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54 Year Old with Menopot - Myrtle Beach, SC

I have added photos from before and 14 days after...

I have added photos from before and 14 days after smartlipo. The after pictures are, also, after having 1 treatment of velashape which cost $425.00 for 4 treatments. Is it normal to be still swollen and have a crease above the belly button? The compression garment was worn for 11 days at which time the Dr. told me I could go to spanx. I wear spanx 24/7 now. Please leave comments to let me know if you've had similar experiences and that the creases will go away. Thanks.

Smartlipo of mid upper and lower abs - 19 days post

I woke up this morning still with the crease above belly button and more swollen. I took pictures and sent them to my doctor - he seems to think I need lymphatic massage - built up fluid which is causing the bulge. I explained that their technician is on vacation and I cannot get in for the velashape procedure and asked if it was going to hurt my results - I have an appointment a week from tomorrow. They said if it did that they would make it right, but thought that it was no big deal to wait. Have any of you every experienced this problem? It is not a bulging belly button - it is above the belly button. I have lost 7 pounds since the procedure and powerwalk at least 5 days per week - 3 miles in 50 minutes. Please tell me what you think.

54 year old with menopot

I am posting pictures of 3 weeks post-op and almost a month (27 days) post-op. The shelf is still very apparent and I could just cry. It is very hard and I am hoping the velashape will do away with it. I will, also, see the doctor today for his opinion and I will definitely voice mine. I've seen a couple of pictures with this shelf like appearance and the outcomes were not very good. I pray to God that that is not the case for me. Another PS posted about my question regarding the crease and she said perhaps the garment is making it - not so, I wear spanx with no stitching in that area.

54 year old with menopot - 28 days post-op

Today's pictures are after velashape done on day 27 - the area is very red and swollen, but the area I was concerned about (the shelf) has softened and he has cleared me for golf again as long as I wear the spanx - will try hitting a few balls today to see how it feels. I do look quite large in that spanx, but I really am not - doctor impressed that I have lost 5 pounds and kept it off - I got a happy face!!! I guess he removed about 1200-1400 cc's from stomach area. Tell me what you think.

54 year old menopot - 33 days post-op

I am down to 140 today - 5 pounds from my goal weight. I am 5'6" with big bones - before procedure I weighed 148. I work hard at my weight loss - powerwalking, golfing and eating 1 meal per day with snacks of watermelon, pineapple, peaches and dark cherries. I drink lots of water during the day, but partake in a couple of glasses of wine in the evening to relax me. I am leaving for Italy in 11 days and want to look awesome!!! We will be going on a lot of walking tours there, but I do plan on eating tons of pasta, bruschetta and drinking their wonderful wines - I will not over do it. I do see light at the end of the tunnel today - the shelf has gone down somewhat, so maybe the PS is right - residual swelling. Tell me if you see a difference.

54 year old menopot 35 days post-op

Woke up yesterday and looked great - just had to wreck it with my core challenging golf game. I was so swollen yesterday and tender afterwards, but the sunshine and golf game were calling my name. As you can see by the pictures, I am quite swollen again. I did log in 6.5 miles for yesterday so what the heck. I just hope that I look fab when we leave for Italy on the 6th. I'm sure with all the pasta, wine and bread in Italy that I will have to be careful although we have many walking tours while there.

54 year old menopot 6 weeks post-op

As you can see by the photos, I am still quite swollen. The shelf like appearance above the belly button seems to be lessening. I went shopping yesterday and bought clothes in a smaller size which made my day - clothes look great on, but I still can't wear what I want on top. I was hoping by the time we left for vacation, that I would look as good as some people in week 6. Apparently my body decided to do it's own thing. I am exercising on a daily basis and maintaining the 140 weight - I guess this old body has a set point, too!!! I guess 135 is unattainable when you reach this age.

54 year old menopot

I didn't get all 3 posted - here they are.

54 year old menopot

Today is 8 weeks postop and I really can't see that much change from the 6 week pictures (I identified the ones above as 8 weeks, but they were only 6 weeks. I wore spanx last night because of the swelling caused from the powerwalking and I did wear them the whole time in Italy. I am down 1 more pound - 139 for 5'6" big boned frame and I'm happy about that. Let me know what you think. I only hope and pray every day that it completely goes flat without that shelf!!!

54 year old menopot

Some pics of Italy.

54 year old Mesopotamia

More pics!

54 year old menopot

More pics - will post rest tomorrow

54 year old menopot

The rest of our photos - C couldn't possibly post all - picked some of the best!!! Down to 138 today - 3 more pounds to get to my goal weight!!! Will update pictures of stomach next Wednesday at the 9 week point. Has anyone every still been sore just around the midsection where belly button is at this point after surgery? The shelf still comes and goes!!!

54 yearold menopot

Forgot about Padua, Verona and the Island of Burano.

54 year old menopot - 9 weeks post-op

These pictures were taken within 30 minutes of waking up. I was completely flat when I woke and the edema developed within that 30 minute time frame. As you can see the middle area is still discolored so I assume that it is still healing. With that being said, I do have hope that someday I will wake up and I will be completely flat again (it's been 2 years since I have been like that). Is anyone else out there having the same problem?

55 year old menopot - 10 weeks post

It seems like just when I think I turned the corner, the edema above my belly button returns!!! I guess I will still have to be patient. I got a terrible cold when my twin sister flew down to visit, so my appetite is not what it usually is. The good thing about that is that I am now 2 pounds within my weight goal of 135!!! Some days, I look great, but at the end of the day the edema is back. Patience is a virtue - apparently I have none. Let me know what you think.

55 year old menopot - 11 weeks post-op

I can see definite changes this week - the stomach is getting flatter, but no I have developed a little dimple on the left side of my belly button. I can definitely see improvement overall, but the mid section still has some healing to do. We shall see - be patient Laura!!! My butt looks gigantic, but it really isn't - wearing a size 8/10 now depending on the manufacturer!!!

55 year old menopot - 12 week post-op

As you can see, the lower belly looks great, but there is still swelling above the belly button and a little indentation on the left side. I really think I am still healing and all of the above problems will go away without a revision - praying!!!!

55 year old menopot - post-op 13 weeks

It is now 13 weeks since the surgery. I still swell after getting up in the AM and wonder when this will stop. I still have that small ledge above my belly button, but I think it is getting smaller. I am still hopeful to have that flat stomach of 2 years ago - be patient Ms. Laura!!!

55 year old menopot - 14 weeks post-op

I'm still have swelling above the belly button, but this area is still sore so I assume I am still healing. This area is not swelling as bad as before, but is still there. There, also, looks like a little smile type area on the left side below the belly button - don't know what this is. I am quite flat, however, everywhere else. Optimal results should occur by the 19th of November, sso I have a couple of weeks to go.

55 year old menopot - 15 weeks post-op

As you can see from the pictures, I am still swelling like crazy!!! It could be the 4 days of golf in a row and not wearing the spanx support - ugh. Just wondering when there will be no swelling at all. I am very happy with the results when the swelling is not present. Still maintaining my 136 weight although people tell me my face is now looking gaunt - 5'6", medium frame - that weight is right where it should be and that's where it's staying!!!! Hope everyone is happy with their healing process!!!

55 year old menopot - 17 weeks post-op

I went for my last velashape treatment on the 10th of November and since this time have been very swollen in that troubling area near the belly button - 4 inch section around belly button. I saw the plastic surgeon on the 17th and he seems to think I need a slight revision around this area in January. I told him I think that this area is still healing and that the swelling has increased since I had the velashape treatment as it is very tender in this area. How long does it actually take for this area to fully heal? I've seen anywhere from 6 months to a year. He said I would only have to pay for supplies, but God only know who much more that would be. He said they would just numb the area and lipo it. What do you all think - please give some input. I have posted latest pictures and you will see the area of concern.

55 year old menopot 18 weeks post-op

As you can see, I still have that shelf like area around the belly button. My PS is going to have his secretary call in January to schedule a revision of this area. I am hoping that before then that this goes away. He said that this little area is the hardest to get rid of and this is usual. Would only have to pay for supplies, but still more than I want to pay - I think I've paid enough. Your thoughts please.

55 year old menopot 19 weeks post-op

As you can se by the pictures, I do have one small area around the belly button which is disgusting. I keep hoping and praying everyday that it goes away, but it is not budging (ha ha). Give me your thoughts.

55 year old menopot - 20 weeks post-op

My stomach looks great, but I'm now sure that the area around the belly button will be there forever unless I do a revision. I took pictures with the I-pad instead the camera hoping that the pictures would be more clearer to see. NewShape31, TwoPlusOne, Ray of Hope. Cakeshop - these are today's pictures. I think the camera makes it look worse and magnifies the problem. What do you think? My twin thinks I'm absolutely nuts to even consider a revision.

55 year old menopot

Just wanted to show all you what I looked like in my early 40's. I was into body building in my late 20's and early 30's and never had a stomach until I hit 53. This is why I wanted my stomach back - I have always had a muscular build - Air Force, 25 years in a paper mill.

55 year old menopot - 6 months post-op

As you can see by the attached pictures, I definitely need a revision. I sent my PS my pictures and asked for a ballpark figure of what it would be just for the supplies - he will not be in till Monday - we will find out then. I am quite disgusted that I have to endue this procedure once again since he did not take out enough fat. I have been very depressed with my results (you will see why when you view the pictures). I paid a lot of money just for the upper and lower abs when I see that most people paid a lot less just for that area - many people have paid that amount for their abs and flanks, I haven't been on here because I was embarrassed by the results. Let me know what you think.

55 year old menopot

For some reason you can't see the hideous pictures!!!

55 year old menopot - 7 months- pre-revision 2-18-15

I've posted these 2 hours before the revision so we all can see if he does me any good!!! Good luck to me!!! Will post the afters in 2 days. You can see that I definitely need it done - yuck!!!

55 year old menopot

As you can see by todays pictures, I am very, very swollen and very sore!!! I hope by the end of this journey that I achieve the results I desire, but I do realize now that I'll have to start vigorous abdominal workouts for the maximum benefits.

55 year old menopot - 3 days post revision

Since I have been wearing my compression garment with the memory foam, I can see a vast improvement in that shelf area as well as the sides. It is still quite swollen, bruised and sore, but I am thrilled with the improvement. Please give me your opinions. Ray of Hope said her PS told her to wear her CG for a month and that is exactly what I am going to do - I want the best results that my body can achieve. After that, I will join a gym and go after those abdominals and thighs with a vengeance!!!

55 year old menopot - 5 days post revision

I power walked this evening with my 4 pound medicine ball toss back and forth from hand to hand for 1 hour - tightened my abs to protect them and logged in over 4 miles - sweat and felt great. I took Sunday off as a day of rest. Will do this for at least the next 4-5 days. I ate really healthy today - a piece of grilled salmon with steamed veggies!!! Yesterday scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms, onions, tomatoes with a little mozzarella cheese for breakfast and a huge green salad with a piece of grilled salmon. I am bound and determined to get the body back where I used to be - I think this would definitely help my golf game, too!!! I plan on eating 3 cuties later for vitamin C. I will update pictures at day 7. I walked every day starting day 2-3 without weight ball - started slowly.

55 year old menopot - revision day 6

Weight 137. As you can see there is still quite a lot of swelling and bruising present, but overall I am happy with what I am seeing. I think my power walking with my 4 pound weight ball, tossing hand to hand, for an hour definitely helped the abs. I think there is a vast difference just in 3 days and can't wait for the final outcome. Will be praying. Happy healing to everyone and have blessed day!!!

55 year old menopot - 7 days post

This is me in all my glory wearing my one piece spanx. Still swollen, but coming along nicely. I can never compete with the young chickadees nor would I want to. I am happy with my body now - just need to start lifting weights and do abdominal work to get that beach ready body (for my age) and more muscle tone. Hope everyone is healing nicely and prayers sent for optimal results for all!!!!

55 year old menoput - 15 days post revision

I have been working out like a made woman!!! In 2 days I logged 15 miles on my pedometer (cart path only golf for 2 days plus 1 hour with my 4 pound weight ball at the gym, my vigorous massages, the contour belt (electrical stimulation that makes you stomach spasm) and my 10 minute slim in six ab routine. I am down to 135 now and am finally getting rid of that nasty ridge of scar tissue. I wear my CG at night with my memory foam and spanx during the day - I can see a vast improvement - I will work that scar tissue out if it kills me and have the stomach I paid for!!! I have posted before pictures and todays - OMG what a difference!!! Let me know what you think.

55 year old menopot - 3 week post revision

I am pretty happy regarding the revision with the exception of the fat on the right hand side above the pubic hair - the scar tissue surrounding the belly button is still giving me fits, but I am working on this and will ask PS about this area, also. He will fix me or there will be hell to pay!!!

55 year old menopot - 1 month post revision

I am now 1 day past the 1 month revision mark. I have posted regular pictures of me letting it all hang out and the last 3 are of me proving that I now have abdominal muscles - sucking in - my gut is hard as a rock - I will get my flat abs back!!! Working hard every single day. I'll see my PS again May the 11th - hopefully those two trouble spots will disappear with divine intervention - I pray every single day - do not want to pay him one more penny!!!

55 year old menopot - 1 month post revision

Here I am sucking in to prove that my abs are coming back - I have lost BMI from 22.5 to 21 and will go down to get rid of that fat around the organs - I will be flat again come hell or high water!!!

55 year old menopot - 5 weeks post revision

As you can see I still have those dreaded problems areas, But I am still a work in progress. I will continue working extremely hard to rid myself of these - I will see the PS again in 7 weeks - not very happy.

55 year old menopot - 6 weeks post revision

Still working out like a fiend - power walking, contour belt and stomach exercises daily. Today I did an 8K power walk in 1 hour 6 minutes which is 4.51 MPH - so proud of myself - at 3 miles I thought to myself, "Are you going to make it?," and all I could think about was my identical twin sister who got disabled from the flu shot (Gullain Barre - cannot feel from elbows down or knees down and walking with a cane) - I did this for her. She is walking 3/4 a mile a day now and going in the water, but she will never be the same. She is my inspiration and my drive!!! No pictures this week, but will post some next week. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter - may God heal all of our wounds and bring the best results possible. I'm still swelling like crazy especially during golf when I do not wear support and am still praying that the fat he left in around the belly button and the fat transfer he caused above my hysterectomy scar goes away!!!

55 year old menopot - 8 weeks post revision

As you can see from the pictures, I still have those 2 problem areas, but I may decide to live with them and not get a re-revision in June. The belly button area never did get any better and then the fat pocket above my hysterectomy scar on the right side (that the PS caused) are still there. I have done all that I can possibly do to help this area, but will continue with the exercise in hopes that it will exile these nasty places!!! I am maintaining my 135 weight - my body will let me go no lower. Still have swelling when I golf several days in a row, but I think eventually that will stop. Hope everyone is doing well and happy with their results.

55 year old menopot - 3 month post revision

I saw the PS today and he agreed that I would need a slight touch-up around the belly button area (of course, the CG garment left a 3 inch deep crease above my belly button by day 2) and the area above my hysterectomy where he transferred fat. It is only going to cost me $85 dollars this time plus my prescription drugs - I think that is because I raised so much hell the first visit after revision - I told him they wanted $850 and I talked them down to $650 - way to much for 5 little revision areas!!! I would have posted pictures today, but really there is no change - I have been working out like crazy, staying at 135 - I asked him if I could get rid of this myself and he said absolutely not - the fat is caught under the skin. I am scheduled for June 25th unless they get a cancellation before then. Will keep you updated.
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