Snatched Waist with a Fat Booty

After silent browsing this site for a year, I'm...

After silent browsing this site for a year, I'm finally ready to officially start my journey. Im a 24 year old no children 5'7 210 lbs. All my weight is in my boobs and stomach. I have what I call a donut that goes all around my stomach. I need to turn my big gut into a bangin butt. Im loving durans work but I can't even get her to give me a response. I received a quote from yily which is 4500 including abdomen lipo full back lipo fat transfer and tummy tuck. I don't want a tummy tuck but I don't think It will snap back. If i decided no tummy tuck my quote is 3500. I also contacted vanity cosmetics and they quoted me 4000 no tummy tuck included. I haven't really seen anyone go there so I'm not 100% sold. When it's all said and done I wanna be SNATCHED


I'm a mother of 3, I will be 42 this September and I want to be snatched. I hope all goes well with you. I will be flowing your journey.
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Welcome and good luck on your PS search!
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Thanks honey bun

my flat cakes :(

Hello beauties I took some preop pics as and adding wish pics. I hate that my butt is flat so my panties roll down past my"donut" and sag. No matter how much weight I loose it doesn't completely go away. If i can get that off with lipo I would love my silhouette. With the fat I got I should have a donk lol. Hell I wanna wear spandex and high waisted skirt and look like va va voom. I'm hoping my dreams will come true.

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wish pics

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tummy tuck talk

The skin on my belly doesn't snap back like it used to with a the weight gain and weight loss it just reached capacity. I don't want the big scar from the tummy tuck plus I have no children yet and I don't want get tucked and have a baby and it's all stretched out again. What should I do and how can I avoid a tummy tuck


I was told I may need a tummy tuck too, but im honesty going to see hope my stomach looks after lipo and compression since I have no kids either. A tummy tuck isn't always needed , I say see how you're results look after two months then decide.
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Thanks love I was gonna try wraps and maybe waist training corsets

wish pics galore

So I've been on rs looking at more waist hips and ass than a little bit and I got more wish pics

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Weight loss

Hiiii beauties! So my starting weight loss journey I was 210. I started walking around the park in the mornings, eating less carbs more fruits and veggies and NO soda. I also have switched to wheat products (pasta rice bread). I stepped on the scale this morning and baby it read 201.3. The goddesses are pleased honey. I'm going to start doing crunches, plastic wrapping my midsection before walking and order a waist trainer soon. Any ideas for a good corset to pull me in? Thanks ladies


Congratulations on your weight liss and good luck on your journey.
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Thanks honey

quotes or naw!

So I been getting beside myself with all these quotes i gave everyone the same info lipo to abs waist flanks and full back with a bbl .here's my run down SO FAR lol (don't judge me)
Yily: 3500
Vanity with dr. Bass: 4000
Ortega: 4500 or 5k with a 5 day stay ;)
Salama: 9500
Cortes: 10,200
So I'm back and forth between yily or ortega . I'm scared to travel to dr after reading all the stories good bad or ugly. However Yily and durans (still no response from duran grrrr) work is amazing and speaks for itself. These ladies are the the donk Dr's for sure. After all the shenanigans with cabral I wouldn't even want to see his face because as a nurse what he is doing to woman is flat out disgusting. (All my opinion). With dr ortega he includes a 5 day stay and compression garment for 5000 so that's a plus. At least I know here in the us I'll have a greater change of having a sterile operating field which would make my risk for infection lower and I'm really not sure if I can say the same about dr. I'm torn ladies. But I got some more wish pics ;-).


Congrats to you for making these major steps toward the new you!! Decision decisions I know it's hard but at first but as time goes in and you start to convo more and more you will lean in the right direction I say pray on it!! I feel you in no TT I felt like that to when I started my journey but I was different I have kids and were all vaginal so yes being cut and having a scar really freaked me out but I did it in the end the scar is low and out the way I see if I look for it and I'm finish with the pregnancy thing so I made the best decision for my results my PS helped me with the final decision and I've had no trouble THANK GOD but you do what's best for you and trust me it will all work out in the end results... GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES!!!
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Thanks hun I was just starting to read your journey your such a diva.
Lol Thanx boo!! It takes a diva to recognize a diva by the end if your journey you will see it too.. I appreciate you taking the time to read my journey THANK YOU!!!

beauties by baez ;)

Hey lovely ladies! I'm still back and forth about going to the Dominican Republic but I'm back on with Ms. Dra. Baez she pullin girls up right no tt required with her work (it's that good) . She even has her own clinic unlike CIPLA where they have a bunch of girls to take care of she will be able to take more time and proper care of me. The only downside is that her butts look more natural and to fit the body. How do I say to my surgeon umm... I wanna be asstastic lol. Well I think it's worth a try so I'm requesting a quote. Decisions decisions... what's a girl to do


You know how she works if you know you want to be ASSTASTIC you gotta go where they are giving out ASSTASTIC ASSES!!! Lol I'm just saying what you said cause I like that "word" lol lmao
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Cheap maxi dresses divas!!!

So I totally forgot to mention that I found maxi dresses in stores and online at rainbow or A lot of the dresses are under $15.00 so you know i had to stock up. I took some screen shots of the ones I bought offline and I also got some for $7 in stores. Hope it's as useful to you guys as it was for me. Happy frugal shopping beauties.


Lol like excuse me dr. I'd like to look donkalicious when I wake up. You so right but her bodies are still coming out bad I just wanna be a super bad b;) Lol
Oh and let me just add Contreras did his body magic on you. Work it!!!! ;)
Thank you!!!! BEB what you mean he made me me a super bad donkaliciousasstastic DIVA!!!

Weight update

Hey divas HAPPY FRIDAY. so i weighed myself almost 2wks ago I was 201.3. today I woke up and looked in the mirror and thought to myself (hmm you look good today girl) so I stepped on the scale to see if the numbers matched and to my surprise it read 195.2 so I lost 5lbs. Guess I would update you guys on what I call my slim slow diet. Lol.


Who is Ortega? Never heard of that doctor. Does he do bbL's too?
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