rhinoplasty and brazilian butt lift in india!! help. - Nagpur, India

Hello Everyone. I am 25,from West Africa. I have...

Hello Everyone.
I am 25,from West Africa. I have been on realself for about two months now,off and on? And Finally I have chosen to seek advise and help from my fellow women. I live in Nigeria,Africa and I have always wanted to have theses procedures done. Been researching and finally stumbled on realself. The closest and most affordable place to get my dream come true is India,but I am so unsure of getting the near-perfection surgery I wish for. I need help to find good surgeons in India. I contacted Tour2india4health and have been in contact with then discussing the procedures. They have advised I go with Dr Syed Ilas, but I am unsure because it seems as though he is their only surgeon(The lady from realself that contacted them was given to Dr Syed as well) Confused and need help. Thank you!
Dr Syed Ilas

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Here's a review from a couple years ago for the same Dr. I tried to link another review for your Dr but the system would not let me. Use the search feature for him if you have not found it already. I logged on today with the intention of searching India. I've been looking at Asia, Europe and hope I can make a decision soon as to where to go. It's difficult and I guess it's compounded for you as far as Visas go. Good luck on whatever you decide.
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Hey, have you considered Dominica Republic. the surgeons there are good and also their prices
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Hello,yes I have especially for my bbl. it's getting their Visa from my country that poses the problem,tried to look for a way around it but way too difficult.time and cost
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Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated on your process. Do you know how to find the board in India that certifies plastic surgeons? If you can figure that out (sorry I don't know where to direct you for that), you should contact them to find qualified surgeons.

Rhinoplasty and BBL are vastly different procedures and you obviously want to make sure you find someone who can do both well.

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