I'm 5ft and 125lbs. I am a mom of 3 (6mon, 3yr and...

I'm 5ft and 125lbs. I am a mom of 3 (6mon, 3yr and 10yr) and work full time doing hair. Each pregnancy I gained 80lbs, yes I said 80. I've got the stretch marks and lose skin to prove it. With my last pregnancy my sweet BF promised me he would help me at any cost to have a mini tummy tuck. I also had a breast augmentation at 23. Well he came threw for me like he always does. I had surgery April 4 at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville TN. I completely happy with my results! My recovery was not bad at all. Actually planning to go back to work on Wednesday.

Post opp day 4: hunger pains! I'm so hungry. All...

Post opp day 4: hunger pains! I'm so hungry. All this recovering is making me sleep and eat lol. I am getting back to my normal life, except going to the gym which I miss so much :( I go 7 days a week. I'm not a very nice person unless I get my run and workout in, even my Boyfriend said I'm alittle mean (I beg to differ) I did go grocery shopping and hung out with the most active 3yr and 10month old. But I am finding myself more and more happy with my results. Swelling and pain are very minimal.

Today I'm officially 1 week post opp! Excited...

Today I'm officially 1 week post opp! Excited about being back at work full time. I believe my drains will be coming out tomorrow. They are an absolute pain in the butt. But my left side still has a lot of puffiness and swelling in it. Wearing clothes will be a whole lot easier without these drains. I'm very happy about my results!

Totally bummed out, my PS said I had mad swelling!...

Totally bummed out, my PS said I had mad swelling! That she was going to only remove one of my drains but not both. I had to keep one in and I was twice the size I was after surgery. If the swelling didn't subside she would have to remove it with a syringe. Tonight was my sweet boyfriends 35th bday and we are going out with several friends, well that includes my drain too lol! Making the best of it....

I think I'm having tummy tuck blues but I did get...

I think I'm having tummy tuck blues but I did get my gift from mother nature today. But I'm needing my stress relief 'the gym' I haven't been able to be in the gym and with 3 kids, full time job and being a wifey I'm in much need! Sorry just needing to vent :/

Wow 17 days post op! I'm so happy with my results....

Wow 17 days post op! I'm so happy with my results. I'm back at the gym doing cardio but waiting another 2 weeks before I start weight training. I did gain just 3 or 4lbs, I ate REALLY bad and couldn't workout. Most importantly I'm back to being a mom. My scar s looking good PS wants me to use paper tape on my scar, she says works better than silicone strips. My sweet boyfriend took me shopping and let me have anything I wanted after spending the $3000 to get my surgery, I told him no more! I have everything I need. I'm happy to be back to normal life again :-)

I am 5wks and 5days post opp :) my results...

I am 5wks and 5days post opp :) my results continue to look better and better everyday. I'm back at the gym 7days a week and eating clean. My weight has remained the same since 2weeks post op. feeling very happy and pleased!

Last post op appt!

Had my last post opp appt Friday everything went great, still having some swelling. PS said I'm healing great. Totally happy with the results. Thinking of getting my breast redone first of year. My sweet boyfriend has been a great caregiver and so supportive. Truly thankful!

Last minute vacation

The sweet boyfriend and I went on a last minute vacation in FL. Had a blast. No kids no work no nothing but sun, drinks, and lots of FUN. Boyfriend said time to show you and all your hard work off. I'm so blessed!

Thinking maybe..

I am thinking about competiting this time next year in IFBB bikini competition. My sweet BF competes and looks awesome and he's really pushing me to train harder and compete, but I'm not so sure about this...

4 months post op

I am 4 months post op. Not a lot has changed scar is very light and very low. I am still having some swelling. I wish my BB was alittle bit more inside but I'm totally ok with the way it looks (just being picky) I still want my breast redone after the first of the year. My weight has stayed the same at 125lbs but fitting in a size 2 jeans from Express and 26 in MissMe jeans.

6months things are going great

I am 6 months post op today. I am back at everyday life. Loving my results. Swelling has become very minimal. Have gained a couple lbs because I haven't been serious about the gym but the sweet BF has been motivating me to get back in and go hard. Looking forward to getting my breast redone after the first if the year :)

9 months post op and feel good

I'm 9 months post op. I just couldn't be happier about having surgery. No much has changed. I still swell every now and then and can tell if I'm bloated. Had a good holiday and getting married in May :)

1year update

On April 4 was my one year and I couldn't be happier. It has been a wonderful year. Was planning on getting another breast augmentation but decided to wait till next year due to the fact I am getting married!! This surgery brought my confidence to another level, I would do it all over again!

Feeling good 16 month post op

I'm almost 16months post op. Feeling my best! My weight is 135 which is 10lbs heavier than surgery. I'm totally ok with it :) still in the gym working hard and loving my body!
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Hi, I'm considering a mini tummy tuck, love your results!!! How long is the procedure I.e. operating table?
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I think maybe 3 hours
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Just read your review. I just started considering a mini tt. Love your pics and a sleeping baby in the background too cute!
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you look great! I saw you mentioned when you went back to work, but how was it handling a 6 month old? when were you able to carry or pick up him/her?
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It wasn't tough at all, I just took it slow and easy when I needed to pick him up. I stayed active during my recovery so I wouldn't get stiff and sore. Thank you
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You are looking fantastic!!   Thank you for updating us.
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You look great! When did you go back to work? I would really like this procedure and based in your cost it seems more affordable than I originally thought. However, I'm worried as to how much time I'll need to take of work. I'm a Paramedic so heavy lifting is a must in my job.
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I was out for 5 days, but I don't have to lift anything, I mainly stand (I do hair) I just listen to my body. If I'm tired I rest if I felt good I worked :)
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I remember your profile now! You are the reason why I was wanting to get a mini tt instead of a full. Your mini tt came out so good!! I ended up going with the full because I needed muscle repair and I had hernia that needed to be repaired. Continue to enjoy your beautiful tummy!
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wow my tummy looks just like yours. Im not sure if me and my fiance are done having children but i do want that procedure badly. Your tummy looks great. Im jealous lol.
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Did u have muscle repair to? U look great!
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No muscle repair, said I didn't need it.
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Ive been thinking about getting a mini tummy tuck. I have had 3 kids also and my stomach looks exactly like yours did. I've just been a little nervous about actually doing it. I have been working out and underneath the skin my abs are tight but I just cant get the skin to change any so I look bigger! After seeing your results I think its time to contact the Dr.! You look great!
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Thank you!!
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You look great! You mentioned that you started back working at around 2 weeks. Where did you start? I am 3 weeks today mini TT only skin and flank lipo. My PS released me to start working out but no ab work until 6 weeks. I consider myself fit. Before my surgery I did high intensity boot camp classes, kick boxing, body fit etc. I'm anxious to go back immediately but not sure where to start so as to not make myself sore. Was it any worse than starting a new workout? Thanks in advance!
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I just kinda did light cardio and very light weighs to keep my heart rate up. Trust me your body will not let you do anything crazy!! Lol
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That's what I assumed but my husband along with everyone else says I push myself too much and don't know when to stop I guess bc I have a high pain tolerance? (Not sure if that's true)
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Your recovery seemed to be a walk in the park! Do you think it was because you worked out alot and were in good shape?
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Yes absolutely! I'm a huge believer that good rest and being active is the key is any recovery, atleast it paid off in my case :)
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Wow, your results are awesome! And seems like your healing was pretty fast! Did you have any muscle repair or was it skin only?
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Skin only I had very minal muscle seperation :)
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Oh that's awesome! I'm having skin only as well, although he said he might put a stitch or two near my bb. Congrats to you, you look amazing! :)
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you look great i actually have an apt with Dr. Gill this Friday. She is still at Vanderbilt until the end of the year and this is her last year to her training.
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shes still a resident at plastic surgery at Vandy.
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