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I have 5 wonderful children. 3 that I had the...

I have 5 wonderful children. 3 that I had the pleasure of giving birth to. I have alot of stretch marks and belly fat that wont budge with diet or exercise. Honestly the stretchmarks are not what bothers me as much as the jiggly skin. I realize I will still have some stretchmarks and I'm okay with that. I think i'd be sad to get rid of them all, sounds crazy I know..but, I've had them for 25 years! They are from my children! Anyway...I'm excited,nervous,scared to death!!! My pre-op is August 1st. I am 5"1 and unfortunately weigh 178. Just got a definate date yesterday and started low carbing. Hoping to lose a few pounds before surgery date. Ill post pictures when I figure out how! lol Nervous about sharing before pics. My husband doesn't even see me totally naked unless by candle light and on my back!!!! I'll check back in soon! Sooooo thankful for this site!

Well, I go for my pre-op Wednesday. The countdown...

Well, I go for my pre-op Wednesday. The countdown is on! Oh my! I didn't know I could have so many emotions going on at one time! Its all I think about! What questions should I ask? What do I wear? What do I need to buy? What will I look like! How do I make the cucumber water everyone speaks of?! lol Im having a slight crisis!! The bloodwork!!! Im self pay so thats another huge chunk!!! I have to get it done "this" week!! ARRRRGH!! Oh well, it'll all be worth it! Im taking off three weeks. I do hair so I hope that will be enough time. If I have to I'll take more time off but hopefully 3 will be enough. I have taken pics...I'll try to post them......oooh not good...but after will be great!

Well....I went to my pre-op visit Wednesday. Thank...

Well....I went to my pre-op visit Wednesday. Thank God they sent me for bloodwork at the lab they use and it was alot cheaper than my regular doctor was going to charge. My lab work is done! Now to have meds filled and play the waiting game! He did say to stop the no carbs diet! Ouch! I really wanted to lose a few more pounds. I feel like a blimp!! Lord I pray Im not too overweight for my results to be wonderful! I could surely stand to lose 15 or so more pounds! Say a prayer for me ladies!

9 days to go!!! Oh my! Im dreaming those crazy...

9 days to go!!! Oh my! Im dreaming those crazy dreams yall speak of! Im regretting not working harder to get the extra 20 lbs off! Everywhere I read says losing 15-20 lbs after a TT is okay and can be good. Lord I hope its true! Ive waited so long for this. I want everything to look great! Well, I dropped my prescriptions off at the pharmacy today and picked up a few things I need....Checked out and got all the way home and realized I forgot to pick up my meds!! Yeppers!! That'd be me!! I have a very busy week ahead at work so it will fly by! I can't believe its almost here and it is truly going to happen! THANK YOU JESUS!!! Ill check in again soon! :)

I was wondering if anyone has lost more weight...

I was wondering if anyone has lost more weight after their TT ( 15-20 lbs) and if so how did it affect your results? I am really worried about this so please let me know.Anyone.

Well ladies, I MADE IT!!!! Post op day #3. I want...

Well ladies, I MADE IT!!!! Post op day #3. I want so bad to get the drains out!!!! ! want to take binder off and take pictures but im afraid! Did any of you take a peek before u were supposed to?! My PS took it off thurs. and my husband took a picture but I want to get a good look. Holy cow! Where my binder stops on my "flank" is swollen like ive never seen before! You could set a glass of tea on it!!! Please say thats normal!! I never had a c section but Ive pushed 3 children out and this is farrrrr worse to me! I have phlem in my throat from the tubing and it hurts too bad to cough it up!!! I want to shower so bad!!!! Im done with the bird baths!!! All comments welcomed and appreciated!! I feel i should be wearing a garment that cover my flanks I surely dont want them stay in the shape they are!!!

Hello friends, Have you forgotten about me?? I...

Hello friends, Have you forgotten about me?? I keep posting and checking back but no answers or comments. :( I am itching soooo bad underneath my garment there is foam and its giving me the mad itch!!!! Its post op day #4. Ive always had a pretty high tolerance for pain but......grrrrrr. I still can only walk to bathroom and back and I give out. I walked to kitchen this morning and my back starts aching and wont let me go farther. Is all this normal? Im getting a shower today so ill get to really get a look at my tummy. Im alittle afraid.

OMG I have written this 3 times now!! It wont...

OMG I have written this 3 times now!! It wont submit! Last try! Maybe i'm added too many pics at a time! Anyways......I am 2 weeks post op and feeling a little more normal every day! Still lots of swelling. Still not standing completely straight. My lower tummy and lady part is still swollen and hard as a rock!! Thats very uncomfortable. My navel isnt great but PS says its still early. Still alot of stretch marks.Was just hoping they'd be BELOW my belly button. OH well. I definately have an hourglass shape like I used to have. Maybe too much. Posting pics. Oh and it was very much worth it!

I hae an infection....2 inches wide and about as...

I hae an infection....2 inches wide and about as deep as a 20 oz drink lid. If anyone passes by my profile that hgas had this PLEASE let me know! I am a basket case.
L. Shayne Webb

I have gone to several consultations and felt comfortable with Dr. Webb.His staff is AMAZING!!

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My heart goes out to you, hopefully it will heal fast! Are you in alot of pain?
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I'm having to go in to the dr today. Looks like I'm spitting a stitch , but it's not working itself out fast enough. It's looking infected, which is frustrating because I've taken such extreme measures to keep it from getting infected. I'm hoping they can take care of it today, and that's it. Is yours a stitch or something else?
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Hey, just checking on you, and wondering if you feel if you can go back to work?
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I had to take an extra week. I overdid it tho my first week back! I cant say no...but have had to make myself. My back hurt more than anything. I had to lean on chair alot. If you can...take longer off. I have a place that is infected and i'm having to pack it so it can heal from the inside out so i'm dealing with that too. Hope all goes well for you! :)
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Hey Koot, Thanks for the comment on my blog. Congrats on making it to the flat side! I too had a hard time with my throat after surgery. I've actually forgotten a lot of what I went through, and am reminded when I go back and read my ordeal, which is a little hard to do. But I do remember swallowing my spit wrong EVERY TIME and having to cough that tickle out of my throat and hating my Plastic Surgeon for doing such an injustice to me. I talked funny, too.
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I'm gonna try that, right now!
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Definitely itching under the binder too! I'm also wondering why the dr didn't give me a compression garment for my thighs since they seem to be lipo'd from hell and back.
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I know and wherever your binder stops theres an indention! Ive been wearing some underwear kinda girdle like that go up under boob area and binder over that. It helps.
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Thanks koot I see your healing well. Your looking good girl with that hour glass figure and it just gets batter with time
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Hi! I just read your review. I hope you are doing well. I look forward to following your progress. I'm getting mine done in December. Can't wait to see your pics.
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Thank u texas. Hope you do great also!
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how u doin be thinkin about u my prayers are with u
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Thank you st joseph. I know those prayers have helped me thus far. I truly believe in the power of prayer and mine are with u also!
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Koot007, your recovery sounds like mine, yes at day 4 I was still just basically going to bathroom and back and walking around the house a few laps to keep blood moving and maybe to kitchen and back but I wasnt doing much and I was not allowed a shower till both my drains came out so i know aout the bird baths.  when you are talking about your flanks are you meaning the sides of your belly, is your binder not covering that? i came home with a binder but also had a compression garmet which i admit made me feel better, i would trade off and on as i had lipo of the inner thighs and needed compression on that also and the garmets i had went to almost my knees. whatever you have questions with or help let us know, hope this site is working correctly.  kathy
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Kathy, all I have is a binder....velcro closure, goes from under breasts to bottom of stomach. It doesn't help with lower back or flanks (love handle) area which is swollen from lipo. Should I buy something different? Also, my pubic area is soooo swollen and hard as a rock!!! I still cant stand up straight! I know...its day probably impatient! This is harder than I thought. shewwww. Send a lil prayer my way!
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Koot007, as long as your doc says it is okay to have a compression garmet, i dont see why it would not be okay but i have seen a few girls on here say their doc didnt want binder or garmet, i did purchase mine myself and have been happy with it, i really does/did help with swelling and also kept me from feeling like my stomach would fall out, lol, it is a long hard recovery and i will say a prayer for you, it took me about 2 weeks to stand straight and im 3 months + now and just started sleeping on my stomach and really just quit hurting not long hang in there, my garmet went to my knees as i had lipo to the inner thighs...................
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I dont know why no one got the "belt" like i got, maybe i will make them and start selling them, i was given a cloth type belt with velcro that had two cloth pouches in the front that held both my drains and my drains were never a problem and never got hung up or in the way, i came home from the surgery center with these, i dont know why they dont give these to everyone, seems like no one had them but me, they seem so easy to make, i wish i still had mine, when they took my last drain out at the dr. office i accidently left it there and it got thrown out, at the time i didnt care but i wish i had a pic of the belt, would make life so much easier for everyone.
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Hey how are you doing? A bit of a personal question but are able to go for a wee easily enough?!
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yes i do that fine once I get sat down. Its the wiping I have problems with. The drains and tubing are in the way of everything!
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koot007, also if you get constipated, most of us used milk of magnesia along with stool softeners that doc gave us
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I think drip dry is the answer ;o)
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I have stool softner but wasn't sure if I should start taking it now (day before surgery) or after?! Will have to get milk of mag
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Hey! just saw your post for the first time! I also am a hair stylist, and all I'm taking off is 3 wks, as well. My surgery is on the 23rd. I will definitely be following you to see how you are doing!
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RAD1920, I hope three weeks is enough. I have clients scheduled for the 4th week! We will see! Hope all goes great with you!
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do u have any after pic ,hope the shower will make you feel better
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