Breast Reduction 3 Weeks! Looking for Support!

Hello! I am going through with breast reduction...

Hello! I am going through with breast reduction surgery in 3 weeks, and I can not believe it! This is something i have wanted to do for years now. I have been self-conscious with my breasts ever since I got them and ready to have them the size I want. I am 21 years old about 5'4 and 115 lbs, but my breasts do not match my body frame at all! I have horrible posture because I am self-conscious of my chest and slouch constantly. My lower back has been hurting worse and worse lately after standing all day or exercising. Anyways, according to bra measurements at the typical Victoria Secret or Nordstroms I am a size 32 DD, according to my PS I am no where near that size. I told him ideally I want to be at a size B, and he thinks im nuts. My parents are supportive of my decision to do the surgery but I have decided not to tell my friends or any other family members. This is something for me and I don't think it is necessary for them to know. For this reason I am looking for support and guidance through this journey from those who have already gone through with the surgery or on the same path as I am. What do I mentally and physically need to prepare myself for?


@Samee121 Greetings!! You have already made the decision to go through with the surgery, which I think is the hardest part. I understand what the doctor is saying because I went through trying to decide what size I wanted to be from a 40ddd. I had the worse time with finding bras that gave proper support. My insurance would have paid if I had gone with the amount they wanted removed which would have put me at a b cup. Way too small. I figured that a 38c would be the great middle of the road. It is up to you to go do your research and look at bras comparable to the size you want to be. I am two weeks post op and percectly happy with the choice I made. You have to be comfortable in your own skin and know for certain where you want to be, because this is a permanent decision. I can tell you after surgery I didn't deal with pain in my breast just tightness. The pain I did feel came from the lipo. Just make sure you have everything you need prior to surgery by speaking with your surgeon for directions on eating afterwards and care. You will do just fine. Look forward to seeing your change. Take care!!!
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I'm also keeping the surgery details pretty quiet. Very few know what I'm going in for....and no one except my husband knows I decided to do a TT and lipo of the flanks and back roll too. My date is May 28th....this will be my skeleton jn the closet
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At your age you are going to do wonderful .This is not a surgery that is extremely painful . In fact I never had pain but I was sore . I am 2 weeks post-op and am doing great . The worst part is healing . You can't do much . But the results are amazing!!!! Good luck on your journey . You will love it!!!
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Back for an update. So, my breast reduction...

Back for an update. So, my breast reduction surgery is scheduled for THIS SATURDAY!! I was excited until my family sat me down and discussed their true feelings with me. I am 100% second guessing my decision now.

Let me start by saying I am a recent college graduate (past Saturday) and have a new job beginning two weeks after surgery. I may have incorrectly judged my recovery time and I am worrying if I will actually be able to start by that date. I know that making sure I recover in time to start my job will add unnecessary stress and could possibly delay my healing process. I am obviously concerned with all the risk and have done my research so I am aware of what to expect, but everyone is different right? Another major concern of mine is the scaring. I am young and have to live with these scars the rest of my life. I am starting to rant, but mainly I am looking for advice and a second opinion.

Like i said earlier my surgery is scheduled for this Saturday so I really need to get it together soon!! If I back out now I am looking at loosing my deposit on the surgery and ultimately continue on in being disappointed in my breast size.

I have also recently considered doing liposuction in order to reduce my breast size. Has anyone tried this? What are your thoughts on this being successful?

Thank you in advance for you help and opinions!

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