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Back on track!!! Salama 2014

So i have been obsessed with this site ever since...

So i have been obsessed with this site ever since i found it. I want to have a BBL done and have been looking at many before and afters and have really inspired me to get this done. I am an apple shape and have always wanted to have an hour glass shape. Anyone have any doctors around this area that they would recommend? I have looked at Dr. Salama work and have loved it... But im not sure what other expenses i would be looking at

So i have contacted Dr. Salama and going to...

So i have contacted Dr. Salama and going to schedule my date with him pretty soon... So excited!!! The only thing holding me back right now is the credit places. I have heard of care credit but have never heard of any two other options anybody have any advice they could give me?

Date set!

I kept going back and forth on going through with it. But finally decided that this is something i have wanted for a long time. Its a chance to do something for myself and give myself a college graduation present. I am really excited and nervous. I feel like the date can't come soon enough :) Called in and set the date. The ladies were really helpful and reassuring.

A little about me

I am 22 years old, single, no kids at any near future. I am a student and currently living in Minnesota. I am 5'2 and weigh 140. I

Continued... haha

Accidentally hit enter haha anyways i have always been kind of curvy but have never had a nice curvy hourglass shape with it. I have been looking at this site for quite some time and each time all i do is go through profiles and check my dream results. I wanna have a nice big booty. When did you ladies begin to prepare the accommodations? I am currently preparing a list from other ladies that have had great success with their bbls. I am just so excited and counting down the time.

Before pics

Here are my current body portions and th e same I gave Dr Salama, he let me know that I need to lose 10 lbs before my surgery day

Anyone looking to switch dates?!?

So I just found out that i am walking for my graduation May 14th. I wouldn't have enough time to heal if I had to return. As i was previously planning on staying there two weeks. And i would rather not have to choose between my graduation and BBL as I've been working hard to obtain both. Please message me or inbox me if anyone has a date with Salama 2014.

Back on track!!

Thank you so much nuffass for switching with me :) I'm so excited to be able to continue this journey without having to choose my booty or graduation. Now just to find a travel buddy to join me on this journey. ... let me know ladies ;)

Time flew by!

Wow so hard to believe I scheduled this about a year ago! I am now making the last few adjustments on my flight and last details. I am going to be staying at the recovery house so I hope to see some of you there =) I have been eating healthy and trying to lose weight the slow and steady way and am really close to the weight Dr. Salama asked me to be at. I am so excited this seems like a dream, it has not hit me yet that I will be in Florida in a month getting my brand new body. So for all you vets out there... any last pointers on what I should be preparing for?
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Hey girly, I see that your surgery is in one month! did you find a buddy or hotel yet?
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good luck
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Thanks im excited!!!
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I'm glad that you found someone to switch !!!!
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Yeah me too I was getting kind of nervous for a bit but everything worked out
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Congrats I'm 10 month's po salama and love it
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I love your results! You and a couple other girls are the reason I chose Salama. I want some of that donk ;)
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Hey girlie!! Please check ur inbox asap!
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I got it :) thank you so much :D
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welcome tali dreaming. If you are looking for a Dr. in Fl Azurin does excellent work. As for credit the PS you select should have options. Good luck.
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I chose to go with Salama. I have seen some of his work and he has that magic touch that has turned some ladies into the perfect coke bottle bodies.
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Welcome! When do you plan to have your sx?
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I have my date on May 9th but now i might have switch :( I am really excited but i also have to walk for my graduation
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