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So, I'm 35, African-American, mother of two, 5'1,...

So, I'm 35, African-American, mother of two, 5'1, between 120 - 125 lbs and currently I'm barely an A. Honestly I don't know what my bra size is because even A cups (all different brands) aren't filled out by me!

Before I had my kids I was a B cup, but after breast feeding the last one, everything went away but skin and nipples lol!

I have a consultation tomorrow with Dr. Hueneke here in Nashville and I am SUPER excited and nervous. The reviews if his work on here have been encouraging as well as his responses. He is also one of the PS recommended on the Mentor implant website. So I have high expectations!

I want to be a full C cup, but I know implants go by cc's and not cup size. I would definitely rather go with a larger cc and be a little bigger than initially planned, than go smaller and feel the same way I feel now when I look down!

I'll keep you updated!


            i agree with you! you def. want to go with a higher amount off cc than planned! you dont want to regret going too small! been there and done that! speaking from experienced! i had a redo almost 4 months ago! i went to the max this time! make sure you choose your profile wisely as well! just a hint high profile is bigger toward the front with less side boob! modplus will be smaller towards the front and bigger on the sides! and mods are smaller all around! i have high profile and i love them! make sure you bring goal pics to your consultation! good luck at your consult!
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I am SO Excited... My family is not

My consultation went fabulous! Dr. Hueneke and his entire staff are polite, professional & just good people. I've decided to go with 350 cc silicone moderate plus round submuscular. We did some sizing and 300 just didn't look like enough, but 400 looked pornstar-ish. I'm hoping to schedule the op for the end of this month. I'll let you guys know the date when it is set. Right now I am scheduling my pre-op mammogram.

I'm super excited, but feeling a little alone. My boyfriend is showing little interest in the decision or process. I might as well have told him I was changing my nail polish color. SMH. He says he is fine with it, but his interest in talking about it or looking at wish pics, deciding on a surgeon, etc. is nil.

My family (that know) are ALL against it. But my mom and aunts are all at least a full C (and two are DD). They can wear bikinis, fill out shirts properly, etc. Generally they think I'm crazy for having unnecessary surgery and that I should be happy with what God gave me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE myself and thank God for all I have AND I want bigger breasts!

I have one friend who has had a lift and she is supportive and encouraging about my decision.

Anyone else experiencing something like this?


Read some stories about breast implant removal on here first honey !!!
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With your little frame that's too big I just got rid of mine check me out that same size messed my whole experience up you being so little that evolves lowering your crease and high profile really are the worst , but if you don't like them when you ever remove your stuck with that new crease unless it it sutured up. For your little frame and your breast to cover the implant I think a 190 or a 200 saline would be adea for your size . Going to big can cause lots of problems down the road honey and that foreign feeling inside you have to be ready for that.
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Thanks for your insight and sharing your removal story! I honestly hadn't even explored what that process would be like. I am pretty confident, though, that 350 will be good for me. I have had a couple of other consults and all the PS suggested within a 275 - 400 cc would fit my frame. None of them mentioned having to lower my crease, and PS I decided to go with actually said he doesn't want to lower the crease

ADVICE: Take the consultation process SLOW

Morning ladies! So I was up last night thinking about some if the stories of women that either went too small or too large. Not saying, that they didn't do this, but I recommend taking the consultation step very slowly:

1. Get more than two consultations.

2. Make sure implant and op decisions are a joint venture between you and the PS. It shouldn't be all your decision or all the PS. You know what you want to like, the PS knows if it is possible and what it will take to get the look you want safely.

3. Do the rice test!!! Actually wear the rice around for a while to get an idea of how the new weight will feel and the size will look.

4. Take a few days between consultations and making major decisions. Take this time to review what you were told, ask any questions that have come up since the consult (removal, aftercare, etc.) take this time to review the literature the PS provided and do your own research.

4. Be honest, direct and objective at the consult. Is the PS Pushing a specific technique because it is their preference or because it is the best for you? Ask questions about their experience with other techniques, implant types, etc. for example, I only cook scrambled eggs, so if you come to my house for breakfast I'm going to suggest scrambled eggs and try to discourage you from asking for sunny side up. But, you don't have to eat the eggs at my house, you can explore people that make different kinds of eggs. Same thing with the PS, they are going to push what they are good at. Consult a variety of PS to explore all your possibilities.

Hope this is helpful!!!!


Great advice. Also your PS can provide you with some list of her/his patients to call if needed to talk to them about their experience. Btw you handled the other comments responses below. You seem to be well educated on your decision to go through this process . Some people who had BA who were not happy of the outcome will try to discourage or deter others from their decisions. WE are the only ones who can make an informed decisions for ourselves. Great job. I can't wait to see your result. I'm happy for us.
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Good morning. Great advice! How'd the mammography scheduling go? When's ur appt?
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Little bell, it's nice that you are giving advices to others that you think might make mistakes like you. Perhaps these procedures are not for everyone, some are not physically and mentally ready for this. Most of us spent years getting ready for this monetarily and mentally because this procedure is not easy to endure. I'm sorry you were not happy with your decision but please keep it to your forum and if some of us wants to think about changing our minds we will find you. You must be brave to go thru the pain and discomfort for few weeks and turn around go do another procedure/ opening up your armpit incision again to take that suckers up. I don't think I can handle it. To tell you honestly, most of us who decided this procedure and supporting each other because that's what we do as a friend here. We don't bully others just because you were unhappy. If I sound rude, I'm sorry but most of us here wants to hear positive things only otherwise, we will be on that other side . I hope you heal well

Mammogram scheduled & OP date options

First off, thank you YesNewMe2013! Your post reminded me to update!!!

So I did schedule my mammogram for Monday morning. They had an opening for late Friday afternoon, but the results would arrive to my PS at the same time regardless. So, I put it off...

Of all things to be nervous about, it's the mammogram! I hate to admit it , but it's the one thing I know the least about in this whole process and its general practice, not specific to BA. I do regular BSE, but always figured I would learn more about an actual mammogram when my PCP told me I needed one. And now I have one scheduled for Monday! I'd appreciate any comments about the procedure. How long does it take? Does it hurt?

And ???????????????????????? Dr. Hueneke's nurse called to give me some op date options: July 18, 23, 24 or 25th!!!! If I couldn't do it this month, I'd have to wait until October, soooo I'm going with the 18th. I was planning for my kids to go visit MY grandparents anyway around that time, so it works out perfectly!!! They are 5 and 7 and in terms of keeping personal things personal, well, as my mom says, "their mouths can't hold water & you know loose lips sink ships". I can just picture them telling all their friends, friends' friends, and teachers and strangers ???????????????????????? (that's me going from mortified 2 thinking why in the hell would he just blurt that out 2 he really just blurted it out 2 hey, he blurted it out 2 it's out there 2 YES, it's out there!!! )

Also, if I do it then, I won't have to take off from work - another plus!!! It will give me maximum rest time.

I'm super excited! Also, I talked to my dad today and he said he supports me! Score one for TeamBoobie!!! And, caught the bf at the right moment and he explained he was for it because I wanted it, but he was fine with me either way. He said he didn't seem interested in the pics & stuff because he wanted it to be my decision and he didn't want his opinion to sway me. I appreciate it now that I understand and I am glad that he understands that it's MY decision and wants it that way. Score two for TeamBoobie!

My sister is another story, when I told her dad supported me, she told me she would call him and find out what he really thought because he probably wasn't trying to hurt my feelings. She hasn't called me back, so.... ????(Feeling a little smug).

All in all, today was a good day.


Did you have your surgery? If so, how'd it go?
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I can completely empathize with your comment about having nothing left but nipples and skin after breast feeding. Glad you have some family support. You may not get support from everyone, but that's okay, they're entitled to their opinion. Just hope there aren't any bad feelings between you and your sister in the end. Have you finalized your surgery date? Looking forward to more updates!

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Excellent advice! Such a helpful review :)
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