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Invisalign - Biggest Side Effect is a Gagging Reflex

Pros: Not noticable. Although someone can look up...

Pros: Not noticable. Although someone can look up close (REALLY close) and tell, you can carry on a conversation without having junior high flashbacks!

Cons: I can't really say yet, as I just started my treatment. Currently, though, I'm experiencing some gagging when I talk. Hopefully that will get better!

I just started Invisalign yesterday. So far the biggest "side effect" I've experienced is a gag reflex - especially when I speak. Is there anything I can do to help this? I've tried concentrating on breathing through my nose, but I still seem to gag when I speak. Help! I need to be able to go to work without gagging! Any suggestions are appreciated.


I have this problem, as well. I just got my aligners yesterday. I see this post is pretty old. Were you able to work it out? Or did you quit treatment? Not sure how I'm going to be able to comply with the treatment schedule when I can't keep the lower tray in my mouth without gagging.

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This is a serious problem for me as well. I can't hold long conversations without choking. Any advice would be helpful.
Hi, I got my aligners yesterday and I'm suffering with the gagging reflex too. Have you found a way to manage it?
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