23 Year-old Girl, 1.5 Dermaroller for Deep Acne Scars

I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and forehead....

I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. I've been using at-home chemical peels for years with very minimal results. As a grad student, I obviously can't afford expensive professional treatments so I bought this dermaroller on Amazon. I did my first treatment four weeks ago and its hard to tell since I didn't take any before pictures, but I think my more shallow forehead scars. I did not do a very good job on the treatment because it hurt more than I expected. I did bleed quite a bit which was hard because I get a little faint at the sight of blood :(. I'm doing another treatment today and I plan on doing a more thorough job since I know what to expect now. I'm posting pictures from today and I'll post more in a few weeks. Sorry i only have a crappy phone camera.


Is it alright to use Tretinoin solution .05% after treatments? Badly need advice..
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Is it alright to use Tretinoin solution .05% after each dermaroller session?
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How are things going? Have you microneedled a 2nd time?
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After second treatment

I meant to update sooner but I've been too busy. I did my second treatment four weeks ago. Its a little hard to tell, but I think there is some improvements. I wish I had a better camera. Today, I'm doing a second treatment this time with a 2.5 mm dermastamp. I realize that some of my scars are probably too deep for the 1.5 mm. I'm so excited to see some results!


I do! I don't think it should causse a problem. Most people say it helps.
Thank you
Should i wait 20minutes after rolling to apply it or I can simultaneously apply it while rolling?

One week after third treatment

I think its working! 2.5 needles seemed to really make a difference


2 weeks after third treatment

As you can see the very deep scar on my left cheek is practically gone! Other scars look better but its hard to show with my crappy camera. I'm so excited. I recommend using the 2.5 mm needles if you have deep rolling scars like me. I'm very glad I never invested in $5000 fraxel treatments! I'm going to wait another 3 weeks for my next treatment.


How are you progressing? I would love for your to post a video of the process of at home Derma Rolling. 
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please google Dr. Vaughter's rollers (can't list web site address here) for extremely comprehensive info about rollers/pens, protocols to follow, how to prep skin, how to clean tools and what product to use after. It is the best education site I've found and products are very reasonable. Feel free to reply back if you have any questions but I promise the site will cover it better than I can! I've had fantastic results on scars with narrow rollers (to roll just the scar and protect skin around scar) and other rollers and individual rollers for face and body. You'll see also why they aren't fans of dermapens/stamps unless it's a defined poc mark or scar, but prefer individual needles for areas like the "11s" of the brows small marks. Hope this helps! Thanks for all your wonderful sharing here!
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how many times a week should I use the roller?
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1 week after 4th treatment

1 week after 4th treatment. I deliberately took the picture with downward lighting so as to highlight the


hello everyone i'm new to the forum, i just started rolling with a 1.5mm derma roller..i am rolling once every week and i am on my third roll. i have moderate ice pic scars on both my temples and cheeks from when i had acne when i was younger. i am noticing some change on my temples but not much of anything on my cheeks..i believe this might be because the skin on my temples is thinner and the needles reach the dermis easier..well that and i didnt want to press to hard with the roller and end up damaging my skin further..basically i am getting a feel for the roller and i want to get better as i go with better techniques and finding information on here as i go. so far i am eating healthy drinking lots of water fruits vegetables taking daily supplements and using hyauralic acid vitamin c and egf after i roll.. and every day i use this lotion that has omega 6 in it that is suppose to help regenerate your skin cells fasters..regardless who knows..i really want to see results wish me luck !!
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Hi, albertbernal You are rolling too often with the 1.5 roller. You should only roll every 3 weeks since collagen takes 21 days to fully produce. After each roll apply Vit C and Tretinoin. If you go to ***3rd party sites not permitted***website you will find a lot of info about the different size needle lengths, how often to MIcroneedle & products to apply. Good luck :)
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6 weeks after 5th treatment

I've noticed decent results since my last treatment. It seems like waiting 6 weeks rather than 4 improved my results. I've also been using topical vitamin c. This seems to improve my skin texture even if it hasn't improved my scarring. Today, I'll use my 2.5 dermastamp again! I'll post pics in a few weeks. These pics look different because they're not in natural light whereas the others were.

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