51, 36b, 148 Lbs, 5'8" Getting 375 Mentor Moderate + Profile Silicone - Nashua, NH

I'm 51, mother of 3, take care of myself and want...

I'm 51, mother of 3, take care of myself and want to look the best I can. I would like my breasts to be full and I'm hoping for one full cup size larger. I'm currently a 36b. I'm getting 375 silicone moderate + profile. I'm having my BA July 17th!! I'm so nervous but very excited too. I have 3 days to get my act together, clean my house and get what I need. I hope I get results that I am happy with. I have pectus excavatum so my breasts are close together now. Hopefully they will sit nicely and look good!


Me too! Tummy tuck and ba this Thursday! The to do list has commenced!
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My Little Boobies


Just checking on you..... :)
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Hi Michele, thanks for checking in. I feel great! I just got back from my post op visit. I was told that my breasts are not very high due to the shape of my chest so I had to stop by at Target to get a no wire bra to wear. I certainly do not have any bras at home that will fit me now! I'll post some pics in a while. Let me know what you think! They look pretty swollen to me. How are you doing? Hope your recovery is going well.
Can't wait to see pictures! Recovery pretty good. Hit my 2 week yesterday and now the nipple/Boob sensitivity is in full swing. The ladies all tell me today that weeks 2-3 are the worst for it....so heads up! Hopefully you'll skip that part!

1 Day Post Op


De, looking at your profile and you look really good! My chest is built like you and my breasts are also close together! Great results you have! Saw your advise on another page about choosing who to tell wisely , I couldn't agree more! Ppl you feel are your friends can get quite jealous when they can't have the same things ....can sever lots of friendships...thank you for sharing your experience.
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Looking good there ;)
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Thanks Redglory and Botswifey! I'm hoping that once the swelling goes down they will look natural. The first night I slept great but not so good last night. Sleeping elevated and on my back is not fun. Does anyone know if I have to sleep this way or can I try sleeping on my side? I don't think my PS told me exactly how to sleep. If he did I don't remember because I was drugged up. Thanks.
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