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Lipo Inner & Outer Thighs: 29 Years Old - Nashville, TN

I am 5'3", 125 pounds. I work out at...

I am 5'3", 125 pounds. I work out at least 4-5 times a day and I really do like my body except for my saddlebags/legs. They are muscular but they have always had these pockets of fat on them that stick out further than my hips. I do squats, leg lifts with weights, elliptical, running, spinning etc. I finally decided to research lipo and after going to a couple consultations, decided on doctor Griffin in Nashville, TN. His staff has been amazing so far.

My surgery is in two days (getting general anesthesia) and I am excited/nervous. This site has helped so much, I decided that I wanted to also write a review, and I will put up results/pics as often as I can. I am a Christian, and I struggled with "messing" with the body that God gave me, but I analyzed my motivations and intentions and I really just want to do this for myself for my confidence. I had nightmares all last night of the surgery, but after a lot of research, I really am ready and excited. Wish me luck! :)


Well had my surgery this morning. I'm sure I still have some pain killers in my body but so far i am just super sore but seriously nothing unbearable. I took before pics last night so I will upload those once I take some after pics in a few days. Thanks for the support everyone
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Congrats on your decision. You are going to be so happy you did it. Check out my profile. Im a long distance runner and no amount of running would make those saddlebags go away. We are also about the same size. Go check out my pics....I need to add 4mth post op pics. But I am very happy with my results. I am also thinking of going in this fall and doing my inner thighs.
Dont worry about the pain...its not to bad. The oozing is weird and milking them the first 24 hours isnt fun but its only a short amount of time. After that you will be sore and tired. I suggest taking a few days off work for sure.
Good Luck...cant wait to see your pictures :)
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Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Good luck with your surgery, please keep us updated on your progress!

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Well I am back at work today (monday) and my...

Well I am back at work today (monday) and my surgery was just this past Friday. Overall the pain is bad, but really not horrible. The hardest part has been the swelling for me because I am 5 pounds heavier than when I went into surgery and my legs are so swollen still. My bruising seems to be getting a little worse everyday..but it is NOTHING compared to most of the bruises I have seen on here. I took pain medicine all weekend, and this morning I woke up and was really sick (threw up a lot) but I think it was because of the meds. I feel fine now. I have spanx on today (which my doctor said tight, long spanx would be fine to wear to work) and taking them up and down has been a nightmare (I still have stiches and extremely sore). Next trip to the bathroom, I am bringing scissors. I didn't fit into any of my cothes with the compression garment on, so I am going to put that back on tonight. This morning in the shower was the first time I could see a LITTLE difference, and got really excited. Because I have closed incisions, I heard the swelling will last a little longer, but I am okay with that as long as it eventually goes away :) I took a couple of pictures of the bruising to show everyone...but I apologize for the bad camera work :) I also will upload my before pictures. Once the swelling goes down in a week or two, I will upload my after pics.


Hi! I was just curious how you are doing and if you have noticed any more results. i am built similiar to you and having liposuction on my inner/outer thighs on may 16. i am hoping your swelling has gone down and you are hapy :)
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Thank you!
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Hi lenz, I'm glad you got thorugh your procedure okay. It looks sore but will hopefully be worth it once all the swelling and bruising goes away. Rest as much as you can and follow doctors orders, I'm sure you'll get the results you're hoping for!

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Very happy one month later. Will post pictures now...

Very happy one month later. Will post pictures now and then again at 3 months


You look incredible.
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Sorry for the late results post! 7 months later! It definitely has been a journey and I feel like I continue to see new changes everyday. Overall-I think the surgery is definitely worth it. There were a few things I wasn't 100% prepared for, so I thought I would share. Now when I have a couple bad days of eating or not working out, I see the results on my stomach-which is fine, just something that is interesting. I used to always just gain weight right in my legs/butt/saddlebags. The other thing was that even after surgery, I could tell I was smaller, but my one leg was still bigger than the other. You can also see that there is a concaveness (word?) to my legs. I knew that they wouldn't be perfectly symmetrical-but this was just something I had to get used to and I am completely fine with it. The last thing was the saggy skin left behind. It is almost completely tightened up now 7 months later or at least a lot better. After 3 months from the surgery-I was completely unswollen but when I would sit on a chair in shorts or sit indian style, the skin that used to hold my saddlebags was completely flat on the chair bottom lol. Again-I am okay with that because at least its not cellulite anymore-its just skin-but at times I would look down and be like OMG! I need to stand up! My doctor was really good-but his staff is absolutely amazing-I loved them all. I absolutely love the way my butt and legs look now in leggings and workout pants. As far as weight goes, I didn't really lose any weight-maybe a pound or two-but nothing significant. I think after reading and talking more with people, if you are wanting to really get rid of fat in an area-you might as well do lipo. The other less invasive procedures seem to cost a lot (maybe not as much but close) with dramatically less effects since you are never really Removing fat cells just shrinking them. Please let me know if I can help anyone!
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Your lipo was done on inner and outer thighs only or also on your abdomen and flanks? You look a lot leaner on your belly and flank in your after picture. When you were very swollen how did you put on your garment? Thank you for posting.
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I will update this as soon as I see the results

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