Hi all! I'm not much of a writer but I shall...

Hi all! I'm not much of a writer but I shall try:)I just signed up here and have been researching for about 9 years.I'm in my 30's 5'2 124lbs.I have 3 beautiful girls all by c-section.My first pregnancy didn't change my body much but after the second I remember lookin at my butt,among other areas, in the mirror and shouting "Ahhhh that better come back and soon!"My ribs expanded permanently too! I was on bed rest with my last 2 pregs.So I couldn't exercise like with my first.Well i'm still here 10 yrs later buuuut my butt is still missing:(I loved my butt!lol My hubby never said anything though I'm sure he was thinking the same thing.My pre pregnancy measures were 34-25-37!Oh dreamin of my lost bubble butt,nice tummy and small waist!Sorry about lamenting so much:)Everyone keeps sayin,"you have wonderful kids to show for it." Yes,I love my girls,they are amazing and were worth it but if My body can be fixed then why not fricken fix it!Anyway,I've been checking out Azurin but can't find any long term after photos.I emailed for a consultation and no response yet.I'd like to have Tt/bbl together but I'm afraid of losing my butt due to sitting and not sure if I can handle all that pain getting them in a combo.I want my abs fixed better hips and more projection.Looks as if girls get better hips with Azurin even though he doesn't inject there.Do any of you wonderful ladies think I can get close to my wish pics with Azurin or any other docs?I promise to post pics from the day of surgery and many months following:)I feel so alone in this cuz everyone I know is pretty much against elective surgery so I guess I'm the only vain one around these parts;)

Researching Duran

So I've been reading about Duran on here &seriously considering her after seeing the outcomes.However,I am scared to death about going out of country to have surgery.I need to set a date somewhere around End of January through end of February 2014.If I decide on her & get the date I need,I would love to travel with or meet a gal or more there.Any of you ladies going around that time or thinking about it?

Measurements are

Just took my measurements-36-29-34.Has anyone else had a problem with rib cage not going back to pre pregnancy size?I've been reading and think it's due to my separated tummy muscles.Anyone had a Tt muscle repair that fixed the rib flare problem?

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

I'm sorry that you don't seem to have a support network at home. However, I'm sure the other BBL girls will show you a lot of support. You may want to check out the Travel Buddies forum thread. A lot of girls travelling to the DR post in there.

You may also want to check out some of the BBL guides, they're very informative for new girls!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

Thank you for the good info!I'm sure it will be of great help!Still learning how to navigate the site.I promise to keep you updated!


I am having major anxiety about going to a doc out of country because I don't want to go by myself.You lovely ladies who went & are planning to go are so brave & I admire your courage!I can't find many reviews on Dr.Azurin wih long term post op pics so I've just started researching Salzhauer.Anyone had a great outcome with tt bbl combo?Any bad with him?I'm wondering if anyone has been able to see my blog so far?Maybe I'm not using the site the right way because I haven't had any responses.
I'm praying for everyone of you in your discernment stage,having surgery soon,and for everyone to recover well!
Welcome , I was the same measurements before surgery . 36.29,34 Now is 36,25,39 Not big difference but is an improvement . I m 4.5 weeks post op .
Thank you for welcoming me!I checked out your review.Im praying for your healing &to be visited by that fluffin fairy soon lol.From what I've read,most girls end up happy after the fairy dusting!You look gorgeous honey:)Definitely an improved you! Some of my wish pics are of a shorter girl.Hoping to have close to those results.I know I have to keep doing my brazil b lift exercises to tighten though because I don't want a fat saggy butt after surgery.Your butt looked tight before surgery so your outcome looks very bubbly.Just got my workout program in the mail and tried it once,killed me to the point where I don't wanna move!Didn't think It would be that bad considering I already work out,guess I wasn't getting to the muscles I needed to.God bless your recovery :)

Convinced my husband

My husband has been against me in my quest for surgery for years now because he doesn't want me being vain.So my argument is always telling him to quit dying his hair and tweezing his eyebrows then.I know,pretty lame huh?Well,I didn't have anything else on him!
Ha,anyways,I dug up some info on having muscle repair saying it benefits the lower back and improves posture.I've been having back issues for quite some time & soooooo blamed it on my diastis recti.He was like,"okay,as long as your not doing it just for cosmetic reasons." He doesn't care about how much$ it costs,he just doesn't want me being vain but I can't fricken heeeeeelp it!I'm doing it for both reasons but if I didn't need MR,I'd still want this!I mean he,contributed to this too!
Anyways,ain't nuttin wrong with a little nip&tuck in my book & may as well sneak a lil of that fat in my butt while I'm at it! I'll be saying,"Wow babe,look what good posture did to my butt!"Lmao!!!Nah,I'm gonna tell him the truth about the extras I'm getting & just do it:)I'm sure he'll love it when all's said & done;)
Welcome BBL sis. Good luck on your journey. Follow mine also.
Yaaaaay!!!Your date is just around the corner!!!!You're gonna look sexy!That's awesome he said he could give you your wish.I'll be following and thank you!
You're welcome dear. Thats what sisters are for! !!

Removed b4 pics to crop

Here they are again:(

A little toning progress pic

Intense butt focus workout is obviously a better way to go for me!I've incorporated squats into my regular routine for awhile now but this workout vid I'm doing now is getting me there quicker.It's only been a few days & it's working already.Yay!I know that most butts look same after sx only bigger/shapelier.I want to have a more toned sx outcome but trying not to lose fat doing it!!Wish I could get a bigger behind from exercise but from experience,I know it's not possible for me.
Welcome to sisterhood of traveling for a$$e$!! Lol I like your wish pic with the pink bikini. I think that would good on u 2.
Lmbo!Thanks sis!We are all gonna be sexy sexy!Girls are gonna be steamin those plane windows up with those HOT asses!!!!
Hi Elli890! Give Azurin's office some time to reply...they are crazy busy. I have the hip indentions and the muffin top too, boo skinny fat sucks right!

Too funny!!!!!!

Hey my BBL sisters if you haven't seen this vid on YouTube,I suggest it for a good laugh about getting that booty done.Thank you to reeseyvaughn!Look up "Booty Doc LMFAO" on you tube.It's a "party rock" parody by Dr.Salzhauer.

C-ya wouldn't wanna be ya!

Saying my goodbye to this stretch marked,wrinkled up,poochy,Mario mushroom man!I mean I know my tummy needs help but c-mon I didn't know I looked this bad from the front in a sitting position!Listen here mushroom man!You are gonna be annihilated! Lol! Ok,I'm going a lil crazy here rushing my mind to choose a doc to get rid of this annoyance for me!My daughter might be bummed because when I wear a tight tank she always laughs &pokes at it thinking it's funny squishy entertainment lol.So here's another b4 pic eeeeeww

Worrying less about DR:)

I was feeling really down about myself.I never used to be a worrier.I was a fly by the seat of my pants chic till I realized during my last 2 surgeries how touchable & finite I am.Actually that is where God hit me over the head to tell me whatsup in a good way.That's when I started my faith journey:)

I've had 7 surgeries,only 1 was elective which was my 3rd &that went fine.
My blood pressure dropped way low during my last 2 sx's.I was at a top hospital & had to have a transfusion which was expected during a 5 hr surgery to have a c-section&uterus removal cuz during pregnancy the blood vessels grow huge to accommodate the extra flow needed.I got MRSA infection in my incision (which was a big anchor type to get my huge uterus out.)My BP being so low that I couldn't have pain meds after.ROUGH I tell ya.It took them some days to find antibiotic that worked which was a scary process!
This stuff happens everywhere in the world including the states.
I was concerned on wether or not a poorer country would be equipped enough to handle complications if I had any or if they would care the same,especially after I heard about Cipla being shut down by board of health.Its obviously reopened now & everything is fine.
I've been devouring ladies DR experiences the last couple days which has calmed my nerves abit:)Big hugs &thankyous to Lolajae with her very informative story!!!I'm a lil OCD myself nowadays so her blog was a perfect read for me.

My BP already runs on the low side so I'm seeking out some info I can use to raise it but products that won't interfere with sx.Please if anyone has experience in this,feel free to enlighten me:).Some have called me stupid for wanting elective sx!I guess I can't blame them in light of what I went through especially my last surgery which was simpler than the one I described but still got the low BP during.I want this so bad ladies!!!! I'm going to ask the docs that get back with me about it.Once I get this figured out,I will set my date:)The only way I'm not going to do this is if the docs tell me no it wouldn't be safe.I mean,can you imagine being mid sx &dr stops because of low BP.So there ya be all lopsided & uneven in your body when ya wake up!That's how I imagine it could possibly go with me anyway!That would totally suck!!!
I've started meditating and visualizing myself with a good BP and sx outcome to prepare my mind for this.Being positive is as important as good health.I truly believe in the mind being a powerful tool in changing health for the better.Mind &body are not separated.
I wanted to get that off my chest,be more personal&detailed about my sx journey with you ladies:)Thanks for reading&all of your support!My hope is to be very supportive &uplifting to everyone on their journey to the new you!I am so thankful to all ladies on here for sharing stories.Makes me smile when I think of how lovely,brave & determined you all are!Peace

This may be helpful to some

Now mind you, I haven't experienced this personally,
I made some really good friends from Mexico.They came here to the u.s on a religious mission & stayed for about 6 yrs.They told me about how shocked they were when dealing with docs in the u.s (since we are wealthy with more opportunity)saying that in their country there are good and bad but the docs there seem to know way more about how a persons body works as a whole& if they needed anything done they would most definitely trust the docs in Mexico to find and treat the underlying problems and not just the symptoms over any doc in the states.Maybe this may help calm some fears about Mexico for some:)But definitely research research:)What I'm saying is,in some areas other countries may be even more qualified in the med field than here in the states even though they are a poorer country:) Calming my own fears rational &irrational,remaining positive but real about my personal situation & experiences.

Positivity hittin hard!!lovin it

Ya know girls,I don't know why the heck When I searched for DR reviews I mostly ran into negativity scarin the shh outta me.There are many good positive one's here!They came into my life at just the right time!Thanks to following Sexeangel, I visited njprbeauty's DR story!She is my height too & she is looking Fab!!!! I mean wow,check these girls out!:)They are real friends!Don't forget about LolaJae I mentioned above!My favorite most helpful review:)
Hi Ellie. I'm just checking in on ya! Keep popping in on different pages and you will see the good, the bad, and some ugly too. I have been doing my research on this sx for a while and I was hesitant like you were until I spoke to a doctor friend whose wife went outside US to get her own PS ( He is not a PS). Surprising right? Most of the US docs use PS to reduce or tighten while other countries are "pro-curve" and arent shy to enhance. Do you keep a log of your blod pressure? Maybe you should start and see if there is any average fluctuations during the day. I have read that YILY has stopped a sx bcuz of BP but dont know about others. Try to get a handle on it now so you can get stabilized and then surgery shouldnt be a problem. Good Luck!!
Thanks MsBooty!I want me a "pro curve" doc!I was into monitoring my BP a couple yrs ago,pretty much stays on the low side for some reason.I'm starting it again though because I'm going to try some things to get it on track.The docs round here don't give medication for it unless your basically dying from it.My usual BP is 80's over 50's.Which explains why I'm tired a lot of the time.I'm consulting with a holistic doc now to try & raise it naturally.Hope it works!She's going to email me a regimen that won't interfere with sx process!!!!I'm so excited about it!!!!

A lil THANK YOU shout!

Don't get me wrong,I'm not in anyway saying it's a chore lifting others up & being supportive.I love love doing that for people!!!
I'm just wishing I could get the same back from my family&friends close to me but it is what it is.I know it's good to give love without expecting it back though:)but do find myself craving it anyway.
This is why I can't adequately express how grateful I am for you,my RS sisters!So this is a big Thank you shout out!!!(((((((((hugs)))))))))).All you girlies are awesomely beautiful in all unique ways as is!!!!
Ok,so I have been reading so much great info on here!So much that my head's spinning which gives me the clue to take a break,digest,breathe & order things up!


I contacted Duran for quotes on Facebook yesterday!Waiting game begins:-)

Breathing fresher air!

I'm not afraid to travel to the DR anymore.
Why,I'm cooler than that Eskimo my ex sold ice to!That's why he's my ex if ya get my snowdrift Lolol!!!

My family has been driving me crazy not wanting me to go to the DR.So guess what???
Gimme a O!Gimme a C!Gimme a D!
What does that spell?!!
Yep you guessed it!!My OCD done took over for sure!!!I'm going to travel to the DR sometime soon so I can check it out first!Crazy you say?Maybe a little but if it's gonna help me calm down(and my family)& allow Duran to do her blessed work on me then hey,whatever it takes;-)I have just got to see this for myself before I'm in the surgery situation if that makes sense
Ur getting triple Ds breast. ? Lol i want double Ds
Lolol!!!No way honey,triple D as in the title (D)electable (D)uran (D)oll.I'm happy with my 36D breasts I already have;)
&thanks,I can see where at first glance my title could be misleading Lol.I think I'll erase that to avoid confusion :-)

The flip side

I do realize our small vacay to the DR very well could have the opposite effect as compared to what I would like it to be.My hubby might be like,"okay there is NO WAY now!"Just being realistic.I hope not!

Hmmm........I just got so super excited thinking about all the positives when the idea popped in my head& shared it with him!Lol Gosh,I need to slow this high speed locomotive down a bit.I'm sounding like that "Baruka brat from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," only in wife form Lol, I want this & I want it now!I'm kidding, of course I don't sound like that (in my low tone sweet voice).Hehe

Sheesh,so any of you lovely ladies just say,"to bad I'm going & that's that"? Shoot,I'd hate to do that but boy it's tempting!I really want him to feel ok with this too:-)We shall see.
Eh, if it's the latter,maybe I'll make due & go with a U.S doc but like the lovely RS sister MsBooty told me,"other countries are "pro-curve" and not shy to enhance," Oh my goodness do I ever see that when I compare!!!
THIS MY LOVES IS WHY I WANT DURAN SO BAD!!!The price is a bonus too!If docs did that shhh.... here in the states,I would pay the extra just to have less BS & hassle for sure!I don't wanna settle though,I wanna come out my happiest ya know?

Believe me ladies,I am gonna take a ton of pics of everything for you,gonna be real thorough.If you have any ideas or questions let me know!Hopefully I'll be planning the trip with my hub when he get's home tonite.
Duran is a beast check DuranDolls results ! She looks incredible! (Hey girl) can't wait 4 her to doll me up nov 5th! :) will be following ur journey
Thanks!Oh my goodness I have seen & do I ever know she's a beast!!!!That's why I have this seemingly unstoppable craving to let her do her thing with me!!Girl,Nov is right around the corner!!!!So excited for you!!!I'm gonna check out your review (not sure if I have yet)& follow!
Thx elli890!! I appreciate that! I'm too excited! :)

Didn't plan anything last nite

My hubby was too busy fixing a friggin pipe problem in our house&was in no mood for chit chat after because it frustrated the heck outta him.I knew not even to try.I feel bad for him when stuff like this happens cuz he is straight up exhausted by the time he gets home from all that hard labor&heat outside.Don't know how he does it!It's crazy how things go,we've had one problem after another as far as house parts lately.I always try n fix what I can by You Tubing it if I don't know how but this was a mess!


Took my pre-op pics down for now for good reason&will post again when time gets closer

I Just Hope

I hope at the end of this crazy rainbow roller coaster ride called choice,there, after thoughtful harvesting,will be my ideal doctor with a nice pot of enough golden a$$ fat for me,of which I will carefully keep in my bank & carry well;)
Well,a girls allowed to have a dream & have fun with it!

Still waiting on a quote&consultation app

Still waiting on a quote from Duran.She is such a busy lady!If I had all these people yanking @ my time left & right,I'd go looney lol.That's why I'm not a dr. I guess.
Well, having kiddos kinda makes us all into one though.Ahhh the joys of being dr.,nurse,mediator,teacher,chef,waitress,counselor,housekeeper,hazardous waste remover? lol @ that one, etc....On call all the time.It's a job & a half being a domestic engineer but I love it & couldn't imagine it any other way.I'm so thankful for the blessings on family.Would have had more children if I could've:)

So yeah,kinda got off topic.As soon as Duran get's back with me,I'll be planning the trip.
Hey Elli wishn you all the best on your journey. I'm also small made i'm 5ft 125lbs so i decided to go with Dr. Baez also in DR; she's pretty good she did a great job on 1lovelylady.....
Thank you Chanty!Blessings on your journey hun."Small made" is a sweet way of describing us;) I'll check out your review& the other you mentioned
Anytime Ellli. I wil" definitley follow ur journey as well.

How I contacted Duran

I used FB but my searches only brought up her name& no DRA in front so figured that had to be it!Looking around RS after the fact,I found she does have the professional & personal FB.I mean,that's what I was thinking but grrrr....only found the personal!That's probably why she hasn't gotten back with me.Eh,just a minor set back;)It's all good.
I have her # now & gmail but haven't bothered with it yet.Allow me to explain why a little bit.Been a little down but counting my blessings,I feel better!My hub was on board with going then changed yesterday.He said he's going to research it & he doesn't want to waste time & $$$ going there for a visit if he finds it unsafe.I do understand buuuuuuut,I tried telling him about Duran,my positive findings and negative on OTHER docs there(because Lord knows what he's gonna come across ya know) unfortunately he is very "old school" if(if that's a good word to use)thinking men's minds are stronger&better @ making real decisions.Blah!Ooooo that makes me mad!!!!So not true!I've made tons of excellent decisions that worked out better than his& he knows it!So have many other women in this world over men!Anyways sorry for complaining so much.I left him once for a couple yrs because of his jealousy& control issues.Couldn't stand being without my kids 50%of the time which is "the rule" where I live.He knew it'd break me down.My kiddos need me.
Anyway,enough about my mistakes.I realize that's a story for a different place& not RS.Lol but this is affecting my journey so that's it.It's where I am right now;)
I am happy he cares enough to research.So much love to him for that!Trying to be grateful for everything& being real preparing to find a U.S doc.So I'm still researching here for now.I know everything will turn out fine one way or another.I'm doing this for me! I'm stubborn about that;)Praying & relying on The Lord!
I have been on this site for almost a year, hun. Take your time. It will all work out.
Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for encouraging me.I was kinda thinking I should have waited til my ducks were in a row before i started a review but then,I may not have met you & the other lovely ladies here. I wish there was a delete button for updates because I've got a bad case of PMS girl & that last one was TMI.PMS makes me have 'open mouth insert foot disease'.That's my name for it anyway Lol.
Good luck on ur search sis :)

Finally got to play with my sx app!!!

I don't think this can happen for me for lack of fat but the after looks so awesome to me!!!!;D

Do I need to gain weight???Playing with sx app again.

This is the least amount of projection I want.Wondering if I need to gain for this.If I gain I won't have much of a prob keeping it on but I would def want my arms lipoed.My arms are the first place I see weight gain along with my tummy.Has anyone out there had arms done too?If so, how was it getting up while using them?Any recommendations?

I'm NOT going to be a Delectable Duran Doll

I'm at total peace with this.Got my mind together because I tend to be a little scatter brained.I obviously felt extremely uncomfortable about it anyway.Eh,a little less hassle staying stateside anyway;)

Now here are the docs I'm considering,Cortez,Azurin,Salzhauer.I love What Azurin does with women on the smaller side but I'm not sure yet about forgoing the hips.I hear he doesn't do hips because uneven results are likely.I wonder if this is the case going to any doc.

I no longer feel rushed so taking my time contemplating.I do know for sure I want my sx in Feb 2014 though.Peace!
Good luck in all your research, it took me months to decide on Dr. Azurin becuase I went through the pros and cons with all the doctors I had in mind. It just felt right with Dr. A and his staff so the choice was easy. My husband was not happy with me wanting to do this. I found Dr. A and even my husband knew that was the one for me. So really once you start doing more consultations and talking with patient coordinators you'll get the feel of whose best for you. This is major surgery and a lot of time and money gets put into it so you are making a good choice taking your time.
Your very sweet:)Thank you for the encouragement itsybitsy!I saw your post about the scary things in FL & chuckled a little.Not @ you though;)We don't have dangerous critters or too bad of weather here.So every time I've traveled to Northern FL, I've found myself on the lookout for alligators when we walk by ponds & snakes too.Lol,I get jumpy & try not to walk to close to those areas especially since my kids are with me.My G-ma who lives there always gets a good laugh from watching me & told me alligators aren't hangin out everywhere!But hey, I'm not used to that stuff!Doesn't seem to phase people who live there.I remember staying at a very nice hotel & found a roach which shocked me! I called the front desk to tell them & the gentleman with a southern drawl said,"I'ma sorry maaaam but they're kinda like the state bird round here." He laughed at me.I said the state bird!WTH??!!Lol, but I was totally disgusted.That was the 3rd upscale hotel I moved to because of those critters.I finally found a condo without that problem.It is our go to now.They use a unique pesticide paste.Anyway,too funny looking back at it now.The Floridians are used to all this stuff & know what to look out for.Most of the events on the news are just rare occurrences.
I think a snake would full on have me doing an olympic sprint. I'll be the first BBL Olympic Sprinter!!

Jealous men grrrr....

My hub is a jealous insecure dude I tell ya!I figured he didn't want me to have my sx at all for this reason.

A man from church walked up to him &complimented him in a respectful way for having a beautiful sweet wife & man,he busted out with, "She's MY wife!" That guy who paid the compliment is a morally married respected church member! Dude!get rid of your caveman rude tude please & say thank you sir!Lol
Geez,he told me he doesn't want me to have sx because even more men would be eyeballing me.Gosh,I'M HIS!I wish he would take the eyeballing as a compliment.There's no damn competition anymore!We are not children here!
Poor dude from church sees us & runs now!Lol
He's just gonna have to deal with those insecure issues or life is gonna be miserable.Shoot, my g-ma is in her 70's & still gets hit on by men.You go girl!!!!!
Men, please throw out the cave man club tool. Lol for real!!It's not needed gentlemen. Okay,enough drama,ranting/venting.I don't get into soap operas cuz who needs more drama.Leaves me with a sick feeling.I love being able to share here on RS! Everything will be all good.I know it!

When I travel outta the boondocks I live in, & with time alone plus a good signal, I'm calling the docs on my list to see what they need in an email. Can't wait:):):)

Despite the ups & downs, life is still so good.Such a blessing to have life & try to live it to the fullest using our unique gifts & talents.To live in a day where we have the opportunity to employ another's talent resulting in a better body!!!! :):):)

Totally off topic but sometimes,I feel like building a time machine to experience the pioneer days!Less technology.Hehe,but I'd cheat cuz taking my washer&dryer with me along with some solar paneling;)Lol I'm not ringing no clothes out all day long over here! I'm feeling like some humor @ moment.Good for the soul.


Yeah so,I'm employing a relationship counselor too;)May help my journey go easier & my hubby to relax & be healed of his jealousy/control burden since he realizes it.Fingers crossed.Been doing research in this area because the thing I DON'T want this professional to tell me/us is I'm wrong & have low self esteem for wanting to enhance my body & trying to teach me to be happy with what I have.I am happy with it cuz it could be worse but why not make it even better if possible?Some believe that.I guess it can be somewhat true in varying degrees & depending on the person. (Gosh,I analyze a lot but not to the point of paralyzation so that's good!)That's all fine & dandy for them but not for me.Don't try n ruin my plan here lol!

So frustrating working out trying to end up looking like it's paid off cuz it ain't happenin man.I know from experience it's not doing it!Doesn't mean my esteem is too unhealthy in my opinion;)God bless em!
I'm typing all this because it is part of my journey.I know it can be left unsaid.I'm also revealing this because I know some ladies on here have said they have similar circumstances.Even if it can't be changed much,it still feels good to relate to someone sometimes right?;) Sooo... that's why I'm being more personal about my journey & typed this update but trying to keep a positive humor filled attitude most of the time.Cuz ladies, it's all good! Really! Pray! Trust everything will turn out & for the best.Keep smiling & being thankful for all the blessings seen & unseen but use your noggins though.No rose colored glasses K?We were given a brain for good reason lol.Keep going til all avenues are exhausted!You know you've done your best that way!Peace;)
Hey Elli wish u the best on ur journey. U shoukd check out 1lovelylady blog petite like u amd I and her doc was dr.baez she did a great job on her
Thank you hun,I did check her out;)Can't go to DR though.Too much of a problem considering my husband.He doesn't want me doing it at all really.I am definitely doing this anyway only here in states to cut down on a little more hassle.
Good luck with everything ma!

Joy jumping!!!

I'm such a country gal! Have to leave the area to make phone calls due to weak signal lol, so didn't make any yesterday!

I woke up from a good sx dream! Oh heaven!!! &&& No, I didn't forget the 'E' Sx stands for surgery for all the minds that went to the gutter not knowing that!Lolol Takes one to know one!

I'm so friggin excited today!Since I can't call,I'm impatiently shooting out some emails to a few more docs!
God bless all you gorgeous ladies in whatever stage your in!Especially those healing;)Peace!
Hi Elli. Just checking on ya. Did u check out Azurin, Afifi, and Obaid. Their prices were pretty reasonable I dont think you want a donk either, so they may work for you! I tell ya, the jealous hubby thing can sometimes be flattering but sometimes its a real pain in the butt!! Take your time. It will all work out for you!
Your such a sweetheart MsBooty;)Yeah,I don't want a donk but a nice bubble heart like I used to have.Maybe even a little bigger.I don't think I have enough fat for a donk anyway.I may need to gain a little?Which won't be hard keeping it on after cuz that comes too easy for me.lol I'm waiting for Azurin to get back with me.Not feeling Afifi for some reason.Never heard of Obaid.Thanks,I'll check him or her out.On the jealous husband,that flattering feeling passed a looooooong time ago,like 12 yrs ago.I'm sick about it now but try n ignore when the caveman comes out lol.I know this is gonna turn out:)I'm determined to do this for me.It's happening!How's your hubs handling it lately?Do you talk to him much about it or do you find that makes it worse?Im gonna try n brain wash mine when he's asleep ahaha!JK but if that kind of thing worked,I'd be employing it for sure;)Gosh we could make a "bumping heads about sx with the hubby?" support forum lol.
I def don't bring it up with the hubby at all. He has mentioned it though since I lost weight. I had to remind him that I also lost a$$ too! Lol some of these docs are raising prices now and ridiculous prices at that. Aficionados has been hit or miss recently- what's up with that ??!? Anyway, the search continues...

My crooked c-section scar & little belly flap

Every time I've looked in the mirror for the past 16 yrs, this darn thing smirks back at me! lol so weird looking.Dreaming of my future flat tummy;)
Hey lady! Hope the search is going well. I remember one doc in Tampa that I really like some if his bbl work his name is Dr. Jaime Perez. I never made it far enough to contact after I found Azurin but he might be worth a shot. I think I got opinions and quotes from 3 docs and had about 5 docs I was really interested in. I started to get really stressed out so I took a 2 month break and forgot about BBL's all together.
Hey there!;)You're just bound & determined to get me to go to that dangerous FL place aren't you?Lol! JK hun;) Thanks so much for the info!I was into researching this a couple yrs ago& gave up for awhile but now this fiery little Irish/German girl is back & determined to have this in Feb.That is,if I decide with careful thought & am able to get that date anyway. I'll check Dr.Perez out thanks itsybitsy!
Haha you're right! I found some really good lipo surgeons in LA near me but the shaping seemed so much better in FL. Every result I really liked came from FL

I was going to wait

I was going to wait until all my quotes were in before updating but here I am.I have been so back & forth about getting a tt at the same time as bbl to get r done in one shot but not all docs perform them together.I'm leaning way more toward getting bbl only & tt later being that I want aggressive lipo to my tummy.More fat to donate that way.I think that's the best option for me being I'm a little on the smaller side & wanting as big a butt as I can get, lol. So my docs of choice for bbl only are Cortez or Schulman.For bbl tt together - Azurin or Pantoja.Any ladies out there with a recommendation for me will be appreciated.This is the wish butt I want if I have enough fat.Smaller version of it if not.Love ya ladies!xoxo


I keep spelling Dr.Cortes' name wrong.I keep using a Z instead of the S.My subconscious just wants it that way I guess.
Hey friend! Thank you for the shout out n your journal and i have to let u know i have been following u! Omg we had your hubby until the innocent sweet church member went up to him complementing you both! Shoot! 2 funny! Has he chnged his mind? Cause at first he didnt care how much it wld cost! After reading ur histo(medical history) I DONT FEEL NOR WANT U TO GO TO THE D.R.!!! BUT i are safe in considering my PS becz his e.r is state of art but he is good if you can afford financially and time wise with ROUND TWOS! !! BECZ OF MY BUSINESS AND MY CAREER MY TIME IS MONEY! I CANT DO ROUND TWOS ....U GET ONE CHANCE W THIS TEMPLE! LOL. So my first suggestion on a PS FOR YOU considering ur histo....in this order- Dt.Jimersen bcz he has the BEST O.R FACILITY AND HE IS 2MINS FRM HOSPITAL JOHN HOPKINS(LITERALLY WALK ACROSS THE STREET ) dont believe the hype he is great w lipo!! Ive been n his facility and at the hospital and seen first hand how he is respected there! 2. Dr. Cortes 3.Dr.Shulman n NYC!
Aww..you are such a sweetie pie! thanks for following me & your advice is much appreciated my RS sis & IN Christ at that.He still doesn't mind the money.Thanking the Lord for the blessing;)He just doesn't want me looking that GOOD.I've thought of Jimmerson for a small minute but I'd rather not spend that pretty penny just for bbl & lipo when I need a tt later too.Isn't he close to 20 grand?That's what I heard anyways.I'm loving Schulman right now.Is there a reason he is 3rd on the list for me?I need ALL my fat harvested cuz don't have that much.It was just a matter of time & research before being turned off to the DR.Too much hassle & craziness over there for me anyway so no worries;)Hubs recently admitted he never cared about where I go in the first place,& he don't mind me going to DR or wherever really.Can you believe that???A typical business man.I figured that already but was hoping the reason was my health.Once he knew this little woman wasn't backing down about having her sx, he confessed that.Long story to fully understand.I'm usually trying to please him.He hardly ever states his true feelings cuz he knows alot of times he's being unreasonable.Just manipulates to try n get what he wants from me.I'm no longer gonna type about my marital disputes in my review.I was surprised there was no delete/edit button so looked on the brighter side & made the most of my open mouth insert foot disease due to Pms & ending with TMI loFrigginL.Staying in my personal journal from now on.I've never told anyone we know but my bestie about these things.Now here I am posting it for the world to see.Goodness,I need a big bowl of prudence which I usually adhere to btw.I've kept everyone we know thinking he's a saint.Well that church fellow begs to differ now.Poor dude.Lol Hubs has gotten a little better,even though I tend to thinks he's on "good behavior" like I said,long story.God heal em.We all need some healing one way or another.Just hope it's not a far reach for his narcissistic personality.I was naive,too nice & too young when I married all those yrs ago.Livin & learnin wasn't what I did because I had a ridiculous amount of hope over some things.I'm not too worried about it anymore.It is what it is.Gotta make the most of it at this precious time.
Dr S is third bcz in not sure of his O.R but ask booty4real that wz her P.S AND dr jcurves is only 20k if u get everything w hips etc. Dont go by hearsay get the facts from the HEAD CHIEF HIMSELF or MICHELLE (PT CONSULTANT) their prices are customized to your ndds! Remember ur health comes first and whomever PS u choose must operate a STATE OF THE ART O.R ROOM AND HAS TO BE CONNECTED TO A DYNAMIC E.R HOSPITAL!! THATS AN ORDER FRM UR TS SUSTA AND NURSE SEXEEANGEL:)))! SMIOCHES!

Duran responded

So,She just now emailed me.That took a while.She quoted me 4,600 for lipo,bbl& tt. I can't go that route but I got excited seeing her long awaited response anyway.Lol, I wish I could.
No ma,but getting closer thank you for checking on me.Still debating..... Cortes' assistant Lucerito emailed me to say they got my info & pics.I gotta call today for a ph consult.I better decide soon or ms sweet sexeeangel is gonna come pick me up & just drop my bootay off somewheres & wait outside til I'm done to make sure! I love her!She's trying to add a log to my kindling fire;)It is about time!I've been trying to do this for how long?Lol! & yes honey, you are looking better n better!He doubly blessed you over there girl!Hope your leg is getting better;)
Thanks. Amd yes sshe is so sweet. Doing much better. .just trying to recover!!!
How r u maam! Decided yet? Cortes is great! I'm looking better and better!

Gained 4 lbs! Or more?

Hopped on the scale closing eyes at first not wanting to look. Looking through one eye....Ugh, forget the muffin top, I'm gonna look like a darn busted can of biscuit dough pretty soon!!! After all that hard work to lose 40 lbs! I'm telling ya, all I have to do is look at the food & it's on me! I know I have to gain but it just doesn't feel good. I Hope it'll be worth it.That happened in only two weeks but feel like it's more than 4 lbs..... Wonder if my scale is right???Damn chocolate donuts!I'm trying to gain with healthy fats but couldn't resist a couple of those.

I know I can keep the weight on.There would be no point in gaining if I couldn't cuz my butt would go down otherwise.
The thing I'm concerned about is my arms... Being I'm keeping the weight, I'll just have to lipo them. I hear it makes recovery much harder though! I'll see what Dr. Cortes says about it. From looking at other reviews, I'm thinking I'm not gonna like the amount I'll be asked to gain. I have to put my big girl panties & suck it up lol. Peace to everyone!
Thanx for sharing. I don't have much time to write but I read all the girls journals and am grateful for feedback experiences and opinions. You and I are close to height and weight so I will def be following you. My goal is feb 2013. My drag is I'm in a middle of a divorce so hopefully I will be settled and can take a two week semi vacation ;-) god bless and best of luck!
Oops *2014
Thank you my dear!Any docs in mind?I'll check your review if you made one.Blessings on your journey & much prayer.Divorce is a very tough thing.Hope you get your wish hun;)

Quote from Cortes

I spoke with PC Lucy! She's nice & talks so fast! She told me Cortes looked at my pics & said to gain 10-15 lbs. I included wish pics but forgot to ask if those 10-15 would get me there. I was mainly concentrating on writing really really fast.Lol!
He'd like to take fat from my upper& lower back,flanks,tummy,arms, hmm... I don't recall her saying waist but I'm sure that's a given right? Oh,& inner thighs. I don't want my thighs done. I already have a little loose skin & some stretch marks there so don't think they'd look very good after.My quote is 9,503 which is good for 30 days.I'll probably call back with more questions as my time was limited.
My date is available. IF I decide yes Cortes, I'm thinking of hiring a nurse after the 1 night stay at the hospital.My 16 yr old daughter wants to come with me but she about passed out seeing my mole removal from my arm.Lol,I can't see her handling this! She may be too traumatized. I'm just not so sure how long I would require a nurse. Any suggestions ladies?Maybe the first 3 days?I plan on staying there for 2 weeks.
My two cents--Dr. Schulman specializes in "the scoop" and hits it out the park with the classic Bubble Butt. Looks like you may be going with Cortes--although I haven't seen the more classical bubble butt at this point, I love his lipo work/shaping and he has produced some nice THICK CAKE. My Doc isn't a proponent of gaining weight for the procedure, but he is in the minority on that one--most of our BBL Docs encourage weight gain for the procedure to achieve the desired result.
Hey B4R! You're comment timing was perfect & YOU'RE two cents is worth gold to me hun! ;) Love your review & you are absolutely stunning over there!! Thank you so much, I see what you're saying. I've been looking at a lot of butts & some questions answered by Dr.Cortes (especially so today) He answered one saying he focuses more on hourglass then projection basically.I noticed his cuties have more projection after the fluff but still not what I'm looking for. Love the heart shape & or the thick cakes he gave to some ladies but haven't seen him create any like I want though. Now, from what I can tell, Schulman & Azurin seem to sculpt the look I want very well! I WANT THAT SCOOP Dr.S is famous for. I love Azurin's TT work. I want focus on projection first then hips. Since I'm waiting on the TT, I'm going to see what Dr.S can do for me being I want a little hip if It's possible.I'm finally getting VERY close to my decision;) Schulman is closer to where I live too so that's a bonus! I may even take a loooong drive to have a personal consultation depending on how far. Decisions decisions.... I feel like a yo yo. You're a gem! You commented rt after I was praying for discernment. Muah!
Would you look at that--what timing!! I agree on all scores. Dr. S removed my saddle bags and gave me hips. I had thought my saddle bags were hips lol. Aww:) thanks for the beautiful compliments.

Ph consult with Dr.Schulman

I spoke with Rachel from Dr.Schulman's office.She is so sweet! She told me to send another email with pictures & then we can set up the phone consult.He operates at a private facility. The facility is equipped like a hospital is.Whew, I was concerned about that. They have nurses available for aftercare while I stay at a hotel/apt. She recommended employing a nurse for at least two days. Umm... The price... OUCH!... Starts at 9,500 but I'm sure he is totally worth it! I love love his butts! Especially worth the peace of mind about health & saftey. Ok, the basic price includes sx needs like anesthesia etc... Lipo areas included are full back, flanks, & thighs. Garment is also included. I forgot to ask how much extra areas are as I want arms & tummy added. I'm working on that email now. Peace & blessings to everyone! Xoxo Please pray for me regarding my doc discernment! Oh, also my timeframe needed for sx is available with him.
Hey Elli, how's ur doctor search going ? Any closer to deciding ? 
Hey NJ, yep! Thanks for asking! I'm closer..... waiting on a consult with Schulman.... I'm confident he can give me the results I want! He's the closest to where I live but that doesn't matter all that much really. My intuition is saying Azurin or Schulman right now.... Um maybe Cortes. We'll see soon ;) Oooh! I just LOVE what Duran hands out!!! BUT from past experiences I've had... would feel more at ease being closer to family in my country. Good luck living with Trina over there! You go for it babe!!! You can do this!!! Lol
Thanks love !!

Squat trick!!!

I just learned about this little trick to intensify results from squatting!! I've been doing these for awhile but tried this yesterday.... All I can say is wow!
Ok, pretend there is ONE piece of paper both feet are sharing. While squatting & coming up, keep feet shoulder length apart & firmly planted the whole time.... pretend your trying hard to split the paper in two from the middle out without moving your feet of course. So your hard pressing downward & outward the whole time. Love it!!! Xoxo
Congratssss Elli !!! A month to go !!!
Thank you love!!! I'm freakin out right now though cuz I'm a little OCD & need to prepare! I don't know my hemo level or anything yet. Have you found out how much blood builder is safe to take daily? You seem to know everything hun ;)
Lol I wishhhh I knew everything .. But people take 2 a day , look on the reviews on amazon . It is safe to take 2 a day !! 

NOV.5th SX DATE WITH DR.SCHULMAN!!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!!!!

I'm so freakin out right now!!! I didn't plan on having sx this soon but they had a cancellation on the 5th so I jumped on it! Ahhhh! Only a month to prepare!

Dr. Schulman is the sweetest most personable plastic surgeon I've ever spoken with! Very knowledgable & experienced with this type of procedure.
Ok! My gut said go for it!

Ummm ummmm ummmm......
I have so much to prepare! I wasn't planning to have sx until Feb! I will update more later about how my consult went. Just wanted to get on here & share the news real quick ;)))))
Congrats!! I have same date for my bbl but with Dra Duran ! Wish I were around if be more than happy to show u around NYC
Aww... Thank you love! Wow, you're only a month away too! This month is gonna fly by so quick! If you were in NY, I would ever so graciously accept your offer! Dr. S said I should be ok the 2nd week to have a look around NY. But alone! We'll see, it probably won't be as scary as I imagine;) Muah! Blessings & prayers for you doll!
You are well on you way! So very happy for you!!

Consultation Details

Ok! I'm calmer now lol. I called for my 10:00 consultation yesterday & Dr. Schulman was right on time;) He answered many of my questions before I asked them. He is very kind & knowledgable.... took his time with me, I didn't feel rushed at all.
My main concern was my low BP. He said his 40+ year experienced anesthesiologist would take great care not to give me too much IV narcotics as he feels I'm sensitive considering my past sx. Whew... What a relief! Like I said before, his facility is accredited & equipped for a life threatening emergency should it arise. God forbid that though. The entire sx should take around 3 hrs 45 min. That is with my arms & tummy included. Oh & lips! He doesn't use fat in them though because of possible permanent asymmetry. He guesstimated by my pics that he could inject 900-1000 cc per cheek & will fit all of the fat in if he can. We'll see when I get there. I can expect around 20- 30% loss. He doesn't use drains because he feels they're unnecessary. I'm glad because I'd hate to drag one of those around! He puts special bandages with tape on to help with compression & avoid leakage. I will wake up with a butt out garment on.

I spoke with Amy (very sweet& helpful) afterward & was expecting to set up a Feb date but I do have a couple weeks in Nov. She said there was a cancellation on Nov 5th so I jumped on it! I feel satisfied with the amount of research I've done thus far so I'm ready for this! I just have a BIT to plan in this month! Amy kind of giggled at me when I told her I was more concerned about being in such a big city alone than my sx as I'm a country gal lol ! She said not to worry... Rachel will give me all the info I need.
That's it for now... Back to finding a flight. Does anyone know of the best airport to fly to in NY! There's 3 of them in close proximity & I'd like the smoothest route! Looks like it's cheaper to fly into La Guardia... Hope I spelled that right. Peace;)
My consultation with Schulman is in 2 weeks! I hope I can get such a soon surgery date! Lucky. The anxiety is killin me lol ... Best of luck please keep posting!
Oh yea, what's this sx app you mentioned? :)
It's Kaeria's Plastic Surgery Simulator. Blessings on your journey! All of Nov is booked.They had a cancellation on the 5th.Ask Rachel to keep you posted on cancellations around the time you wanna go hun.

So far

So far I have booked my flight & hotel. Still working on everything else. I'm not sure what garment to buy for my arm compression. Any suggestions on a quality type will be appreciated ladies! I have my game face on trying to get all this done in a short time.... Still need supplies & medical clearance.
I can't wait to see how your results turn out! Keep us posted with pics! Can you send me a message with the services you used and the prices? I really appreciate it!!
I'll definitely keep y'all posted! I want to give back & help when I can;) The prices fluctuate so much. I called daily for the past few days & price was different every time. I'll pm you
Aw thanks, you're a peach! I can't wait to schedule mine! I am still researching the risks right now but I know Dr. S is who I am going with.

Please pray!!!!

Get me off this ride!!!!!!!
Ok, I know the roller coaster starts before sx & ends sometime after. I need to vent so figured I'd do it here with you sweet ladies & not pretend everything's all hunky dory. This mess is real! I already somewhat suffer from anxiety.... Reached it's peak so far last nite...... Ended up crying myself to sleep. Everyone has temptation to fight & mine is the tempt to get severely anxious instead of just trusting & letting go to invite in peace. I'm sort of a scatter brain lately.
In the midst of all these rushed plans many other things have popped up in my family.... One being a crisis I won't mention details cuz it's tmi on here. Please all prayerful ladies, pray for my family! Someone very close has a serious health concern! I am the one everyone runs to in my small family for support & getting things done. That's fine, I am delighted to help in any possible way because I love. This issue in my fam is the most important right now. I'm just running around crazy haired trying my hardest to accommodate all the needs. Ugh, I need to stop & go sit in church for awhile. I'm very overwhelmed at the moment.

Another reason I jumped on the Nov cancellation is because every year around Jan- Feb there is some kind of sickness we come down with-- brought home from school by kiddos. Speaking of that, one of my poor babies came home yesterday with the stomach bug. She's still throwing up this morning.
Most Novembers we're ok.
Now that I've chosen a sooner date it has been emotionally draining for me to get everything ordered up. Last nite I got a chance to reread paperwork sent by Schulman, my mind has been getting the better of me! For example of questioning--- What if I end up all lumpy & disfigured from scar tissue?Do I have to get massages for the rest of my life to keep it away?(paperwork didnt say life massages) Why am I spending all this $$$? I can afford it but still!!! Am I still being a good steward even though I made this financial choice? why am I putting myself & family through all of this for a butt??? Will I wake up from sx? Serious complications? Etc....etc... Am I a selfish mommy putting my life at risk on purpose when my girls need me to make it home to them? I'm not going into this blind. I realize the bad & good that can occur. Usually I keep this between me & God til the storm blows over but decided to document it in my journal here.
My hubs is trying to freak me out about New York.... Trying to scare me into not going! What if I arrive home to be met with an "I told you so."
Last nite a friend told me about some crap going on with our nation & said she would advise me not to go to NY in Nov???? WTH? Leave me alone with all this bs! God bless her heart, she's only concerned.
I'm not a news watcher. I figure if something big happens of which I need to know, there are plenty of news watchers to tell me. Why get a stomach ache watching that crap all the time?
I lost all the weight I gained plus 1lb. Will My fat be enlarged enough? My internet I recently had installed quit working- can't use printer-- my damn ph doesn't get a good signal.I have to drive 15-20 min away to call everywhere if I want to have more than a 2 min conversation. I called to have a landline reinstalled. I Cancelled it before cuz got sick of not having that service too. Mice frequently get into the box down the road & chew wires. Lol!!! The country! I haven't slept very well for days! My chest hurts from stress pains. I read a review on my hotel after I booked, it said rats are a common problem in New York. They didn't expect to see any at hotel but they had one in their room.... Moved to different room & one in there too! Ahhhh! What the #%*+%#???
Well, It was only one bad review... All the rest were great so I've kinda put this behind me.
So much going on!!! More questions for myself & Jesus--Should I reschedule??? But my fight is booked & maybe everything will fall into place? Eh, there's friggin more but I'm done.
Well, My mom said she may be able to go with me now since I chose Nov. so some good news. I'm sorry if this sounds so negative but this is IT right now. Thanks for putting up with my rant ladies. Deep inside I know everything will turn out eventually. I'm no stranger to this. Who is ya know? I've been trying to pray,meditate,just breath but that's a challenge. Once I get some much needed sleep, I think I'll feel better & be able to handle this more efficiently;) never have time for a nap so I'm gonna try my hardest to hit the sac early tonite. I'm knocking myself out with Valerian root & calming tea. Smile atcha tomorrow morning hopefully;)

Ladies who have been pming me with questions-- don't let me deter you by all this! I'm glad to help. You can keep em coming. I'm just asking for some prayer right now during this difficult time. I added detailed info to my update so some of you can pray more specifically & who knows? Maybe it'll help someone down the road on here & give hope once they see my mess turned out great! Lol, Thank you!!! Much love to you all! Muah! It can always be worse & I'm grateful it's not worse.

Correction for above-

*flight* is booked not fight.
Just reading this hun--Praying for you and your family
Thanks love... Means so much right now.
Congrats on the beginning of your journey. I'm sorry you are having all these doubts. I know the feeling myself. I keep questioning and questioning and questioning this decision! It's very scary to think about all the complications, risks, and what-ifs. But I think it's important to keep things in perspective, remind ourselves of Dr. Schulman's great track record, and think of the hundreds and thousands of women in NYC alone that undergo this same procedure without any problems. Your date is only 9 days before mine so I will definitely be following your journey. Good luck :)


"Be still and KNOW that I am God"
One verse I meditate on. Not sweating all the minor stuff I mentioned above. Boy,that was a hefty vent session up there. I'm letting all the little & big details go. I'm concentrating on the now. Come what may, With my Lord's help I'm managing. A little sleep went a long way too. Thanks to everyone praying for us;)))))) Thanks also that itsybitsy's sx went well & she's in the recovery stage now!
Joy cometh in the morning :)))
Amen to that!!! Whew, I thought my heart was going to explode yesterday. Nothing helped. Just needed some rest to cope better;))
(((((Hugs)))) exactly. Just needed to get it out and then rest

Great Supplement!

I've decided to start using chlorophyll extract again. Figured it wouldn't hurt to turbo boost my juice recipes with it. Here are some benefits.

Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring molecule that gives plants their green color. Chlorophyll is also the molecule that is responsible for facilitating one of the most incredibly miraculous processes on earth – the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process that converts sunlight energy, water and carbon dioxide into our primary source of fuel – glucose. All animals and humans obtain their life-sustaining energy supply form plants, making photosynthesis to be (one of) the sources of all life. Without plants there would be no life.

Chlorophyll – The Green Blood of Plants
One of the most interesting aspects of chlorophyll is how closely it resembles our red blood cells, known as hemoglobin, the pigment that gives our blood its red color as well as oxygen-carrying capacity. The hemoglobin of the red blood cell and the chlorophyll of the plant are virtually identical in molecular structure, with the only difference being the center atom. In hemoglobin it’s iron and in chlorophyll it’s magnesium. Chlorophyll is even often referred to as ‘the green blood of plants’ – obviously for good reason.

Chlorophyll Benefits
Blood Cleanser, Blood Builder and Oxygen Booster
This extreme similarity is what makes chlorophyll so beneficial to our health because it’s such a powerful blood cleanser and blood builder. Chlorophyll delivers a continuous energy transfusion into our bloodstream, replenishing and increasing red blood cell count. And since hemoglobin carries oxygen to our cells, increasing hemoglobin thereby increases the ability of red blood cells to carry oxygen and delivers us increased levels of oxygen – and this is a very good thing.

Disease-promoting anaerobic bacteria cannot live and thrive in the presence of oxygen. It’s also known that disease can’t thrive in an alkaline environment either. Lucky for us, chlorophyll is both a potent oxygenator and helps alkalize our blood, it thus helps our bodies fight off disease. All these benefits direct effects on strengthening our immune system and enhancing overall energy levels and wellbeing.

Healthy blood flow and an abundance of oxygen also help the body to cleanse itself of toxic impurities, lending to chlorophylls detoxification properties. Chlorophyll has also been shown to improve the detrimental effects of radiation, and has also been linked to cancer prevention. Chlorophyll binds with toxins like heavy metals and helps remove them from the body. Chlorophyll can also stimulate bowel movements and is a great aid in colon cleansing.

Overall Benefits of Chlorophyll:
The range of health benefits to gain from chlorophyll is nothing short of miraculous. Chlorophyll is known to improve the health of the circulatory, digestive, immune and detoxification systems of the body – leading to many different and overlapping health benefits.

The numerous health benefits of chlorophyll:

Cleanses and oxygenates and builds the blood
A powerful detoxification effect on the body
Rich in enzymes that promote quick rejuvenation of our cells
High in Amino acids
Extracts toxins form the liver and improves liver function
Regulator of calcium
Helps break addiction
Alkalizes the body
Wound-healing properties
Fight infection
Anti-oxidant – neutralize free radicals
Promotes healthy intestinal flora
Helps reverse protein-deficient anemia
Protection from cancer
Helps skin disorders
Highest Sources of Chlorophyll
Essentially, any green plant that you consume contains some level of chlorophyll as this is what gives it its green color. But some foods are higher in chlorophyll than others. Generally speaking, the darker the green color, the more chlorophyll, so dark leafy greens are a great source, especially dino kale and other kale varieties, swiss chard and darker greens like arugula. Adding herbs like parsley and cilantro are also great ways to spruce up your salads and increase chlorophyll content in your diet. Blue-green algae such as spirulina and chlorella are also especially high in chlorophyll, as are all sprouts. Wheatgrass has one of the highest sources of chlorophyll available. Juicing it on a regular basis can have powerful detoxification effects.
Hi sweety! Been busy w my daughter preparing her for college night .....im praying for you and your love one for the GOD I SERVE IS A HEALER! As for u sweetheart YOU know the WORD! Ask GOD TO ORDER UR STEPS and we r not to have a spirit of fear! That DEVIL is a LIE! Pick up that phn and rebook and go get your BLESSING!
Hey hunny! YES! The devil is a LIE! Thank you so much my cheer leader;) I'm still booked for Nov. 5th! Hope I don't have to rebook. I will make that decision in a couple days. How are you n BBJ doing? I liked your girl session update.

Added up to date photos & wish pics

Here they are
congratualtions and good luck on your journey. Will be following you to see your results.
Thank you! I'll keep you updated.
Great pics i love the last one! Steo put pb faith!

Mornin RS sisters!!! ;)))

Ok!!! I'm prayed up & gearing up with supplies.
Here are some supplements I'm taking. I always try to go the natural way when possible so my body absorbs it more efficiently. Our immune systems tend to attack anything synthetic.
- blood builder 2 daily
- "Chlor Oxygen" chlorophyll concentrate liquid extract 20 drops in H2o per day. Builds red blood cells. If you don't know of the awesome benefits, please see above update!
- "Rainbow Light Super C"tabs 1000 mg 3per day as recommended by my natural med doctor for before & after sx for healing power.
- coconut oil 1Tbs per day to help hormone balance & healing
- " Natrol AcaiBerry" weekend body cleanse... Will start tomorrow
- "Jarrow Formulas" Brown Rice Protein Powder Vanilla. Contains important amino acids. 2 glasses daily.
- folic acid
- "Designs for health" B- Supreme
- " Biotics" Bio-D-Mulsion Forte. 1 drop daily. Doc recommended for many things-- hormonal balance-healing etc...
- Green drink beauty recipe in order
-2 cups mixed frozen berries
-4 or 5 large leaves ORGANIC kale
-2 lemons use entire inside except for seeds.
-2 TBS "Linwoods" contains ground flax,almonds,brazil nuts,walnuts,& Q10. Super food!!!
- 2 ripe bananas
- just "eyeball" amount of water needed
- Enjoy!!! Yummyness!!!
Ok, gotta run... Will update later with the rest of supplies bought. I'm going to a massage appointment!!! ;))) I'm not one to pamper myself regularly so this will be an AWESOME treat! My muscles are knotted & tight as heck from the stress I experienced.
Peace ladies!
So this means you're back on track and nov 5th will happen?
Well sweets, I'm keeping things as they are for now unless something gets in the way before next Tues. 15th. I'm hoping everything's gonna be fine & work out as scheduled. I'm staying prayed up & positive;)

Good Saturday Morning!

Ok! I think I found my masseuse for post- op massage! She hurt me pretty good lol. I'm sore all over & downing lots of water for it.
I found some good roll on for muscle pain relief I'd like to share. It has very helpful ingredients in it.
"Zim's Max-Feeze" contains aloe, arnica, vitamin E, tea tree oil & menthol.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

I want to thank you ladies from my whole heart for all your support! I admire your strength & how positively caring you are. Tear, if it wasn't for all your stories,info & love, it may've been another 10 yrs of me walking the road toward my bootylicious dream because of the lack of support from my fam/friends. You ladies are like family to me on here. I'm one of the Lord's weakest. Please pay no attn. to your order although a few of you have helped me out especially much. Hopefully you know who you are;) Big MUAHS & Thank yous to MsBooty, Sexeeangel, Booty4Real, itsybitsy, NJexciteddd, ZuluPrincess, LadyB2011, 86Baby, teeny1, increaseme, Red Fire, Bklynbeauty, Momof3fabkids, Gina107, Htownsfinest, showstopper. Also, to many others for your helpful reviews. If I've forgotten anybody or spelled wrong please forgive me!
Awwwww my ELLI BABY :) ur welcome love & I want to thank you as well .. You're AMAZING xoxo muahz
Awww... Thank you sweet pea!;) Girrrl, Trina PMed me like, "eh hem! & how'd you forget about me making you laugh!???" Whos fingers did she swallow to type that? Scaaaarry !!! LMBO!!! Muah xoxo
LmfaOooOooo :) too funny !!! 

Important Info About Herbs!

I'm an herb taker so I looked up which ones to avoid around sx time.
I've decided to avoid them all except the ones my Dr. Recommends. I love taking chamomile & valerian in tea before bed. I found out it can cause excessive bleeding & interact with a few meds. I've always known to check out herbs before taking them because of possible interactions.... but chamomile? I was thinking it was harmless. Anywho here are the most popular main herbs & supplements to avoid 2-3 weeks prior & probably the same after.
-glucosamine and chondroitin
-coenzyme q10
-saw palmetto
-omega-3 fatty acids, flax seed oil, ---fish oil
-dong quai
-ephedra/ma huang
-kava kava
-St. john's wort
-vitamin E
Thank you for the encouragement. I replied on my page but just wanted to show support & motivation on your page ....always follow your dreams. It will always be worth it one way or another ;-). Looking forward to seeing your results w/Schulman - very excited for you!!! Very best wishes for next month
You're welcome;) Awww... Thanks for the love girl!!! You're a sweetheart. (((Hugs)))
You're welcome but that is what sistahood is all about NOT letting our RS SUSTAGIRLFRIENDS NO MATTER who they are fall or feel alone thru this EMOTIONAL journey AND ROLLER coaster! Its not abt a click or circle but a RAINBOW COALITION of COME ONE COME ALL

The Bittersweet Taste

Well, I rescheduled at my last opportunity because of some things going on in my family right now. I consider this far more important than my sx.
I am completely ready, I had my flight & hotel booked.... Actually still do. I'll have to cancel those tomorrow. I'll probably be out some $$$ on the flight being it's not changeable.
I Have all my supplies except my earthlite face down pillow. That'll be here by the end of this week.
I can see beyond this though. I'm disappointed but at peace. Everything happens for a reason right? February must be my month to shine!! I guess I was suppose to stick with my original date I wanted to begin with which was sometime in Feb. Well, brighter note, now I'll have even more time to get my body ready for this;)
Buuutt it seems sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...... far away now since I was expecting my new body 3 wks from today. I don't let myself boo hoo for long.
All's well it ends well? Let's just hope n pray all's well by then ok? I'm sure it will be..... has to be! Goodnite & Peace ladies.
Awwww sorry hope the family stuff gets better! Your day will be here soon enough!
Thank you sweet pea;)
Answered prayer-you got your discernment.....and Lord knows these days go by fast!

Calling all Ladies Having Bbl with breast augmentation!

I'm not having my boobs done but if I were, I would be buying this contraption!!! Here's a pic!

A Great Thought!!!

Laaaaaadiessss!!! I just thought of something cool that would normally concern me! Dr. S is gonna be able to extract all the holiday fat I gain! Yaaaaay! I put on around an extra 5 lbs normally & it takes me a little bit to get it off but no worries here! Lol
Yes!!! February is ur month to shine and that you will! I got you! Congratulations!
Thank you sooooo much babe!!!!
Ur welcome! Im so excited for u! I knw u can do this! I got my pom poms in far corner cheering u on! Wayyyy ova here n calli!

Can Schulman do?

I hope Dr. Schulman can give his angel at LEAST this shape from the behind;) Hmmm..... I think it may be possible.

Hmmm.... Just Something I've Noticed Lately

I don't see any ladies traveling from out of state to have surgery with Dr.S. I've been looking at past & future reviews all morning. Am I the only one traveling to see him? Is it because of $? Is it because if they have to travel far anyway, they just choose someone else whom they think better? Looking like ladies just go to him because of the convenient proximity & he's the only NY doc who's giving good results?
Your wish booty is gorgeous!!!
Hey there MsBooty darlin! I was going to PM you but thought it wouldn't work.... Tried emailing you @ the one you used to mail the medical form. Thank you! How ya been? Miss you on here! Which one are you looking at hun? I tried to conservatively photoshop myself with a Dr. S type booty. I'm about to put some more up soon. Ran into a buncha butts on the net that I like. Thought I was done with all that booty shopping Lol. When I post them, I'm going to ask for a realistic vote like you did;)
The oct.9th ones. Love them both but the one with the panties on is great!

Audio for Surgery Preparation

Found these on Amazon. Some hospitals have used audio for a better surgical outcome & faster healing time! Here's some of what is written on the back of one of my CDs. " Meditations to Promote Successful Surgery" by Bellerruth Naparstek -- An empowering, research proven approach to preparing for surgery. Designed to help mind & body anticipate a successful surgery experience. Surrounded by protection & support, the body slowing down blood flow and speeding up mending capacity. Affirmations are geared for post surgical recovery, and the continuous music that scored the imagery is for use in the operating room. This imagery was found highly effective in research at The Cleveland Clinic, UC Davis Medical Center and Blue Shield of California. It's used in over 3 thousand hospitals & clinics.
My second one is titled - " Preparing for Surgery" by Martin Rossman MD. Here's some info from back-- guided imagery is an effective way to maximize the body's healing resources and take the worry out of surgery.Techniques proven to benefit patients with quicker recoveries, fewer complications, less pain, and less bleeding after the operation. Includes three exercises to support a successful surgery and more rapid recovery.

Bellruth's contains 2 CDs. 1st cd contains intro,guided imagery, & affirmations. The 2nd is music for during sx.

Rossman's contains one cd with intro & 3 exercises being 1 preparing for successful sx. 2 - preparing on the day of sx. 3 - healing well after.
I'm posting pics of both.
I'm getting a bbl with ba so thx for the comfy pillow post! My descansa breast pillow taking so long to reach smh n might not before my day..
That's a bummer... Hope it gets to ya sooner than later. Did you get a tracking #? You're welcome hun, I hope it helps & is of good quality. I didn't read up on it.. Just saw pic & saved it. I never knew such a thing existed.
Thank you for sharing the meditation CDs. This is amazing!! You're just a well of information. God bless. Sharing is caring. Going to check these out along w/the synapse information this weekend. Best homework!! Xoxoxo

The last of my supplies delivered Friday...

Pics included! Ok thank you to ivfmama for the info on this first one!
Earth lite massage pillow can be adjusted to fit your bed! Amazon- $79.99. I know it's pricey but so worth it in my opinion because of my neck problems. I can't have my neck all twisted! Plus I'll use it for when I give my hubby massages. Yeah I spoil that brat lol.

I bought a really plush n cushy cover for it too- "Body Linen" repose fleece face pillow cover - $6.95. Great small investment to cushion it up!
To cover the furry fleece...
"Custom Craftworks" flannel face pillow covers 3 pack- $12.11
It all fits together very well! Such a comfy neck saver!
You will be ok Dr S is so sweet trust in God he will carry you through your sx god is good
That HE is, thank you for your encouragement sweetie!

What's up!!!

DAGBURN IT! & €%**+#•%!! (In my Yosimmity Sam voice) Don't judge me, I have kids ok. Lol My OCD ish personality is upset with my doc review & wanting it right... Emailed Kirsty twice about it. She hasn't responded so I'm guessing it can't be changed. I entered Dr. Schulman's name wrong in that box. I want his handsome picture next to his name down there like everybody else ;)) Oh well, there's more important things to be concentrating on.

Here's a pic of the "Linwoods" ground flax & nut product to put in blended juice recipe. Or on just about anything else in regards to food. Ladies if you want glowy skin which comes from within, this is it! Kale helps too!

Note on meditation sx CDs. I like both of them alot. Bellerruth's adds in guardian angel protectors and family into the mix which I appreciate. Rossman's is excellent too though!


RS cut my pics a little. I'll try to add more.
Good luck!! I just had my school with dr schulman oct 17th!
Thank you hun. Bless your recovery process!
Honey-you see how your hallowed out on the sides-I had the same problem-completely filled with the lateral fat transfer

Found a Schulman patient

Her name is La_la & she's looking for a sx buddy! She's flying to NY from overseas to possibly have it in March. Ikr, too much of a gap between our surgeries. B4R- mama, you may have another grasshopper on the way lol!
Take your fav photo w u the day of sx! !! Dr schulman can 100% do that! That is so you!
Sexee! & everybody, Check out my wishes I just posted.

My ultimate wish pics

Had to place myself in a sunny Warm beach background. It's so cold here now. Here's before/after of myself ultimate behind shape & projection I desire. Ladies do you think this to much to ask for? Is the bottom one bite worthy? Lmbo. Also a few others...

RE: above

In the first pic--- lmbo My after is a little bigger than what I thought it was when I posted. I would be happy a lil smaller than that. Lol but thats looking good on me but def not a possible result with my fat amount.

Ahh, RE: above again! Scratch that!

I meant to say the 2nd from the left pic! Get it straight self! Lol

Woe Nelly!

Ok yeah that 2nd one is Ka Bowwwww!! Just looked again, its like rs magnified it although I know not.Def too big for my little fat self. Hey though I would take it if it weren't a far fetched dream.
Ps I like the booty with the purple/blue shirt pulled half way down. Your gonna look great no matter what!
Feb can't get here soon enough! I am so excited for you! Maybe when you go to Dr. A ( ur just doing Bbl with Schulman right?) for TT we can buddy up I think I'm gonna go back to dr. A to have my boobs re done in a year or two ( he said I didn't need it but any excuse to see them works for me) :)
Oh heck yeah, I am so looking forward to having a tt. I also need a breast revision. I bottomed out to the side. When I friggin Iay down, my boobs get transferred to my armpits ugh. Not sure If I want them fixed or just removed for good. I'm going to have some kind of combination. Your boobs look perfect! Are you having some kind of problem too? Thank you for your kind words! The purple shirt one looks like a more realistic expectation than my photoshopped one to me. Yes, anything will be an improvement;)

Deleted the pic up there & reposting

Much better;)
I know I'm going to use your music therapy suggestion. Music to my ears alway help me feel better. Although I'm pretty much always in a good mood. Thanks a bunch and good luck. Dr. Schulman was my 2nd best option after Dr. Ghurani. I still browse through his reviews although I'm 100% happy with my choice. I just love his work. -take care-
Thank you hun;) your welcome, I hope the meditation CDs do well for ya. I'm usually pretty steady on a emotional level. Been praying to keep that way. I quit taking my hormone therapy around the end of July. I had been on them for a for a few yrs so it threw me for quite a loop & made me a wreck on & off. The meditation helps & I think my body is finally getting use to being without those hormones. Wasn't happy about the possible side effects anyway. I hope all your bootylicious dreams come true sweets.
Wow, you got some nice skills there with those pics :)) Those pics are just right!

Added another important product to my list

Heeeeeeyyy! I just scrolled down a little & noticed Dr. Schulman's handsome pic is now next to his name on my review! Thanks for fixing it Kirsty!! ;) The little things which can make me happy lol.

Ok, "Medi-sol" ( pic included) is a medical adhesive remover for sensitive skin. My skin is on the very sensitive side when it comes to medical tape and such. I DO NOT want to go through ripping layers off my skin again! After my c-section, they put med tape on my tummy & when they took it off, which was the next day, my skin was red, very raw & bleeding in the entire area. It was about a 4" by 8" area! Added an extra big wound!

Also, I'm looking into buying a custom garment since I'm not the average ht & feel it's important for a right fit & better results. I need to talk with Rachel about it. I know this extra time ( albeit was somewhat against my will) is a blessing! I have more to think about & purchase than I initially thought.;)

I stopped taking my compounded hormones around the end of July. I think my body is finally starting to get used to not having them. Tell ya what, I'm so glad I stopped way before sx, although they really didn't need to be stopped until 3 wks before. It threw me on a roller coaster and a half! Wouldn't wanna go through that right before sx! This journey is hard enough emotionally without that added problem. I'm feeling more leveled now.Yaaay!! I did get back on them for about a week not to long ago cuz I felt so messed up but stopped again for reason stated & they increase the chance of getting blood clots. I may say heck with it & never use them again. I'll see what my primary has to say about it. Peace to all you wonderful ladies! Enjoy & rejoice in this day The Lord has made!
Missed ya girlie! Glad to see that you are doing well and that you are getting yourself physically and mentally prepared for your surgery! You are going to have a fantastic recovery...all this prep and positivity radiating from you will go a LONG way in recovery!
Awww... Thank you for your kind words sweetie pie! ;) I def think my friggin hormones were the main culprit for a bit. The big change played a huge role in how I was able to handle day to day events or stress like I normally would. I've incorporated a few things into my diet recommended by doc to help with it. My holistic doc is pretty awesome! But God is awesomest! What a blessing I've received ... to finally have some leveling off.... waaay before sx too! Seems like it took forever but it was only a few months. I feel bad for anyone having to come off hormone therapy just before their big surgery event. Missed you too! I'm so grateful for you ZP & all my RS sissys! God bless you & your family;))

Information RE: Medi-Sol adhesive remover

Upon further investigation today, I learned Amazon does not carry the liquid, only the wipes. The 4oz liquid bottle can be found at the following websites---
Dtep.com $9.95
Sportshealth.com $9.95 as well

WHY LIQUID instead of wipes??
The liquid applied onto cottonballs is a more sensible choice over wipes because of the larger areas of tape or glue requiring removal. Reviews state it takes waaaay too many wipes to get the job done.

Below is more detailed info about this product--
Medi-Sol Medical Adhesive Remover with aloe vera is a safe and effective adhesive remover specifically developed for the medical application. Medi-sol medical adhesive remover effectively removes medical tape, adhesives, nitro patches, tar, residue from skin and hair. This hospital tested, non-toxic, organic, biodegradable remover does not contain harsh chemicals.
Medi-Sol has been used and trusted by top hospitals, burn centers, neo-natal units and medical care facilities around the United States for over 20 years.

Booty4Real-- (((hugs n kisses))) back at ya babe!

B4R, I saw your update & see you needlessly suffered some too when you took the foam off. Thank you for leading ladies to this product on my page. You are a truly caring & outstanding lady angel here on RS! An invaluable gem always ready to help & support! I believe this product to be indespensible for ladies post-op, especially since I've experienced the pain of being raw & bleeding from having many layers of skin removed by med adhesive before.
Hey sweet pea, I stopped by to say hi and see how your doing. I saw you were in the hospital--hope your feeling better--sending up prayers for complete restoration. Awww.....just read your shout out 2me.....a gem knows a gem :)) XXOO
Hey there hunny bunny! Thanks for the prayers;)) I've been having body aches on n off for quite awhile then started having abdomen pain with massive headache & I mean MASSIVE! I'm feeing better... Just need to have MRI now to get a closer look at things. Whatever it is, it's not beyond our Lord to heal if it's his will. I tell ya girl, we're all carrying these crosses for a reason over here but Lord have mercy please. XOXO
Sounds so painful :( that's right hun.....God is in Control....Whatever we're going through, we know He will never leave us or forsake us.....your feeling better now and He's gonna continue to walk you through this......I'll be popping back in to check up on you. Is the MRI this week or next week?

Another Bbl supply

Instead of bringing my boppy to NY I'm going to be using this behind my back because I can fit it in my purse!
I bought it from protherapysupplies.com
They also sell inflatable rollers & fit disks if anyone's interested;)Here's the info & pic-- ok, I'll have to post the pic when I receive it because it wasn't downloadable--
Bodyline Trav'Lair Traveler Inflatable Back-Huggar

Supports the lower back
Great on flights, driving, watching TV and much more
Makes a great travel companion
Can be carried in a purse, briefcase or even pocket

Supports low back on flights, driving, or sitting watching TV. Makes the perfect travel companion because it can be carried in a purse, briefcase or even pocket - ready for use when needed. Easy to inflate...Simply pinch valve and inflate to desired level (usually only two - three breathes of air). - See more at: http://www.protherapysupplies.com/Shop-By-Category/Specialty-Pillows/Bodyline-TravLair-Inflatable-Back-Huggar#sthash.13G8ek3j.dpuf
Hey hun, it looks like you wanted to attach the pic? Your page is stellar!
Aww... Thanks babe;)) I did save the pic but when I went to retrieve & post it, it was all black. The link should work though if it's copied & pasted. You know though, I'll be looking for a pic of it elsewhere & see if I can get it on here lol.
You are going to be prepared for anything! I wish I had some of those things! Hope all is well :)

Continued from above-- Pic of inflatable back pillow

Every time I tried downloading this pic it would be blacked out when I'd go to retrieve it from my phone. I found the same pillow on a different site & it worked this time. Here ya go;)
Hi Elli , I saw a reply you gave another lady about a neck pillow can you tell me which one it is and how to get it.....I have neck problems and will get sx in January and Im already afraid of the future neck pain...thanks....
Hi, The Oct. 19th update on my review includes pics & info on it. I love it! I do recommend getting the cushy cover for it to help your face stay comfy. Amazon.com has a few different options regarding pillows to do this trick. Just go there & type "face down pillows" in the search bar. The one I purchased should be there along with a couple others you can check out & compare.
This looks like something I could use for when I start driving. How much was it?

Face Down Pillow Options

Here are three other options( pics included) besides the one I've purchased seen in my Oct. 19th update. Pics included.

Option 1- * Best option for traveling *
Sold at-- bodysupportstore.com 28.95 & shipping is 4.99
NOTE: Choose the blue one... Most comfortable for night sleep.
"Breathe EASY Face-down Pillows" solve an age-old ergonomic problem -- how to sleep facedown without twisting your neck and body into unnatural and uncomfortable positions and still be able to breathe!
With the Breathe EASY pillow, both your head and your body are supported enabling you to sleep or rest in total comfort with truly facedown breathe-ability.

Option 2 - "Face down slope pillow" 34.99 at ebay free shipping. There is a channel to supposedly make it more comfy for laying on breasts.
*** Amerimark.com also sells it, only cheaper at 24.99 free shipping.

Option 3 -" Hermell face down pillow sleep support" 29.95 ebay ( a few dollars less than amazon.com) I forgot who but a lady on RS has used this one & said it worked well.

Forgot to add this in previous update

This tea for nausea is the only brand that works in my opinion cuz I think I've about tried them all! Get this, my kids don't like it but ask for it because it works so well;)) I mix raw honey & lemon with it... Gives it a better taste & super charges it with vitamin c from lemon & much needed good bacteria from the raw honey.

Ahhh forgot to add where to buy it!

Price ranges from $3.00- $7.00 depending where you buy it. "Whole Foods" or just about any health food store carries this brand. You can also find it online. I get mine at "Whole Foods" when it's on sale. I'm never without this in my house.
Hi sis! Yes that is greattttttt news a sx buddy! Ok tell hubby to go get his spying cameras for whn your out in public alone cause the attention is going to be off da chain! Dr S showing them mad skills off. lately!!!
Lmbo girl!!! Thank you;)
OOH! That tea is going to help me :) I've been getting bouts of nausea during my period lately. Maybe it's my eating habits--I'm not eating as clean as I could--I'm fixing that but I'll definitely be adding this tea to my cart at Whole Foods ;) Thank you for sharing!!

((((Big hugs)))) & Smooches!

Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving all my RS sisters!!! I'm thankful to God for placing you beautiful souls in my life :-)
Hi sissy! Hope all is well w family! I hope u made it thru turkey day? Watch how time flies for you, now!
Thank you love :) We lost him yesterday morning but celebrating his new life. Sad because he's missed greatly but joyful for him.
Im sorry but ge's absent frm the body but present e yhe Lord! Weeping may endure for a night but JOY comed n the morning! Praying for entire family's strength to hold onto God's unchanging hand!

Ready Made Juice Yummy!

I haven't been juicing these last few days so bought some of this yumminess. Look at the ingredients!!! Very healthful. Fresh is always best because the longer something "sits" after being processed, the more enzymes & certain vitamins it loses but this is better than nothing for those of you who like the thought but just aren't up to or into juicing your own. Now before turning your noses up in protest let me say, this is bound to taste great even on the pickiest of palettes.:) Lol, No green taste at all even though it contains Dark leafy greens. Pineapple is one of the first main Ingredients. It also contains a little artichoke which is a good inflammation fighter. Here's some pics. I bought mine from Walmart & I've seen it at many other grocery stores.
I'm weighing in at 132.7 as of this morning. I'll post updated pics of my extra fat soon lol. I haven't been trying to gain, I just loosened up a little regarding my normal amount of food consumption & gain easily. My clothes are so dang tight & uncomfortable now. Eh, all this extra love stuffin will be donated to a good cause soon. I will put it behind me literally:) Hurry up February! Oh & I only took blood builder for 4 days after I got it because I'd rather know hemo first. Found out some time later I'm at 14.5. So I'm good with sticking to my green juices only.
Hiiii!! lol you are scheduled for feb.27th and I am scheduled for Feb. 20th!! Awesome I will be 7 days post op when you go in.. Im so excited!! Good Luck and Im sure we are going to be fabulous after the pain of course! lol
Hey that's great news girlie! I'm excited for the both of us! Blessings on your journey hun :)
B4R told me to stop by and pay you a visit so... Here I am! I LOVED YOUR blog entry on the topic of chlorophyll! I'm beginning a detoxification and raw food diet today so I will pick up some Bolthouse farms -Green Goodness- and chlorophyll. Thanks for sharing!

Updated Pre - op Pics as Promised

Here I uncomfortably am at 132.4 lbs yesterday. This is it! No more weight gain for me. About 9 lbs later my panties are too tight. I wanted some comfy clothes so I bought some super stretchy jeggings & I love them! Not the way I look in them of course but soon that'll be changed right;) Also got a heck of a deal on a couple velour tracksuits from VS :) Ugh, the arms on my fave winter coat are so tight!
You sure will love how you look in jeggins post op, they will become your best friends lol.
Lol I sure hope so! I can't wait to see how my new improved self fills them out :))
Your results are going to be the BOMB! February is around the corner. Hold tight we will be sharing postop stories soon.

Stability Disk Review

I absolutely love this thing!!! I sit on it of course because I haven't had my surgery yet. My back doesn't get as sore as it normally would from driving. Lol but lemme tell ya, if you live in the boondocks and find yourself having to drive on endless dirt roads with bad tracks and potholes BEWARE! Feels like I'm on the tilt a thingy at a carnival lmbo! Especially if you have a weak core from diastis recti like myself.
Anyway, the stability disk was introduced to the bbl community by the beautifully bootilicious Lemi27. She uses it under her thighs to help keep the booty from touching the seat. Thank you Lemi hunny!
I researched a little and found one that stays aired up continually & ordered it online at protherapysupplies.com. It does indeed stay aired. I haven't had to mess with it even once because it came aired already and I've driven hours & hours using it. If it ever does need aired, I have a small handheld bike tire pump for that which fits easily in my purse. Bought the pump from Walmart for $6.00.
Now ok, if you have short legs like me, you will need the 16" because it will be too big for thighs otherwise unless you want your legs sticking straight out in front of you lol. Can't drive like that. I imagine a longer legged person could use the 20". The platform which comes with is to be used underneath the disk. It helps to raise you even higher.


Sorry I typed name wrong above! Not Lemi27 it's *Lemi720*
Hey girliii, I just saw your pre op pics, you will have great results for sure!! God bless!
Aww thanks sweet pea :) check your pm. Congrats on your date & God bless you too!
Thank you!!

Hi my RS sissys!

Hi my RS sissys! I've been crazy busy so haven't been able to keep up on RS as much. Please know I'm keeping all of you in my prayers! Much love to you all :) Hugs n smooches!
Hugs n smooches to you too beautiful!
Aww thank you hunny :)
Hey Beautiful! Tis the season to be extra busy! lol love you boo

For Labia Compression

This is used to reduce swelling on our intimate parts post lipo.
Here is the link to Female Thong Labia Support http://makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?Id=11216


I can't recommend this article as I haven't used it & I'm not so sure about it. I just can't understand how it could possibly give enough compression to do the job! Has anyone heard of any ladies who have had good results using this or similar items? There is a brief available too but obviously it would put too much compression on the booty.
Hmm.... Any ideas or tried & true Macgyver style inventions will be graciously welcomed my dears. :)

We are enjoying our much needed warm & sunny family vacay right now :) I'm sooooo thankful for this much needed wonderful blessing!!! Just praying everything stays well on the home front while we're gone.
Thank you for all the informative info , much success to you !!!
Thank you & you're welcome :) Blessings on your journey!
Elli baby , ur time is closer than u think !!! I can't wait , I'm excited for u sweetheart..

Merry Christmas!!!

It feels so odd not to be freezing and see snow on Christmas but I'm not complaining lol! ;) Merry Christmas to you and yours my RS sisters!! May the peace & joy the world cannot give be bestowed upon you all in abundance! Xoxo
Thank you so much for all your posts hun. Even though I'm not real heavy on RS, all the preparation and research that you've put it have helped me immensely darling, and I greatly appreciate it. You are gonna fabulous come February ((HUGS)).
Aw you're welcome sweet pea. I love researching and helping others out :) I'm soooo thankful to the vets who continue to update & help us out! I hope I can do the same after my sx. Thank you for the encouragement! You're gonna be bomb girlie! Ahhh.. coming up quick! So exciting!!! {{Hugs}} back!
Merry Christmas. Love that picture, hope you continue to enjoy!

Check this out!

My grandma said her insurance was going to pay for something similar to this but she didn't want it. Whaaat? Give it to me lol! It's used to drain the lymph fluid buildup in your body. It may be cheaper than the numerous massages some people get. I wonder if it works as well? I read it is used in some therapy & med spas for the reduction of cellulite and detoxing the lymph system but I haven't thoroughly researched it yet. This pic is the first one I came across & had to share.
Sissy OMG!!! My massage therapist eho specialize in LM said this is her competition and ot works great but i told her i wls nvr quit coming to her bcz of my results!! Great info keep it coming girly! Is there a link?
Wow really?? Thank you...Very encouraging sis!! I saw this one on ebay for 420.00. After I research a little more, I'll post a link to wherever I find a good & reasonably priced one :) It's going to be rainy here so I'll have the time throughout the next couple days.


I found the product above on ebay for $420.00 I googled lymphatic massage machines but haven't researched enough to recommend this one in particular though.
Sexeeangel's comment below is encouraging regarding this contraption. Thank you sis!
I will continue researching & will share the knowledge I find on this within a couple of days :) Want to look for the best product with the best price & read reviews :-)

Lymphatic Massage

This is a wonderful informative link! You will find information on what takes place in the body when lymphodema is present. You can read about the different types of manual lymphatic massage and what type of trained therapist to look for post op because not all LM therapists are equal. Also become informed upon the variety of machines used to drain the lymph system. Some provide suction for cellulite & infrared light for skin health improvement.

Regarding Link Mentioned Above

Well ladies, I tried out the link but it doesn't take you directly to the page but takes you to the intended site I mentioned so do this-Type *lymphatic massage* in the Spa Magazine's search bar then click on- *Spa Services: Lymphatic Drainage A Moving Experience*
Hey sissy! How r you? Yes we all must stay encouraged! Guess who's approachn just 30days!!!! Can u believe it?
Hey love! I'm doing fine today thank you :) Hmmm... who are you talking about sis? Lol

Schulman Angel in 52 Days!!!!

First off, Almighty God bless & protect sis lifegoeson. Grant her a successful surgery with Dr.Schulman today & a quick uneventful recovery!

A quick update about the fit disk. While practicing with it under my thighs only, I notice the position makes my legs go numb. I saved a twin memory foam topper & knew it'd come in handy one day ;) So what I did was cut out a circle of it to place on top of the disk to see if it'd help & it did. The memory foam stays in place without a problem.

I have a story to tell you ladies when I get the chance to create a longer update lol ;) I do all things Internet using my phone & it takes much longer.
Hey hun, just wanted to stop by to show some love. I can't wait to read about your story, I'll be at the edge of my desk waiting (notice I didn't say at the edge of my seat, because I don't sit at work anymore lol)
Aww... thank you babe ♡○♡○♡ Lol, the suspense right! I've been debating the past week on whether or not I should tell it. If I change my mind, then I'll pm it to you & others ;)
Only share it if you feel comfortable, hope it's nothing bad.

Confession Time lol

Ok so here goes...(swallows hard) I haven't told my hubby that my fat is being donated to my booty yet. 0_0 Remember me jokingly writing about how I was gonna try n sneak it in there with my tt? Which I'm not doing til next yr now.
Quoting one of my RS sissys lol, "now how are you gonna hide that???"
You remember I wrote about how unsupportive he is? Truth be told he's a very verbally abusive man. Why did I go back to him? A mother sacrifices herself to protect her children. Long story there to provide for more understanding of which I'm not bothering to tell. No judging please because you haven't walked in my shoes all these years.

Anywho, What I did tell him is that this surgery is the first stage out of two in getting close to having my pre pregnancy body back. I honestly just can't handle the negativity, the drama or whatever & don't wanna be threatened or talked out of this. This is why I'm staying away for two weeks. Long story to explain him. In one word, narcissist. Look that up ladies. I'm not kidding. I think every woman should be informed because these men are on the sly for a long time before the prince goes poof & there ya be frenchin the frog! Lord have mercy! So glad I've been taught to count my blessings or I'd be a miserable mess in doing what need be.

Anyways, I was in the process of telling him about a week ago. I was explaining the garment when he interrupted and said he'd like me to set up a consultation for him to have lipo of tummy and flanks because he's researched a little & it looks promising. O_o What??? Lol After telling me how vain and wrong I am for yrs, giving me so much grief and saying something bad will happen to me if I do this because vanity is not part of God's will (leaving that talk in my mind of course)
Ok, I didn't make a big deal of it like that. Just smiled and said, my my hunny don't ya think that's a bit vain? He laughed then so did I. God bless his heart! Well, I'm happy for him because he works out so hard trying to get rid of those areas. He'll be such a happy camper afterward! No big deal man.. its like dying your hair to cover the grey. Too funny & he was asking me a bunch of questions about it. We actually had a good time :) Also he'll have no room to talk (selfish part of me coming out) And as for my decision on when to tell him? Well... Hunny! look at this surprise souvenir I brought home just for you lol! Don't judge me now ladies. I think I know the most peaceful best way to get through this. Much love Xoxo!
*Judgement free zone* straight love right here. Love muffin-not suggesting you need any or looking for any feedback, but just want to say I think your handling things wisely.....and your souvenir plan...just right for a man with narcissistic traits.....oh how I admire a strong, patient woman......xoxo
Aww thank you love :) It took a lot of mental debate & prayer to make that decision. I should have clarified hunny, I would like & invite the feedback or any advice from especially you or my other RS sisters who have already commented on my page. You ladies are wonderfully sweet & understanding. It's the couple of nasty inboxes I got for writing about my hubby issues in my review that were on my mind I guess. This is when I was very uncomfortable about making some things known but felt the need to share anyway. For a short somewhat edited example for the sake of rules, one person said I should focus on writing about sx only because they didn't come to my page to read about my personal drama. Smh, my hubs position plays a huge role in my sx. Its my personal journey & battle & I feel I should be allowed to document it in whatever way wished. Maybe they're narcissists too for crying out loud? Thanks for the love sissy :) xoxo
Now see, clearly The Lord led you here.....the devil is a liar....LOVE prevails....((big hug and kiss))

Video Link to Self Lymph Massage

This self massage works to drain the head, face & neck. I tried it & must say it works very well!

God bless your heart!! In having experienced the pain of abuse, physical & emotional, it takes a strong soul to survive. So again, God bless your heart! This is your journey. We are all on one. it is an individual journey there is no room for judgement b/c each journey is unique in its own way. Live, love, laugh! And by God's grace be able to accept the things that cannot be changed, have the strength to change what you can and the wisdom to know the difference. Xoxoxoxo
I'm all teared up! God bless your heart too sweetheart! Thank you for opening yourself to share something so personal. Thank you for your uplifting, understanding & wisdom filled comment. It's been a vicious cycle passed down from the women in my family and I'm trying to end it starting with my girls in using many helpful avenues God has placed in our lives. You've touched me deeply. Again thank you! Xoxo
You made me tear up. ((Huge hugs)) I agree. It a vicious cycle. I would lock my mom in my room to keep her from being beat. And although I experienced it myself I swear to God that I (as you) will do everything possible to ensure the next generation doesn't. Breaking those generational curses. Sharing is caring (corny line I remember from the carebears cartoon, but I value the sentiment). And I believing sharing is how we exceed. Xoxoxo

I'm so excited!!!!!!

Riding up the roller coaster....Ahhh! I want my bootaaaayyyy!!!
Alright now that I got that out....
Let's see how I look in these leggings after I go get it!
U r going to be the bomb!
Thank you! You know it ;)
Love it! lol

Updated Measurements & 46 days left!!

Starting out on my journey I measured
-Bust 36"
-Waist 29"
-Hips 34" measured around side dents

Now I'm at
-Bust 37 1/2"
-Waist 33"
-Hips & booty 36 1/2" I measured around where my side dents are again
-Around love handles 35"
-right arm 11"
-Left arm 11 1/4"
-Each Thigh 22"
Hi hun i am thinking of going to Schulman. As well ! I want TT and BBL. did you schedule your surgery yet?
Hello :) Surgery is 3 weeks away... Feb 27th. He does tt & bbl together sometimes depending on the needs of the patient.
Hey Sis its a matter of time now!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for u!!!!!!

I Get to Pee Like a Guy!

Found this on amazon! It's called Freshette. It provides a lady the ability to stand facing the toilet to pee. We can aim it where we want it just like men do lol. So cool! lt has alot of good reviews. Hope it works out :)
You get to pee like a guy lol. That looks awesome though! I'm sure it'll come really handy.
I hope so! I like the idea of being able to direct it away from me. I wish I would have found this a long time ago. It would of came in handy during our wilderness explorations.
Hey Ellie I didn't tell my bf about my bbl either. I said I had lipo and it contoured my butt..lolol..that lasted a week till he saw the swelling wasn't going down... And said he knows I had a butt lift...wasn't happy bout me not telling him...but nOw he can't keep his hands off,,hmmm I guess he ok with it...lololol. It will be fine. He said I should've told him but I didn't want any neg feelings going into my surgery ...so I decided it was best to let it be...

My Waist Grabbers

I have a small squeem I can wear on the first row of hooks. Also a 34 Vedette 103. I can get to the second row with the squeem but it cuts off my leg circulation. Probably not a good thing to feel my veins behind my knees bulging out like they're going to burst lol. I think having the vedette shortened a tad in the back and made to be tighter on the lower ab region would make me happy to use it instead of the squeem. Ok so I laid them down one on top of the other to compare and found no difference in width between the two. The vedette is about .25" to maybe .5" taller height in the front than the squeem. The back is the same and boning is in the same places. The boning in the vedette is a bit sturdier. I think that's why it feels better on and doesn't crease under my ribs like the squeem does. I love how the cinchers take pressure off of my low back...feels so good. I imagine my 2nd procedure (tummy tuck with muscle repair) will help too.

Seems every time I sit down to get my list in order I have to get back up to do something. I've made some changes as far as face pillow I will use & a few other things. Everyone is sleeping now so I'm going to work on it. I hope to post it on my review soon. Much love my sisters?
You knocked it out the park once again with your great tips sis!
Thanks for the sweet compliment sissy! :) Love ya!
Thank you so much for the insightful review. You have so much valuable info. I'm definitely getting the adhesive remover and the Freshette! I also gathered great info on vitamins. Thanks you! I appreciate you sharing the emotional up's and down's and being so honest. Your day is so close! You're gonna look incredible! I'm so excited to see your transformation. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck. :) xo

Finally a comfy sitting invention!

Ok here it is! My homemade sitting contraption and I friggin love it! Finally figured out a very comfy way to protect my precious investment. This booty ain't touching anything! Doesnt make my legs go numb at all either!!! I feel like the caveman (or woman);) who discovered how to make fire the first time!
I had a 36" half foam roll which I cut in half. Next I took the other half and cut it so it would be flat on the normally rounded side. Then took memory foam and wrapped it for comfort, safety pinning it together. Since I'm flying I'm going to sew it instead so there's no metal to set off detectors. Then I will sew fabric over the entire thing. I think I'm going to cut the foam roll a little more so I'm not sitting as high though before I finalize it. Oh and that hollow mini foam roll attached to the larger one by the black strap stabilizes me more & I think it helps my legs not to go numb. Here are some pics :))))


I used the half foam roll because I already had it. If any one wants to make this, get a whole cylinder foam roll then shave off just a little to make it flat on one side. I just felt the half foam roll by itself didn't give me enough height.
Wow look at you getting all crafty! I wish you would have came up with this 3 months ago lol
Yeah me too lol! I've been experimenting for awhile trying to figure out something comfy & also stable feeling. The fit disk with the memory foam worked too but I was paranoid about my booty touching the seat once it's bigger. I'm probably a bit overboard about it lol but I feel better now :)
WOWOWOWOW!!!!! what an invention! GREAT!


Face down Pillow
Arm compression sleeves
Thigh high compression stockings
Ab board
Silicone squares for scars
Items for sitting ( see invention in previous update)
34 Vedette 103 vest
Female urinal
Alcohol free Calendula extract
Ginger tea
Arnica tablets & Gel
"Medihoney" Manuka honey wound and burn paste (found it works faster than neosporin)
Throat lozenges
Medisol adhesive remover 3 bottles
Antibacterial body wash
Manuka soap bar
Manuka body cream
Talc free body powder
Regular personal hygiene stuff
Feminine wipes
4x4 gauze
Hurt free medical tape
Medical gloves
Ice packs
Bendable straws
Ziplock bags
Track suits
Yoga pants
Long seamless tank tops
Slip on shoes
Melatonin for sleep
Vitamin D3
Vitamin C 1000
Zinc 30
B complex
Protein powder

I feel like I'm forgetting to list something...
yaaay!!! You are ready miss lady!! your the closest I have to a sx buddy! only 7 days apart! You are going to do really well- You are all prepared and ready- I went to the office today.. Everyone was really nice- I got an extra stage one from them and paid for the stage2 and I got the medicine you start 2 days before sx- So I think Im all set- I am sooooo excited for us you have no idea! Great list and feedback for everyone hun.
Woo hoo!!! ☆So so close my sis!!!☆ You're going to do great too! Many prayers for you ♡ My pre - op is the day before sx. Do they have a bunch of different sized garments on hand? I'd like a backup stage one as well but have no idea how to determine what size I'll be. Don't know how he can either without seeing me in person. Lol I had a dream since I gained weight that they didn't have my size... miscalculated it & I swelled huge because I had no garment on. I've been dreaming about it every night for about a week... good and bad. I emailed Rachel a couple days ago with a bunch of questions but that wasn't one of them. Still waiting for her to email the answers. She said she will once she has the chance to ask Dr.S
Yes!! lol we are so close- Yes they do have different sized garments, you can pre-pay and then He brings a few sizes with him the day of the surgery I guess based off pictures and what size he thinks you will be, he brings them to the sx the day of. and OMG I dream about it toooo!! haha I havent been out with anyone in a while, Im getting my Masters right now (last semester) yaaay!! lol so Im using school as an excuse to never see any of my friends lol- its mainly because I cant seem to get dressed anymore without picturing myself in the same outfit post-op and looking so much better, so dresses and things like that, even sweats Im like uhhhh yea I don't want anyone to see until after! lol But yes you can pre-pay hun and Dr. Schulman will put you in the right size after sx and then give you that size as a back-up one. She said you can get the stage 2 from there also its only 75.00 and you can get fitted for it when the time comes to make sure you have the best size.

I keep forgetting to tell

I keep forgetting to tell you about this great way to detox the lymph before sx. I broke out & dusted off my mini trampoline recently because it can be used to drain the lymph system. It's all in the rebound effect when trampoline jumping or running on a track (it has some give too). Supposedly using the trampoline works the quickest. Jump (doesn't have to be a high jump) on the trampoline for at least 15 minutes to jump start your lymph system into draining mode. My doctor told me about this years ago but silly me forgot about it until recently when I asked her if she knew of a true LM therapist because mine does it too rough. Try to drink 2 tall glasses of lukewarm water afterwards. Luke because the body absorbs & uses it better.... just so the chill is off if you can stand it that way. I've been jumping for 15- 20 minutes each day after walking uphill for an hour on the treadmill. I've also been trying to prepare my arms a bit more by adding more resistance.
My abs need help. I've been keeping more to the routine I should've stayed on all this time. While staying in the laying down position, I try to focus on the transverse muscles since I shouldn't do sit ups which aggravate diastis recti. Found this excercise by googling exercises to help close diastis recti (separated ab muscles after pregnancy). I also continue to focus on keeping them tight throughout the day. And don't we all know laughing does wonders too :) My oldest daughter can crack me up....My fave ab exercise ;) She has a great sense of humor.
Hey sissy its such a joy to see u are so rdy now and excited!!!
Hey love!!! *Smiling from ear to ear* xoxo!
Rt bck at cha! I cant wait to see your beautiful transformation!

Face Down Sleeping

Gave the "Freshette" a test drive & It works great!
I splurged and bought a facedown sleeping item a while ago. I was very concerned about the added pain I would be in because of my migraines, spinal & neck issues. I'm so happy I came across this item. It keeps me aligned and pressure free. I'm very thankful for it since I won't be seeing my chiropractor for a long time. Here's some pics...

Some pics didn't post..

More pics of FD pillow
I need to get that sleep set up ASAP!!
I will add the website.
Wow can you make me a sitting contraption. Ill pay you or if you could maybe do like a youtube video? You can market this and become Rich!!!!

Face Down Sleeper Link

Sorry....forgot to mention the seating creation is great....i had to do something like that also bc my thighs went numb with the yoga mat. ...nice work....time is near ....your gonna look great.....
Hi sweety....i wish you all the best....remember to have good thoughts and memories or future desires when you go in for surgery....it's important for you to feel great...i don't judge anyone for their decisions as to why or what your in a bad relationship but trust me when you feel it's time to let go you will do so......good luck sweety...
Thank you so so much hunny! I will think only good thoughts :)


Prayers & blessings for 'Booked Dr Schulman Feb20' Her transformation day is tomorrow!!!

Well... I can hardly believe I'm only 7 days away from my transformation! I'm going to pack my suitcase a little every day. Lol, I don't have enough time all in a row to pack it in a day. I'll be New York bound on the 25th. Surgery the 27th 0_0

I received my altered squeem and vedette back from the seamstress but still haven't tried them out to see how differently they fit now. I'm hoping much better. Hugs and kisses my RS sisters! Thank you so much for all your love :)
Super Happy 4 U! Your big day is around the corner now. I can't wait to see the new you. You have supported so many of us and now it's your turn... Yippee!
Lol, It just doesn't feel like I'm that close. Thank you so so much sissy for your support :) My nerves are creeping up a bit.
Ohh girl so excited for you!! I am just beginning my journey and found your info very helpful!! Please keep us posted. Will pray for u!

8:00 Am Surgery Time!!!!!!

Rachel called to let me know I will be having sx at 8:00 AM. I have to be there at 7:15. Ladies, would a dress or skirt be more comfortable to wear that day or should I stick to my yoga pants? I'm most likely having thigh lipo if I'm comfortable with what he says about it while seeing me. Ahh! I don't wanna get naked in front of him. That's going to be one of the more uncomfortable parts on this adventure.
It's looking like stable weather on my traveling & surgery day... see pic :) Shoooot, this is heatwave weather to me lol! Ok weather! No surprises ya hear me!
'Bout to get on that Schulman booty train...chooochoooo /*\
Lol, choochooo... I'm not missing this one :)) Be joining you real soon big sis :))
I know that's right lil' sis :)))

4 Freaking Days!!!

Still surreal!!! I feel like I'm dreaming or running on autopilot! Really only 4 days away? Really? Lol!

One more thing to add to the list- Trace Mineral Drops low sodium. Thank you my sis jigglypuff :)

Thanks Aelice2008 :) She found a very similar face down body positioning system with a nicer price tag than the one I bought at massage-tools.com
I tried posting the link but I can't find my darn clipboard (where my copied items go) on this new phone. So see the link she posted below in the comments section...or search at allegromedical.com
Hello Hun....4, 3, 2, 1 it's almost your time!
Flying out tomorrow!!!!
Hallelujah!!! Oooooh I'm full of joy for you lil sis!

Pray for our safe trip my sisters!!!!

Touching down in NYC tomorrow!!! Xoxo
Wish u the best girlie . Congratulations! !!
Thank you sweets!!!
Good luck, it's finally time! Travel safely & happy healing!

In NY!!!

Just got settled here in NY! Thanks for the prayers/safe travel wishes :)
My mom came with to care for me.
Pre-op tomorrow where I get to meet the famous artist who will sculpt me beautifully bootilicious ;)
You ladies are awesome! Xoxo
Wishing you a successful surgery tomorrow and a speedy and blessed recovery!!!
Thank you sweetie pie! :)
Many many blessings to you doll!!!! Sending prayers your way ;)

Surgery tomorrow Morning!

I'm making this short (well shorter than I'd like) because I've had only a couple hrs sporadically of sleep & my head is pounding & my eyes hurt. I had hot and cold sweats all friggin night. I came down with what my daughter had. I have a fever too. Ladies!!!! Why now?
He said it's okay to go ahead with surgery but my recovery will be tougher. Dr. Schulman is awesome. He made me feel very comfortable & answered all of my questions patiently. We've decided on lipo ing my abdomen, back, flanks, arms and inner outer thighs.
It was awful that my head hurt so bad and I felt so sick at pre-op because I couldn't think and it took all I had to focus. I was like uh - duh the whole time. Didn't even care about dropping that white robe.
Wishing my girl Elli her very first Happy Bootyday! !!! I know ur going to look amazing
Sorry you got sick!!!! Thinking of you and wishing you the very best!!!!!!
Good luck today love. Praying for you

Got my booty!!!

Thanks for prayers my sweet sisters!! Will update soon
Can't wait to see your result. Wish you a speedy recovery!
Just posted them. Thanks hunny
YAYYYYYYYY!!! Can't wait to see you!


Didn't wanna keep ya waiting ;)
I see bootty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl I've been thinking about you since yesterday! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see more and more pictures!
Aww.. thanks sweetie pie!
Hey just checking on u. How are u feeling? Hope the sickness is getting better and wishing u a speedy recovery on the new body. ...:0)

2nd day

2ndday is definigly worse than the first but Im hanging in there. Will respond to everyone soon. You ladies are so sweet. THANK you
Believe me sweety it will get better day by day but I agree with you my first week was horrible I thought to myself why I put myself through all the pain and I felt guilty but I had my daughter, boyfriend and the ladies on this site giving me positive support and that helped me remember why i did it..... i hope you feel better soon sweety....stay strong.
Thank you so much for the encouragement love :)
Hang tough babe xoxo

Call me Marsha Mellow...

My swelling went down A - lot today & I'm feeling a bitbbetter. I finally slept some last night.... Up every hour but thankful for sleep :) I went 2 nights without so much as a wink of sleep until then. It is very important to be mindful of expanding the lungs fully and exhaling fully because the lungs get lazy....need to get them back on track. So Every time I started to fall asleep, I quit breathing & woke up. Took awhile for my lungs to behave. This has happened after all my surgeries. I'm going to get more rest now. Xoxo ladies To be continued...

Forgot Pic mom took

Kind of red, very swollen and very warm feeling. I know I'm going to be very happy with my results!
I took my arm garment off because it was cutting my circulation off. I may put it back on today. I'm so so glad I worked my arms out heavy. The arm lipo hurts but not as bad as I thought it would so far.
Happy healing I'm glade to hear you are doing we'll ... Lol at the arm garmet!! Girl I take that thing off everyday bc it literally stops my circulation lol .. So it's funny to hear you say that. But your looking good. Me I'm itching -_- ughh
Thanks hunny! Yeah I wish I would have brought the one I bought that hooks in the front. I'll probably use that when I get home. Been itchy today where my incisions are. I'm heading over to your review. I can see a little straighter today lol 0_o
Hey girlie!! You won't regret it :) Thank you very much ♡

First BM & Some pics

I cut down on the narcotics yesterday evening and can see straighter & think a bit better now.

First BM was such a relief!!! Prunes are great! Well the experience wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be...Poo wasn't hard thank goodness. My mom tucked the top of a trash bag(because my big ziplock idea wasn't good if there was significantly loose stool because it might have made a splash)... so she tucked it in all around my garment sides to protect it as I stood slightly squatted and went in it. She put the small bathroom trash can on floor beneath me upside down to use it as a stand so my bag wouldn't fall. Worked great! No mess..no problem. Love my mama!
First shower yet?
Yes, last night, it felt awesome!!! Totally exhausting but great.
Oh ok good!

First shower yesterday

Here are some before shower pics ladies! I still have some medisol and foam on. Will updatebbetter when this migraine leaves. The screen light is too much. Xoxo
Hey Elli! Just checking up on you. Feel better my dear.
Thank you sweetheart xoxo. Doing better
Looking at you is like dejavu for me .. Lol.. I iced heavy for the swelling n it worked! The arnica gel and tablets from dr. S worked for me to for bruising. Your doing great! That back piece of foam!! Lmaoo ughhhh killer it took so much getting it off! Get something for those migraines and keep healing!!

I'm Still Hangin Around...

Hey sisters? I've had some added pains during my recovery thus far but today has been much better. I can't wait to go home.
My Post-Op was today...he said he suctioned out 6.3 liters of fat and injected 1250 cc in left cheek 1300 in right. I love my shape so far :)
@elli what was your height and weight going into this?
5'2 & 139lbs. In response to your comment below- He initially thought he could only get 900 - 1000 cc's in.
So happy you're loving your results!! Ready to leave NYC already?! We just brought out the nice weather for you LOL. hope your post op healing gets increasingly better. Xoxo

My legs are heavy and so is my heart

I Had a nice walk outside yesterday. Problem is these cedar trees for legs I'm dealing with. They don't cooperate with my brain lol...Gotta laugh about it. I have to consciously think about lifting my feet high enough so I don't trip as they feel foreign to me. Aww it'll pass. Thing is I was hoping to be more mobile or coordinated before returning home.
My heavy heart results from things going on at home. Hubby putting a guilt trip on me and that he is taking care of the kids stresses me to the max. I won't go into any more detail about that. The caregiver had issues so he got "stuck doing my job."
I have the itchies so yay...means healing right? I promise to give you a full update of my experiences when I get home. Xoxo
Hope all gets better. Try not to stress too much because it will slow your healing. Stay strong. It gets better. Also your legs may feel like this due to the extra weight on your back and legs. This too may fade away with time. Hapoy healings doll!
Thanks Lady B hunny :)
Youre welcome doll!!!

Took Measurements For Y'all

Pre-op 33" waist
36.5" booty

Today 29.25" waist
42" booty
And that's with some swelling lost lol. Dr. S don't play lol :) I can't fit into any of the stretchy pants I brought...Too hard to get the band part over my booty. Thank goodness I brought these long maxi skirts. I can put them on over my head.
Sorry to hear about your stress doll :( on a happier note you look great!
Thank you babe :) There are so many things to be grateful for. I need to focus on that :) Everything is passing.
Heel soon my dear. Can't wait to get mine done. How long the nausea last for? I remember last year when I had my partial hysterectomy my doctor gave me anti nauseas med before and after surgery I think and I didn't vomit nor felt nausea.

Hello All :)

I took the financial hit and flew home a day early! I saw that snowstorm coming ?_? and no way was it going to stop me from making it home to my babies :))
I sat for most of the time on the plane because of turbulence here& there. The whole time I was thinking about my precious investment lol. My butt never touched anything so it should be fine.

I'm allergic to these dissolvable stitches. I have a red itchy rash around every spot. Called Dr. S office but he couldn't see me yet for a couple days. Rachel said he would need to take them out. I'm putting cortisone cream on all my sites as was suggested and taking benadryl. I'll have to see my primary soon.
I'm still up every hour at night ( be patient with this blurry eyed scatter brain lol) ....sore and have to " walk it off" Low back mainly. My legs have shrunk some yay!!!!

Hubby hasn't said one nice thing to me yet. My house is disgusting so I've been working on it here and there... just takes longer. Forget him lol :) I'm so happy to be home with my babies!!! Sooo happy! Nobody is going to steal this joy! Love to you my sisters xoxo. Thanks so much for your encouraging words :)
Hey girl I am so happy for you smooth recovery!! I can't wait to see more pics. And I am sorry hubby is stressing you out. Men can be so selfish at times :( I hope you're not doing too much work around the house and you get a chance to rest up:) Cant wait to see more pics!!
Lol yeah. I can tell I've done too much so I'm chilling out now no matter who says what. My mom took some pics before we left NY. I need to edit them before posting.
You look great! And we all know how hubbys can be! Hoping everything gets better! :)


Dr. S emailed to check up on me. He said it is most likely a reaction to the adhesive that was on top of the sutures. The areas didn't get red bumpy and itchy until the tape was removed. He said I could take them out myself. I have taken out the ones I can reach.
Dr. Schulman is a wonderful PS. I can't believe my eyes while looking in the mirror today. I have curves ladies!!! :) And in the right places now lol! To think...I was reluctant to let go of my love handles for the lack of some curve without them lmbo! I will post more pics soon.
Yeah he's been awesome answering all my questions as well. I'm actually not nervous anymore
Yay!!! That's great babe!!! His nurse is the best too!
Like I always say, his work speaks for itself! I'm a living witness.

Just Took These :)

Pics! I had some garment friction burns which are almost healed. Maybe you can seeon low back. Skin is peeling where they were. I love my shape! Booty looks bigger in person though.

Trying again

Wow Elli! Hubby acting up...has he seen that ASS!?! Lol. You look incredible babe.
Thanks sweetheart :) He hasn't yet...well naked anyway. I did pull my sweater tight earlier and told him to have a look at my new curves. He said nothing...just opened his eyes wider and cocked an eyebrow then smiled lol. That said everything. I've been wearing sweaters that are open and flowy in the front and baggy in the back. Still can't hide it totally though lol.
Elli ooooh Chile that butt is saying something :)))). Have you tried any of your sitting gadgets yet? And do you sleep good on your face down pillow?

Remedy For Garment Friction

I use a soft seamless tank top to protect my skin from the garment. Sis Increaseme's idea :)
I put "Sovereign Silver" first aid gel (bought at vitamin shoppe) on top of the irritated area then covered it with CVS brand hydrogel pads for burns. Cooling SOOTHING RELIEF!!! I also bought Band - Aid Advanced Healing Blister bandaids for the small blisters. Worked awesome and fast. Oh & I put the silver gel under those as well.
Omg!! Ellie you look GREAT! Look at that little waist. Yaaaayyyy I'm so happy for u!
Thank you sis! :)

Forgotten Pic 7-8 Days Post/ & Side by Side Pre & Post

Sorry I forgot to include this pic with the more recent ones above. I have very sensitive easily irritated skin so I wondered if the garment would irritate it. For example, On the day of surgery as Dr.S was marking me, he asked where my chest rash came from because I didn't have it the day before at pre-op. It was from the dial soap! Really? Dial soap lol. My allergic reactions to body soap or the like show up on my face, armpits, and chest the most. He said, wow you are sensitive. I think that's why he left parts of the adhesive foam backing on. It was cool, I didn't have as much foam adhered to me as other ladies had to deal with. Only problem was I could feel something (the edge of the backing) cutting into my skin within that 5 days with no shower. Fully resolved now so no biggie.. I appreciated how very kind and thoughtful he was. Ahaha and his laugh! Likened to a little boys carefree belly laugh. So adorable lol. It's catchy and very cheering. Right before I fell asleep he smiled and said, I'm going to make your waist as tiny as possible. He sure did! I am beyond ecstatic about it and know it's going to get a little tinier yet! I'm also including a side by side pre and Post-Op pic to make it easier to compare:) Love ya my sisters!
You look wonderful. May The Lord continually bless and heal you.
Thank you so much sweetie. Blessings your way as well :)
hope all is well love, but question: how do you wear the vedette? and also how small did u go for it?

3 Weeks Down!

5 to go before I may sit on Ms. Bubbadelishishness Lolol. We'll call her Ms. Bee for short Ok lol.

Ms. Bee added one more fat cell enemy to the list...my little dog. He doesn't like it when I lay face down. He thinks I'm in some kind of trouble and tries to dig me out. First, he'll jump up onto my calves then walk over my entire backside with quickness until he reaches my head. What a stinker! So there I am screaming because every teeny paw feels like super deep pressure point torture lol. Then he tries to dig me out of my face down pillow. Lol 0_o Get outta here pooch. I can just imagine having little doggie paw imprints all over my precious lol. I love him but don't be messing with Ms. Bee please. So I have to crate him at night and when I need to rest but sometimes I forget because I'm so tired but he reminds me as soon as he notices my position.

Now down to my recovery progress this past week. My right leg is barely swollen now. My left is humongous man... with kankles & Incredible Hulk foot syndrome. It goes through periods of pain, tingles and a weird painful throbbing numbness feeling. I have tons of broken veins :/ One down, one huge one to go. I must have more damage to the lymph on that side or something.

Sleep-- I sleep about a 4 hour stretch then I'm up walking around because of the stiffness and skin tearing feeling. Skin tearing or ripping feeling started yesterday after my shower. Hey though, I'm mighty thankful for my 4 hours. It's better than every hour on the hour.
I've been driving my kids to school since week 2. I use my homemade cylinder under my thighs and inflatable backrest. I've found it to be the best at keeping Ms. Bee from touching the seat. .BUT these potholes are many! Like some are swallow one of my dang cows deep... for real! Same thing every Spring. My body protests when it's time to get in my vehicle lemme tell ya!

So, I promised myself I wouldn't look in the mirror often or obsess over my body...or measure too much. So far I've kept it and nope, it hasn't been hard. I'm too busy for that anyway. I'm walking around faster but still not normal so it takes me much longer to get things done. I do too much maybe? I measured today for you ladies. I'm at a 41 1/2 booty and a 28 waist so far. I am wearing the 2nd stage thong garment size small which I purchased from Dr. Schulman's office. There was nooooooo ooooo... way it was going to go over my Ms. Bee! So I modified it by cutting the thong part, using fray check and temporarily using sticky velcro until I get my bra extender to sew onto the thong area....Gotta protect my precious. I pulled it on over my head with some difficulty. This thing is a rib crusher! I hadn't pulled my tank top all the way down and out yet before taking pics so you can see the bunched up material underneath where my lower back is. I don't like this garment. I feel like I need compression on my lower tummy, mons and thighs. I feel more uncomfortable without it right now. I may put stage 1 back on. I was using foams all around my back, sides and tummy so it was giving me irregular compression in lower places. I may try the Maria E garment Mesan wrote about in her review. My squeem and vedette are still too long. The boning digs into my butt. Remember how my back and butt just all ran together? Well it was hard to imagine where my bump would start exactly. Man I have a short torso! I may bust my sewing machine out.

I continue to feel better every week. I lightly bounce on my rebounder to try and get my lymph moving but the idea is to jump up and point toes downward. Lol not yet. My main exercise is walking. I also do light stretching daily. My arms look better but there is so much scar tissue! Dr. S said I can try and break it up with massage.


4 the pic was 3 days pre-op. It wouldn't show up in the caption area for some reason.
Oh my word, too funny about your little doggie lol!! That's right, sorry, but he can't be messing with Ms. Bee! (Love her name). Your healing is progressing steadily.....reminds me of our sis Back2me45 with that pesky leg swelling, but as we saw with her, it did eventually abate. I didn't have any leg swelling (I only had the saddlebags touched), but I did get the fluid build up on the left side of my stomach....the swelling completely stopped (took several months). And I did the same thing (cut the thong lol great compression, but like you said, hard as the dickens to get over the head)