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Red reviews before. 90% said - does not work....

Red reviews before. 90% said - does not work. Hoped will work for me. No! Not at all! Zero! That's how it got it's name. Had 11 sessions! Did everything correct.

I'm actually 5'6 and size 4. I watch what I eat always and exercise. I did not need to loose wait. I just needed to loose these stubborn little pouches around my waist line and on my belly. What a horrible waist of money! I got money as a Christmas gift from my hubby. Don't even consider this treatment!

Hey MomOf2boyz, here is what you may want to try. You mentioned your husband bought it through Living Social. I bought mine through Groupon. I filed a very simple online claim and within days Groupon refunded me every penny without the slightest hassle. I'm not familiar with Living Social but it is possible they have the same type of satisfaction guarantee program.
I bought mine from wag jag, I don't know how to proceed
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I don't know how to rate it. I did not see the doctor, the surgeon. It was another female doctor from staff. And everybody was super friendly. It felt a little fake to me. Just like all they wanted was money.

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