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I used latisse for 3 months and it made my eyes...

I used latisse for 3 months and it made my eyes darker. My eyes were sort of hazel/brown with a brown ring around the pupil and green around the outer rim. I first noticed in a photo that my eyes were looking darker. Then I started examining them in the light and then outside in the sunlight, desperately looking for the green around the rim that always made my eyes look much lighter outdoors. Well, it was nowhere to be found. My eyes now look solid brown, mud brown and all the light and pretty color is gone from my eyes now. I really regret having used latisse.

I want this review to be absolutely honest and I will admit that I did not follow the instructions. I was advised that the bottle of latisse would last longer if I used one drop for both eyes and my own applicator. So I bought an eyelash brush and put one drop in the cap, then dipped the brush in the cap and applied it along the upper eyelid, and then on the lower eyelid. But I NEVER put a drop of it in my eyes, and only used one drop per day.

I'm so upset about this and praying that my eyes will return back to their original color but I don't have much hope based on what I have read about color change being permanent. I'm shocked this happened to me after only 3 months of use, and by using only one drop per day. I hope this review will prevent others with green/brown eyes from trying latisse. My mom and sister who have green eyes did not have this experience, so I think it depends on how much brown you have in your eyes to begin with.


I like your new color too! Be confident in yourself! It looks like dark chocolate to me :)
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That's awful, girly. I have been trying to decide about using Latisse. I'm a nurse and was wondering if the color change could really occur or if it were some uncommon side effect that had never even happened, but could be a possibility. But after reading your post, I will not use the Latisse. I have no problem with brown eyes, just rather not take the risk if it will change my eye color. Thank you so much for posting this, I really appreciate it. I will pray for you too that your original eye color returns. You still have gorgeous eyes tho! I wonder if revitalash contains the same thing...hmm

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Latisse and Lumigan really need to change the wording of their side effects. They give the impression it happens over a longer period and that it cumul
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update on my eye color 6 months after stopping latisse

I stopped using latisse 6 months ago after discovering that it turned my eyes from hazel to dark brown. After doing some research online on how to lighten my eye color, I started using MSM drops & alpha arbutin drops in my eyes. I have been doing that on and off for the past 5 months. I think they have lightened a little, but are nowhere near their original color before I started using latisse. Updated picture is attached.


My mother and I have both been using careprost for like 3 years and we both have the same color green eyes and ours have not changed whatsoever. I started off with Latisse to see if it worked and when it did I switched to Careprost. I am still reading reviews and research on it. The warnings were never about entire iris darkening but small pigment spots if you drop it directly into your eyes for an extended period of time. There has not been one substantially documented case of color change when used correctly.
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Sorry but there are many documented cases if iris darkening. It's a well documented permanent side affect that only happens to a small percentage of users. You have been lucky to not be affected
I have been using Latisse for three months now. Unfortunately, there was no change to my iris. The unwanted lighter colors were still present, and my iris did not pick up any additional brown pigment from the side effect of using Latisse. Although, my eye doctor, who prescribed Latisse for me, said it would take six months before I would notice a change to my iris. I believe if I had fully brown eyes, like I enjoyed during my youth, I would have more self confidence. I would be able to look people in the eyes more during a conversation. I would not be so ashamed of my eyes, because they would match up with my skin and hair color. And I would not be so envious of people with fully dark brown eyes. There are so many ways a person could make their eyes look blue. But if a person wants dark brown eyes, it seems impossible. For me getting blue eyes? Piece of cake! It's almost as easy as getting fired from a job! Needless to say, I would not look good in blue eyes. Nor the unwanted green and hazel colors that invaded my eyes when I lost my far away vision. My eyes do look brown while I am in my bathroom and bedroom with the high overhead lighting, giving me some hope and confidence at times. And I do list my eyes as brown on my driver's license. But I don't see my eyes as other people would see them, at all kinds of angles and in all kinds of lighting. So I wonder, just how ugly my eyes really look? I do have a slim body and a beautiful smile. But these cannot overcome my poor eye color. I would trade my slim body for beautiful fully dark brown eyes! On a brighter note, My eye lashes have grown since using Latisse for three months now. They are definitely longer, and somewhat darker and thicker. So Latisse does work with my eye lashes. I have also noticed that I was rarely losing any eye lashes. Before the use of Latisse, I was losing eye lashes daily. Though, I do get dry, itchy, and red eyes at times.

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