2 1/2 months post op

I have put a deposit down for a tummy tuck on...

I have put a deposit down for a tummy tuck on January 10th. I have had 2 kids, gained and lost 60 lbs with each. I am pretty fit, I work out regularly and I eat decently. I weigh 125 lbs and I am 5'7" but I have a lot of loose skin on my tummy from the 2 pregnancies. I am nervous about having the surgery. I know that I will love the result, but I am scared to have it done. I have been preparing myself by reading blogs and watching youtube videos on the procedures and people's results as well as talking to people I know that have had it done.

As the date is coming closer I find myself...

As the date is coming closer I find myself stressing more and more about it. Will I be happy with the results? Did I ask the Dr. enough questions before putting down a deposit? Will my spouse be as helpful post surgery as I hope he will be? In our relationship I am definitely the nurturer. I worry that he won't be able to stomach helping me with my drains and things like that. He gags when he has to change a diaper on our kids or change the rabbit's litter box.

I just took before pics. So depressing. At 5'7"...

I just took before pics. So depressing. At 5'7" and 125 lbs I shouldn't feel fat...but I do. I look pregnant! Only two more weeks and I will be on my way to my new body.

My pre- op appointment has been moved from Thurs...

My pre- op appointment has been moved from Thurs the 3rd to Friday the 4th of January. I feel like if I can get the pre- op appointment done then that is one step closer to me getting my new body.

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday. It's funny...

I had my pre-op appointment on Friday. It's funny when someone is so blunt about my looks. I was asking about where the scar line will be and if it will remove my love handles. The doctors answer was a very blunt "Um no, that's fat there". LOL I am not used to being told I have fat when I have always been skinny. However I do know I have gained a bit lately due to the holidays and not going to the gym as much as I used to.

Interesting thing I was told. I am to remove all piercings. I have an eyebrow ring, a nose ring and 5 holes in each ear. I didn't even consider it might be an issue but the Dr said that since an electrode will be used that there is a risk of burns happening where any metal is on my body. I always thought that doctors wanted people to remove all jewelry prior to surgery so that you can't accuse anyone of removing any valuables. I am hunting for a nylon or plastic retainer for my eyebrow and nose because I am concerned of them closing up.

I had my pre-op pics taken at the doctors office. This perky lady comes to me and says "Time for your photoshoot!!!" I told her it was the least glamorous photoshoot ever! lol

So I find myself cleaning the house...really...

So I find myself cleaning the house...really cleaning it. I re-organized the basement, vaccumed every corner, and today I'll be working on the kitchen. I think I am just to keep myself busy so I don't stress too much.

Alright today is the day! I go in at 10 am. I...

Alright today is the day! I go in at 10 am. I spoke with the anesthesiologist last night and the only thing out of the ordinary is since I have a few antibiotic allergies I need to be put on another one and the IV needs to be started right away. It's a slow drip one.

I am dying to put lotion on. My skin in so dry but I am not allowed to put any lotions on today. I got no sleep last night...surprisingly it wasn't because of my anxiety...I was just wide awake. Oh well, I'll get enough sleep today I guess!

I took a last couple of before pictures this morning. See you all on the flat side!

Well my surgery lasted about 3 hours yesterday. ...

Well my surgery lasted about 3 hours yesterday. Apparently I walked into the surgery room and walked out of it. I don't remember that. I had twilight anesthesia. The anesthesiologist described it as this: "Well I start off by giving you a weak margarita and as needed I start giving you shots of tequila and then end with a weak margarita again." :-)

When I got home after surgery I sat down in my recliner and had some water and a whole tube of crackers. I slept for a bit and when I woke up I decided I should try to pee. Well that was when I had problems. I sat on the toilet for about 20 minutes and couldn't pee no matter how hard I tried. During that time my PS called me to check on me but I wasn't near it. A little while later the anesthesiologist called me. I told her that I hadn't peed all day. She called the PS to discuss it. When the PS called me back he gave me some tips to try to go. Like running water and manual stimulation of the urethra. He said that even though in 16 years he's never gone to a patient's house to give a catheter but he would if it was necessary. He told me to try more and he'd call me back in an hour. I spent the whole hour on the toilet and success! I finally went. It wasn't a lot or even a normal stream...but it was success. I couldn't believe that he was willing to come to my house if I needed him to. I was expecting him to tell me to go to the ER and ask for a catheter. Since I finally got the bladder control back I unfortunately had to pee every 2 hours after that...but that was all welcome. Now I am peeing like normal streams instead of trickling like I was last night. Still no BM but that's to be expected. I have taken some stool softeners and drank coffee so hopefully when I can go it won't be too painful.

I have also drank some smoothies that are supposed to help with swelling...they taste pretty good. Pineapple, banana, strawberry and oranges. Yum!

I am still super bandaged up so I don't know how I look yet...but I am pretty optimistic.

On Sunday 1/13 around 11pm I called my Dr. because...

On Sunday 1/13 around 11pm I called my Dr. because I noticed that there were some blood clots in my drains. He had me take some pictures and text them to him of the drains. Then he had me remove the dressings and check the incision. This is when I noticed how I was swollen oddly. My Dr was concerned by my photos and came to my house that night to see it in person. After looking at it he advised me to get a blood test first thing in the morning to check out my blood count. He left and my husband helped me take a shower. About 30 min after he left he called me and said I should head to the ER. I arrived at the ER around 2:30am. Once here he took me back for surgery to clean out the blood and check for broken internal stitches and repair. I had a hemotoma. He removed 100cc's of blood from my abdomen and repaired a stitch that had popped.

I love my doctor. I was terrified to go for surgery again...absolutely terrified. My doctor was so nice and sweet. He explained away my fears. I was still scared and he hugged me while the anesthesiologist put me under. I needed that.

Unfortunately I had to start my recovery over. Tomorrow I get to remove the surgical dressings again and shower again. Thursday I have a follow up appointment. My Dr. said I can wait until Tuesday for the follow up because he can't remove the drains until then...but for piece of mind I would like to go in and have him look at me again on Thursday. So I am going in both this Thurs and then again on Tuesday.

Shower day! woohoo! It is amazing how much...

Shower day! woohoo! It is amazing how much better one can feel after a shower. I have a lot of bruising because of the hemotoma, it looks like the similar bruising that someone would have if they had lipo. New pics posted up. I have stopped taking the vicodin I was prescribed because it was causing my skin to be really itchy. My doctor has prescribed tylonel with codeine.

I added some new photos...big changes from Sunday night.

It is such a relief to look at my drains and see...

It is such a relief to look at my drains and see only yellowish fluid coming out instead of blood. I am feeling really great lately. I get exhausted lately...but I think that is just part of the healing process. I am only taking Extra Strength Tylenol during the day and one Tylenol with Codeine at night to help me sleep. I am 98% upright! My back still hurts a lot but it will get better. The bruising from the hematoma is slowly getting better.

I am getting so sick of just sitting around and not doing anything. So frustrating. I just want to be able to do things, like lift the gallon of milk from the fridge!

YEA My drains came out!!!! OMG! That was such a...

YEA My drains came out!!!! OMG! That was such a weird feeling. A little painful...but no more than what a shot feels like. I am left feeling a tad nauseas but maybe that's because I had lunch afterwards. Maybe I shouldn't have done that. I feel SOOOO much better now though. I can move better now that the drains are out.

I am feeling GREAT today. I have to remind myself...

I am feeling GREAT today. I have to remind myself that I still have limitations on what I can and cannot do. I have no pants that fit me right now except for yoga pants and I hate wearing those out of the house unless I am going to the gym. So today I will be shopping for legging, jeggings and (dare I say it) pajama jeans. I once thought pajama jeans were a crime against fashion...but now I can see a potential for them for post surgery wear!

New photos added. You can see some swelling I am dealing with...but WOW I look FLAT!

I have added my pre and post op surgery pics from...

I have added my pre and post op surgery pics from the doctor's office. It amazes me how big of a difference I can see. I am pretty much 100% healed. I can workout, but I get tired easy. I still have some limitations...but in general I am doing great!
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Um wow
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Did the preop and post op pics load I don't see them. So glad your feeling good!
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Don't invest too much in those post surgery pants because in a few weeks your presurgery jeans are going to be too big! Trust me. Even with your swell your looking awesome! I can't wait to see how you progress :)
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Hahaha, i hear you sister! I've been in p.j's and yoga pants everyday. I'm to scared to try on my jeans because if they don't fit i'll be depressed. Next week will be a new week and maybe i'll feel like looking like me again. Sounds like you are doing great, happy healing!
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Wow - haven't been on for a couple of weeks and just read your story. You brave brave girl! Well done for getting through what you had to go through. We are all so fragile after the original surgery, that I'm sure to have to head back in so soon after for something that is "wrong" must be a real mind trip. Feel for you. Glad you're back on the road to recovery.
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wow, so sorry you had that scare! glad your ps was on the ball! take care of healing now!
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Its amazing how much easier it is to move once the drains are out isnt it? Watch out or phantom drain moments where you freak out that youve snagged them or go to grab them and there not there lol. Your coming along xoxox
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Hurray for you! So much more freedom and recovery time seems faster once out.
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you poor thing!!! i can't imagine how scary it must have been for you but you have a TERRIFIC attitutude and ATTENTIVE doc! happy healing ...doubly fast...you deserve it!
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Oh Erin, what a scary experience! Glad all is well now. I have to say, it is great that you have a PS who is willing to come to your home and was able to go to the ER on such short notice. Now that you have that behind you, happy healing!
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I truly love my surgeon. I will recommend him to ANYONE that wants plastic surgery.
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oh my gosh hope every thing gets better heres some luck LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!!! keep us updated with your progress and updated pictures
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Wow that sucks but I'm glad all is well
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I'm scheduled for the 21st and am finding myself doing all sorts of cleaning! It's so weird! Thanks for your posts, I'm looking forward to hearing more. And seeing after pics! Congrats!
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Wow it's sounding good if your biggest quandary is not peeing lol. I never had that but have seen lots who have. Congrats and welcome to the flat side.
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Congratulations ! Rest as much as possible. Eat even if not hungry lol. Can't wait to see pics
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Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it goes!
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Good luck, rest and get ready! My ps is also fairly blunt, but honest!
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I am happy for the bluntness. I prefer that instead of someone beating around the bush. :-)
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Hi! I am originally from Joliet, IL =) In cali now. I had my TT 3 wks and some change ago. I am just shy of 5'7 and weigh nearly 40lbs more than you. And I feel so thin now post TT. You are going to look amazing and I am so excited to see your results! Youve completely made the right decision because your stomach is not fitting with someone of your petite frame. It doesnt look like it would belong on someone of your stature. It sounds like your PS uses a cauterizing laser, no metal allowed. After this your photoshoots will all be glamorous! Best of luck!
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I checked out your pics. You look fabulous! Are you sure you are 40 lbs heavier than me?
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Aw thanks :) you got me I'm really Only 37.5 lbs heavier than you lol
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Good Luck, are you having a standard tummy tuck with or without lipo?
  • Reply
Standard Tummy Tuck, without lipo.
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From what I have read its the lipo that causes the most bruising and pain, although the Muscle repair can hurt too it depends on how much repair is done good luck it will all be worth it x
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