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I am 35 years old and mother of 2 teenage boys. I...

I am 35 years old and mother of 2 teenage boys. I did not breast feed nor did I get the full breasts like other women when I was pregnant. I am a small B and have always wanted bigger. All of my female family are big hipped and small chested. Out of the 7 of us 5 have had implants and look great. Not wanting to finance I have finally got the "spare"money to go forward with the surgery. Now choosing a PS. All of my family are in 600 miles away so of course I can't use one of their doctors. So, I am on my own. I have made several consultation appointments. The first one is this Thursday May 10th. My biggest question so far has been pricing. $4500-$7000??? That's a huge price gap. All the surgeons I have set appointments with are board certified. I guess from here I will have to just make my decision based on bedside manner???

How exciting for you! That is a big price discrepancy, but surgeons do vary. You'll get an idea of who the best fit is when you're talking to them. Please let us know who you go with!


I went to my consultation yesterday and decided to...

I went to my consultation yesterday and decided to go with this surgeon. He was very informative and his staff was great. I go the 18th for my pre op. The big day will be the 23rd. Now the nervousness is really starting to set in. My biggest concern is choosing a size. The surgeon suggest 475 cc's. I have decided the cut will be under the fold and the implant behind the muscle. I have decided on Saline. I am so excited and nervous. Hopefully the next 12 days will go by fast!

Looking online trying to decide if I want to go...

Looking online trying to decide if I want to go with high or medium profile...how do u decide this??? also now I'm thinking 475cc's may be a little big for me. I want to end up a small d not dd. I'm sure I will have a lot of questions by my pre op visit on Friday.
I decided to go with Dr. Nein. I will rate him after the surgery, I'm sure it will be 5 stars! He was nice and very informative. I felt confident he is a good surgeon. His staff was wonderful also. I go for pre op this Friday. Nine days away from the big day!

6 days to my surgery and I have a cold...Went to...

6 days to my surgery and I have a cold...Went to the doctor and got a steroid and antibiotic shot. He also gave me a 3 day zpak. Hopefully this will knock it out quickly because I don't want to have to reschedule my surgery!

Went to my preop appointment today. Decided to go...

Went to my preop appointment today. Decided to go with 500cc's. Of course he will even my breasts our since they are a good bit of difference in the sizes. Choosing a size was a really hard decision but the nurse Alicia was really great. She put my mind at ease with a lot of my concerns. Was a little shocked to find out that my boobs would not be wrapped just gotta bring a sports bra. Five more days till the surgery! Hopefully my cold will be gone. At least I found out that I could take some tylenol to help with my headache. The closer it gets the more nervous I get. I know after its done I will be happy I did it.

Day before surgery! really excited and nervous. ...

Day before surgery! really excited and nervous. Feeling better but still congested which the doctors office said that its fine. Started my period last Thursday was hoping it would be done by tomorrow but don't think so. I had started a new bc pill and wasnt suppose to have a period at all for 2 months but guess my body had other plans. I have endometreosis and abnomyosis so cramping pretty bad and not being able to take pain pills kinda sucks but thats ok I will have them tomorrow. If anyone is actually reading this I will try to update tomorrow after surgery.

I am really feeling good about the surgeon I have...

I am really feeling good about the surgeon I have decided to go with! His office called me this morning to make sure I didn't have any questions and He personally called me this evening to make sure I was good to go! The office staff also told me they would call and check on me later this week to see how I was doing. It would be awesome if all doctors did this with surgeries! Finishing up all the last minute things I want done before I come home tomorrow. REALLY nervous and excited. Hope I'm not going too big. I will make sure I take some before pics tonight so I can post before and after! Hope everyone sleeps well!

Day 1 I feel really good. My surgery was @12:30...

Day 1 I feel really good. My surgery was @12:30 yesterday. I got home around3 and felt amazing. I sat on my porch for a few hours before I settled into my recliner. I don't really feel much pain just tightness and the icepack is working great for that. I have been up since about 7am but just decided I need to get back in the recliner and rest so I don't overdue it. I amreally happy I decided on Dr.Nein he is great. He called me night before surgery to make sure I didn't have any question and Darla or Alicia called me this morning to check on me said they will call me again tomorrow to check on. I had chose 500cc's Dr.Nein put 530cc's in one and 510cc's in the other. They look great so far I am happy with the outcome. I will load before and after pics hopefully tonight.
Well today is the big day . So happy for you . Let us know how you are doing .
I feel really good...a lot better than I expected!

Ok its been a few days since I have updated. ...

ok its been a few days since I have updated. Doing great! I haven't felt any pain just tightness and numbness. Went to my post op appt today and everything is good. I am still pretty swollen so I need to start back using icepacks! No pain meds for the past 3 days. I am finally getting around to uploading before and after pics. Can't wait till the swelling is down and they are settled so I can go get measured.
Hi u look great ! So happy u are doing good . Our boobs looked a lot alike in the before pic . To new boobies :-) ! Let us know how u are doing .
Thanks Sissy! I still have a good bit of swelling. I think its because the anesthesia made me hyper so I really didn't rest like I should have. Can't wait for the swelling to go down and they settle. Anytime I go out I'm wearing big tshirts because I feel like they are up to my neck lol.

Still feeling great but last night I noticed that...

Still feeling great but last night I noticed that both of my breasts were red about and inch around my nipple. I was freaked out all night. Called my PS this morning and went in. Dr Nein doesn't think its an infection because its the same pattern on both. He put me on Cipro antibiotics just incase. He also told me to call him if it got worse or I started feeling bad. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!! I would be devastated if I had to have them removed! He did put my mind at ease a little but still a little freaked out, guess that's just me being an emotional woman lol.
They are looking fab! The only problem with teenage boys is that their friends want to come and see! there has been a greater influx in visitors since I got home:-)
Sorry to hear that u are worried . Cipro is good stuff I have taken it many times a d I was put on it the day I left from my BA surgery . I believe u will be fine :-) . Lots of rest is what I'm still doing and it's been three weeks . My dr said don't over due anything . Fell better !
Thanks Sissy! I have been taking it easy today.

The redness is going away. I have wore a sports...

The redness is going away. I have wore a sports bra all day and that seems to have helped. I haven't been wearing a bra unless I leave the house and I work from home so thats hasn't been much. I think maybe my clothes rubbing against them may have irritated my skin. Hoping so at least!!!!
you look great! I can believe you have 500cc's I feel I look way bigger and I have 421 silicone!!! what size do you think you will end up?
I have days where I think wow these are huge. I was really nervous about the amount of cc's but my frame is bigger than yours. I have a huge ribcage lol. He actually did 530 in one and 510 in the other. I think I will probably end up a D. Thats what I told my ps I wanted a small D. Can't wait till the settle!!
I do hope your feeling better soon, I must admit I'm struggling to sleep but everything is good apart from that x x

The Cipro is kicking my butt!!! I had forgot they...

The Cipro is kicking my butt!!! I had forgot they make me tired and nauseous. I am trying to ignore it and enjoy this pretty day. I went and bought some different sports bras. These are a lot more comfortable. I don't feel like they are squeezing my boobs up to my neck lol. I had wanted to go out on the boat this weekend but I think I'm going to wait and hopefully go next weekend. I don't think I ever updated that I started to get the feeling back a few days ago. The top of my breast are now really sensitive but the bottom and nipples are still numb. I think the numbness helped me have a easy recovery. Can't feel pain when your numb! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Hey betterjourney~ Thanks for sharing your story. You look good and will be even happier after they settle and aren't so high. It took approx. 4 months for mine to drop&fluff and acquire nice, fuller shape. My PS sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers too! :-)
Thanks Kooberry! 4 months? I am an impatient person lol but oh well good things come to those who wait right.
So happy your doing good . Was worried about you . I work on the weekend . I only do what my dr said I can do . During the week I don't do anything . Have a good day !
dr. nein

Dr. Nein and his staff are amazing. If you are in the nashville area and thinking about doing ps you should set a consulation up to meet with him. I am so happy I chose him as my surgeon!

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