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I am looking to get Invisalign within the next...

I am looking to get Invisalign within the next couple of months and I'm currently searching for a good ortho in my area. I went to the Invisalign website and got the list of participating dentist but I've only gone on one consult thus far. He's a little pricey but I think that he's really knowledgeable and makes me feel really comfortable....so a little about me. I've had traditional braces while I was a teenager and Idk where that retainer ended up but after a while I just misplaced it and never looked back but as I've gotten over and had my wisdom teeth removed I've noticed a incredible shift of my fronts...ugh, I have spaces. Its not that bad but I wouldnt want to see it any worse. I actually have a nice sized gap in the middle of my two fronts at the top and the bottom, OH LUCKY ME! I've always been a teeth person and that is one of the first things that people notice when you talk and I want the spaces closed. I really think the idea of not having wires and brackets are appealing. Seems it would be easier to floss and care better for your teeth with the invisalign so there is no other option for me. I'm going to go through the list and find the dentist that is right for me. Hopefully they will offer some type of in house financing because my credit is busted to say the least but I'm working on it and boy is it a work in progress so if anyone knows of any good dentist in the nash, tn area please let me know.

Good for you for starting the process to change something you aren't comfortable with.

If you click on the "Find a doctor" tab near the top of the page you will be able to sort by area, then specialty or treatment. That will give you a list of board certified doctors in your area, and you will be able to read their bio, any reviews they have received, and the answers they have provided in the Q&A section so you can decide if you want to have a consult with them or not.

Keep us posted how things are coming along and if you decide to start treatment.

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