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I have had Coolsculpting on my flanks and abs with...

I have had Coolsculpting on my flanks and abs with great results! My final two areas, inner thighs and lower back fat, were not conducive to the existing applicators until the Coolfit head was introduced earlier this year. This head is long and rectangular with large cooling plates so it can grab large areas of fat. Since my existing doctor did not have one yet, I called around and found a clinic that had one. Before I get into my experience with the procedure, let me just say, this new clinic was awesome. The Tech was fantastic and the treatment room had a bed as opposed to the chair that the other clinic had....much more comfy! On to the procedure, I had all four areas done on one day. Started with the inner thighs. The Tech placed the applicator lengthwise (from crotch to knee). A little pinching when the device sucked in the fat, but not bad. Snoozed for most of the hour. There was a BIG stick of 'butter' when the applicator was removed, massaging didn't hurt, the defrosting part was a tad uncomfortable. Same with the other leg. The lower back area had the same applicator attached, angled from hip to bra line. Again BIG stick of butter (which is a sign that I should have great results)! The post massage defrost was much more intense than the thighs, but subsided in about 10 mins. After procedure ran a bunch of errands without issues. Plan on going to spin today (day following procedure).
I also have done my abdomen and flanks and I am now considering doing my lower back. Can you post some before after pictures of your experience? I would love to hear about your progress, thanks in advance!
I plan on posting new pictures at monthly intervals, so stay tuned. I will try to make future photos better quality as well!
great tks!

week 1 update

1 week down! Virtually no pain or swelling, just numbness and some burning, stinging. Even that was mild and periodic. I was able to do all my normal activities, wear normal clothes without any issues. The only thing was sitting on a hard surface (ie toilet seat) felt strange since the back of my thighs were sort of numb. I know 'TMI', but it brought to mind those clear seats with the barbed wire embedded in them that you used to see...just kidding! I will post photos at the 1 month mark or before, if the results are noticeable.
How long was the procedure for your inner thigh? I understand it is 1hr for tummy, but the doc did 30mins for my thigh as she said that's the duration for thigh.
I thought all procedures were fixed at 1 hour. In any event I did 1 hour on each inner thigh. What applicator did they use on you and what orientation (lengthwise or 'around' thigh?
it was long type. Size 200. Today is exactly one week after I did my inner thigh. 30minutes each thigh. I did asked why isn't it 1hr, but she replied that for all other parts is 1hr except the thigh. Is there a board that I can complain to?

week 2 update

Well, the slight burning, stinging is completely gone and the numbness has diminished a lot. So now it's a waiting game to see some results. I'll probably wait a couple weeks to post again unless I see something meaningful. Oh, BTW, I had had my upper/lower abs done earlier in June and while I had seen some shrinkage over the following months, the fourth month (oct) was amazing. So for all those people worrying about not seeing results, be patient!
What did you see happen in the fourth month after you had your abs done? Did they change past three months? At my PS office they told me they don't usually see much change past three months. I hope they are wrong.
I still had a little lower belly 'curve' after three months, so it was an improvement over what it was when I started....but then it's like BAM, it flattened more, enough so that I said 'wow'! It seemed sudden, but maybe I just wasn't focusing on it.
Yes.. Thanks Ibagoalie 30smtg

1 month photos

I'm posting my 1 month update. I wanted to be consistent in location that the photos were taken, so they are still in poor lighting, etc. Oh well. Anyway. I think I see a little change in the back fat grab and possibly inner thigh, but nothing earth shattering, yet. Weird thing is that I 'feel' slimmer in the lower part of the inner thigh (remember, the applicator was put on crotch to knee) and my jeans are much looser on the waist, so that is a positive. Actual weight hasn't changed.
Thanks for the one month follow up. I'm just about two weeks from my inner thighs getting to the three month mark, and hardly any change if any. You probably remember that I had the applicator turned horizontally... Probably would have been better the opposite way

quick observation

I can't verify this via pictures or measurements, but I swear the lower part of my inner thighs (I'd say mid thigh to knee) is thinner than before my treatment! I'm still a couple months away from final results and I am planning on having a second treatment on my inner thighs, but it's encouraging to perceive some change!
thanks for sharing but i had a few questions- i assume the 'stick of butter' reabsorbed or melted because you dont mention it again in the followups. also your last post is about one month afterwards. how long should it take to see full results? i get that its not like real lipo where its immedietly vaccumed out. also looking forward to more pix
I'm confused by the update...Are you saying that the part of your leg below the treated area is thinner? What about the area you had treated, any change yet?
No, sorry. I had the applicator applied vertically so it appears that the lower part of the area that the applicator was on, is thinning more noticeably than the top area. Makes sense since the top area has more fat. Did that clear it up?

great news

I hope to get new pics up soon, but I had to leave a quick update. I just measured my thighs and both thighs have lost a 1/2 inch!!! This is two months in, so I am hoping that not only will I loose some more with treatment one, but then when I do treatment two, it will enhance the loss.
When you had your abs done, did you experience lots of pain like some have shared? If so, what did you do for it?
I used the small applicator for both upper and lower, so I had a litle stabbing, pinching pain, but nothing to get worked up about. Ice helped me. Btw, with the lower it looked like I was pregnant for about 2 days. So do it in the winter, that way you can wear big tops.
Yay on the lost inches

2 month mark, seeing progress

I uploaded some new pics and I think you can really tell the difference on the lower part of the inner thighs. The upper part still is flabby, but I think it is starting to lose fat there as well. The one big worry I have is that the skin will not 'adjust' and I'll have droopy inner thighs and I'm not willing to have a thigh tuck at this time. I'm scheduled to have a second round later this week and I am going to discuss this with the technician. I may end up doing a couple other body parts instead (I already paid for the 2 sessions). I may see if doing the outer thighs using the same technique might help that area. In any event, I think if you are considering your inner thighs, you do have to take into account age, because skin elasticity is really critical there.
I think your inner thighs look pretty good actually... If you are on the fence about doing them a second time I would probably choose another area over your inner thighs. Yours have done much better than mine did. Thanks for the update.
I had a consult today,, they told me all applications are in 1 hr time slots.

round two inner thighs

I was a little leery of doing the inner thighs again, but after an examination by the Tech and some discussion, I was assured that a second round on the thighs was not going to result in saggy-ness. But she did determine that since I was only month 2 into the first treatment and it was responding so well that retreating the exact same spot was not going to be dramatic, but instead placed the cooling plates in the area about three inches further towards the back of the thigh (but still vertically from crotch to knee). Hard to describe, but think of half by the crotch and half below the butt cheek. I had to lay sideways with my leg bent while she grabbed the fat, then close my bent leg til it rested on a pillow. Not the most comfy position to be in for a whole hour. The post treatment defrosting was one of the worse parts, but now it feels fine and there is no bruising. I'm curious to see what sitting will be like once the area gets really numb. As a side note, she also mentioned that the new plate for the outer thighs is getting close to being released. She says it is shaped like a stop sign. I'll be on the look out for that.
I am having upper abs done now, just finished lower, glad things are going well for you. Thanks for the info on applicator for outer thighs, want to try that next if all goes well.
Awesome! Hope your results are great.

Outer thighs using new attachment

I had had 1 treatment on my outer thigh using the conventional small head, but not much happened, so when my place got the new attachment specifically designed for outer thighs, I went to check it out.
Because the attachment sits flat on the thigh, it takes two hours per leg. My thighs weren't bruised or red afterwards, no noticeable swelling, but after 6 days, I am getting 'rug burn' sensation. I didn't take pics but will upload old pics I took before my inner thigh treatment along with new pics in about a month.
I'd love to hear more about the outer thigh results and see some pics of your progress. I'm scheduling for sept 30th and have a weekend trip planned to NYC which means a lot of walking ... would I be up for it. pretty athletic.
So far….you are the only person I've found on here who has written specifically about the outer thigh treatment from cool sculpting. If you could post some before and after pics and a little more detail about your process that would be much appreciated! Did you have any bruising to the outer thighs in the days following your procedure? Or any redness?
I didn't actually take any pics outside of the ones above that I took when I had my inner thighs done, but you can see the outer thighs in them ok. I will take pics at monthly intervals. As for the process, the outer thigh attachment doesn't suck up the fat, like the others, it is salad plate size head that straps to the outside of you leg. The cooling and defrosting feel the same as other attachments, but there is no 'stick of butter' to massage. I had no bruising at all and the redness went away pretty quickly. I didn't notice excessive swelling and no real discomfort until day 9, when it got annoying (gone now). The process takes 2 hours per leg, so I took a lunch break in between so I could get up and move around.
Center for Cosmetic and Laser Surgery

The clinic had awesome facilities and the Tech was fantastic. Several people that work there have had treatments of various body parts and can give you their experience. The Facility itself is very nice and has a comfy bed, WiFi, but no TV (so bring a laptop or book)

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