3.5 month Post Op...Septoplasty/Rhinoplasty/Turbinate Reduction/Osteotomy 'Liking the way I look in glasses today!'

I'm 40 and have lived with a nose that I have...

I'm 40 and have lived with a nose that I have never loved. Overall I'm a pretty confident guy but as far as I can remember many people have commented on my nose being big which has made me feel self conscious. Whenever I see a picture of myself I am always drawn to see how my nose appears.

Earlier this year I began developing quite a few sinus infections and I finally went to a doctor to be treated for them. She recommended a sinus CT which indicated a large deviated septum. She referred me to an ENT/plastic surgeon for a consultation. He has a great reputation in my area. After an exam/endoscopy he recommended a septoplasty along with a few other procedures to improve my breathing. He also noted that I must have broken my nose as a child which has caused the deviation of my nose as you can see in the pictures. I asked if a rhinoplasty could be covered by my health insurance company. He said it wouldn't but he said he could definitely improve the look of my nose. That sparked my interest. He did the computer morphology of what my nose will look like after surgery. I loved what I saw. I figured that since he was going to do a septoplasty which would include rebreaking my nose, I might as well go for the whole rhinoplasty at the same time.

I have told a few people and they all said that I don't need a rhinoplasty as 'that's how you look' or 'you look great'. I'm not doing this for them rather I'm doing it for myself and to make myself happier about my appearance.

My surgery is scheduled for Friday December 21, 2012. I went for my pre-op physical last week and had a follow up with my doctor/surgeon that same day. He gave me scripts for antibiotics(pre and post surgery ones), pain med, anti nausea, and a steroid.

I'm getting excited as well as the normal anxiety of having surgery. Overall I'm excited.

Once I have the surgery I'll post more pics and updates on my recovery. I enjoyed reading others situations and it has helped me. I hope my story can help someone with their decision with getting a septoplasty/rhinoplasty.

Welcome to RealSelf! I see your deviated septum (I had the same issue). I hope this is all smooth sailing for you and that you love your results! Looking forward to following your progress.

Thank you :)
Good on you for having this done. Yiu are a great looking guy and having corrections made will only make you look and feel better. I have a severely deviated septum too with nostrils to match, and will have my op performed next month. All the very best! I look forward to reading your future reviews :)

6 days till by surgery. A few days ago I started...

6 days till by surgery. A few days ago I started taking Augmentin 875-125 MG which I need to take for 10 days prior to the surgery. Today I started the Methylprednisone 4 MG Dose Pack for the next 6 days. I'm also take Allegra. I have a different oral antibiotic to take after the surgery.

With 6 days to go I'm feeling the normal feelings that everyone seems to be saying...anxious, nervous, hoping the surgeon does a good job and my nose looks better once it heals etc.

I'll post pictures once I have the surgery showing my progress.

Hi all, I had the surgery yesterday 12-21-12. I...

Hi all,
I had the surgery yesterday 12-21-12. I had about 5 different procedures performed. 4 of them were medically necessary and covered by my insurance. They were the septoplasty, turbinate repair, and a couple of other things to improve my breathing. THe 5th procedure was the rhinoplasty. They used general anesthesia and I was in the operating room under the knife for 4 hours. Recovery was about 1.5 hours. My face was quite numb the whole rest of the day and night. The second day is a little better and just slightly numb. My doctor did a very good job with the nerve blocks. The 1st day I really wasn't in too much discomfort but the 2nd day I was since the numbness was wearing off. I had no nausea or vomiting. Today I feel quite a bit of pressure all over my face and I have a very bad headache. I'm taking an antibiotic and Percocet 5mg/325mg. I feel quite drained too. This was quite a surgery. I added some pictures for you all to see. I highly recommend ICE ICE ICE. That makes me feel really good when the swelling goes down.
How often r u doing the ice over your eyes?
I'm putting ice over my eyes every 2 hours or so for 20 minutes at a time. I should be doing once an hour but my naps sometimes mess up the schedule as well as me just having trouble doing it once an hour due to not wanting to close my eyes so after as it is a little depressing at times.
I just got mine done yesterday as well and I was feeling a lil self fish because how can I spend all that money in these times... I am in bed trying to recover.. Did u get any remorse ?

Day 3 (definitely read if you are a eye glass...

Day 3 (definitely read if you are a eye glass wearer!!)

Wow!!! Rough night!! The headache I've had is sooo bad. I'm really grumpy and depressed feeling. I'll admit (I"m a guy) I even teared up a few times because I was just feeling so down. BUT around 3pm I discovered that the arms of my glasses were digging into my head too much and that was probably causing the headache to intensify. I taped some padding(just regular facial tissue) to the part around my ears and it sure helped!!! My headache is still there but not as bad I tried to put my contacts in yesterday but my eyes swelled up a little too much so I took them out.

I tried to anticipate a rough recovery but no one really knows how they will react till they are into it full fledge.

I have tubes inside my nostrils and can breath out of them but I'm trying not to and just breath out of my mouth. My wife woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me I was breathing out of my nose and should stop as the MD recommended mouth breathing.

Eating it not easy to want to do. I am forcing myself to eat. I have my mom and wife asking me quite often to eat which helps with the motivation.
Wow it sounds like it got the best of you today. You know this morning I was also feeling a lil sore around my neck and shoulders so I asked my lil girl to give me a lil mini massage and right after she did I drank some vicodin i took a nap and woke up feeling much better. After waking up I got up and walked around my house doing lil things here and there do that I wouldnt get any aches from being in bed long hours.. Pretty much to stretch out my muscles which really made me feel much better from this morning. GL friend and just hang in there
I too got a few little neck and back massages today. Boy did that help out physically and mentally :)
Hello Angie .. I noticed u are a community manager and was wondering why my profile doesn't give me the option to upload photos.. Thx 4 ure help

Day 4.5 Still taking pain medication every 4...

Day 4.5

Still taking pain medication every 4 hours, antibiotic every 8 hours, icing cheeks every 2-3 hours for 20 minutes, cleaning nostrils every 6 hours or so. I'm surprised how much the fluid that builds up in my cheeks cause so much discomfort in my jaws due to the weight. ICE ICE ICE :) Each day feels much much better but last night I had another horrible headache that lasted about 2 hours. Someone said they maybe caffeine deprived and I think maybe that was my problem so I drank coke and a cup of coffee. Its hard to know what helped...that or the pain medication that I took at the same time. I just know caffeine withdrawal causes headaches. My upper lip is still numb so I can't give anyone a real smile yet. :)

2 days till surgeon followup but I already know he will clean up my nose, take out internal splints/tubes but keep on the external splint for a 2nd week because he wants my nose to heal straight. I'm ok with that. The whole purpose of this surgery was to have a positive result...I'll do what ever it takes to accomplish that.

The VitaMedica Healing Supplements Program...

The VitaMedica Healing Supplements Program Kit(Bromelain with Quercetin plus Arnica Monica) that many surgeons are selling patients for $100 can be purchased for more than half that on Amazon.com for $47.36 with free 2 day shipping if you are a Prime Member.

You are doing so well and we can see the changes. Glad you are over that 3rd day discomfort & depression. Happy healing!
It looks great so far!
Thank you .. U too!! Keep smiling... Oh that's funny to type because I'm still numb and can't smile. Well it's good to smile inside and use emotions ;)

Day 6...Went back to surgeon for removal of...

Day 6...Went back to surgeon for removal of internal splints/tubes, external splint and sutures. I made sure I took a Percocet an hour prior to my appointment because I sure needed it. My surgery was more invasive than a rhinoplasty. Not to take away from anyone else's surgery but he explained my surgery was more extensive than 95% of the surgeries he normally performs and he described what he did by removed a large deviated septum spur, re-sculptured and implanted it in the other nostril for support and did a few grafts. He said once he got into my nose he realized it was a 'mess'.

I can describe everything he did today as 'annoying and uncomfortable' feeling with very brief moments of pain which went away. The removal of the external cast was not painful at all. He cleaned out the inside of my nostrils which remain quite 'raw' and uncomfortable. He recommended home usage of Simple Saline and gave me another external cast to use at night or during times of possible exposure to my active children (age 4 months and 6 years old) and to not hold my infant for another 2 weeks (which is SO hard to not do). My infant daughter hasn't recognized me or smiled at me for the past week which has been emotionally tough but when I got home without the splint for the first thing she did was give me the most wonderful smile like she saw her 'daddy' again!! (bringing me tears of joy). My 6 year old was adorable and said 'you look great daddy and you can barely tell you had a cast on'.

I will post pictures tomorrow but my nose is swollen but I see a few benefits already
1. I can breath out of both nostrils due to correction of deviated septum
2. No more dorsal bump
3. A thinner and non ball like tip which I HATED prior to the surgery
4. A much straighter nose looking up at the nostrils from below. The doctor's computer morphology projected pics were deal on with reality of what he was able to accomplish

Low expectations are probably key to happiness since it can take months for the swelling to go down but I can definitely see a difference. He said it can take up to 2 years to regain total feeling in the area and up to a year for all swelling to go away. I admit it is strange to look at myself and see that I do look different. Even though it is what I wanted I kind of miss the old nose since it was 'me' for so many years (I'm 40). My wife likes how I look(she had a glowing smile when the external cast was removed) but says I'm different which she said isn't a bad thing but she loved me how I looked before the surgery. Looking at myself was definitely an emotional change I wasn't prepared for but that will decrease with time.

What I wanted and expected out of this procedure was to breath better, have less sinus infections and to get rid of the superficial dislikes I had about my nose. My nose will not change my personality or life for the whole. I will hopefully just like the way the nose looks more in pictures and to what I see in the mirror and not for anyone except myself.

Physically I feel much better than the first few days but still feel the lingering annoying headache and nasal area pain/soreness. I still can't feel my upper lip or nose and can't produce the great smile I'm known for. (not to sound conceded) Once I can smile normally again I know I'll really feel like myself again.

Please feel free to ask me any questions and I hope to answer properly. I've learned that it's good to ask people who have already gone through the experience questions and not rely on those that haven't. I guess a good generalized way of doing things in life anyway. :) I'm far from an expert but I can share my experience for what it's worth.

If you want this surgery...do it for yourself and not to please others!!! :)
Sorry for so many questions! I have one more that I've been thinking of that I forgot to add to the two I had yesterday. Could you tell me more about the removable cast your Dr. Gave you to wear when near your young children? I'm going to ask the two new Dr's on my consultations about it as I think it would be helpful around my fourth month old. I expressed that as one of my fears to my first Dr. On my first consult & he didn't mention anything like that as an option to me for the solution, another reason I did not choose him. Many thanks!
Questions are always welcome..there is no limit..ask away anytime :) The removable cast is the same type he had me wear after the surgery for 6 days. Its like a flexible yet hard cast that he said I should wear at night for another week or so or during times that I may have to wear if I want to wear sunglasses or prescription glasses since the nose piece on glasses will cause dents on the nose while the nose bones are healing. He doesn't recommend eye glasses without the cast for at least 2-3 months to be on the safe side. I wear contacts. I wasn't able to wear my contacts for the first 4 days following the surgery due to under eye swelling and as he explained...the tear ducts are effected by the surgery. I tried to put my contacts back in after 2 days but had to remove them shortly afterwards due to discomfort. Yes I'm very nervous around my 4 month old and 6 year old with my sensitive nose. I am constantly reminding my 6 year old to be conscious of my face and not hitting it..all she wants to do is be close to me :) which I allow but with caution. I haven't held my 4 month old much at all yet but when I do its for a short period of time and her head isn't close to my face. Yes it is very wise of you to ask for the hard cast to protect you from your baby. I hit myself with just my blanket this morning causing immediate soreness. Very sensitive still!! :)
Your nose looks amazing :) your doctor did a wonderful job (now I see why he was highly recommended) on one of my consultations I was told I couldn't hold or lift my 4 month old daughter for a few weeks because if I do it will cause major swelling to my nose & will take longer to heal. Honestly, I have no idea how I'm going to manage that :( I think that will be one of the hardest things for me because besides her father taking care of her when he's not working it's mainly me since I'm a stay at home mommy (and student two days a week) How are you coping with that? I was reading some previous comments & your answers (sorry for the nosiness) what were you saying to be sure & ask the the doctor about packing? & something that that's the "old" way to do it? The first Dr. I was going to go to was going to pack my nose. I ended up not choosing him. I meeting with two more Dr's one on the 2nd & the other on the 3rd. I just wanna make sure the one I choose has his techniques up to date. Once again sorry for the nosiness, but this will def. help me choose the better doctor for myself

Hi all(Happy New Years :) )...no updated pics I...

Hi all(Happy New Years :) )...no updated pics I really want to share due to lots of swelling. The inside of my nostrils is full of dried blood and still tender. Not a pretty site :). My smile isn't yet. I'm still 50% numb from upper lip to top of nose. Muscles just don't want to work properly yet. :( I had NO idea my smile would be effected after the surgery. Anyways..hanging in there like everyone else. Still just 12 days.
Hi there. Just checking in to find out how you are progressing? My op is in a week now, and as I'm having the same procedures, including polyp removal, I am keen to follow your healing progress. Regarding swelling, what are you doing now to help it and what are you avoiding? What have you noticed make the swelling worse? Love to hear from you when you get a chance.
Hi there..Yes I have read your blog as well and see you are having something very similar to me. I too had a polyp removed. I think that was nothing compared to everything else he did :). I'm not here to scare you but just expect the first few days to be rough. Expect the worst and you won't be surprised. And if better than you expected, you will be happy. I just think in my case I didn't prepare myself mentally for exactly how I would feel. I guess there is no way to know exactly until you experience it. My worst problem were the headaches. My nose really wasn't a problem due to him doing a good job with nerve blocks(or the headaches distracted me from my nose). I also didn't know or expect to lose my smile either. My Mona Lisa smile will be around for a while :(. I did use VitaMedica Healing Supplements Program Kit to speed up the healing process. I also used bags of ice on my face as often as I could. Taking naps were the only thing that held me back from icing. I found great facial relief from just laying in bed at like a 30-45 degree angle. Once the swelling went away from my eyes and cheeks it drained to my lower jaw which cased extra weight on my TMJ which really ached for about 2 days. Ice relieved it. Leaning forward even at like 5 degrees seemed like it put a lot of pressure on my face. Even 15 days later leaning forward for more than 10 seconds feels like all the blood is rushing to my face again causing headaches and facial pressure. So I say avoid leaning forward if you can avoid it. I went back to work. I'm a chiropractor. Leaning over to adjust patients isn't good for me at my first day back I went home with returned swelling under my eyes. I just had to adjust patients differently this week. Icing it sure relieved the swelling though. It took me a week just to be able to look down at my 4 month old daughter in her crib... which sucked!!. As long as I looked straight on I was fine. Avoid any form of lifting things too until you feel better. You will have to learn your own limits as we are all different. I wish you the best of luck with your procedure. I bet you will be so happy once you heal up :).
Thanks for being so honest with me, I think it will help to be prepared for the worst. Your suggestions are excellent and I will implement many of them. I can be prone to headaches and I'm a smiley person so this may be something to keep in mind and also adjust to emotionally. I also look down alot for work and use Ipad/Iphone too so will need to manage my posture and line of vision better. All the best to you as you continue to recover and thank you! :)

I went back to my surgeon today for a follow up. ...

I went back to my surgeon today for a follow up. He is also an ENT. I had like 6 questions for him about my recovery and he answered them all. I just had concerns because last week I developed a nasty funky smell and taste from my nose. He said that is normal and just dried blood/mucus and not an infection like I had been thinking it was. He numbed my nostrils and then vacuumed my nose and sinuses clean. I could breath so much better now that all that is gone. I just wonder if it will return. My turbinates are quite inflamed from the reduction surgery so my nasal passages are limited. He recommended some light compression exercises on the sides of my bridge to make them thinner. After just doing that lightly at my office for 30 seconds I developed some under the eyes swelling and bruising. Ohhh great!! LOL Just what I wanted. We discussed my lacking smile and said that is normal since he had to suture my nostrils. He said my smile will return but doesn't know how long it will take. :( He said he is happy with my results and I just have to give it time for the swelling to go down. He doesn't recommend anymore icing of the nose(nothing after 3 days after surgery) or steroid injections. He explained that the body needs to work at its own rate to produce the best effects. Speeding up the process artificially isn't beneficial. I guess the 'artificial' plastic surgery was enough LOL!! That sure wasn't natural. :) He has me going back in 10 days...I forget to ask for what...but I like going back to see him since I usually have questions. Oh...and no pics to post because one I don't see any real change since cast removal (and if anything ..more swelling) and two..I caused more swelling with my bridge exercises.
Thanks for your update. It is interesting reading what the surgeons answers are to concerns. Too bad about the new bruising.....the blood vessels must still be very tender. I have a small lump on the outside wall of my left nostril. The surgeon didn't feel it and said it would be an enlarged turbinate. I thought the turbinates are bony, but this is isn't. Maybe I am wrong. Were you aware of of yours? I'm thinking mine is a polyp.
I was never aware of mine until after the reduction LOL..but there is lots of swelling from where he did reduction. I don't know what the heck I'm looking at now!! It just looks like a mess up there but as long as he said its 'looking good' ..I'm fine with that. He would tell me. When you see your doc...ask about polyps. My one polyp was seen in my sinus CT. Did you have a sinus CT? I also have a small area that looks strange from where he removed one of the sutures at the inner edge at the entrance of my left nostril. Again he said don't worry and that will go away...and if not he can 'remove it later'...uggg. I like everyone else wants to see immediate results but the swelling just takes time and is different for everyone. It all depends on age, skin type, amount of procedures done, etc. I am just trying to concentrate on the one or 2 things that I see improved ..like my nostrils are better than before and my nose doesn't look like its falling over too much. It's not 100% but he never promised it would be. As the days go on I'm less obsessed with my nose and just 'waiting'. ALL the website say it takes a while for swelling to go down. And from what I see on Realself, we are all in the same boat. Good luck with your surgery and I'm sure all will go great!!

I just came back from a follow up visit with ENT...

I just came back from a follow up visit with ENT Surgeon. He said my nose looks 'great' and right on track. He said my nose will 'shrink wrap' over time as the swelling goes down. He vacuumed out my nostrils and sinuses. He recommended now using 2 new products.

1. Ponaris to the nose with Q-Tips 3x/day (I had to order on Amazon for $13)
2. Acive Sinus Saline Rince with 1/4-1/2 teaspoon baby shampoo 1-2x/day (he gave me a box that should last me a month or 2)..it seems similar to Neilmed Pot

My smile is slowly coming back but I have to say that I was never told by the doctor that I would lose my smile and I never read about it so when it happened to me it was a total shock. I suggested to my doctor today that he should be telling his patients that this will happen so the know what to expect. He said he agrees and will put that in his pre-op care package.

While we all wait for our swelling to go down I...

While we all wait for our swelling to go down I have learned from others to look at the few positive things as a result of our surgeries. For me I was quite snorer prior to my surgery and my ENT surgeon had said that I wouldn't snore anymore after the surgery. At the time I didn't know if I should believe him or not. Well I'm happy to say that my wife says I no longer snore after my surgery. That is a win-win for both of us. :) Before my surgery I would wake BOTH of us up with my snoring. A restful night's sleep is very important. I am very thankful for that. :)
That's good to hear that your snoring went away :) Glad that was another positive result from you surgery!
Not snorning is a definite win-win, and I'm pleased you mentioned the lack of smiling ability to your surgeon to tell other patients to expect. It is amazing that you are 4 weeks post op now and progressing nicely. I know we've chatted on my page a bit, but as our surgeries are similar, I'm wondering whether you recall a nasal drip (clear, orange tinged liquid)? Sounds yuk but i'm just curious. It is coming from the nostril that had the most work done. Anyway, thanks for coming back and updating. I'd love to see a picture of the front of your nose too at some stage. Take care.
Sorry, it's not amazing you are progressing nicely...I meant it is amazing your surgery was a month ago....wow, I would have said a couple of weeks.

At my 4 week follow up my doctor said it was ok to...

At my 4 week follow up my doctor said it was ok to use Biore strips to remove black heads. It really worked out nicely.
Ah thanks for the blackhead tip!
It looks great, congrats!!

1 month...I am reluctantly adding my 1 month pics...

1 month...I am reluctantly adding my 1 month pics today but I feel its just fair for others to see my progress as that is one reason why we are all on RS. I still have a lot of swelling. I notice a few positive changes(straighter nose from septoplasty, I can breath better, less of a dorsal hump) but the main change I wanted which was my frontal to be thinner will have to wait a few more months till the swelling to go down. I'm not self conscious about it though. What ever it looks like I'll deal with it. I still have a suture inside my nostril toward the tip. My surgeon wants it in there a few more weeks to stabilize the septoplasty. There is not much I can do at this point but wait for the swelling to go down. My smile isn't 100% yet. I'm limited due to a pulling feeling from my nose which causes a nagging ache when I smile too much.
I think it looks great already! And you still have so much healing time. Congrats and enjoy!
Thank you Rayah7...Time is my friend ;)

I'm reposting my 1 month Post Op pics but this...

I'm reposting my 1 month Post Op pics but this time I cropped more so more can be seen :)
You can definitely see a huge difference in the direction of your septum looks great!! I agree with you that rhinoplasty is a decision one should make totally based on their own feelings not the perceptions of others, congrats on your surgery and your attitude towards it! And thanks again for the advice on icing!
Hi there. Thanks for the positive words. Yes my septum is straighter and I kind of wish my nostrils were more straight but my surgeon never said he would be able to get them perfect. I'm happy with any change(as long as it's a good change lol) :). My doctor prepared me will in the respect that he said he will do his best with what my nose will allow him to do. He made me laugh by saying you can't fix a train wreck without getting all new parts and we can't get new parts for your nose. It may sound like he was being an ass but he was just being honest. It's important for doctors to under promise than over promise patients and best to be realistic. Being a chiropractor I totally understand. When I have a 65 year old patient come to me with pre existing degeneration in their spine. .. There is no way I'll be able to make the person act and feel 20 again. ;)
Hello there! I think your PS did an amazing job! In the frontal picture, your new nose is much straighter than your old one, and it looks like he worked on the tip to make the nostrils more symmetrical as well. Your tip is not nearly as wide as it is in the pre-op pic. (Not that you had a super wide tip before... Yikes! I'm not explaining myself well... I just mean that it's obviously narrower and better looking in the post-op pic.) Even from the profile pics, it's easy to see that your hump is gone (I don't see any sign of it) and the nose has been de-projected. The most amazing shots are the 3/4 angle photos! Wow! What a change! Your nose is quite a bit smaller than it was pre-op! I think you're going to be very, very pleased when the swelling is gone! btw, is your skin thin or thick? I thought I read that thick skin takes longer to de-swell, but bruises less. Does that pertain to you?

Hi everyone. I just went for my 2 month follow up...

Hi everyone. I just went for my 2 month follow up with my surgeon. I told him about the constant soreness on the sides of my nose and he said that's normal and fine due to the amount of work he did on my nose. He said I have lots of healing to go and everything looks the way they should and no problems. I also expressed how I don't see much of a change yet (even thought there is) but not like I kind of expected. He said that there IS change and I don't want a HUGE change too fast. He said the body is doing what it is suppose to do and if it 'shrink wrapped' too fast the thin skin I have would look bad and I would be very unhappy. He said not to worry and I'll be happy in like a year (uggg) This is important for all the people on RS to read since quite a few of us aren't happy yet. He said in month 3 he will inject my nose in 2 spots with a steroid to help with the swelling but its too early for that at this point. Overall I'm still not sure if this was worth it due to the amount of money, downtime and pain I have gone through.

I AM happy that I no longer snore which means my wife is happier and I'm probably getting a more restful nights sleep. I'm happy the dorsal hump is much improved. I'm happy and very appreciative that I didn't have any complications (which is always possible with surgery). I'm happy I don't look worse and no one comments on my nose like..'what did you do to your nose!!'. LOL I am also very happy that my smile is about 90% back to normal which was something that I hated losing post op. I'm known for my warm smile and that is what people did comment on.

I will take and post pictures next week.
Hi Chiro. I think your nose is looking amazing, the minor change made a big difference in your face (for better). If it's still very swollen, can't wait for how it's going to look ina few moths. Congrats for your surgeon and for you. Hope you get happier each day.
Thank you Maria...yes I'm looking forward to the coming months and progress :)
Hi Chiro! It is a process, tomorrow I am at 7 weeks and some people have commented that my nose looks good, but when I see myself in the mirror, I could say the exact same things as you....not really that much different, although I know it's better, questioning whether or not it was worth it?? I just expected a bigger difference....not huge just different. I know I'm still swollen, and my nose feels sore and wooden. I guess this just takes a lot longer than anticipated! Hang in there and for the record I do see a change for you....

Today I went back to my ENT surgeon for a follow...

Today I went back to my ENT surgeon for a follow up. He injected the tip of my nose in 4 spots and 1 toward the tip of my right nostril with a steroid. I still have a lot of swelling at the tip and he said that at this point I am ready for a steroid injection and would benefit from it. He said any earlier wouldn't be good and could cause 'shrink wrapping' of the skin. I haven't updated my pics due to lack of change (or not enough to be happy with).
Hang in there, my friend... it's a long road indeed. Please keep us posted on the effects of the injections. I don't know much about that, I'm afraid. All I know is we'll probably still be updating 6, 12, and maybe 18 months from now! Oy vey ÂșLÂș !
Good to read an update from you. I haven't noticed much change for a few weeks either so will be interested to find out if the injections make a difference. Please let us know. I don't know if my PS does them but you never know.
Hi there..hope all is good with you...yes I'll give the steroids a week to work and then take some pics...keeping fingers crossed :)

I totally forgot that one of the reasons for...

I totally forgot that one of the reasons for always wanting a rhinoplasty was because how I never liked how my nose looked especially when wearing my prescription glasses. That is why I have been wearing contacts since I was 13.

Today I woke up with a sty on lower eyelid and forced to wear my glasses and I honestly can say for the FIRST time that I actually won't mind the way I look with my glasses on :). I feel quite confident!! :) What a great feeling this is!
Hi there. I am wondering how your nose responded to the injections? Any change?
Hi....sorry for the lack of picture updates. I haven't taken any. No bad response to the injections...and no real obvious and noticeable changes that I can tell of but I know that's hard to notice personally without taking pictures since I don't take pictures. Thanks for checking up on me and I hope to take updated pics soon and share with everyone.
That's interesting about wearing glasses and how good they now look on you. I'm off too put mine on and check the difference in the mirror!!
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