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Im scheduled for dec to have a breast aug. Ive...

Im scheduled for dec to have a breast aug. Ive been wanting to get them done for about 10 years now (im 26) and I finally got the courage to get a consult. I was worried the PS would tell me I needed a lift or that I should wait until we are done having kids to have them done. I have one child and breastfed for 15 months my breasts are deflated and I am sick of feeling self conscious about them and dont want to wait any longer!!I So I scheduled the surgery and am totally excited and nervous! I have an auto immune disease and have worried myself into having a flare up. I called my PS nurse last night to ask her when the last possible date of taking oral corticosteriods would be so that I can get myself all clear before the surgery. My issue is that I have to do the surgery this dec, its the only time my husband will be off for a long period of time to help with our toddler. My PS nurse is going to call me back today with the answer to my question. Im so scared she will tell me that I dont have enough time to get the steroid out of my system before my surgery!! Anyone else have an Auto Immune disease and have implants?? Another question I have to ask, what does everyone suggest I stock up on to make recovery as easy as possible? I know my PS will give me more information at my Pre-op appt but since my appt is close to the holidays, we will be travelling before my surgery and I am trying to get all my christmas shopping and planning done before dec so any advice would be helpful! On a side note... I know a lot of you have gone through this and I think it helps to express concerns and put things in perspective so here I go..sometimes I feel guilty that Im going to get the surgery, like maybe I shouldnt disrupt what God gave me but then I see all these wonderfully blessed women and think why?? why didnt I get perfect breasts? Then with my autoimmune disease possibly causing me to have to reschedule my surgery it only makes me think maybe I shouldnt be doing this.. but I cant help but want to SOO BAD!! I want to feel sexy again, I want to feel confident and I dont understand why my body had to be distroyed/sacrificed to have a child when some women bounce back with no problem. So then 95% of me wants to do this more then anything so I can feel good about myself again and the 5% is just worried about things going wrong if this isnt what I am supposed to do.. Im sure most of you know men are not the best to talk to about things like this so I appreciate anyone taking the time to respond! Blessings and thanks!

Update for anyone who read my post, the PS's nurse...

update for anyone who read my post, the PS's nurse called yesterday to tell me that as long as I am off the steroid 30 days before my surgery I should be fine! The Dr gave me a 6 day steriod and he said it will be completely out of my system a few days after I stop taking it so I just pray that the 6 day dose is enough to get my immune system back on track! If not I should have time to take another 6 day dose and still be ok! I feel so much better, so much more hopeful today! Hope everything goes great until then!

What type of bras do everyone suggest? zip front or ive heard bali are good. what size should i get if i am a deflated 32 C now planning on getting 375-400cc silicone? i wear a small in sports bras now. is there a difference in comfort if the insision is under the breast?

I have way too much time until my surgery and now...

I have way too much time until my surgery and now i am reconsidering the size and implant choice. I dont know if i should do 375 or 400cc. I have been reading that you loose 10% of breast volume within the first year and i dont want to feel like i should have gone bigger but am worried that if we decide to have more kids in the future i will have trouble breastfeeding if i go 400. originally i was set on getting silicone which my PS suggested in case of seeing rippling over time with the saline because i have thin breast tissue but am worried about the silent leak issue that can happen with silicone. also we did not discuss high profile, moderate or moderate plus yet, im assuming we will go over that at my pre-op appt but i would like to have some sort of knowledge before hand. how do you decide what is right for you?

I got my Pre-Op paperwork in the mail yesterday!!...

I got my Pre-Op paperwork in the mail yesterday!! so excited, that means it is actually happening! my pre op apt is on the 5th and im really excited to talk to my PS about everything! I def have my freak out moments especially thinking that I should be waiting until we know for sure if we are done having kids but then I remind myself that even if we had another child it wouldnt be for a few years and I want to look good for those few years! so it is happening and I just want to get it over with so I can start the healing process!! Im trying to take advantage of my full arm motion by getting all my christmas shopping done before my surgery! So excited!

I am wanting to get another bra before surgery so...

I am wanting to get another bra before surgery so I wont have to be trying a bunch of bras on afterwards. I wear a 34B or a small in sports bras will be getting 400cc Silicone under the breast incisions to become a full D. I found a few bras online like the Intuition recovery bra but they are like $50 so I want to make sure I get one that will fit and my PS says its really important to make sure it isnt too tight. So do I buy a Medium to compensate for my new breasts or a Small because that is what I wear now?

I have been feeling kind of iffy about the whole...

i have been feeling kind of iffy about the whole thing lately and i am trying to stay focused on the positive aspect of it all. Last summer i bought all of these VS bra top shirts and dresses (they had a huge sale!) hoping with a padded underwire strapless bra i would at least be able to fill them out a little. the point of this type of shirt is that you shouldnt have to wear a bra hence the "bra top". well if i didnt wear a bra i looked flat as a pancake. sooo this morning im swapping out my summer and winter clothes looking at all of these shirts and dresses i NEVER wore and i realized next summer i will be able to wear them all and now im super excited again!! so realizing what an emotional roller coaster this is for everyone i just thought id share and say go through your closet and look at all the tops you have to double up on bras just to fill out or shirts you never wore because they just look bad without breasts to fill them out and think by next summer we will be looking great! Cant wait!!

I have been trying to ignore the fact that I am...

I have been trying to ignore the fact that I am actually having surgery in two weeks! but with my Pre-op apt tomorrow I can no longer ignore it! Holy moly I am scared! I am totally freaked about something going wrong afterwards ie; CC, Nerve dammage/pain, infection, not being able to breastfeed if we have more children.. Mostly worried about the recovery and not being able to work out for awhile! I will feel better once I talk to my PS tomorrow. I just want to feel excited again! This is how I felt last summer when I was thinking about doing it and then I chickened out before I even had a consult! and then I regretted not doing it. So I know I need to just do it and yes recovery will suck but I think it is going to be worth it. Any thoughts??

Yesterday I had my pre-op and as expected I felt...

Yesterday I had my pre-op and as expected I felt so much better and excited after talking to my PS. She explained the healing process to me again and I tried on sizers because I decided I wanted to go bigger then we originally planned (339cc). She said I would be getting High Profile implants which I didnt expect but am glad she chose those. We decided that I will get either 375 or 400, she will make the final decision at the time of surgery. I trust her judgement. She is so amazing! She gave me a perscription for Percocet and an antibiotic to get filled. I start taking those the day of surgery. She said from the time I get to the hospital to the time I go home it should be about 5 hours. As far as Post op instrctions go, I will be sent home in an ace bandage and have to order my own bra. I am allowed to shower the day after surgery. No ice or heat allowed on the breast area, she prefers to let the body do what it is supposed to do without the ice or heat. Of course no lifting or pushing for a few weeks. I think that is about it.
My main concern was finding out what profile I would be getting since we had not talked about that yet..
So I ordered a VS zip front sports bra last night size medium. I hope it fits! I dont have much time to try it on and return it if it doesnt! I might go to a sports store or two and look for some there. Oh I paid for the rest of my surgery yesterday too.. On an emotional stand point I am still doing the back and forth thing. After my apt yesterday I was so excited and then by the time I was home I felt like I should call and cancel lol! I am feeling crazy! We paid for it and it is happening and this morning I am excited again, prob in a few hours I will be wishing I wasnt doing it. I will be so happy once I finally have them though, this I know for sure! Thanks to all the ladies who have been so great and supportive and understanding!! Gosh that is so hard to find in life especially for specific things like this, so thanks!

I forgot to add my Post op apts are at one week,...

I forgot to add my Post op apts are at one week, two weeks and like 3 months if there are no complications.

Every night for a few weeks now I wake up at least...

Every night for a few weeks now I wake up at least once drenched with sweat worring something is going to go wrong, or feeling like I shouldnt be doing this. But in the morning I am completely fine!! and I think why am I so freaking crazy at night!! its so dumb!! This anxiety is going to kill me before I even get the dang surgery!! 10 more days! and I will hopefully realize that what I build up in my head is completely crazy and I will be perfectly fine and super happy with the results. Man I wish I could be like some of you ladies who make the decision and dont have a second thought about it! I had a dentist apt today and as I was getting my tooth drilled I was imagining what it would be like the day of surgery laying there waiting for the surgery to begin and I got super light headed and felt like I was going to pass out so I waved the dentist and had him stop for a few minutes so I wouldnt pass out! lol I just need to make it to the operating room and I will be fine!! and I want everyone to say "I told you so!" when I finally get my new boobies and I love them!! it will all be worth it!

So we were out of town until last night and now I...

So we were out of town until last night and now I have one day to get stuff done and prepare for tomorrow! We have to leave around 8am since my surgery is at 11:30. I am amazingly calm about the whole thing. But I am kind of babying myself today. I feel like I am getting sick. My nose is congested and my throat is scratchy. Last night I had a very low fever, I was just chilled a little. But I went to bed early and this morning I feel better, just kind of yucky in the head. The nurse from the hospital that I'm having the surgery at called this morning to get my anestesia history and I told her about my sore throat and she said if I wake up tomorrow and feel really bad I should call and cancel but they will check my vitals when we get there (temperature and listen to my lungs) and decide if it is ok to do the surgery.. Man I have waited this long I just hope everything goes as planned.. So assuming everything will, nothing to eat after midnight. I can have water, black coffee or ice tea until 7:30. Thank goodness! I was worried about the no water thing, I drink a ton of water at night. Ugh I just hope I feel ok tomorrow! I was planning on scrubbing the floors today and cleaning like crazy but I think all I am going to do is vacuum, cook and go to the store. I do not want to over exert myself and then not be able to get the surgery tomorrow. Any advice? Is it a bad idea to get surgery if you have a cold? I dont really know anything about it.

I had crazy dreams last night and this morning I...

I had crazy dreams last night and this morning I woke up feeling like I really did not want to go through with it! I was pretty much panicing up until the point of surgery. We got to the hospital 2 hours early (9:30 am) and I was so suprised when we arrived to the outpatient surgery center it was completely full of people! I was sort of embarrassed and kept thinking most of these people are here having surgery because they have to and I am here doing this to myself. I was digging through my purse and found my daughter had shoved one of her socks in there and I had to choke back tears as I started feeling guilty about the whole thing.. Then they called me back and I got changed, took some anti nasea meds and waited for the anestesiologist. He came in and asked me a bunch of medical history questions and hooked me up to an IV. Once he left it really set in and I started crying and praying. My husband came back to my room a little bit later and I couldnt have been happier! He really cheered me up and helped put things in perspective for me. It was about 11:45 when Dr Haws came in to mark me and said she was really excited for me and that I will be so happy once its all done. Then about 15 min later the nurses came back to get me. One of the nurses gave me something to relax in my IV and I wished she wouldve given me that hours before!!! LOL I only remember being in the operating room for a short while looking at the fancy blue lights and then I woke up in the recovery room. I remember waking up smiling and the nurse said "Look at her smiling!! What a great patient!" and Im not sure why I was smiling cuz I was in a lot of pain! I was trying to tell the Nurse but my throat was so scratchy and dry I couldnt say anything. So I had to wait until she asked me to let her know. She finally gave me pain meds and I felt sooo much better!! And she gave me some ice chips for my throat which was so tickeled I couldnt stop coughing and every time I coughed it hurt my chest so bad!! So we were out of the hospital 30 minutes later and on our way home. The ride home wasnt too painful, was expecting worse. They sent me home in an ace bandage and i can take it off tomorrow to take a shower and put a sports bra on. Ive only seen them from the top they are super swollen and feel really tight. My right is more sore then my left and I feel burning sensation in my right incision. My left feels great though. I have better arm movement with my left then my right. Right now I feel like I need to pop a pen in them to release pressure. I hope that goes away soon! other then that and moving very slowly its totally not as horrible as I expected it to be. I do get little burning sensations every once in awhile but im sure that is normal. Well I hope tomorrow is just a little better then today and I cant believe I actually did it! Oh and she ended up using 400cc High profile, silicone under the muscle with a incision in the crease. I will post pics soon! thank you ladies for the words of encouragement! it means a lot and i hope i dont regret it later but right now I am happy I did it for sure!

I slept ok last night, woke up a few times to take...

I slept ok last night, woke up a few times to take my pain meds and kind of had a hard time falling alseep after waking up. I tried to sleep in the recliner but couldnt find a comfortable position for my head so i ended up just propping myself up in bed. My doc didnt say I had to sleep propped up but it feels more comfortable. THis morning I hurt on the sides where they cut the muscle and feel swollen there. my right feels a little more swollen then my left i have a feeling it will be the difficult one! im still so happy i did it! I had just a little panic moment last night where I thought maybe I went too big but i really didnt have a choice since i didnt have a lift I had to fill out the amount of skin I have and my PS tried smaller implants and ended up choosing the 400 because she said they looked perfect. and my husband is super happy with them already so that makes me feel great! My 2 year old is doing pretty well, we are just trying to keep her from jumping smacking and everything two year olds do. She is trying very hard to be gentle with mommy and im trying to interact with her as much as i can. I think when we put our girl down for a nap I will take the bandages off and try to take a shower so ill update more then!

I got to look at them yesterday and im not going...

I got to look at them yesterday and im not going to lie I was a little freaked out at first!! But I like them more everytime I look at them. I have almost no pain today! Granted its only 7 am and yesterday the pain seemed to come and go. I was fine for a few hours and then I would be hurting for a few hours. But I did notice when I was up and moving around the pain was less. I have no pain when I am laying down but when I stand up from laying down I get pretty sharp pains and feel like I need to hold them when I stand up. They are def a lot more soft today and have moved down a little. i have gurgleing sounds in my right when I lift my arm like to brush my hair or anything. I can lift my left arm up completely over my head, my right arm isnt there yet. My breast skin and nipples are numb. I kind of didnt expect to be that numb so I hope I get feeling back soon, it kind of scares me! They feel huge to me still! And The swelling has gone down a ton so I hope this isnt the size they really are!! I had a friend come over yesterday and she said they look perfect and my husband says he thinks they are the perfect size too but I hope they get a little smaller!! My medium VS zip front sports bra fits perfect! I havent had any incision pain since the first day is that normal? They are tender to the touch on the sides still but I have been feeling them a lot to make sure they arent hard and I have no pain when I feel them, it just feels weird because they are numb, feels like Im touching someone elses boobs lol. Ill post pics later when I take a shower. This almost seems to easy!! I hope it continues but that everything turns out ok!! I am still taking percocet even though I have no pain so i think when its time for pain meds Ill try tylenol and see how I feel. i cant believe i actually did it, it is still very sureal to me!! but i havent been upset or depressed or anything, still happy i did it!

I didnt take any pain meds yesterday except the...

I didnt take any pain meds yesterday except the one I took at 6:30am. Been taking stool softeners for a few days and I drank milk of magnesia last night before bed and finally had a little relief this morning! I woke up with a horrible headache though this morning! I just took some tylenol. I dont know what that is about, I hardly ever get headaches. Anyone else had that happen? I thought maybe it was from sleeping too long. I was absolutely exhausted last night and went to bed as soon as my daugther did (like 8:30). I dont know/ Anyways I dont plan on taking any pain meds today, just tylenol. When I woke up this morning I think I experienced "morning boob" they feel kind of heavy and a little hard. But not painful at all. I am still really numb, my nipples and everything. I may call my PS and ask her if that is normal today. I am getting used to the size they are and I think they are perfect! I am worried at how fast they are dropping though. I dont want to end up with saggy implants. Just comparing everyone elses pics I think mine werent as high and are already a lot lower then they were the day of surgery. Im not sure why, I guess Ill just wait and see what my PS says at my post op. I hope everyone is healing well and loving their new accessories! I think I might play dress up today ;)

I have my post op apt today, Im excited to see...

I have my post op apt today, Im excited to see what she says about the progress. I think everything is going fantastic! and in fact its almost scary how easy everything has been! My only complaints right now is that sometimes I can feel almost what a braxton hicks contraction feels like except on my boobs lol. They will just feel tight for a second, mostly when I am moving around a lot. It is not bad or anything I just want to ask and make sure that is normal. I am still pretty numb on both breasts from nipple down, so I really want to ask her about that. Pain wise I have had almost no pain since day 3. I stopped taking my pain pills 2 days after surgery and have only taken tylenol maybe twice. i have a small bruise on my right breast down by the end of the incision. I havent looked at my incisions because they have tape over them so I will be happy to have the Dr check them out and hopefully everything is healing well. I do have a little pain in my incisions but its because the sports bra will slide up under my boob and sit right on the incision and it gets tender so i just have to keep either pulling my boob up or bra down. I finished my antibiotic a few days ago and am glad to be off of that! It messed my stomach up bad! Last night was the first night I didnt feel like I had to sleep propped up. Slept on my back with two pillows. Before last night when I would try to sleep flat on my back I felt like the pressure of my boobs was choking me. I havent had "morning boobs" like i have been having for the past two mornings. They dont feel as hard or as foreign in the morning. Anyways I will update again after Post op apt today! Also Did any of you post op ladies get your card that you are supposed to carry in your wallet yet? Maybe I will get it today? Im not sure what type of implant I have or even if she put the same size in each breast but it should say all of that on the card.

Post op went well, the nurse took the tape off my...

Post op went well, the nurse took the tape off my incisions and clipped the end of the stiches and they are internal so they will dissolve. I am to wear paper tape on the incisions for 2 months for scar treatment. I will change the tape every week or when needed. The tape is supposed to keep the pressure off the incision so the scar will be minimal. I looked at the incisions and they look pretty good! I got my card and I have allegen (natrelle) implants 400cc in each boob. lifetime warrenty on these babies! She said the numbness will go away in a few months. It is just from disturbing the nerves down there. Man my incisions are sore today! I was loving the VS zip front sports bras and now I cant wear them! the band rubs me raw on the incision site! So im wearing my old target sports bras from when I was still nursing. I may go try and find a more comfortable bra tomorrow. any suggestions?? Oh I am soooo ready to get back to the gym!! i feel so gross!!!!!! One more week...ugh.. But even the thought of working out makes me tired! Im so tired still! being lazy hasnt helped that i am sure, so one more week and then im getting my lazy bum to the gym even if I dont want to! Talking about being tired makes me tired!! I will update my pics soon!!

I forgot to say that the nurse gave me a massage...

I forgot to say that the nurse gave me a massage to do yesterday... you take your opposite hand to opposite breast with your thumb on the inside of the breast and fingers on the outside and squeeze the fingers and thumb together so it slides the implant up in the pocket. I am to do this three times a day squeezing a few times on each breast for 3 months. At three months I can do it twice or at least once a day. I asked her how much they will drop because I am worried they will drop too much as I am really happy with where they are now, she said that it usually depends on the amount of muscle swelling you have and she said I have none so they will most likely stay where they are, maybe drop a little more but not much. I hope she is right! I think they perfect right now! I am going to venture out and try to find a comfy bra today, wish me luck!

I had my two week check up yesterday and she just...

I had my two week check up yesterday and she just took the tapes off of my incisions, said they are all sealed so i dont have to wear the tape if i dont want to. She gave them a quick squeeze and told me to make sure I do my massages. She said she thinks they are already in place, that they wont be dropping much more so we did post op pictures. I got the ok to workout and do whatever I want to do as long as I am not in pain! I hope she is right about them not dropping any more because I really like where they are now!
My incisions arent sore anymore which is good! That was driving me crazy! But now my left one is soooooo sensitive to the touch on the bottom but just on the inside of the breast. is that strange?? My right is completely fine I can squeeze and touch as much as I want but I cringe when I have to touch my left on that side to do massages! Anyone have anything like that before?
I worked out today and it felt so great to sweat!! I just did the eliptical for 45 min tried not to use my arms very much and at one point I was talking and didnt realize I was using my arms for awhile and then my left peck muscle started doing the flexing thing and I had to remember to relax. It continued to flex the rest of the time I was working out but I didnt care I was so happy to be sweating! I do think tomorrow I am going to wear two sports bras though. Even though I was trying not to bounce very much they did bounce and it kind of hurt after awhile. I was wearing my VS zip front sports bra. Any suggestions on good work out sports bras??? I think the VS zip front bras have the best support out of all the bras Ive bought but the zipper kept sliding down while I was working out and they did bounce quite a bit. But they are the most supportive for everyday wear. I have tried the Bali bras they seemed too thin, good for sleeping but I wouldnt wear them out in public. I got some of the cotton Bali bras and they worked for the time when my incisions were super sore but they are not tight enough to work out in. Champion sports bras (the white one im wearing in one of my pics) are thick and pretty comfy but I bought a medium and the band doesnt quite seem tight enough to hold them up. The bra itself is tight but the band isnt. VS seems to have the best bras so maybe I should get a version without the zipper any suggestions??
I posted side view pics so you can see the progression of dropping. I REally hope they stay close to where they are now! I dont want to end up with saggy implants. Maybe I am just being paranoid. Anyways besides the super sensitive part of my boob now everything is going great! So so so glad I did it. Ive never ever had so much attention from my husband, he absolutely loves them and its totally worth it. I hope it never wears off! I feel so much more confident around him already. I am feeling kind of chunky from not being able to work out but I know as soon as I loose the few lbs Ive gained I will feel amazing! ANyone questioning whether or not they should get theirs done, DO IT!! so so so so worth it!

I thought I wouldnt have a problem only wearing...

I thought I wouldnt have a problem only wearing sports bras for awhile but I am getting so sick of them!! Its hard to find clothes to hide them. On my post op paperwork it says I can go braless at night and have to wear a bra during the day, it doesnt say I specifically have to wear a sports bra. So I tried on a wireless bra at VS the other day and it felt very strange. When has everyone started wearing regular bras?? I know they still have some dropping and fluffing to do so I should probably wait but I just want to find something comfortable to wear for awhile that doesnt have huge thick straps that are visable through EVERYTHING.
Quick Update I am regaining feeling in both breasts, they feel really soft and I can tell they have dropped a little more, I had some loose skin below the implants that is now filled in. I can feel the implant on the bottom of my breast. My right one has more sensation to the touch then the left and the left is still having that ultra sensitive to the touch issue. But I think its getting better. It feels better when I dont have such a constricting bra on. I have been sleeping in the Bali bra and then I usually wear the zip front VS bra during the day. Still loving them! Still so happy I did it!!

Well i finally found a non sports bra to wear! I...

Well i finally found a non sports bra to wear! I tried on a ton of bras at VS yesterday and wanted to buy so many but I know they will change some more so i will wait. No real changes at 4 weeks. My left is still ultra sensitive to the touch but I think its getting better... I think. I took side pics but they looked exactly like the ones I posted last week so Im not going to put them up. i dont like the way they look in the front view pic, you can tell that the left is a little higher then the right. for some reason it is totally noticible in pics but in person you cant really tell. I still love them and know they look so much better then they did before. I put the tape back on my incisions to make sure I get the best healing on the scars as possible. I honestly cant believe how easy this whole thing has been! I was so terrified of anything or everything going wrong and I am so so incredibly greatful for the easy healing process that I have had! I hope everyone is healing great and if any of you pre op ladies have any questions feel free to message me!! Ive been there and if I can help at all please let me know!!

I keep forgetting to add that i have had Mondor's...

I keep forgetting to add that i have had Mondor's Cord since about week one. It started feeling like someone punched me in the ribs on my right side and I was super sore to where I couldnt even touch under my breast. Initially I thought it was just from the surgery, maybe the Dr had to put pressure on that area or something but the pain seems to get worse as time went on. Then it finally made since when I found the cord. The pain subsided about a week ago and I was able to raise my breast and there it was! Then I noticed one under my left but it is not as sore as my right. It only hurts when I have to stretch to reach something up high. On a side note I am having a hard time getting myself back after surgery! I feel like I tire out so easily every day and am not doing half as much as I was at the gym. When im working out if my boobs start bouncing too much it starts to feel weird and almost hurt so i will slow down because im afraid of hurting them. The pain is never intense i am just scared to ruin something. Am i babying myself too much? I mean at a month I should be good to go in the healing department and able to start pushing myself right? I dont want to mess anything up but i am never going to be able to get back to where I was pre surgery if i dont push myself harder. So anyways just a few things I wanted to share and kept forgetting to add to my review

My Mondors Cord is still there but not sore...

My Mondors Cord is still there but not sore anymore on either breast, so that is good! And finally the ultra sensitive feeling i had on the skin of my left breast has gone away too! I can fully touch, squeeze and everything without any pain. I am still just a tiny bit numb on both breasts below the nipple. One thing I have noticed a few weeks ago is that I can feel the implant on the bottom of each breast when I squeeze them to do massages. It feels like the skin is really thin down there which I didnt expect. I know I have thin skin on the inside of my breasts and my PS was concerned that you might be able to see the implant like where my clevage would be. So i kind of expected to be able to feel it there but you cant feel it or see it there but def can feel it on the bottom. I dont know if that is normal?? there i am being paranoid again haha. Whatever I still love them!! I am enjoying being able to wear flowy tops and fill everything out more! even just to wear a tee shirt or tank top and sports bra I feel so much more womanly. I am still wearing tape on my incisions and prob will until the two month mark as instructed by my PS nurse. I think my incisions look great! I attached pics of those today, they are hard to see, but that is good! They feel a little thick if you push on them but I think they might smooth out with time..maybe? I am sleeping fully on my sides now without feeling uncomfortable. I was sleeping with a pillow under my arm and breast on the side to support them. Still wearing two sports bras to work out, not sure when I will feel comfortable to only wear one. And I started doing upper body workouts last week, with little weight and this week added a little more. So far so good, no pain or discomfort. I havent tried to run yet, I am afraid of the bouncing. My PS said it would be fine but I cant get to the mind set that it is ok haha so I guess when the time is right I will try it. So far so good I am so glad the sensitive to the touch thing went away with my left breast and now I feel pretty good! Slowly getting back to where I was before surgery in the gym and sleeping more comfortably, cant believe its been 5 weeks!
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I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op and am scared of them dropping. I'm INLOVE with my new boobs!! However, at my two week post op appt I was instructed to wear a soft cup underwire bra 24/7 (except to shower). I haven't been able to find anyone else who has been instructed the same. :-/ I was a small 34B with room and got 400cc high profile mentor silicone unders.
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Do you still feel like it was worth it? I'm scheduled for the 28th with Dr. Haws and I've been so wishy-washy lately; a few weeks ago I was ready. Does that go away??? I'm so freaked out.
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My surgery with Dr Haws this week. Each day that passes I get more and more freaked out. Dr Haws did my TT last Oct and I love it just worry about this procedure I don't want anyone to be able to tell what I've done after. My breasts are deflated after 4 kids I am getting the silicone implant above the muscle. I still have no idea what size sports bra I need to buy. I am currently a deflated 36 C. Any answers??? Btw you look amazing! Hope mine will look amazing when this is all done :)
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5 weeks! Wow! Time flies! I'm 4 weeks today. ;)
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I don't think you are babying them, you are just being cautious. Are you wearing a good supportive bra? What type are you wearing. Mondors Cord goes away right? Hope the pain eases up for you. Just take it one day at a time, you'll regain your energy. Taking any vitamins?
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i just started taking my multi vitamins the other day, was taking them everyday before surgery. i have been wearing two bras when i work out. usually a bali bra and then a more supportive one over it like my zip front bra from Vs or champion sports bra. I just feel so weak even after a month. I guess i was expecting to bounce back faster in the energy department. Mondors Cord goes away I think it can take awhile but they are getting less painful for sure. What bra do you workout in?
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I wear a lot of zip fronts from a designer in New York that makes really cute sports bras, champions from Target and I have a few Danskins from Walmart. You'll get your energy back, take it slow.
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Looking good! How are you feeling?!
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I know it'll be a while for me but I can't wait to go bra shopping. Glad tour recovery is going easy. Mine has been surprisingly easy as well. No pain or problems...I'm hoping it stays that way.
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I tried a cami bra for the day bc the straps were really thin and it still gave me some support but I could wear more normal clothes again. Good luck :)
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You look great! I totally understand about the bra. I'll be one month post-op on Friday and I tried on bras a couple of days ago, but my breasts are still too firm and do not fit into the bra. I have a Bali wireless that's pretty comfortable. I also bought the Genie bra, but I mostly wear it at night, because it's not cut low enough and shows with many of my tops. And, I also wear my Nike sports bra, which is super comfy. I, too, am a bit impatient and would like to start wearing a "regular" bra really soon. Best of luck to you!
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Hi there... You are looking great!!. Two weeks ago I bought the VS zip front and I could not get the band to stay down under my breasts. Then last weekend I tried it as was able to wear it. I worked out in it at the gym and I agree it is the most comfy to hold your babies. I have been using the genie bra and bought some champion sports bras last week. They are comfy but dont hold me as well as the VS zip front. I was measured at 36DD last week so I could nto find any bras without underwire at VS but if you're a smaller size you shouldnt have any problem. I put on the genie bra today and it feels tighter... so Im assuming my babies are projecting out more now. I will check measurements later on this week. They are definitely dropping but I know once I have to put a bra on....they will still probably be 36DD. I did take my bra off a few times when I indulge with my Bf and found myself holding on to them to make sure they didnt move too much. So I know how great it feels to go braless at night. Sometimes I release them for a bit massage them and then put them back up. Will be following you.. Congrats again
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I just ordered two dif sports bras from VS they have a bunch of new ones, i am going to try them on and hopefully like one or both if not ill just return them and try dif ones. I def dont feel ready to wear a real bra yet I tried on a soft cup bra at walmart yesterday and it looked crazy because my boobs arent soft enough to fill out the cups yet. ill update if i find another bra i like!
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Keep wearing that sports bra sweetie. Better safe than sorry. Patience little one. :)
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I was wearing the genie bras.. I'm 3 weeks an cleared to wear a non wire regular bra.. I got the one from vs. it is a little strange only because the girls feel different in it.. But.. They also appear much larger.. I felt obnoxiously large at church even though I know I wasn't.. Just not used to the new "view" as no one seemed to look at me weird. Not even the people that know about it. But wearing a "Real" bra makes them look different.
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I wear the Danskin bras during the day. They look more like cami straps. Your girls look so good :)
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thank you!! i will look for those!
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oh and yours look AMAZING!! Im jealous of how perky you are!
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Yours look nice and soft already! Any progress on the numbness?
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I am slowly getting feeling back in them it is not 100% yet but I think it will be ok in a few months
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You look amazing. I am 1week post op and mine haven't dropped at all. I got 425cc dual plane, crease incision. We had very similar stats pre surgery and I used your pics at the ps office. I'm feeling chunky too. I haven't been to my post op appointment yet, so workouts are a no for now. Do you still sleep upright? Just wondering when I can stop doing that.
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thank you!! yours havent dropped at all? man i am worried mine dropped too fast! I sleep with two pillows and then one under each arm, kind of like a chair of pillows lol. So I would consider that being propped up. I forgot to ask yesterday if I could sleep on my side yet but I think ill sleep like this as long as I can stand it just to keep things in place. and my post op paperwork says for the first week sleep on your back but it was just more comfortable to sleep propped up and still is. how are you healing?
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I feel like I'm healing ok. I just started feeling soreness around my incisions, and today I'm gonna try not to wear a bra all day to see if they'll begin to drop (if my back can take it). I got dual plane placement not just straight under the muscle, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference in rate drop, but I guess I'll find out on tues for my post op.?
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thats what I got too, I thought they were completely under the muscle but the Dr explained it to my husband while I was in the recovery room and so I asked at my first post op and she acknowledged that is what I got. I dont know if that makes a difference, I think it just depends on the person and prob the Dr.
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The vs bra was great for me then rubbed too.. I switched to the genie bra bought at Walmart. After a week with it, I can wear the vs again comfortably but still sleep in the genie as it is most comfortable. :)
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