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I am now 8 months post-op following my breast...

I am now 8 months post-op following my breast reduction and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Sigalove's work. Every day I wake up absolutely pain free, and the miracle of that never gets old for me. I lived with the chronic pain and intense embarrassment of oversized EE-cup breasts for so many years that I forgot what it was like to feel normal. Now I'm active, much more athletic and I can do things that were impossible for me before the surgery, like run on the treadmill. Because of my enormous breasts, I haven't really run since I was a teenager. But these days, I can't wait to exercise, not only because I can work out without pain now, but also because I look absolutely amazing, and the more I work out, the better I look AND feel! The quality of my life has improved so drastically since my surgery that I hardly recognize myself. The only downside is that I'm having to re-learn proper posture after so many years of slouching under the weight of the two bowling balls that were hanging off my chest.

As for how my ladies look...I'm still awestruck every time I see them. They're larger than I had originally hoped for even after all the tissue he removed (three pounds!), but to be honest, they're the perfect size for my frame. Since my surgery, I started swimming daily and I've lost 12 pounds, which makes them look even more awesome. I didn't get to choose my ideal breast shape as my surgery was medical, not aesthetic. Insurance for medically necessary procedures like mine doesn't cover aesthetics. But it didn't matter because Dr. Sigalove is an artist and he chose the perfect tear drop shape to compliment my body type. The more weight I lose, the more gorgeous they seem to get. While I worried at first that they were still too big, as I swim and get more toned, they look better and better. Honestly, I would've been happy if he'd made me nearly flat chested. But Dr. Sigalove made the right call and took just the right amount of tissue to make me perfectly proportional, and in doing so, he took 20 years off my appearance. So no, I didn't get the C-cup chest I was hoping for...instead I had to settle for beautiful and voluptuous. I can live with it. They never looked this gorgeous in my 20's!

I suffered no complications. The pain post-op was minimal, though getting the drains removed TRULY sucked...it was worse than the actual surgery, but thankfully the pain only lasted a few minutes. My recovery was short and uneventful, and I was back to a light workout at the gym three weeks after my procedure, which is also about the same time I started sleeping flat again. Recovery was a breeze!

****** BTW, don't freak out at the cost of my surgery!!! If you're considering surgery and trying to get a price range, ignore the cost of my procedure. Your surgery will likely be a fraction of the cost of mine. I had two medically necessary procedures done back to back. I had a benign (thank goodness) nodule removed from under one of my breasts near the chest wall. My breast reduction was necessary to ease my back and neck pain, but also to make any subsequent nodules much easier to find. The mammogram that ultimately caught my little freeloader took over three hours because my breasts were so gigantic and dense. Anyway, the point is THE COST OF MY SUGERY IS NOT TYPICAL FOR A BREAST REDUCTION. If insurance isn't covering your procedure, call Dr. Sigalove's office for pricing. The average breast reduction does NOT cost $32K.
Blessings just told me about your review when I told her she was an inspiration. I have spent the last 1/2 hour reading your posts, and all I can say is Wow! You both are amazing and such an inspiration. I don't like - well should I say hate wearing a swim suit, but maybe I won't care as much as I did before my BR. I use to be very thin...had scoliosis surgery and had other medical issues and although I exercise regularly I probably don't push myself in fear of hurting myself. Sounds like swimming would be so much easier on my body. I would be one that won't be able to make it a 1/2 Lap, and won't look pretty but that's okay. We are going to Chicago for spring break for a week, and then to Disneyland. When at Disneyland I am sure we will swim everyday. Gmlaster-you sound like an awesome mother! My Mom works with autistic children that are nonverbal. Very challenging but also very rewarding. You do sound as though you would be a great motivational speaker, or an awesome life coach. I admire you. Thanks to you both. I will pray for both of you. And pray for me as i get the courage to try something new. Hugs to you both!
Well howdy ColoradoLady! So nice to meet you. I'm sorry it's taken so long to reply but I'm knee deep in ending my marriage. Had to sign papers on Monday and deal with other red tape on Tuesday. I let myself sleep all morning today after I put my son on the school bus. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that all of this is over. I've still got the court date, but that's just a formality. This is over. He gets to keep his girlfriend and I get full custody of our child and support. I wouldn't say I'm happy about all of this, but I'm totally satisfied. I took some time to read about your BR journey. I wanted to know a little more about you before I replied. How are you healing now? Are the dog ears still a problem? If not, don't feel bad about it. It's the chance you take with surgery. I got keloids around my nipples, which is why I don't post photos. They're not too bad, but I don't want to scare anyone off. Just because I keloided doesn't mean everyone will, and I don't want someone who could really benefit from the surgery not to have it because she saw my pictures and got cold feet. I knew the risks before I did the surgery because I have other keloids. Besides, I'm totally happy with my results, in spite of the keloids. My girls look awesome, and so do I. I have zero back and shoulder pain and I look like a normal person in my clothes now. I couldn't be happier. I'm a year post-op. After two years, I'll look at getting the scars lasered to flatten them out. But for now, it's enough to be pretty, perky and pain free. I really hope you'll try the swimming, especially now that the weather is starting to turn. I can't recommend it strongly enough, especially if you have back or joint issues. Swimming affords you a semi-weightless environment in which to exert yourself in ways that might otherwise be difficult or impossible. As I said to Blessings, you're getting a simultaneous cardio/resistance workout, but you're doing it in a way that doesn't put stress on weak areas of your body. I swim with lots of back patients who use swimming as their only form of exercise since they can't take the stress on the spine or joints, and they're able to build strength in the back muscles without straining. I know how you feel about the swimsuit. When I started swimming last summer, I hadn't been in a pool in 25 years. I felt humiliated having to buy the ugly plus-sized suit I could fit into. I was a model in my teens and early 20's, so I know what you mean about missing your skinny days. But nobody gets out of this life alive. God forces us all to age, but I guess the trade-off is that you give up your youth in exchange for increased wisdom (hopefully). But that's really not much comfort when you're squeezing all that wisdom into a swimsuit. However, let me share something I learned from Halle Berry, who like me, is a Type 2 diabetic. She nearly lost her life some years ago when she slipped into a diabetic coma. After a long, hard recovery, she learned that the best way to control her blood sugar was through daily exercise. Eating healthy is only part of it. Even though she is totally gorgeous, she was not healthy. So she hired a personal trainer who worked her hard every day. But what was different about her workout was that she wasn't doing it to look good or to advance her career. She exercised so she could stay alive...nothing else. She didn't watch the scale. Instead she watched her glucometer. Her blood sugar numbers were all that mattered. We women tend to focus on the scale or our dress size. But your sugar numbers change every day with what you eat. By staying focused on those numbers, she stopped thinking about how heavy or light she was and just focused on how controlled she was. Because of the exercise, the gorgeous body was a natural consequence of her efforts to avoid another coma. I'm saying this because you have to train yourself to get past the suit thing and see what's really important. You're really the only one who cares about how you look in the suit. Nobody else is judging you. Instead of caring about the suit, care about the goal. The way out of the ugly suit is to get into the ugly suit and use it...every day. Your reward will be the new suit you're going to have to buy yourself when that one gets too baggy. I'm now on my third suit. Each one gets less ugly as I get more beautiful. My goal is to fit perfectly into this beautiful Speedo racing suit I've had my eye on. But really, my goal is to keep my blood sugar under control because like Halle, failure to do this will result in my death. My ever more beautiful body is just a natural consequence of my fight to stay alive and healthy. You're no different, even if you're not diabetic. All of us are susceptible to high blood pressure, heart and artery disease as we age. You're younger than I am, but you're no exception. So make up your mind to see that suit as a means to an end, not the end itself. You're doing this for your health, not your vanity. As the weeks become months and you swim every day, you'll see...your body will take on the shape that will make a newer, prettier suit an absolute necessity. And don't worry about how many laps you can do. Do the first half lap. I guarantee it's half a lap more than you did yesterday. Rest and do the other half lap to get back and there's your first lap. Do it again tomorrow and the next day. Before long, I promise you...you'll be curious to see if you can do another, and then another. That's just how it happens. Look at Blessings. In no time at all, she turned into a lap swimmer, and that's just how it happened. Do what you can and stop when your body says to stop. Rest and come back for more tomorrow. Every two weeks, ask more of yourself. One more lap than last week. Just one. If you can manage two, do it. Push to see how you're gaining endurance. But most importantly of all, remember to reward yourself with a nice sauna or hot tub, or something else (that's NOT food) that makes you happy to celebrate your championship. And for every five days you swim, take two days off to avoid burnout. Let me know how it goes. I'm pulling for you and I'm proud of you for undertaking this. Blessings and I will be lifting you up high in prayer. You will do this, and after a very little while, you're going to love it. Know that God will bless your efforts to care for His temple. He doesn't care about your suit. He loves you. So do this for Him, do it for you, and do it for those new knockers of yours because the swimming is going to make your girls look even more amazing! Hugs right back at ya.
Hi there, I'm so glad I just read your review. I am truly motivated to lose more weight now. You say you look better after toning and weight loss. Well I want that too. I have lost 40 lbs. and now after BR I am hoping to lose 25 more. I do aqua Zumba, water aerobics and strength training with free weights. I'm just so happy to be able to get back to exercising now. Having to be inactive after surgery was the longest part of recovery. Maybe you can tell me if by looking at my pics, if I have a change at getting rid of the side boobage!! It really bothers me. I tried on an underwire and fat just spills out on the sides under my arms. Uggg. I would really appreciate your input. You sound so positive.
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Dr. Sigalove, in my opinion, is a gifted surgeon and a genius at what he does. His skills as a surgeon are unparalleled and yet he is easy to talk to and totally accessible. He answers questions using language that ordinary people can understand. He never uses technical or medical terminology without explaining it in laymen's terms, and even though it's obvious that he's super busy, he makes his patients feel like he always has time for them. He is courteous, patient, an excellent listener and he's eager to answer questions and allay the patient's fears. But even more than that, he is committed to giving his patients the results they expect from surgery. He takes a tremendous pride in his work (and rightly so. It's awesome!) and nothing thrills him more than knowing that his hard work resulted in making you deliriously happy. But be prepared...he's brutally honest about what can go wrong. His explanation of potential complications can be frightening, but it's necessary. Surgery is always a risk. While my procedure was done to correct a medical problem and relieve pain, most plastic surgeries are aesthetic. You don't need it...you want it. But while his explanation of the potential complications was unsettling, I absolutely loved the fact that he was so secure in himself as a surgeon and the success of his practice that he felt no need to sell me on the surgery. He's perfectly willing to let you walk out the door if you're not ready and completely committed to undergoing the procedure. Dr. Sigalove has set the bar extremely high for me. He's not just a brilliant and talented surgeon...he's an artist. And yet, for all his genius, he somehow manages to be genuinely modest and totally down to Earth. I would've expected someone like him to suffer from a bit of arrogance, but he's a consumate professional and just a really nice guy. From now on, I will expect every surgeon I might ever need to exhibit this mixture of accessibility and professionalism. If I'm going to let someone cut me open, I want a doctor who's the best at what he does, but who can also explain what he's going to do to me in terms I can comprehend. If you are looking for an excellent plastic surgeon in the Chicagoland area, I strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Sigalove and see for yourself. His staff is friendly, helpful and exceedingly competent and they put you right at ease from the moment you walk in the door. The whole procedure for me was first class and the only thing I regret about the whole thing is that I didn't go see him sooner.

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