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For me I have always been top heavy. I was picked...

For me I have always been top heavy. I was picked on and teased in Jr high by the boys and they were always trying to bump into me.
I was told in 1998 that I should considering having a bust reduction at that time I had had my children and was beginning to have pain in my back as well as the indentions in my shoulders....I for went the fast forward to 2014. The pain in my shoulders causes my arms to go numb and interrupts my sleep, my neck and back caused a great deal of pain also. It was time to make the call.
So, I made the call set up an consultant appointment. I went to my appointment on 1 April 2014 and was informed that I was a great candidate for the procedure. After my pictures were taking and I met with the PS and we decided to move forward. I was informed that all my info would be forward to my ins company for review and that it would tale 4-6 weeks before I would know if my ins would cover my surgery. Two weeks after my first appoint I received and approval letter in the mail. and on 28 April 2014 I went for my pre op appointment. My surgery is scheduled for 12 May 2014. I was hoping to get an earlier appointment but my PS was out of the office for about 10 days so she gave me the first available appointment. The two week wait has been filled with nervous energy and I have been stressing but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am a 44f/g and I am hoping to be a c-cup.
I have never worn a sport bra in my life except for the ones made for big boobs. I am looking forward to going to Walmart/Target and buying a regular sport bra which I wanted to do today but I had to contain my impulse with the help of my daughters who were giving me a hard time all in love. I'll be in touch. Good luck to all who have already took the leap to itty bitty titty community. May your recover go well!
So your surgery is May 12th Hang in there Im so happy with my results Im three weeks post surgery today. I think I over did it and still having swelling but cant wait to see final results they told me would be 4 months..... I made sure to tell my PS right before surgery I wanted on the SMALLER SIDE OF C I didnt want to have BIG C OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH D More the better I told him He did a great job I lost alot of blood during surgery thats why I have bruising I see improvements everyday. I do now belong to the ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTY LOL Good luck I had three months to get to the surgery I had to do appeal and send in information that proved I was doing it for MEDICAL NECESSITY which worked out Since then I had gotten a second opinion And sure glad I DID I went with the second opinion.

Same Date different time

Well in six days I will have my surgery. My PS's office called me today to change the time of my BR from 9:00 am to 7:00 am which is a good thing originally they wanted me to come in at 7:00 and wait until 9:00 for the surgery. I was not looking forward to the two hrs wait time.
The waiting is coming to an end.....

Username change

Flojo3691 will now be using the name frm1boobto2.

Nerves on edge

Well the clock is ticking down toward D-day for my BR (May 12, 2014).....reality and nerves are beginning to get the best of me. I am relieved to be having this done but still nervous about it.
Well I am going to go and by my loose fitting surgery day, hopefully this will help me to relax.
Prayers and well wishes for those who have upcoming surgeries and those who are post op.
Happy Mother's day to all the mothers of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee!

pics of my girls

Here are two before BR....
Wishing you great surgery success! I will be exactly 3 weeks post op on the 12th. My PS said I'm healing very well and everything looking good. I know you will do great also. Yes, as Wendy said, be sure to take some au natural pics pre-surgery so you can really see the difference after. You are going to be amazed! I'll be thinking of you on Monday!
You'll have to take some More Pics totally Naked with No Bra On - so you can TRULY Compare your AFTER Results. The 12th will be here BEFORE YOU KNOW IT ! THEN ......... You'll be on the Other Side here !
~ HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ! ~ To You Too ! What a GREAT GIFT - to Give Yourself ! You will be SO HAPPY ! GOOD LUCK ON MONDAY ! :-) We will all be here for ya !

Thank You

You all will never know how much I appreciate your words of support and prayers. Your stories on here have really been and encouragement and I am so very thankful for this Committy!
I recently was diagnosis with pre hyper tension and had to be put on a low dose of bp med.
I have been monitoring my bp for almost two weeks and it had been great but yesterday it was high and I had a great deal of anxiety. Today (Sat.) has been better. I got away from my house and the computer most of the day and I didn't think about my up incoming procedure.
My PS said I should not take my bp med tomorrow or the morning of the surgery, so I am just praying and hoping that my bp will not cause my BR to be rescheduled..... Please pray along with me. I am a devout Christian and I hope it is not offensive to anyone if I ask you all to pray for and along with me. I don't know if I can take another wk or two of waiting if they have to reschedule....

Front view, left & right view

Wow...this feel strange to be doing but here are a few bare shots of my girls.....
I had the numbness in my arms that you describe pre surgery and the difference is incredible now, only 16 days later. wishing you much luck and a happy and easy recovery
well done for sharing your story and very good luck with your surgery, it should improve your life so much

At the Hotel

Well in 11 hrs my journey will begin. I had a great MD with my children and my grandson (Hubby had to work).
My hubby, my youngest daughter and I are at the hotel. I am just trying to relax and not really think about my surgery. I think I want to eat something but don't know what but I need to decide before 12am creeps up on me and its already 8:44pm.
My anxiety does not seem to be too bad today. I believe that God is calming my soul!
Well God's blessing on all who will be having surgery this week and may all goes well with you and may your recovery be speedy! I'll let you all know how it goes!
Looking forward to hearing the next update! Best of luck, my dear!
It's way too late right now for either you or me to be up! I hope you are resting for your big day tomorrow. Will be praying for peace, calm and success for you! Take care and we'll see you on the itty bitty side. I am really excited for you! Good night!
You will have SUCH RELIEF to get rid of all that Extra Boobage ! I found after My Surgery - that my Tummy seemed Bigger - with the Boobs Smaller and I could ACTUALLY see my FEET ! Hadn't since I was about 12 years Old ! LOL ! And I had these Little Dents on the Front Side of my Tummy - where My Boobs used to rest ! Best of Luck from your Surgery tomorrow and we will ALL be here for YOU !

On The Other Side

Surgery went great this morning. God answered prayers and there was no need for a free nipple graft, so my nipples are in tact. I'm at home now yet still a little googly and feeling some pain. I'm having a hard time getting on and off the toilet since I can't seem to push myself. My husband and my kids are lifesavers! I have lost a lot of weight; 10 pounds going in and 10 pounds coming out. Good luck to Jewelry in Chicago and Kmag on their surgeries today. Hope all went well. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes; will keep you posted.

ps: The recliner is the best thing since sliced bread.
so thrilled for you, hope you are doing ok
I'm also in the Nashville area my surgery is next month. I'm not going to deny it, I'm a little nervous. I glad everything went well for you.
When & where will you be having your BR done? Mines was at the Atrium Centennial Medical Center. It is normal to feel all the emotions that you are feeling. I had an anxiety Attach on Friday before my surgery....but I know it was because I allowed myself to spend too much time analysing and fretting. The best thing I did was to get out and get busy espically since you still have a few weeks to wait. Do something relaxing and just for you. I went and looked at bras but didn't buy any, find a quiet place and listen to the sounds of nature.I hope these suggestions help. Praying and thinking about you! Have a great day:)

Days 1-3 post-op

So far everything is going great. I haven't had much pain. On the first day I had some pain and was out of it due the meds in my system. The second day was rough I didn't sleep well in the Recliner but I did get a few hours of sleep. My back has been really sore and achy from sleeping in the recliner.
On Wed I went to see my PS for my first post op visit and everything went well. My drain tubes were removed and she said that everything was looking good. No stiches on the outside all in side and will dissolve on their own.
Even though I have a lot of swelling my boobs look good.....I don't have ANY BOOBS according to my I must admit that when I finally looked at myself in the mirror I was like my boobs are gone (Tues) I can actually see my fee in the morning when I stand up.
Today (Thurs) is day three of post op and I am doing good. When I changed the gauze this morning I took a long look at the incision.....not bad but it was a little shocking at first.
The only problem I seem to be having is that I stay cold all the this normal? Well my arms are a little swollen and sore so I getting off now.
I do hope and pray that everyone is doing well on the stage they are at. have a bless day!
So happy to hear everything went well for you. Yes, I think it's normal to feel shock when you first see the "new girls". I peeked at mine under the surgery gown when I was still in recovery. My sister and the nurse laughed when I said "I don't have any boobs left!" I find myself checking them out anytime I walk by a mirror--still loving the new smaller girls! Funny also about the feet, yes, I too can now look straight down and see my feet.
All sounds normal and good. You may well feel colder than you used to. i slept in a bed using 5 pills and was really comfortable - 2 under the head and shoulders, one either side to rest your arms on and one under your knees to save your back. Try a pillow under your knees in the recliner.

5 days post-op

Well it feels great to be on the other side. I am doing well and I feel good. My boobs are softening but I am still swollen. I look like a bodybuilder. My back, shoulder, neck and arms are feeling great! I love my new size though I don't know what size I am now will find out Monday hopefully:)
I am reading a lot on here about the bra and taking it off. I took mine off only to take a shower or to hand was it since I was told to wear it for 24/7 until my PS tells me the next bra to put on. For me its tight but since I put a t-shirt under it to prevent rubbing I feel secure with the tightness. My zing zaps ( boobs waking up) start about 3 day ago....the tightness of my bra helps to ease and control them but sometimes I have to add added pressure with my hands to calm them down....(don't like the zing long will this last)
Well I hope and pray that where ever you are in you stage of recovery or on the brink of your BR that all will go well and that you will achieve the results that you are hoping for but whether you are bigger/smaller than you planned at least you are not where you were let all be THANKFUL! Have a wonderful weekend
Wow, you are really big in your photos. When I see them I feel your pain! Are you ready to show us your new girls yet?

Good bye surgical bra....Hello sports bra: 1 wk post op/2nd visit

Today I had my 2nd visit post-op since my surgery. Everything is looking and going great. Healing is going well but I do have a couple of spots that seem to be bleeders. No pain but when I reach to pick-up something (not stretching) I feel a little pull and know that I have over reached.
On the zing zaps are reckon habit with me...these little electric zaps as the nerves connect and come back to the nurse was cleaning the incision and brush against my nipple with her hand I also came off the table the sensitive is very high esp on the right side the left side seems to be taking its own time to wake up but I do feel zing zaps on that side just not as frequently.
The most wonderful thing happened surgical bra was switched to a sports bra! Never have I been able to go and buy just a regular sports bra let along wear is so cute and small I love, love, love it!. My summer is going to be great: sports bras, cute tops & a cute swimsuit!
My boobs are really's amazing that I can see my feet, my stomach and to eat with out food dropping on my
Next week I will have the stiches removed from around my nipples not looking forward to it.....
Well happy healing to all who have now crossed over. To those who are still waiting for their BR good luck and God speed.
i wanna see a pic in that sports bra!!!


Good morning to all! Hope and pray that all are well and moving forward at their different stages.
I didn't have a good rest last night so I am a little tired today. I guess the trip to and from my PS office did me in plus the small outing.
Not happy with my sport bra....the bra itself is nice but the band rubs my incisions line....I guess today is my blue day. I have been doing well in my healing but I have a spot along my incision under my left breast that is turning out to be a constant leaker not small either...its not gushing but it runs soaking through the gauze & bra. The nurse looked at t yesterday but wasn't concern.....I guess I shouldn't worry. Anyway just say an extra prayer for me.
Hope to post pics of my sport bra and my new size soon;) still HAPPY!
Wishing you all a bless day!
You are doing Great ! Sending More Healing Vibes your way !
use sanitary towels to pad out the bra and soak up any leaking. they will work much better than gauze. Everyone has down days, be gentle on yourself.
Hoping you are doing well and waiting for some of your after Photos and welcome to the other side~~~~~~~~~~~~

more pics

Swollen, but making steady progress

Hey I hope all are well by the grace and mercy of God. I am doing great. today I am 1 week and 3-days post-op. I feel boobs are still swollen, but they are beginning to soften. the nerves are alive and shooting.
the one spot that I was concern about because of bleeding is healing slowly just a few leaks now and then.
sometimes my boobs feel as if they are contracting is anyone else experiencing this.....
Oh, my PS said she took 2.5lbs from my right side and 3lbs from the left. I feel and look great!
Speedy recoveries to all!
It sounds like you are actually on track with "normal"! I didn't have leakage--I think because my PS had drains in for 8 days--but I had rubbing irritation from the bottom band of my bra. The PS's asst told me to use maxi-pads between my skin and bra to help with the rubbing. I did this several days, then the irritation there stopped. The maxi pads might help you to absorb the oozing since you aren't that far out from surgery. I have to say, you are looking great. Your PS did a really good job. You're so tiny! Doesn't it feel wonderful. And how is your back and shoulders feeling now? Just remember not to overdo with activity--even normal stuff. Even little things just wore me out. Take care of yourself, and quick healing for you!

Healing Well no visit to my PS for 4wks

Today I had my 3rd post -op visit with my PS. I am happy to say that I am healing well and will not have to go back for four week (yeah...I drive 2hrs each way and have been going in every week since my BR).
My healing is coming along fine except I have two place on the left breast that have pulled apart and hasn't dried completely. The surgical glue is beginning to peal and my nerves are definitely coming alive. The only drawback is that I have little or no sensation on my left nipple.....hoping this is just temporary since my nipples were left attached ( the right side is HIGHLY sensitive). I am still swollen but she assured me that this will pass.
I don't have to wear the surgical bra at night unless I want too she said I could wear a sports bra and after next week I can begin to do light work around the house if I haven't started already ( I have) but still no lifting and extending/stretching my arms over head.
No exercise for 3 more week. Sweating can make you sweat and that can cause swelling. (so ready to hit the gym or walking track).
My SO and I are very pleased with my results. He has been my rock through all of this (as well as my kids), but God is the ultimate healer!
Purchase several Danskin Now sports bras and one simply basic in assorted colors....can wait to wear them (2x, who would have thought I would be buying a 2x....maybe after all my swelling goes down, I will be able to wear a 1x, but even if I can't nothing can compare with the joy I am feeling now. Shopping for clothes and bras has taken on a whole new meaning!
I pray that all are doing well in your recovery and your wait. Have a Bless week!
Thanks TN Rose...I am so happy with my results and YES it fell wonderful. No problems with my back, neck, shoulder or like the pain just disappeared. I have a spot where the incision has pulled apart....when I saw my PS yesterday she said to put dry gauze there it doesn't bother me just soils my bras but I have been keeping it covered. The use of limited mobility with my arms are frustrating but I know I have to take it easy and not do any harm to my girls or myself.....2wks and two days! How are you coming on? I hope all is on track with you! Have a great day:)
I "read" the happiness in your words! Yes, you should be able to tell a big difference in arm mobility in about another week. It's been amazing what changes take place each week. I had my 5 week checkup yesterday---you can read my update on my review from yesterday's PS visit and what's been going on. Some good info---that I wish I had known a couple of weeks ago! Overall, I'm doing great. The biggest change I think for me is that I really seem to be in such a better mood these days. That happens when pain in removed! You have a good day also---looks like we may have a few storms this afternoon in TN! Be safe.
I just read you entire update and it sounds like you are having a perfectly normal healing and good relationship with you PS. The zingers and contractions in my boobs always occur at inopportune times....sometimes I just have to hold my girls till it pass which I try to do discretely. I am so very happy with my new new size is awesome. Well I hope and pray that you will enjoy the rest of the week and have a wonderful weekend. We got a little rain but no storms.....looks like it might rain today.

3 weeks post -op today

My healing is coming on fine and I am so happy with how I feel both emotionally and physically.
The surgical glue around my nipples have began to peal off and I have to say my they look good......the only problem is that I have some pink discoloration above the left nipple my PS told me to expect this. The zingers that I have been experiencing are calming down. I still have them but not as often. the sensitivity in my left nipple had not return yet though I have feeling around the areola there is none on the nipple.
I am still swollen so I don't know my measurement yet but as I mentioned earlier I can wear a 2x sports bra.
my incisions have started to itch like crazy especially the ones under my arms....I rub them very gently but the need to claw is highly present. I am still rubbing Neosporin for scaring but thinking I need to switch to something else so I went and check out the pharmacy at Wal-mart (small town) I cam across Bio Oil....has anyone on here used this before and did it help with scaring. (I think I recall someone mentioning it on here) can anyone give me some feedback on it or make other suggestions.
Oops, why is my face breaking out like a 13 year old entering puberty.....its like a allergic reaction (a little over two weeks now).
Well, I hope and pray that every one is healing well and enjoying the stage/stages you are in with your BR. sending healing vibes to all!

4 wks Post-op today

I am happy with the way I am healing. I went to Vicki Secret today and had my self measure even though I still have swelling I measures at a 38 D with swelling (form a 44f/g but I was probably bigger). The clerk said I will probably end up being a C (No complaints). I am still sleeping in my recliner I tried to sleep in my bed but it was very uncomfortable and I didn't sleep well. I tried to lay on my stomach but I still feel soreness and pulling though I have healed well. Some parts of my scars are very smooth and looks really good.
I have a side boobs on the left which I am not happy with but I still have swelling on that side and I am hoping that it goes down.
I go back to my PS on the 24 June.
I hope and pray that all are doing well in their various stages of healing =, waiting and recovery! have a great week!
It looks like you are doing well and healing Great ! It is SO NICE to get rid of the Back and Neck Pain ! Still sending Healing Vibes your way ! :-)
I am SO glad I stumbled across this forum. I am working now to get my reduction. Met with ps in March. Working to document all sorts of different ways to relieve the pain other than surgery so I can send to insurance co for approval. At this point, I am more worried about being denied by insurance than actually having the surgery. Any tips in dealing with insurance?
Welcome to RS, Leslie! Yes, this is a wonderful group of ladies who are all on this same ship! You may want to go ahead and do your own review; you may get even more feedback from doing that. About the insurance, my PS (plastic surgeon) and his asst. took all my info from pain and any other issues I was having related to having big boobs and turned all this in to my insurance. We got approval in one week! They (Cigna) thankfully did require my doctor to try other methods for pain relief. I know some do. I was told that at least here in TN, the ins companies had been very good about approving BR surgery, and fairly quickly. Do you know if your PS has turned in the request to your ins yet?

I love my road to recovery

Today I am 1 month and 1 day post-op. I am happy to report that my recovery thus far has been great no major challenges or setbacks.
My scars are healing smoothly with the exception of where it pulled to tight and looks like I have lines along my incision...with time this will straighten itself out. I also have a side boob on the left side which my PS side will disappear as the swelling continues to go down.....hoping.
I still have a lot of swelling but it is mostly felt and notice in the evenings after I am settling down from my day....I still sleep in the surgical bra mostly except for a couple of time I slept in a sports bra.
I seem to have a hard knot in my left breast it goes from soft to hard with the hardness being felt during the this common. My boobs are very soft in the morning and most of the day but at night is when I notice the knot in the left side.......I don't want to borrow trouble I believe it has to do with the swelling...Any ideals or advise on how to deal with this.
My life has changed so much since my BR and I thank God and all of you for your blessing and encouragement as I continue to have a healthy and normal healing.
I hope and pray that all itbc members will have a bless weekend and happy healing in every stage of your BR and for those waiting to come to the other side I hope all goes well in your process of getting here.
Checking in on you how are you doing.
I am doing great. Healing well and got word from my PS that I could swim so that makes me very happy!
Glad your doing well be slow at swimming as you might feel pain I still have sore boobies and Im two months out Your size looks wonderful


I am on the verge of 6 wks post-op. I have an appointment with my PS on the 24 June so I will let you all know more after my appt. Here are a few shots. My swimming lessons are coming along great. the first day killed me but after that everything is progressing well. have a bless weekend and happy healing to all! For those who are in the waiting room before BR just be patience you will soon crossover. I pray that each of you will have a successful surgery and that your recovery will be normal and speedy.

more Pics

Found these on my computer now I can share...
I'm glad that you are doing well and feel Great ! Swimming will be Great - as in the water you Boyant ! ( SP * ) 1 Month Out - is Great ! We just take things 1 Day at a Time - and 1 Week at a Time !
Doing well to be swimming so soon, you look great.
I feel great! Still a little swollen but I believe the swimming is helping me. thanks for your compliment!

A few pics

here are a few shots of how my incisions and boobs look in general. Still very happy with my BR just noticing a few ...blemishes. have a great day. I am 6 wks post-op today:)
early days, lots of changes to come, and looking very good.
Thanks . You are an encouragement to me and others I am sure. Hope you are doing well and that you are having a great summer!
My surgery date is August 28th. I have lost 73lbs since Dec.08. The more weight I take off the more my shoulders and back hurts. I never really thought that much about a breast reduction until I lost weight. I cant wait until my surgery day. Any suggestions on how to make time fly? My husband tells me not to wish time away that everyday is a gift.

Green light to exercise....excited

Well my appointment went well and I am pleased to announce that I was given the green light to exercise, but to not get to hot and to avoid being in the sun too much as that causes swelling.
The little black stiches around my areola was removed. My PS said she was very pleased with my healing especially my incisions. She also said that with time the boob under my left arm will smooth out and soften (happy dance) She could not really say what size I was because according to her I still have quiet a bit of swelling so time will tell. Spitted my first stitch last night at the spot where the black stitches were removed this one was white (left a small hole about the tip of a pin head). Well happy healing to all...if your are in the waiting room bear patience you will soon be on the other side. I hope and pray that your surgery will go well and that your healing will be speedy and normal. Have a peaceful night!
doing great, that is very early for exercising to go carefully
I thought 6 weeks you are clear for regular activities without restrictions???
When I had my BR my PS was very happy to know that I was neither a smoker or drinker also that I have never had any kind of surgery or on medication (I take a low dose bp med). She told me that these facts along would be added benefits to my healing. I am still sore so I am not going to go out and over do it. I think my swimming and a daily walk (2-3 miles) will be enough for me. She did tell me not to be out it the sun too long and to watch my sweating as I am still swollen. My stomach is my main concern but I don't see my self going out and doing the abdominal machine at the still pull under my breast when I sleep on my back/side. I am thankful for your concerns because sometimes we need the voice of reason to help us see more clearly. I promise I will take it easy and build up to where I feel is good for me. Thanks for keeping me grounded and for the advice. Happy healing to you and Peediewife.

Spitting stitches (2 months 3 days)

Just wanted to let all know that I am doing well by god grace. Swimming lessons are coming on fine and I am back in the Gym (2/3 days a week!
Last week I felt something staging on my bra under my left breast.....when I felt to see what it was it felt like a piece of stiff thread after taking a closer look I realized it was a stitch pushing it way out. I tried to remove it but it refused to budge so I left it for a few days tried again Sun. night and it still refuses to move Its not causing any pain or trouble just irritating. I also had a little hole to open up around my areola I didn't see a stitch just notice a few drops of blood on my bra when I got up the other this normal?
I feel great and I don't have a lot of soreness just a little swelling still persisting.
I hope all are doing well where they are at and ask God to grant you normal and speedy healing. Enjoy the rest of your summer, especially if you have kids schools will open soon.
So frustrating when you feel your incisions are pretty much healed and just the scarring is processing along. Then, boom, another "hole" opens up! I'm at 3 months out (next Monday) and had one open under lefty about a week ago. Noticed a stinging when I was bathing, then saw the open spot. It oozed nasty stuff for about 3-4 days; now it's just a tiny bit that I only notice when removing my bra. I've been having achiness for about the last 2 weeks--just sore. Not real bad, but enough to feel. Trudging along the way.....
Just hang in there this too shall pass. I feel your frustration though......that about how I felt when mines opened last week. the thing is my incisions are great and heal well...but the stitches poking out along them is troublesome..... Have a great day and may you continue to heal well!
It shouldn't be it should be six weeks to workout the upper body.

Lump/hard spot/fatty tissue/dead tissue

Hey ladies I have a my left breast I have a lump it is very hard not sore. Have any of you experienced this? If its dead tissue will it have to be removed and if so how long after my surgery ( I am 2 months 4days)
The feeling in lefty is very slow at coming back.....Righty just goes with the flow but lefty will harden when touch but the is no sensitivity directly on the nipple there is however feeling around it.
Still early days, try massaging the area


Hello IBTC! I am two months 1 day today and I am doing great. However I still have the knot/lump in my left breast been rubbing it but it doesn't seem to soften or get smaller also my nipple on my left breast near the breast bone is flat. I go back to my PS in two weeks!
hi, neither issue sounds like a real problem but you will be able to ask your surgeon. i have all sorts of lumps and bumps if i feel for them. sounds like you are doing great.
I was 5 Months Out ( 20 Weeks ) - last Wednesday the 23rd. and I still have a Hard Lump - Knots in Both of mine yet ! Give it time ! It should go away - I have been told !
Lois wagstrom

I chose my PS because she was recommended by my cousin and couple of friends. Our first meeting which was held 4/1/14 was very friendly and encouraging. She answered all my questions and was a major factor in me finally making my decision as well as her office staff. So, I'm saying a BIG thank you to her and all the doctors at Centennial Medical Center.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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