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I am 27 years old , 5' 2.5" & 125lb. I did...

I am 27 years old , 5' 2.5" & 125lb. I did coolsculpting for the first time today because I have always had troubled areas on my inner thighs and lower abdominal that diet and exercise could not get rid of.
Sorry I do not have any "before" pictures, I only have pictures about 3 hours after the procedure. If you are unsure of getting coolsculpting because of the pain factor let me start off by saying I was too however this procedure is not painful at all thus far. The first applicator she put on was the smaller applicator for my thigh. It sucked my fat & skin into the contraption kind of like a vacuum. It did not hurt at all just felt kind of strange and I was so relieved that this would be the only "pain/ discomfort" described others reviews I read. She used the MAX applicator on my lower stomach and this applicator was very large, about the size of two small applicators put together. In a previous consolation at a different clinic they told me the small applicator on my lower abdominals would work just fine but at Dr Hasen's clinic they wanted to use the MAX applicator so I thought bring-it-on, I am hoping with the larger applicator I will get better results (it cost more $$ too). The MAX applicator fit from hip bone to hip bone, it barely fit my stomach and it sucked up so much fat/skin that it reached from below my troubled area to above my belly button! When this applicator was first applied I couldn't even breathe. I couldn't stop laughing because it felt so weird, which didn't help because as my muscles tightened from laughing while the applicator was struggling to stuck up the fat. It felt weird to talk the first 30 mins into the procedure, I think because two thirds of my stomach were sucked up in the large applicator. After the hour both applicators were removed. When the applicator on my stomach was removed my skin/fat was sticking about four inches straight up! Then the nurse massaged/ molded my stomach back to normal which I didn't even feel because my stomach was so numb. When she removed the small applicator for the inner thigh, I did not see as much of this butter effect and the massage to this area did not feel like anything ether. Both areas where extremely cold to the touch. She then did the small applicator to the other leg and I had the same outcome as the other thigh.
It's been a few hours and the thighs are fine to the touch only a few broken blood cell but the stomach is a little tender. I don't feel any "pain" on my body until I push down on my stomach and it feels like I have a sunburn. I feel like I am not going to get much of a result on my inner thighs but I do feel like I will see results to my stomach. I will keep you posted with pictures.


Thank you for the post. I just had coolsculpting done today and I cant wait to see the results. Please up updated!!
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Hello, thank you for your comment. Just to warn you days 4 and today, day 5, have been very uncomfortable. I keep getting sharp pains in my stomach that range from a few seconds to about 30 mins. Some pains are worst then others, I would range the most painful at a 7 on a 1 to 10 scale. I couldn't sleep for about 30 mins last night (4th day from procedure) because of the constant pain and discomfort. My stomach is also still swollen and feels sunburnt to the touch. I'm so sorry I do not have better news to share. Please let me know if you experience similar symptoms. I will be updating my post regarding these issues once the pain subsides.
Thanks for the warning. I'm not looking forward to the next several days. Today I'm on day 2, feel normal, forgot I had anything done but I know this wont last long. Sorry you are experiencing pain, hopefully it'll be all be worth it in the end.

Very Painful Expirence 3-11 Day After Procedure

So I have come to find out that I am part of the 7% of people to experience severe never pain due to this procedure. Day 1-3 I experienced no pain just a little soreness like a sunburn. Day 4 my stomach started becoming more sensitive. I had to unbutton and roll down the waist band on my pants so nothing was rubbing against the treated area. After work I went to the gym because I thought it would be a good idea to sweat out the dead fat cells. After a light work out I went to the sauna (BAD IDEA) for 15 minutes. This was the first night the intense pain started. It was like a shooting pain underneath the skin that lasted anywhere between a few second to 30 mins. As the days progressed so did the pain. I experienced the sharp stabbing pains, the swelling, burning feeling like a very bad sunburn and itching. Day 7 I started taking Tylenol which did not alleviate the pain what so ever. I then applied a heating pad to my stomach before I went to bed, HUGE MISTAKE! The pain was so bad in the middle of the night that could not sit still. I was so miserable, I was up for 4 hours with the shooting pain. I was starting to think this was a terrible mistake and that the pain would never go away. Day 8 I finally started using an ice pack and what a relief! It turns out that increase heat, like the sauna and the heating pad only agitated the process causing this terrible pain to increase. The ice pack works! Please, if you are going through the same experience as I have been, try an ice pack, they relieve the pain instantly. It have now been 12 days from my procedure and I am happy to write that I am no longer in any type of pain, I feel normal again! I know this experience does not happen to everyone but I felt obligated to share mine so everyone knows the risks and to not be scared if this happens to them.


omg, I´ve had the excact same experience with the shooting pains and trouble sleeping because of it. I´m just so relieved to read that this is normal, I was starting to wonder if something had gone terribly wrong in there.. Thank you - I am now very much looking forward to day 12! 6 days to go..buying me some icepacks :D
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Thanks for your progress thus far Hollyx86, please post pics after 8 weeks so we can see your results!
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how are you doing since procedure ? had mine done yesterday and Im getting nervous

One Month Update

So it's been four weeks since my coolscupting procedure and despite my terrible eating habits this month I have had wonderful results already! I am really suprise because I just got back from a cruise five days ago and I didn't hold back from ordering 3 appitizers and 2 entrées every night (even two desserts one night) and my troubled areas would be huge at this point but my stomach looks and feels flater then it was last month! I am going to return to my normal eating pattern for my two month update. Please let me know what you think of the results after one month!

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More before and after one month pics


I'm really interested in doing this. I'm 5'6" and 120-125 depending on how horribly I eat. And I'm thinking of getting this on my love handles. I was wondering why you opted for this instead of laser dissolve? I'm also wondering if they warned you about and possible side effects of gaining weight after you have this done. Given that it kills the cells completely, the fat has to go somewhere, so what does that usually look like? Does it mean it would leave uneven fat bulges, or suddenly I just have a really fat foot? Just curious if they spoke to you about this. And awesome results if it is purely due to the cool sculpting. If it's due to dieting, then also great results, but obviously not as far as the cool sculpting goes.
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I would like to hear and see the results of the inner thigh coolsculpting. Would you share the cost of these procedures?
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Me too. How did your inner thighs respond to the procedure? Also how many places on thighs did they do .. Which applicator?

Seeing major results!

I have been eating better and just started exercising last week and I am seeing wonderful results on my lower stomach. I have also posted pictures on my inner thighs. Maybe a little difference? What do you think?


You saved my life I am in that 7% omg! My daughter is making me an ice pack as I write this. I really pray that it works for me . Thanks
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No problem! And it's been seven months and I am still so happy with my results :) the pain is a distant memory and the results/confidence is forever!
Looking good, I wanna do this for the same areas. How bout some recent pics? Anymore improvement?
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7 month update!!!

Still loving my results. The best decision I ever made! I have the tummy I have always wanted. I wouldn't recommend doing the thighs (do the 30 day squat challenge for toned legs/butt).


Why would you recommend not doing the thighs? Because you didn't have good results? Or why?
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Any recommended place where I can get the cool sculpting around Los Angeles area or Orange County?
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Any recommended place where I can get the cool sculpting around Los Angeles area or Orange County?
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