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I am 39, 5'2" and about 127 lbs. and have always...

I am 39, 5'2" and about 127 lbs. and have always been very physically active. I feel like I am reading about myself every time I read a review and am thankful that there are so many people that battle cellulite that take such good care of themselves. I had cellulaze treatment done on May 17th by Dr. Bull in Naperville, IL. The treatment was done on my thighs (all the way around). Thought the procedure would take 2.5 hours, but was actually in the room for about 5. I have read many of the reviews and my experience was very similar. Pain was much more intense than I expected during the first phase when when water solution was injected, but once it numbed up, I felt very little.

Once home, my incisions leaked for only about 24 hours and then I had very little leaking. I had very severe bruising and would say that it did not completely clear up for about a month. The soreness and pain was much more than I anticipated. I am 5 weeks out and there is no way that I could go back to running or do exercise that requires impact. I can comfortably sit down now and cross my legs, but I would say that that has only been within the past couple of weeks. If I stand for too long or walk long distances, my legs will be very sore. I am still sore to the touch and flinch every time it looks like someone might touch my legs. I have seen improvement in the soreness in the past week, so am hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am still pretty numb and that was also something that I was not expecting. I am expecting that I will still have the soreness and numbness for another month.

I started exercising after the first week. I do Dailey Method classes (bar method), which does not require impact. It actually felt really good to stretch my leg muscles and I think it improved the soreness. This is the only type of exercise I have done since the procedure.

In terms of results, I do not really see any results so far. I have to admit that that is a little depressing, but I am just telling myself to be patient. I still have some slight swelling and know that my legs are still healing. I also have the appearance of spider veins on my inner and outer thighs that were not there before. At my 4 week checkup, I pointed them out to my doctor, but he had no explanation for them and did not think they were related to the procedure. I disagree with him and will just wait and see what they do. They are more prominent in the areas where I bruised the worst and where I am still the most sore, so just hoping that they might go away.

I have really appreciated all of the other reviews that have been posted. I hope this is helpful to others. There just is not that much posted about the recovery past the first week and I would have to say that it was much more than I was anticipated. I know that everyone heals differently, but please know that it is not "a couple days and back to work, you will feel fine". If the cellulite diminishes, then it was well worth it.


Hi I'm 4 months out and went to see my doc for a follow up and to take afters...the after pic's are SO MUCH WORSE! I started crying...he said it could take up to a year to see results...I'm beside myself..I don't want to fall apart over this but after the horrible recovery and the money I've spent it's hard not to. They offered me free lipo or whatever else I wanted...I got free Botox. I wish I never did this... I'm cring hysterically right now I don't know what to do...is it normal for it to look so much worse before it gets better?
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Hey....I hope all is well n u received maximum results... Please update us....n if possible can u post before n after pictures....thanx
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Hey girl: I am 8 weeks out and relate to a lot of what you are saying.  I too have a LOT of spider veins I did not have before.   At the last visit, my MD said they were not related.  But when we pulled up pre-procedure pictures, then to pictures  a week ago, he saw the difference and said he would ask if any other MDs are having patients experiencing that at a conference he is going to soon.  However, I'd much rather have some of those than cellulite.  I will treat those in the late fall/early winter when I am in long pants.  I can't personally spare 1-2 weeks of hiding my legs again due to bruising or redness.   I'll just have to deal and wait.   On the good side, my cellulite is a ton improved.   I'd say I'm 50-75% improved.   It's not perfect- but so much better than before.    I'm just 2 months out, so I am hopeful for more come 3-6 months and even further out!   Regarding exercise, I am working out all my normal stuff again: tennis, spinning, hiking, cardio, weights, etc.  I will say that I do have to modify- it still hurts to be jiggling.   My skin is still sensitive to touch, but not painful.  I did, however, have a body scrub and massage today - and MAN, it hurt on the treated areas.  I was holding my breath!   So clearly I was not ready for that, but oh well!  I am wearing Spanx for tennis too - I can't run around without the extra support.   So hang in there, you'll get back to normal, it takes time and we all heal differently.    We're in this together, I get what you are feeling mama! 
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I have not written in a long time and thought that...

I have not written in a long time and thought that I should update my post. It has been almost 9 months since my procedure. My recovery has been incredibly slow and not at all what I expected. I still have areas on my thighs that are a little sore to touch and I do still have a few areas of numbness. I could not comfortably run (which I love to do) until about 6 months post surgery. I also have a couple of areas that appear to be almost permanently bruised (darked purple).

As for my results... I can see a very small change in a couple of areas, but for the most part I do not think that I look much different (and I have confirmed this with friends/family). I would definitely not go through this again. It was in no way worth the $8000 and extensive downtime/pain. I realize that others on this site have had different experiences and I am happy for them, but I personally would tell you that your money is better spent somewhere else. The procedure is much more invasive and the recovery is so much longer than I was led to believe and in no way would I have put myself through this for the results that I have experienced. I hope someone finds this helpful.

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