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What an adventure! I waited a long time for this...

What an adventure! I waited a long time for this what I called "my dream". I never knew that this is no less than major surgery (my opinion having full hysterectomy many years ago)
The truth is that my eyes are open and I can admire the pretty green color of my eyes again. The extra skin on each side of my chicks is gone but it has not been easy.
I had my stitches removed in a week, so I thought: back to work, some make up an "presto". Not really. After a few days of looking at my under left eye so swollen and the other much less ( not pretty by any means, fluid is still accumulating each morning) I started to panic. I visit with the gentleman that removed my stitches since he lives in the same town and he said it looked pretty normal. In a few days he said it will start to go down. I got a terrible cold and got very discourage, down, depressed. I thought I had ruined my face. What a terrible feeling.
I continue going to work and used my prescription glasses to hide the inflammation. Oh how old I was feeling. I called the Dr and finally after getting better visited with him (almost an hour away). He was so confident, looked at some pictures and told me how great I was doing. To say the least I was happy again, I'm still swollen but can see the difference every day. Slowly but surely.
I had full facelift and that in itself slows the process of fluid drainage. My face still have some weird shapes under de chin but the big scar is getting smaller and lighter. I have numbness on my ears somewhat and on the side of my face. My eye lid incisions still visible and little red but I see progress as the days go by. I applied vitamin E.
My biggest fear was to need a revision, I definitely could not go through it again. The local anesthesia hurts (i also had fat grafting, fat was taken from under my chin. I guess it was a lot done all at once.
My PS was no recommending the lower eye lid to be done due to the trauma but I was animate and took no for an answer.
Has it all been worth it? I hope it was.
I will be visiting back here and will pos some before and after picture. I don't have the first few weeks since I upgrade my phone but you should be able to see the difference.


You look great for a month out!  Thanks for sharing your story with us :)

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The lower eye lid is something to think about it's a lot of trauma to your eyes. My doctor was not very kin on doing it but I insisted. All and all I'm glad as I am 50 and this surgery will last until I'm well into my golden years. You need support and lot's of prayer for peace.
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Gwen, I very much appreciate your comments. I am approaching this decision carefully. I plan to visit 3 ocular plastic surgeons to compare what they say before making this important decision. Even though you are still recovering, you look really good, . Eyes are a sensitive area so it sounds like eyes take longer to heal. I hope you post again in a few weeks -- I bet the surgery will be barely noticeable by then.

Close up

Improving, I believe I had a brake through today. I massage my left eye specifically and noticed I was very dark to the exterior corner but somehow it was less puffy. Could it be blood that had set up and it's starting to come loose. I have no idea.


Thanks for your comments. I just had the upper and lower bleph with endoscopic brow lift last week. Recovery is more involved than I anticipated. You are right, this IS major surgery. I am in awe of the posts from people who seemed to be 100% after 3 days. I am still light headed and have a hard time blinking my eyes. I wish you all the best in your recovery. Your photos look fabulous!
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Thank You. The best wishes for you too. As good as my picture look the reality is that I'm still recovering. With that said: hope is coming your way you will be looking great at the end of the day and that's worth it. Be blessed.

Leaf eye still bothers me

Got injections for fat excess on 7-17. Have indentation around the problem area. I'm having a very hard time dealing with this.


Thanks so much! You look stunning!
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He is great, sensible and calm. I got dizzy twice and he had to stop once. Everyone treated my like a queen. This was my PS: JOHN DAVID ROSDEUTSCHER, MD OF NASHVILLE.

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