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Wonderful experience, very little pain, quick...

Wonderful experience, very little pain, quick recovery and immense boost to self esteem. I don't look 13 anymore!

My breasts look natural and that's what I wanted. Healing was fast, scarring was barely there and we got the symmetry I lacked prior to surgery. No complications.

I am now 8 months post-op following my breast reduction and I couldn't be happier with Dr. Sigalove's work. Every day I wake up pain free, and the miracle of that never gets old for me. I lived with the pain of oversized E-cup breasts for so many years that I forgot what it was like to be normal. Now I'm more active, more athletic and I can do things that were impossible for me before the surgery, like run on the treadmill. These days, I can't wait to exercise, not only because I can work out without pain now, but also because I look absolutely amazing, and the more I work out, the better I look AND feel! The quality of my life has improved so much since my surgery that I hardly recognize myself. The only downside is that I'm having to re-learn good posture after so many years of slouching under the weight of the two bowling balls that were hanging off my chest. As for how my girls look...I'm still awestruck every time I see them. They're larger than I had originally hoped for even after all the tissue he removed (three pounds!), but to be honest, they're the perfect size for my frame. Since my surgery, I started swimming daily and I've lost 12 pounds, which makes them look even more awesome. He gave me the perfect tear drop shape I was hoping to get, and the more weight I lose, the more gorgeous they seem to get. While I worried at first that they were still too big, as I swim and get more toned, they look better and better. Dr. Sigalove took just the right amount to make me perfectly proportional, and in doing so, he took 20 years off my appearance. It's amazing! Dr. Sigalove, in my opinion, is a genius at what he does. His skills as a surgeon are unparalleled and yet he is easy to talk to and totally accessible. He answers all questions using language that ordinary people can understand. He never uses technical or medical terminology without explaining it in laymen's terms, and even though it's obvious that he's super busy, he makes his patients feel like he always has time for them. He is courteous, patient, an excellent listener and he's eager to answer questions and allay the patient's fears. But even more than that, he is committed to giving his patients the results they expect from surgery. He takes a tremendous pride in his work (and rightly so. It's awesome!) and nothing thrills him more than knowing that his hard work resulted in making you deliriously happy. But be prepared...he's brutally honest about what can go wrong. His explanation of potential complications can be frightening, but it's necessary. Surgery is always a risk and plastic surgery is something that is mostly elective. While my procedure was done to correct a medical problem and relieve pain, most plastic surgeries are aesthetic. You don't need want it. But while his explanation of the potential complications was unsettling, I absolutely loved the fact that he was so secure in himself as a surgeon and the success of his practice that he felt no need to sugarcoat the procedure to sell me on the surgery. He's perfectly willing to let you walk out the door if you're not ready and completely committed to undergoing the procedure. Dr. Sigalove has set the bar extremely high for me. He's not just a brilliant and talented surgeon...he's an artist. And yet, for all his genius, he somehow manages to be genuinely modest and totally down to Earth. I would've expected someone like him to suffer from a bit of arrogance, but he's a consumate professional and just a really nice guy. From now on, I will expect every surgeon I might ever need to exhibit this level of professionalism. If I'm going to let someone cut me open, these are traits I'm going to require from any surgeon who operates on me. If you are looking for an excellent plastic surgeon in the Chicagoland area, I strongly recommend that you contact Dr. Sigalove and see for yourself. His staff is friendly, helpful and exceedingly competent and they put you right at ease from the moment you walk in the door. The whole procedure for me was first class and the only thing I regret about the whole thing is that I didn't go see him sooner.
Having my breast reduction surgery with Dr. Sigalove next Wednesday. Thank you so much for the critique. I liked him immensely after my appointment because he's no nonsense and all about straight talk. He was brutally honest about all the things that could go wrong, but his success rate speaks for itself. He's very highly sought after out here. I first tried to get an appointment with him last September and he was so booked, I couldn't get an appointment until January. My surgery is scheduled for March 6th. That's an awful long time to wait but when it comes to plastic surgeons, that's exactly what you want. The doctor who's really tough to book is a doctor with a lot of satisfied customers who've told all their friends how great s/he is. I'd rather wait months to see the surgeon everyone swears by that get right in to see someone with nobody in the waiting room. When it comes to plastic surgery, you want the best and you don't want to get cheap about it. You truly do get what you settle for. I've heard great things about Dr. Sigalove but until I found this blog, all I've read are the testimonials on his site, which are incredible, but what doctor is going to put hate mail on his own site? Reading it here from you means a lot. I'm so excited by your review. I can hardly wait until Wednesday!

It sounds like you had an ideal breast augmentation experience! I'm glad it went so well for you.

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He explained everything, took into account my needs, left me assured that the final decision on size would be made based on what we communicated about what I wanted. He did make a slight change in our decision about size pre-op and it turned out to be a wise one.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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