31 Years Old w/ 1 Kid, Sx is November 18th w/ Dr. Fisher

Considering Dr. Fisher in Miami, but I need to...

Considering Dr. Fisher in Miami, but I need to have a consultation in-person to make sure I have enough fat to get a nice size butt. Hopefully, I can get in for a consultation the day after labor day. I want to have my procedure within the next few months, so I use the wintertime to heal. I had a consultation in Wilmette, IL, but that doctor seemed cooky n weird. Hopefully, Dr. Fisher can hook me up!

Confirmed Sx date today w/ Dr. Fisher for Nov. 17th

I'm ecstatic!!!!!! My blood pressure is thru the roof. I need help finding a caretaker, not sure if I want to pay $2000 for the recovery house. Any suggestions?

Should I stay near South Beach after my BBL w/ Dr. Fisher?

Ok, sooooooooo, my fiance wants to stay in south beach while we're in Miami for my BBL. Has anyone ever did this? I was told it's like a 30 minute drive. I need some help, please. Nor sure where to stay because marian is booked from nov. 10-19th n my sx date is 11/17/14. One good thing is my dad's wife who's an RN of 30 years will be by my side the entire time, so maybe I don't need to stay at a RH.

Unpaid Time off from work

At my place of employment, we're only allowed 13 days off for the year (includes sick, personal n vacation), needless to say, I only have 14 hours remaining. I'm hoping to talk to my manager today regarding taking off for 6/7 days without pay for my sx. I have been saving, so I don't care about missing the money. I need dis ASS! Once I get my approval in writing, I'll get my hotel and plane tickets. Wish me luck BBL Dolls!!!! I'll keep y'all posted.

VANITY VS. MARIAN........Fajas, Lipo Foam, lipo board, etc.

I was told by Marian that there's a store near vanity that sells all the supplies you need at a lesser cost. Jessica (coordinator from Vanity) said that their fajas are $120 n not to buy it online or elsewhere because you don't know what your size will be after surgery. I personally believe buying the faja at vanity might be the smartest option, but as far as the the lipo foam n lipo board....... I'm getting that $hit online. I'm also going to Marian for the 5 lymphatic massages for $150 instead of paying $350 for 5 at Vanity. Hope this helps someone.

Supplies that Vanity told me to get

1. Long dresses
2. Antibacterial Bar soap
3. Baby wipes
4. Arnica gel (dark one)
5. A bunch of camis/tank tops w/o bras
6. Fruit
7. Water
8. Iron pills (start taking them now)
9. Flip flops
10. Back scratcher (my fiance, lol)
11. Surgical garment (buy at Vanity)

Order of operation after Sx

Tank top/cami, lipo foam, lipo board, garment a.k.a. faja, and clothes (finally). You must wear all this stuff for the first 2-3 months post-op. This will help your loose skin reattach to your body after the liposuction.

12 areas of liposuction that's included in the price of the BBL

This is what i was told, but the math doesn't add up to me! Full back, flanks, waist (2), bra line (2), love handles (2), and full abdomen (6). They counted the abdomen as 6, but the flanks as 1 and all the others as 2 areas. Confusing? But oh well, as long as my Shit is flat. I care more about my waist than my ass. That's the truth. I'm getting the bbl because I don't want to waste the fat n because my ass is flat on the top.

Wish Pictures, but not as muscle bound

Flights are booked!!!!!

So, me and my fiance bought our flight tickets today. $288 round trip non-stop from WI to FLL. I will be leaving on day 6 post-op. Hoping to see the doctor on that 6th day, if not, Lord be with me! I still have 4 months to go.

Everything is booked!!!!!!

I booked my hotel(s) for my Sx. Staying at the Marriott on Le Jeune ($533 for 4 nights) and Days Inn on Collins Ave. For the last three days of my week long stay ($398), flights ($288 round trip, non stop) and rental car ($240 for the week). Total cost is between $897/person or $757/ person. It depends if I end up splitting it 2 or 3 ways. All I gotta book now is my massages with Marian ($200 for 5 massages) and I'm done. Oh yeah, I'm getting my first faja from vanity after surgery.

Pre-op pics

Just some photos in clothes

97 more days left until I get cheeks of my dreams!!!!!!

So, on my lunch break today, I decided to go to Target. I purchased the bare naked Boppy pillow for $19.99. It was on sale for $29.99, but then I got a $10 gift card. This is my post-op supplies purchase. Yay me! My mother already got me about 40 chux from her job, shhhhhhh. I already have hibicleanse. I'm going to start getting the other stuff soon. Can't wait until maxi dresses stay going on sale. Our summer in Wisconsin is pretty much over already.

FISHER VS. HASAN? Should I stick with Fisher or change to Hasan? Need help RS Dolls!!!

I have been seeing a lot of pics. of Hasa Dolls and I'm starting to wonder if Hasa is a better Doc. than Fisher based on pics...... I'm stuck because I'm already paid up and scheduled with Dr. Fisher. What should I do? I need help Fisher and Hasan Dolls. If I change to Hasan, I think my surgery would be like a $1,000 cheaper too.

72 days to go and I need to start buying supplies, especially two Fajas!

Has anyone bought Fajas online instead of from Vanity? Not sure if I should buy it from them or from amazon to save money. I need help please!!!!!!!

Plastic surgery simulator

Hey girls, I was just playing around with this app. to see how my new buns would look. This is what I came up with. I hope Dr. Fisher can give me an a$$ close to what I created with this app. Fingers crossed!

Plastic surgery simulator app. pic #2

I like this size, shape and projection.

63 days left!!!! (Faja and other supplies)

So, today I ordered 5 lipo foam sheets from amazon ($37.50), 1 ab board ($20) and a pee ez urinal ($3) and I bought one 2.6oz. tube of arnica gel from Walgreens for $10.99. I really want to order my faja from amazon for like $65, but I'm not sure about the size and if it would be the right one. I think the right one is the vedette 929 formerly known as the vedette 340. A girl my size ordered a 2XL and she said it was still very tight. So, I might just wait to get it from vanity to avoid the back and forth. Any suggestions? So right now, I spent like $73 not including the boppy pillow and baby wipes. I'm going to get food, fruit and pineapple juice when I get to Miami.

Purchased my faja (Vedette 929) from eBay for $65

Not sure if this is the correct gals8, but I'm praying that it is. I bought the vedette 929 in nude (I want to see if I'm bleeding for safety reasons) in a size 2XL. I was reading the reviews on rs and eBay and a lot of the women my size said that they could barely fit the 2XL. I'm also praying that this one has an open crotch otherwise it will be getting returned. I should get it by Monday and shipping was FREE! If all goes well, I would've saved $55 on the faja alone. Fingers crossed ladies.
dr. fisher

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walmart has some cg's that are cheap from$14-$17 Bromeain pills,benadryl cream for the itching,vitc for bruising vit e oil& Bio oil for scars and polysporin. Just in case :)
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Girl you have great legs, you are going to look awesome
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Thanks queen biles, but I think my legs are skinny at the bottom. My thighs are a little big for my frame, but I got bird legs.
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LOVIN' the Whole Fit! Beautiful from head to toe b4&after.
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Thanks bella
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YW Muneca :)
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Hey love other dolls have posted a place right be s side vanity that sales cg ,so you may want to check them out before you buy from vanity if you want to save money
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Cool. How much are they there? Thanks
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Not sure hun, but they posted that the place is cheap
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Ok, I'll wait til I get there to go check it out before I buy it from vanity.
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Best Wishes :)
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Thanks. I can't wait.
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Very Exciting. I like doing ps :) anything that can improve myself :) Have a God Night!
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good luck girl
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I think they are both really good surgeons.. I wouldn't say one is better than the other. They have different techniques so some Hasan dolls look more natural because of the "illusion" of hips vs Fisher who is more exaggerated with hips. They both look good to me! but hips are my main thing because I have none so Fisher it is lol.
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Good luck doll just did mine 2 days ago with fisher
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I'm scheduled for nov 4 I'm excited n nervous lol good luck on ur journey
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He's going to hook u up lovely
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Thanks for the well wishes. I need it. I can't f'n wait!!!!!
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hey miss lady about gaining weight...weight gainer and or boost/ensure...if anything a whey protein weight gainer mixed with ice cream about 45 mins before bed. if you do boost or ensure drink them with a meal and NOT as a meal replacement...I started at 116 I am currently 125... ive been taking it off and on for about two months, since I am not having sx until jan 2015. would have gained more but was sick for 1 month and lost 4lbs....hope this helps. best of luck
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For the ladies about weight gain... I just ate whatever I wanted when I wanted especially pasta and cake lol.
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Thanks for that I will eating lots of it
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