op 143
Day 7, 141.8
Day 14, 142.4
Week 3, 141

pre-op / day 7 / week 2 / week 3
Boob 34 / 35 / 35 / 35
Under boob 29.5 / 30 / 29 / 29
Waist 30 / 30.5 / 30.25 / 29.5
Hips 36 / 36 / 35 / 34

Inches are slowly coming off and I'm not working out :)

Bitter sweet - goodbye old bras

Thank you for the padding and support :) but I no longer need the faux lift and boobage - this mommy upgraded her parts :) happy Friday sistas.
Where did you get the zip up sports bra from?
Hey mama, I got mine at a nike outlet for cheap but you can get them on amazon. search front zip sports bra. Honestly, I used it for the first 5 days and then was good with a regular sports bra. Implant was over muscle because I had plants of tissue. Hope that helps :)
I have implant under the muscle with an armpit approach. I'm not suppose to raise my arms over my head for a couple weeks (fun I know) and them sports bra for 2 months. I'll look it up on amazon!

The Brand of tape matters!

I learned the hard way. For the first 2 weeks, PS placed 3M brand tape on my incision. No worries - easy breezy. Ps told me that I can change the tape daily if I wanted to. My mistake was I didn't ask her what brand she used. So off to walgreens I go.

Gahlly!! There were like 6 different types of tape and brands - and they all look the same... Overwhelmed! So I went with the generic Walgreens brand. Bad bad choice for me.

After using the tape for 1 day, I noticed when I removed the walgreens tape from my incision, it was smelly - slightly sour - like wet gym socks. So I cleaned the incision, replaced the tape. Then on day 2 It became very itchy, with little red dots. Oh no!

Luckily I happen to have a post op appointment and ps said, you need to use 3M brand!!!!! and then she sent me home with a roll. And guess what?! no more smelly tape and no more itching!

So moral of story. Go ahead and ask your ps if you can please take a roll of tape home or write down the exact brand they use.

The walgreens tape set me back on my incision healing :( just look at my jan 5 post, look how dark they were (this was the 2nd day on the walgreens tape)

happy healing ladies :)
Lol meant to say you deserve getting rid of those bras! I'm not so good on the quick comments ;)
Thanks for the tape advice and you deserve every single one of those bras!!!!
haha! Youve got your own personal victoria secret's in your closet. Wow that's a lot of bras!!! Have any good post op bra recommendations? .... I went thru nesting too! I cleaned everything. I mean everything! And when I got home, I couldnt believe the damage that was done in only 10 days. It was insane!

4 weeks, wow time flys

I cannot believe it's been 4 weeks! Wow time time flys. I hope you're doing well, Iso enjoy checking on you, reading your reviews. Hang in there lady's it gets better promise, and for those that are indecisive, do it now! Life is short! Enjoy and love your body now. Be the best "you" want to be - it's attainable - no you're not vain for wanting your body a certain way. If it makes you shine - do it cause when you shine, others shine too. As I type this, I realize Perhaps I had too many cocktails...

Here are my updates:
Boobs: love them. They are dropping into their normal position. Please don't drop any further or else my heart will break. Not really. But yes I really love them. They are perfect for me. If j bend over, I get a strange pain from nipple to my BA incision. Like a .5 out if 10. It's The same incision that ps had to pull a 1/4 inch stitch from. I'm not worrying about it. Still taping the incision.

TT: no pain whatsoever. I could flex, laugh, sneeze, poop, orgasm, (tmi-cocktails) all is good. Incision seems to be doing well (all taped up still, per ps orders) although released me to do light activities, I'm gonna wait till the 6 week mark. Don't want to mess with my muscle repair. Sorry but 1 week is not gonna kill me to take it easy :) I do like seeing my ab muscles. I've never seen them in my entire life!

Lipo flanks: I could sleep on my sides, no problem. However, it takes a moment to turn from side to side because I could still feel the pain. Feels like I'm bruised from a real hard core work out. It gets better everyday.

That sums it up. Hope ya'll are doing well. Till then my sistas...
You look fantastic! No worries on the TMI, hubby and I are wondering when we can jump back in the sack, (I'm only 8 days out), I'm happy to see you're doing so well at 4 weeks because that's when I will be getting ready to go back to work. Thanks for the update!
Hi mama, thanks suga! you look freaking amazing yourself! and honestly, we did on day 6 or 7. Of course took it real slow... just listen to your body. Have fun ;)
what ! you did "it"on day 6 or 7 My poor honey! Im day 15 and he is afraid to hurt me...and i too have been afraid to get hurt! But damn Im gonna initiate tonight!

4 weeks side by side pics

Side by side pics always puts things Into perspective. Wow. Check out my luv handles... And to think I almost backed out of the lipo - glad you ladies talked some sense Into me. Thank you - I am grateful.

I caught a minor cold from my 6yr old and started my period. Boo :( but aside from that I'm doing great! Only minor complaint would be the lumpy feel on my BA incisions. Like I could feel the internal stitches, which google says takes up to 4 months to fully dissolve. No big deal.
Lipo pain still present. Feels like a bruise, a very large bruise.
Hope you all are doing well. I will be surfing your posts and checking up on you. All my support, and hugs.
I've been keeping up with you because I'm scheduled with Dr. Haws for a BA at the end of next month. You look great! Can't wait to see how your body keeps progressing. Hope you and your daughter have gotten over your colds :( Hugs!
Your results are awesome so far and from what I understand get better and better as time goes on. Good for you!
Do you not wear a compression garment?

6 weeks update

Hi sistas. Hope you all are doing well. Thing are great!!!

I haven't started to work out yet but will this upcoming week. And when I do, I will wear my cg for added support and comfort.

Boobs: look and feel real!!! I have feeling In my nipples - very important to me. One is healing slightly faster than the other but oh well. If you look at my pics, you'll notice that my boobs are not perfectly matched to each other. This is my body and has nothing to do with the surgeon. One sits lower than the other. And I didn't want to undergo the scars and pain of getting them perfect - which I love them just the way they are :)

TT: wholly shit I have a washboard stomach with muscle definition. Over NEVER had this in my whole life!!!! I'm still taped up and incision is healing nicely. Still numb around and bellow button.

Lipo: okay, honestly this still hurts like I have a big bruise. I ran up the stairs the other day and just the jiggling of the skin muscles on my back, hurt a little. Bit I would do it all over again!!! Look at my pics - wow!!!

Our company had a 3 day conf. Of almost 75 people. And I looked like a million bucks!!! I felt gorgeous! Like smoking hot! And even had multiple People compliment me. So silly that I had to check myself to make sure my flab wasn't hanging out / but it wasn't there!!! All in my head. I am so happy I did this. So so so happy. I'm more confident than EVER! I walk straighter and stand taller and smile more. Wow wow wow. So it ladies! You deserve it!!!
You have the body of a 18 yr old! Wow what nice slim athletic look you have! Very seems to fit you, naturally. Congrats girl, work it!
I loved the last part of your post. When I read comments like that I know I'm making the right decision and to keep moving ahead. I'm a little over 3 weeks away and am getting nervous.
Hi sista, you will LOVE your results! I told Dr. Haws, I wanted my boobs to fit my body and look natural. SHE DELIVERED!!! good luck! and I wish you well - will be checking on your updates!

6 weeks

Wow what a huge change. I'm so happy for you!! That confidence feels great doesn't it?? :-)
You look fantastic!!!

6 weeks

6 weeks

Oh and I'm in Nashville TN
Hi there and girl am I ever glad I stumbled upon your blog! I've been searching for somebody to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about this type of surgery, and you did so with sincerity, honesty, and above all humor! You didn't sugar coat it, and let the good and bad simply BE what it actually was. I marvel at your journey, respect you for your honesty, and admire you for your strength. And there's another thing, I envy the hell out of your body now! I am 46 years old, extremely large breasted (have been my entire life), and I'm suffering from a heck of a lot of pain in my back, upper shoulders and neck because of the weight of my breasts, and I also have a belly that I absolutely hate. My son (only child) will be 21 years old next month and I've had this lovely < serious sarcasm> overhanging belly for all this time, and I'm ready to get rid of it. I weigh about 150 pounds right now, yet no one ever believes I weigh as much as I do because a great deal of it is in my boobs lol. I would simply love to speak with you to get your opinion on your surgeon and ask you a couple (thousand lol) questions that I wouldn't feel right about asking in a public forum, but even if I don't hear from you I thank you so much for all of the work you did in detailing your journey so brilliantly! You certainly have given me a lot to think about today, and BTW I do think my insurance would actually pay for a breast reduction/lift and tummy tuck due to other health issues that have plagued me because of both overly large breasts and the overhanging belly flap (sounds so sexy doesn't it?! LoL). My email address is Ladydragyn@aol.com, but again if you do not have the time nor the inclination to get in touch with me I will not be upset at all. You have already helped me in many ways, and I feel much more informed in order to make an educated decision as to what I need to do next. I have spent my entire life, literally my entire life (starting at age 7), taking care of other people and I think it's long past time that I decided to take care of myself. God bless you for sharing such a personal journey and I pray that you are happy and fulfilled every day of your life. With sincere gratitude, Beth
You look great! I'm excited about my consult with Dr. Haws.
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