I've wanted a reduction for close to 4 years now...

I've wanted a reduction for close to 4 years now after having my 1st child at 19. After 4 years and a 2nd baby my husband and I decided a good time to have it done was between his duty stations (navy) during a month leave period. I had my surgery I had my surgery on Feb 19th 2014 so im 3 days post op now and so far so good it seems. I am 5'6" 140ish lbs not sure what my true cup size was but I wore bras between dd and f cup.. right now they fit nicely into a c cup sports bra. Hae. 1 week follow up this wednesday then its off to Florida.

some pictures

day 6 post op

7 days post op

day 8

wore a dress today..braless =)!!!!

yay for Florida and wally world bikini tops =)

Haven't bought a walmart or target bathing suit since 6th grade! Still an XL top..but hey..who cares =)

Mostly great...

95% of my my breasts are healing amazing. .however about a week ago my insision under the right breast split a little. My PS is 7 hours away and I have a follow up in less than 2 weeks..so ive just been using other doctors suggestions which consist of gauze changes and triple antibiotic. Oh and I also have super puffy areolas when they arent erect..I think it may have something to do with warm weather. Ill update pictures of those later on.

seems to be getting better

..the yellow stuff is gone.

TN here I come

Moved my appointment up from next friday to..tomorrow (tried for friday or monday). in about an hour ill be doing a 7 hour drive to TN..Definitely not what I had planned for the day..but hopefully he can give me a good treatment plan for this hole..I am less than excited to be traveling today =/

freaked out

So i made it to TN. Appointment at 4. This dang hole is freaking me out. It looks like tissue or fat or something is bulging out.. ugh

well that was scary!

So let's just say thank god for this appointment change. I get to the appointment get in the room go to take my bra and gauze off and my hole starts gushing blood. Apparently a vessel ruptured and it wouldn't have stopped on its own and hes only seen it happen 2 times in the 14 years hes done this surgery. So he cauterized it in the office and prescribed me some silvadene. So lucky for me I moved my appointment up a week.. but he said the hole will heal up in a few months or less..and I have the go ahead to enjoy the florida ocean (salt water is good for it) .. so..wheeew!

some pictures following my appointment

Before picture

Hadn't posted a before picture yet..but here it is

left and right

wish wounds healed faster...

But besides the wound.. I am in love with mt breasts. Scars and all.. havent done any scar revision yet and already they are way better than I could have imagined. Dr. Hueneke made great straight insisions =)

Apparently I thought I was modest before..haha

Better before and after

better or worse?

Top taken 3/18 bottom today 3/21

improvement from yesterday

I can tell a big difference from yesterday(top) and today(bottom)even. =)

I cant believe how quickly its healing now.

After I bought saline wound wash and continued to apply silvadene twice to three times a day for the past 4 days the day to day improvement is amazing. My skin Gets irritated underneath from constantly having the sticky part of the gauze on it but it's a small price to pay (top) yesterday (bottom) today

half the size in a few days

You can see just how much skin has grown in in the past couple days =)


all healed =)

Just have to work on the ugly scar

It's been a few months.

Overall..I like the size they are the shape is natural. I have awful scarring. Hypertrophic scars I believe is what they are. Underneath looks pretty horrible. I tried $100 silicone strip which wouldn't stay on for anything. So ill probably have scar revision later on down the road. Still much better than before but I could have done without scars this bad .
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You look amazing! That is exactly how I hope my boobs look after BR! Perfection. Hope your wound is all healed!
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Wow,,you look great,,and don't let that little scar bug you too bad,,I have one twice that size,,and at 5 months it is barely visible,,just ignore it for a while,,and enjoy the new you!
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Great shape! How has healing been?!
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Everything besides that small wound separation has been wonderful. Even the separation started healing quickly after starting treatment so its been great
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Congratulations on your surgery. You are looking great.
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looking amazing, despite the split. You have a great shape, happy healing
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I used cotton wool pads like you buy to take off make up, just held in place with micropore tape, it was so soft and stopped any bra rubbing. I am so glad you are doing so well. I have updated my review, am 8 weeks now. :)
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On the mend, great news.
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Thank you =) im thrilled!
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I am almost 4 weeks post breast reduction surgery and have the same wound as you on my left breast. My surgeon says it will heal and just to put polysporin on it with gauze everyday. I am relieved to see that I am not the only one that thinks my wound is healing so slow. I too, am very happy otherwise.
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After I started washing it twice a day with saline wound wash from walmart and continuing to apply silvadene and gauze 2 to 3 times a day it is finally showing Improvements. That didnt start until after I bought the saline wash though..so that may be the miracle item for my recovery. My ps said if there is a scab it will heal slower than an open wound because it heals from the inside out.. hope you start to see improvement too..but I swear on this saline wound spray..its $4 and I found it at walmart. =)
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Thanks, I will look for that saline wound wash as I wonder if that will help speed things up. I think mine is slow to heal as half of the area is covered in a black scab, and the others half looks like yours does. I must be slow to heal as the sutures have only just all dissolved and the scabs have finally come off. I still have some bruising too. My PS said to start massaging both breasts everyday as well.
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Looks better, hope is skins over soon, just keep clean, dry, aired and padded against any chafing by your bra.
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Glad to see things are getting better :-) Enjoy the sun :-)
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Thank you. I will =)
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Remember these wounds heal from the inside out, so that looks like the first stage of healing over. Mine is much smaller but looks pale like that too.
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whew, that was an experience! salt water will be good but get everything really dry afterwards and don't expose scars to the sun for a couple of years or it will darken them
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The hole is in the most common place and it looks pretty typical. It does not look infected and is not huge, so all will be fine. keep clean and dry, the more you can expose it to the air the better, maybe even use a hair dryer after showering. Then clean padding to ensure that there is absolutely no rubbing from your bra. In a little while it will be as if it never happened :)
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Hopefully all is good. The white bulging tissue creeps me out a little..I feel like it is going to keep bulging and maybe tear more
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Bikini top looks great. Mine arrived today, will try it on later. I am 57 and thought my bikini days were over but with my pretty little boobies and the weight going down, why the hell not go for it !
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Pad the hole with thick clean dry dressing as the worst thing is friction from your bra. Good luck.
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That is great, hope it continues to improve by keeping it dry and protected from rubbing.
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your shape is great, i have had success healing a small hole by drying in the air ane using cotton wool pads held on with tape to prevent rubbing with bra. if it is not infected using a cream may just keep it soggy.
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Thank you. Maybe I'll try that instead.
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