25 Year Old, No Kids, 34A-32B, Petite Frame, Weight Remains 115-120lbs (No Major Fluctuation) - Mississippi

-I have not scheduled any consultation with a PS...

-I have not scheduled any consultation with a PS yet as I will be moving to Mississippi soon. Therefore that's why I have not chosen an estimated cost or an estimated date. I have been on this site reading stories for about a month now and I just thought I'd make a post so that I can ask questions or that anyone who has a similar body structure as myself can comment on their experience.
-I am also looking for a PS in MS or the surrounding states. I heard there is a good PS in Texas, but after looking him up online I wasn't really fully satisfied. It'd be better to go into a PS office to speak face to face, however that will have to wait until I settle in after moving.
-I have been thinking about getting a Breast Augmentation done now for quite some time. Mainly because I am not fully satisfied with their current fullness. I wish I would fill out my own size bras better (don't you hate that gap?) I wish I could fill out tops better and I wish to feel more confident about myself. Sometimes I literally feel like I'm not as feminine as I should be simply because I barely have any breasts!
-Ack, I am thankful to have the little ones I am graced with but I just wish to enhance them. I want to go a full size bigger. Maybe even a size and a half bigger, as I read after the swelling goes down the original chosen size is a tad smaller. (Is this true?) I have thought about a textured implant because I am reading they will not move. That's one thing I don't want, is a shifting booby. I am still a bit confused with the "cc". I suppose that number depends on the type of implant and the desired size one wants to achieve? I am guessing it also ties into ones current body structure?
-It would probably be good to note that I do work out a few times a week. I have read stories of other individuals getting a breast augmentation who work out as well. I don't think working out has decreased my breast size as I've had this size ever since my body was done developing.
-I will also upload photos in the near future to give you all an idea on where I stand.
-Thanks in advance for any advice and answers to the above questions and future questions. :-)

25 and dreaming of new boobies!

Ugh! I wish I was getting implants tomorrow. After all the research I've been doing (and will continue to do), all the questions I have and all the beautiful women out there with gorgeous breasts I've been seeing, I am overly anxious to have mine augmented so I can feel gorgeous and look like the female I should look like. Sigh.
I've added some photos of where I currently stand with my body. Hrm, Yay?
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And if you have any questions I'm happy to answer I'm almost 2 weeks post op with no kids. It's hard finding someone on here with no kids because your muscles are tighter and the experience can be different.
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I'm 5'3 That's true, I can't find many members without kids to relate to as that does make a difference. I'm thinking once I go for a consult I'd like to op for going under the muscle tissue. I liked the sound of the textured implants as they have minimal chances of moving. I don't want it to be obvious that I have implants. Ha. I'm a bit worried about them showing though as I don't have much skin to deal with or maybe I do? Idk... :-/
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How tall are you?
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I'm in Mississippi that is why I read your post as soon as I saw it. I am 4 weeks out from surgery. My surgeon was in Jackson. They have two plastic surgery centers(not connected)-the Runnels center and Face and Body Center. I used Dr. Barazza at the Face and Body Center. he is the only one at that clinic that has no reviews/before and after pics online, etc. But that in itself is the reason I chose him. He was great and said when he had to start raving about himself online to make money, it would be time to retire. He shows you any pics you want to see once you are in his office, just doesn't post them online. I had my surgery on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. I drove myself to my post op (2 hours from my house) on Thursday of the next week. I stopped taking pain meds on day 4 when I went back to work. I had 375cc in the right and 350 in the left (something about asymmetry). I was going from less than a B to a full C. I'm bigger than a C right now, but that is because they still look like implants and haven't dropped. The swelling has gone down alot so they do look smaller, but that is why I depend on my bra to tell the tale. They aren't really. He said use mederma for the scars and they are healing well. I got saline under the muscle. He also told me on day 6 to stop wearing a bra at home so that gravity could help them drop. He said when I go back for 6 week checkup they should be about where I want to be. (I think alot has to happen quick for that to be true, however.). Good luck with whoever you choose. I've posted comments to others as well. Read those as I've given negative comments as well as positive, not trying to change your mind, just trying to give you both aspects. People only told me positives and I went in and when I woke up I had no clue how I had been talked into it. :-)
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Aw, I appreciate the comment! I don't mind viewing both sides of the story. I sure do not want to go into surgery (whenever it will happen, I'm taking my time but still anxious about it of course) blind folded. I am sure despite all the research I have and will do and comments from people who've had the experience, I'll still have some things that I may have not been prepared for, because each body is different and reacts different. Yet in some aspects, we can all react in a similar way. I am just glad I was directed to this site. It's so informational. It's also so refreshing to talk to people who have been through the surgery. It makes it more real. :-) I am sure everything will work out for you. I know as I've read it takes time and patience. I am an impatient person but I think in this case that tacky phrase "all good things come to those that wait" may ring true :-)
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