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The surgeon did not make the incision at the base...

The surgeon did not make the incision at the base of my nose. Now I have a very visable scar about one centimeter below my nose in a half circle shape. The scar is very noticable and I cannot conceal it with make up. I am very self conscious about it. I was told by other surgeons it will not "go away" that it should not have been done this way. Now I suffer with this horrible scar. I wish I would have been told by the surgeon his plans to make the scar so low. I never would have paid so much for so much dissatisfacton. Be very careful about this procedure as you may get untoward results like me. My mouth now looks like a monkey.


Sorry to hear that you will not be able to get a revision done properly due to scar placement of original. You stated that you will have to have additional work to eyes, and earlobe. Is the additional surgery needed due the lip lift placement? Thanks for sharing with us.
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If you are interested into the lip upper lift, I give you an advice: DON'T ACCEPT the scare INSIDE DE NOSE. The scare have to be OUTSIDE only, under the nose, but NOT inside. I talk to you after my experience: the low part of my nostrils are destoyed by the scar, and it's quite obvious.
Only under the nose scare must be done for lip upper lift surgery.
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It has been two years since my surgery. I am...

It has been two years since my surgery. I am faced with the fact that the revisions I need are more costly than initial surgery. My face has not been right all this time and the fact that it will never be the way it should have been is a heavy burden. I had this surgeon do eye lift, face lift and sub nasal lip lift. I only wish that anyone considering facial plastic surgery get a number of consultations with the surgeon they decide upon. They should mark your face and explain where your scars will be. Don't end up like me, Having your face marked while you are lying down and under sedation, how can they tell what you will look like when you are sitting up when they do that? My experience has been a total nightmare. I went to a board certified facial plastic surgeon in Peoria,Illinois. I am still in a state of shock that things were not done as one would expect and were told would be done. It is not only the sub nasal lip lift that I need revised. It is my eyes, earlobes, and whole face.


Hi, I was looking at your incision and I do believe like others that with the right doctor, that you can probably have an acceptable revision. If they make a new incision in the right place and then cut out the skin in between the old and new incision and do a new lift then maybe the old scar can be removed. I can really feel your pain. I had a muscle lip lift and now I am left with extensive nerve and muscle damage which can never be fixed. Maybe you can have a consult with someone like Dr Guyuron. He is a specialist in repairing nasal bases.
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July, Hope All is well.
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July4, Hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you have found any satisfaction in dealing with your LL surgery results? Blessings,
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I'm revised!

At nearly 3 years I was finally able to get all the revisions I needed. In January I had an eyelid revision (they took strips of fat from my groin area and put it in my eyelids to help decrease the hollowness) I have a scar in the groin area but my eyelids are not as hollow. The Dr. did try to lower the crease also. My eyes look better but not really like they did when I was younger. Different but better than hollow. Not much more can be done about it so I have to accept it. Now I am in the process of recovering from a Facelift and Sub nasal revision. The facelift revision took care of the "devil's ears" my first surgery left me with and my face is now lifted into a better position. The only thing the first surgeon did was basically remove skin and too much of it behind my ears. Now for the big news. The sub nasal revision looks great and my lip is lifted and my scar is going to be un noticeable. I am pleased with the revisions at this stage. I had the revisions on July 2, 2013. I may after nearly 3 years of Saving for the cost, anguish, embarrassment, doctor searching and lost time from work and family be able to finally move on with my life. When you have plastic surgery the last thing you want someone to say to you is "I don't know why you felt you had to do this to yourself" and have people tell you, "you just don't look right." Now I hope they say "Who fixed your face for you". Thank you for your support and concern!


So happy for you:))))
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I will try to post photos once I have healed so to compare the outcome.


Hi, I was wondering how you have been recovering. I hope you are doing well since your revision?
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Hi July4, Congratulations on your revision! Was your eyelid revision for your upper or lower eyelids? You mentioned your crease, so I'm guessing it was uppers. I need a lower eyelid revision and am curious about the type of fat replacement you received.
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July4, Did you have a muscle cut or skin only?
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Lip Lift Revision

I had a lip lift and face lift revision by Dr. Ronald Russo in Champaign Illinois, His work on my face is fabulous. I could not be more pleased with the revision work he has done for me. I am only so regretful that I did not have him do my facial surgery in the first place. He is such an excellent surgeon! He treats you like you are his only patient.. not like he's ready to move on to the next patient when he is with you.
I only have this advice for persons looking to have facial surgery. Consult once Consult twice. Never decide on the first consultation. It may be the receptionist or some one in the office that puts you off.. It could be just an off day for the Doctor.
Trust your gut. Do not rush into this. Take your time if you can. Get referrals from the doctors office. If they are any good they will have people call you. Of course as always it is best to have it done properly the first time. Revision work cost twice as much and the results are not going to be as good as if you had it done properly the first time.


I am so thrilled to hear that your revisions are complete & you're well! May I suggest you name the doctor who did your initial surgery for you? Perhaps it will discourage others from using him!
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Hi just wondering, I've heard some people say their nostrils "flare out" more now because this procedure. Do you find any difference with your nostrils or nose? Thanks!!
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Oh I forgot to ask, would you consider adding a picture of your revised liplift?
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Be very careful when going "under the knife" You may feel very comfortable on the first consultation. Beware. Don't do anything and don't pay them untill they explain in full what the outcome will be. This scar extends in 2 places toward my lips. I now face many revisions to my FACE,EYES & EARLOBES and the SUBNASAL LIPLIFT will need to be revised also. I found out today that the sub nasal lip lift has been cut so low that a revision to place the scar where it should be is not possible. I will need it revised but it will never be the way it should have been done in the first place. There is no reason that I should have been told "it doesn't heal well the other way". If done properly it heals very well.

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