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I am a mother of 3 beautiful girl 22,18,13 and boy...

I am a mother of 3 beautiful girl 22,18,13 and boy with their help and mine my belly is a flelly LOL. I have always hated this kangoroo pouch since my second child and was checking about TT for a long time. Then last year I was blessed to have a man that is willing to give me whatever if he has it to make me happy. Well we have been best friends forever but loved eachother just the same so yall know the reset. Anyway he is the best and my time has finally come on 03/19/2012. I have had so many dates until I almost changed my mind andgot my money back. I am geting married in september so I was like is this really important because I do can do alot with 7 g's I mean a car a down payment on our house closing cost and all plus wedding cost just alot. My boo honey told me to go full speed ahead and he got my back so here I go. Will update you guys as soon as possible, I gotta learn hpw to upload my before pics on my computer first.

Hi guys Got my TT on Monday the 19th, arrived at...

Hi guys Got my TT on Monday the 19th, arrived at the center around 8am and was back getting preped by 8:30am and in surgery by 9 I think because I was gone in another world fast LoL. All I remeber is the anesth asking me do I feel anything yet and me saying no. I woke up like 2:30pm and was like is it over already dog that was fast, but it really was some hours I felt real good after yall. The Center paid for my fiance and I to stay in a hotel , because I had to see them the next day and the Dr didnt want me to ride back to Florence SC which was like an hour away from Myrtle Beach SC. I slept so good that night and that day. I mean the only discomfort I felt was getting up to potty and siiting back down. My fiance was great thou wont trade him for nothing.

Day 4 post op I feel really good today as the...

Day 4 post op
I feel really good today as the others, and I am walking good, straight up and all. I am not over doing it and I do still need help getting up and down out the reclyner. My incision is looking really good, like I am loving it especially my Fiance. Let me tell yall a story, last night as he was changing my dressings and washing me I told him you know thanks for being by my side and making this dream for me come true. Just telling him how much I appreciate him being strong because I know my stomache is week. He said girl let me tell you something, that first night when we got home he had to go in our closet and gather himself because his knees started buckling under him LOL. Yall I had to try and laugh real soft but was so tickled. Here I was thinking my boo was bout it bout it and his knees was knocking knocking LMBO. That's my boo thou and I told him it was ok because he handled it and still is. But just think how we think they are so strong but have weak moments also.

Day 4 PO Ok today I was not in the best of moods,...

Day 4 PO Ok today I was not in the best of moods, well it began yesterday really. I was a cranky bitch, do yall feel me. The girls got on all my nerves not just the last plus I had a cryig episode while my Fiance was cleaning me up becausehe told me I needed to take a nap. The tears turned on like a water hose plus I told him to get them teenagers from around me because I wasnt liking their grown fast butts at all. Them fast hot mamas was working my nerves and that was not a good thing especially if Nae would have came out. He took them to wally world and later took ther step home so that left my 13 yr old and I ignored her : ). I went to sleep goods and early.

Day 5 PO, Woke up around 3am in pain pain pain,...

Day 5 PO,
Woke up around 3am in pain pain pain, somehow I eended upwith my but at the foot of the reclyner all scrunched up. I woke up having to peeeee and when my suga lifted me up I felt 90 and not a good healthy 90. Somehow we didnt set the clock for my next pain meds and I was so gasy LORD HAVE MERCY. Anyways I went and lied down on the chair for the rest of the night and it was WONDERFUL. It was raining and it sounded so good huhhhhhhhhhh. Ok my suga had to leave to check on his mom around 3ish pm and I had a lil company then they left to get some grub and nobody came back until 8pm what the world. I called Renz and asked him did he lose his mind or something. LOL He called earlier and my in laws was thier so he figured I was ok and he hung with the boys a while washing up the big rigs. I felt abandoned and throwed away and I dont know shucks maybe I am just spoiled. Ok his mom is elderly but she can get around and dont want to and just lazy yall. I am not being mean and she is ok but he makes sure she is without nothing and she calls and cals just because or for nothing. I feel like any other time I dont mind even when she goes over board daily like he is her man not her son. Anyway she knows I had surgery and act like she dont understand I need him and to stop trippin and tryin to start an argument because he dont come their everyday. HE IS HER SON NOT HER MANNNNN. Then she try to talk to me like she not doing anything wrong HELP ME GOD. She can walk and she can come over here and sit sometime to make things easy on him also. JUST VENTING thats all sorry. but besides that my pain got alot better.

1 week post op I finally met SWELL HELL last...

1 week post op
I finally met SWELL HELL last night and we need not get along at all. I was in in so much pain until I wanted to cry. I guess maybe I had a little to do with it tryna make miniture cupcakes for my grands and neic, neph. Boy did I pay for it yall, I could barely stand,sit nothing long enough to wash and get my dressing changed. Oh another thing found out what my bad attitude and cranky self came from. I had a visiter that arrived on sat that will be here for the next 5 long days. WHYYYYYYYYYYY now I took 1 1/2 hydroco last night and can yall say calgontake me away. That was some good sleep no pain and woke up this morning feeling wonderful. I go for my PO today at 5 hopefully onr drain will come out, the left one is still dark and draining 25cc bout every 8 hours so yhats not too bad.

OK sweeeeellllllll heeeeelllll again tonight and I...

OK sweeeeellllllll heeeeelllll again tonight and I mean it feels like my belly is about to explode all around. I did get both drains out today but think he may have to drain some fluid next week because on one side my belly looks more higher even when swole. will upload some pics tomm when I feel better. 1 1/2 hydro tonight.

Ok I had my TT on the 19 of march and as of...

Ok I had my TT on the 19 of march and as of saturday I am officially filled up with cold. I mean I have the hard dry cough where nothing is breaking up. Yall it hurts so bad to cough my head throat and yall know my stomach is I cant even explain the pain when I cough. Cant fd nothing to help, soi am thinking hard about getting me some Gin honey and lemon ASAP
Will post some pics when I feel better insicion is looking much better plus swelling in going down slowly but surely

Hi everyone I am 8 weeks post op now and still...

Hi everyone I am 8 weeks post op now and still hurts a good bit in the muscle part and flanks are still a lil sore. But anyway does antone else have a puffy lower section because I do and I am just wondering how long will it be before it goes all the way down. It really shows after a days work from swelling plus it is higher on one side than the other. If anyone else got theirs done in march please inform me?

Hi everyone, Its been a lomg time since I checked...

Hi everyone, Its been a lomg time since I checked in but as some of you may know I am the mother that got arrested at my childs graduation on June 4 2012 and I have been physically and emotionally drained from it all daily. Any who I am going in on next tuesday to get a revision done to my TT because I still have a pudge on the lower part that I hate. It is there when I am not swollen and when I am swollen it looks like I have an egg on one side LOL. Just was wondering if any of you had to get this done, I think they are gonna do liopo on it to then some of the fat out that was left ubderneath.
Sculpted Figures Plastic Surgery Center

Dr Goldflies was great he made me feel so comfortable and made me laugh so hard at my pre op appointment. He answered all my questions and took my pics that day because I wanted to be cute in my pretty undies with the ugly belly LOL. My cut looks like a marking made from a hand without any mistakes, I mean it is so perfect.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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I had lip on stomach flanks and back. I wish I never had it done. I know have big bulge near belly button and fat sack below it, which I never had before. I wanted a revision, but they were going to charge another $900.00 for anesthesia, which I couldn't afford. I would not recommend Sculpted Figures.
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Hey Hun!!! I must say you look amazing!!
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Reading your story really had some F.U.N.N.Y parts, I really enjoyed it. I bet you are really fun to be around. I pray that you have a good recovery and all turns out well. You look great!
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Hello there! Looking great!
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You look absolutely gorgeous!
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Thanks hun, I still gotta lose more weight I have put on 9pounds over the last couple of months so very disappointed in myself. But I am back on it dont wanna have wasted my husbands money. I still swell over my pubic area alot like a lil egg but not bad
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Congratulations and many blessings to you and your new Hubby!!!
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Congratulations and you great!!
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You look great ....the final results is amazing ...you should use something to fade your scar some more but it looks great from how it was 10 days post OP
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Hi and thank you, I did win the case and found not guilty. And he did full Lipo and it hurt girl. I fekt like somebody beat me with bricks after I woke LOL. No I didnt pay any extra for it because my husband threaten them with attor, and it wasnt the Dr who said pay it was the owneer of the company. They are easy to work with thou
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I do want them to fade more, what do you suggest, my lower section still is numb a good bit but over all it is good
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I would like to more about your revision. It was just lipo? Did you do full lipo, smart lipo or cool sculpting? I may need to do something about my love handles. The dr said they were always there but are just more noticeable now with the pooch gone. So frustrated. I used to live in Myrtle Beach and don't live far from and definitely thought that incident was stupid...I mean why cant ppl cheer at the graduation??!! Good luck with all of that. Also, did you have to pay for the revision?
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Thanks for sharing this Journey and being truly honest!!!!!! Looking good girl!!! Did the same doc do the revision and did you have to loose weight?
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Yes the same Dr did my revision lipo, and no mam I didnt have to lose anymore weight. I do still wanna lose 20 lbs but he said that wouldnt make my TT look bad .Dr Goldflies at Sculpted Figures in Myrtle Beach SC
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Ok thanks !!! What I meant to say is did he req any weight loss before the procedure ? Also I will check him out!!
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Hey girl, I too am still big after my TT and have a high scar that I need corrected. I am 6 mos PO. I am supposed to try and lose some weight and then go back to see my PS in October to discuss my possible revision options. Its so frustrating going through all of this. Just wondering how your TT revision was. Did it work for you? How was the pain?
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Hi hun i havent been on in a while from being so busy. My revision went great and I love it, but the pain from my lipo was worse than the TT and Lipo together LOL. OH MY GODDDDD if that tells you anything but it was worth it. I still swell at night in my lower but all is great.
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NaeNae74. Good luck with everything you are going through. Stay strong and be blessed!
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Wow yeah its not suppose to look like that contact him asap.
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Hi guys hope everyone happy TT and great recoverys, I just uploaded a couple of shots I took today and as I said I have a fluffy bottom still and want to know if this is the smallest that i am gonna get or what. If so I am very disappointed and no longer happy. Can my fellow march TT let me know if this is common since it is still a lil early in the game
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I am 6 weeks po, our stomachs b4 were not much dif. U shd not have tht bulge at the top. My ps calls tht a shelf, which is wht he made sure I didn't get. Have u spoken to ur ps? It looks like maybe either u cu hv used a lil lipo or maybe he didn't put it Dwn tight enough. All and all u still look great, but I understand ur complaint!
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Hi Nae, congrats and happy healing to u!
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Happy healing!!!!
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Hey naenae, how are you feeling? Did you ask your PS about the incision site and swelling? Does it hurt? Did you eat anything high sodium that may have contributed to the swelling? Make sure you are resting and not trying to do too much. I hope you are feeling ok. Take the pain meds as long as you need them. We are all different. Take care.
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Well thats good to hear you are doing fine today, after meeting swell hell last night I am so not looking forward to these moments , did you take any more updates since the last photos? A way to avoid a bad visitor is sleep take this oppourtunity to get some much needed REST. LOL
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