So happy with my results!!! My PS is amazing!!!!

Feeling so many things... But excited is the one...

Feeling so many things... But excited is the one emotion that takes over! (for now) I've never been satisfied with my breast, I've always had larger breast, but they have never had a youthful/firm appearance.Then after 3 kids.....train wreck!!!! I've done research off & on for 12+ years. But now ..It is time!!!! It is way past time!!! I finally want to be pleased with the way they look, I want to wear things I couldn't ever before, I want to be able to just go purchase a bathing suit like normal people, instead of searching high & low for one that can actually handle the load. I'm also very nervous & I think I know what to expect as far as the actual procedure & I also the pain will probably be intense.. But I know ya'll know tricks :)


Congratulations on your decision. (I love your train wreck anology!)  :)  Glad you've done your research. We're here to support you all the way. Are you prepared for your recovery? Here is a list of supplies that may be of help to you. The list is appropriate for Breast Aug and Breast Lifts too! Looking forward to your updates!

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Thank you for the info on the list! I'm trying to be prepared :) I have a amazing friend that told me of this site & I'm so thankful !!

If all goes as planned... Only 4 days left!! Still...

If all goes as planned... Only 4 days left!! Still so many emotions! Against my better judgement I'm including before pics :/ I hope I'm more than excited to post after pics! I think I'm all prepared house cleaned , laundry caught up extra pillows cleaned & waiting.. Zip up shirts ,front closing sports bras & comfy pants :) all other little helpful items I could think of & the list provided was very helpful!
Any more ideas or helpful hints anyone has to offer are very welcomed


Oh Lysol everything! Have you started takin daily vitamins, if not get some. I started taking them a couple days before. Plus of you have pest stay away. My mom got an infection when she had surgery when pets sleep in her bed. We kicked the cats out the room a week prier. Keep hand sanitizer close to your bed. Wash bed linens twice a week or more. It's always good to be super clean. Dial liquid soap is what I use in the shower.
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Omg wow I wish I could just have a lift. I was pretty deflated. You have great tissue left. I'll check your updated. I'm a fan!
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I agree, I can't wait to see your results! You will look fab! I have a a lot of well so I'm torn on the size of implant to go with. I'm thinking no bigger than 255cc.

Well surgery went like a dream at 8:30 this...

Well surgery went like a dream at 8:30 this morning! My PS is wonderful ! Barely any bruising at all !! The anesthesiologist was apparently great to they woke me up in OR & said we will take you to recovery now, 15 minutes later I was sitting up Indian style in bed & remains that way til going home! I've actually felt very good all day, sure there is some pain & tenderness but not as bad as I was afraid of!! My body doesn't even feel drained, I'm very impressed never felt this good after anesthesia!! As for my boobs they are hard as a rock & are sitting up like good girls!! I'm so excited !! My Doctor , Dr. Hueneke called me 2 times this evening himself to talk to me & see how I was feeling, that truly means a lot!! I did have some drainage that soaked thru gauze in a few places & on bra , so he told me I could change them. Took advantage of a quick peek & photo op :).

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Morning after and feeling fine !! I think I'm...

Morning after and feeling fine !! I think I'm falling in love even tho they are causing a lil discomfort;)))


I have horrible back problems from working years of EMS & lifting people so I will be in recliner for several days I'm sure because I can't lay flat! Thanks for reminding me Dial liquid soap for shower !
He did mine 200cc under muscle& 175 on right ( being as it was bigger) ! I'm really thinking I will be very satisfied!! I'm very happy so far :)). Good luck to you & I think if you have larger breast anyway +/- 200 will be fine! I didn't want it to be obvious there was any implant at all, I was just concerned with feeling small & wanted to make up for what was being taken away & under the muscle makes the implants outside appearance less than it is
I will try to update regularly ! So far I'm very very pleased just so anxious to see how well they settle into place :).

About 48 hours out from surgery... This is the...

About 48 hours out from surgery... This is the worst I've felt so far! Hoping this is the peak of discomfort! I was hoping to cut back on pain meds, but not sure I can accomplish that at this point! I also think maybe I've been doing too much, it's hard for me to not do anything for myself when I can , but I think it's really aggravated things especially right breast! I was hoping to trade a dose of pain med for Motrin hoping it would help with immflamation but it don't touch the pain. I've heard use ice packs but my surgeon said they are not a good idea because as we all know cold restricts blood flow & restricted blood flow/ oxygen flow could slow down healing! But I'm sure this will pass soon...

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4th day of the new me & I'm loving it!! Still...

4th day of the new me & I'm loving it!! Still very tight across chest! First thing in morning soreness is pretty bad but take one pain pill to get it gone & take one at bed time to sleep! I'm still having a little drainage from both breast ( right at the T joint on underside) it's very minimal but hoping this is normal! I can tell the left is settling a little bit , which is making me look lopsided but I can be patient ;) everyday I'm so glad I made this decision! I'm also very thankful I have such a supporting husband , that encouraged me to do this ( and just for the record he's not a "boob man".. Lol)
Can anyone tell me if this drainage is normal ?


ooh ok but ive never had drainage ..
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I do it's very minimal more like just dried spots inside my sports bra when I take them off but it does concern me!
there will be soreness every morning for a while untill the muscles relax because im 10days post and every morning my breast have alot of Soreness and feels hard in the mornin
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First post op today ! I'm in love with my new...

First post op today ! I'm in love with my new breast but getting a lil worried my R has pain nearly all the time , I'm afraid something isn't healing the way it should or I messed something up from over doing it just a few days out cause I felt so good . My Left feels like nothing has even happened it feels so good & no pain at all... Just curios as to why it's so different in my R! Please pray all is well!


Just checking in to see how you are doing! Has the pain subsided in your right breast? Hope you are well!

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Almost all the glue & scabs are gone , just have 2...

Almost all the glue & scabs are gone , just have 2 very small places . As soon as that is gone , I can start doing scar therapy. I'm very pleased with the scarring already , it really appears it will be very minimal( I believe this is because of my PS glueing the outside instead of stitching). I have my 4 week post op visit in 2 days, and will hopefully be able to start some exercising:). My previous issues with my R breast & discomfort was because I would feel good & would push my limits, then pay afterwards. That and just simply being R handed & using that arm more. But that has pretty much all went away! So thankful & so in love with my new breast :))


Your 3 week pics look fab! Fast healing! Go you!
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Thank you , but I think all that credit really goes to my PS ;). I loved the fact of being glued on outside , it looked kinda rough til it started coming off, but I loved that I didn't have to go for numerous appointments to get stitches removed at different stages. And best of luck to you!!
Hi thanks for your blog!!! I'm going in on Wednesday for breast lift and implant 370cc! Very very scared!!! Im new to this site and I'm not sure how to post my own blog. id like to share before and after pics and help others going through the same surgery x I'd be a wreck without these blogs from you ladies! thank you for sharing!
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Summertime & Improved Boobs.. Doesn't get any better

6 weeks out now & the healing is going great! I wore a bathing suit last weekend & it's was not a support top!!!! That feeling of being able to wear any style top is truly amazing , anyone whose always been so limited to types of bs they could wear (& hold them up) knows how great that feeling is!! I've said this to everyone that ask" best money ever spent"!! To have that lil 'boost' to your self esteem is so liberating! If you are thinking about this procedure and are unsure , put your worries aside! I'm still fascinated with my boobs every time I go to the bathroom I can't seem to leave the room without lifting my shirt & admiring .. Lol .. The very things I tried to avoid seeing or anyone else for SOOO many years now I can't get enough! I'm so thankful ...


I am going for my ba tomorrow with the same ps. That's so awesome that you healed up so well. :)
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It's healed up really well.. I really need to update & add new pics :). And I am so pleased with him his work & his attitude!
Looking good girl, have you noticed the areola smoothing out as time goes by?
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