Lypo of Illiacs, Stomach and Thighs: Positive Feedback to Help You with Your Recovery - Naperville, IL

I just had lypo of the ilia’s, stomach and outer...

I just had lypo of the ilia’s, stomach and outer thighs yesterday by Dr. Michael Damen. First off let me say, I am 15-20 lbs. to my goal weight, I work out 3 times a week (kicking and screaming since I don't have the desire to any longer). I slept all afternoon yesterday and last night. The worst so far for me has been the nausea when getting up to use the bathroom. Its morning and I am forcing myself to stand for short periods of time. There is pain; it's like a really really hard work out where your muscles hurt EVERYWHERE. It's doable, I don't want to take the pain meds and haven't since last night. I am going to my follow up in an hour. I ate a piece of toast and had some coffee. I have it in my mind I this is nothing worse than muscle pain and I refuse to succumb to it. I notice standing and walking feels really good so if you can remember that and take little steps to get to this point I think your recover will be faster. Drink plenty of fluids; make yourself stand once an hour if possible. Put mind over matter. My goal is to fit in a pair of jeans I purchased in Australia 5 years ago...This has changed my life in that I never realized how supportive my husband is during this decision and procedure. I think it has brought us closer. I did a lot of research beforehand so I think I was pretty well prepared. We will see what the results are.

Lipo is a lot harder and painful than the minority feel. I tried to think it was a hard workout but I take my pain pills so the edge is off. Dont exercise for a while and rest. Small walks and wear the CG 24/7. So important. I am over 1 month and still sore but not really swollen. Fantastic results but it is major surgery. Keep well. It s slow journey.
You are very correct. It's a slow, long, hard journey. I'm surprised that in some ways i feel worse and others better. I went back to the office too soon. I have walked once so far for an hour. Sitting up hurts and wearing the CG. But I'm moving forward. I can't wait. to see results, this surgery should never be taken lightly. Thank you for reaching out

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!

Congrats on your procedure, I hope your feelng a little better and that your follow-up went well. The first few days will be a little rough, but you'll be feeling better soon and hopefully the results will all be worth it!

Please do keep us updated with your progress.


1 week out, I am doing ok. Pain is decreasing...

1 week out, I am doing ok. Pain is decreasing each day. Swelling, not so much. I am sure it will and I am excited to see the results. I go to the doctor tomorrow and am hoping to get my stitches out. I am tired of wincing at every movement I make. more pain :) Recovery has been good though. Just take it easy even if you feel good. Anyone having problems handling the compression garments 24/7. Mine hurt and make me feel like the spill out from them won't heal evenly.
Lets see I have 4 garments. Short and long legged. One like a spanks with built in bra and then my stage 1. Stage one had so much pressure it made me cough for a month. Some leave indents and rub on my sides and bra line that hurts a lot. I wear a white cotton body suit underneath so it doesnt rub and I can get the CG on easier. I try now to go a few hours a day without one. But then I ache. Take a warm bath with oil and use arnica gel and emu oil. Gawd one day it will quit hurting. Its like a deep burn and stiff. I do take advil and that helps. But I am 6 weeks now and incredible results. So must wait...
Is anyone else having diffculty wearing the compression garments 24/7, mine hurt, they rub and then I have indents where they are at and worry that they healing there won't be smooth. Any suggestions? Also, sitting up with the compression garments (the separate middle band especially) hurts.
Yea mine tends to pinch so I wrap gauze around my midsection before I put mine on now.

I just wanted update you. I am doing great still...

I just wanted update you. I am doing great still recovering. Just some swelling now. I will post before and after pictures as soon as I make it back in to the doctor, they have cancelled my appointment 2 times due to snow. Understandably so. Feeling good, can't wait to see the results.
Dr. Michael Damen

Dr. Damen is great, bedside manner is wonderful.

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