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I have added photos from before and 14 days after...

I have added photos from before and 14 days after smartlipo. The after pictures are, also, after having 1 treatment of velashape which cost $425.00 for 4 treatments. Is it normal to be still swollen and have a crease above the belly button? The compression garment was worn for 11 days at which time the Dr. told me I could go to spanx. I wear spanx 24/7 now. Please leave comments to let me know if you've had similar experiences and that the creases will go away. Thanks.


Congrats!! Your abs look flat and tight. Nice. When did your doctor say you should start Lymphatic massages? You can drink pineapple juice for swelling and walk A LOT!!! Also stay hydrated to flush out fluids. Hang in there. The SWELLING is the Worst part besides the wait. You are 2 weeks post-op which is very early in your healing process. Swelling can last for 2-6 months. Everyone is different,so it does vary. Happy Healing and be patient. I know it's hard because i like instant gratification.
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I actually only wore the compression garment for 5 days and the doctor saw the indentation and said I could switch to the spanx. He never really said anything about lymphatic message per se, but did suggest Velashape - did not give me a time to start either. I have my first velashape treatment 12 days post-op and I must say it was very uncomfortable - it felt like a vacuum cleaner that sucked the skin and at the same time massaged and added heat. I was quite bruised the next day, but that is to be expected from what I hear. The technician said it's like an iron and really worked that crease on my stomach. After surgery, the Dr. performed what he called a pinch test to see how the skin reacted and told me I should see excellent results. He, also, said velashape would improve this by 20%. He said I should see the full results in about 4 months. I am drinking tons of water and walking at least 4 miles most days and closely watching my diet and sodium. Pre-op weight 149 and down to 143 today. I will post pictures at 3 weeks and we will see if there is any improvement in swelling, etc. I have my 2nd velashape treatment on 19th of August so we shall see. The skin is very tight and stretched that I rub on Palmers essential oils with cocoa butter and vitamin E 3 times daily.
WOW!! Congrats on weight loss,walking and drinking lots of water. You're doing great. Keep up the hard work it'll pay off.

Smartlipo of mid upper and lower abs - 19 days post

I woke up this morning still with the crease above belly button and more swollen. I took pictures and sent them to my doctor - he seems to think I need lymphatic massage - built up fluid which is causing the bulge. I explained that their technician is on vacation and I cannot get in for the velashape procedure and asked if it was going to hurt my results - I have an appointment a week from tomorrow. They said if it did that they would make it right, but thought that it was no big deal to wait. Have any of you every experienced this problem? It is not a bulging belly button - it is above the belly button. I have lost 7 pounds since the procedure and powerwalk at least 5 days per week - 3 miles in 50 minutes. Please tell me what you think.


How are you doing?
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One of the doctors on this site has assured me to give it time that I have nothing to worry about, so I have decided to believe him. My stomach seems to be shrinking, but still have the crease. After velashape Tuesday hopefully the lymphatic fluid will be eliminated from my body and the crease will leave. Will see doctor Thursday - will let you know more then. I weighed 141 1/2 the other day - down 8 1/2 pounds - still have 5 1/2 pounds to go. Going to the rec center again today for my 3 mile powerwalk - I will prevail. Thanks for asking Bella Besos!!!
Your ps does know best and the waiting game is the Worst. It will out work out. You're so disciplined with work outs,i wish i was,i need to get back to it because i feel lazy when i don't. Happy Saturday!!!!

54 year old with menopot

I am posting pictures of 3 weeks post-op and almost a month (27 days) post-op. The shelf is still very apparent and I could just cry. It is very hard and I am hoping the velashape will do away with it. I will, also, see the doctor today for his opinion and I will definitely voice mine. I've seen a couple of pictures with this shelf like appearance and the outcomes were not very good. I pray to God that that is not the case for me. Another PS posted about my question regarding the crease and she said perhaps the garment is making it - not so, I wear spanx with no stitching in that area.


I wonder if it could be the same kind of edema BiomedJacob is experiencing (the link is to his review).  It just reminded me of his latest update because yours isn't just a crease really--it's the shelf thing, and the fact that you said it was very hard.
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I went and asked him to post a picture of his.  He only took one though because he was so depressed.  Here is a link directly to the comment where he answered me about the edema.
I saw my PS today and was not to pleased. First, I had velashape done and she went over and over the shelf area with this torture device - high suction, hat and massage - can anyone say ouch. I am now red and very swollen, but I must say that the shelf is not as hard and everything is swollen so there is no shelf now. I spoke with my PS surgeon and told him that I am on this site and have seen 100's of people way bigger to begin with who didn't develop this shelf - could be my genetics, DNA or something else. I have 2 more velashape appointments - one a week or the next 2 weeks and am hoping this goes way. I see him again in 8 weeks - today he said we could revise if there were problems later on - of course, I will have to pay for supplies - his time would be free. I just pray every day that this is just the healing process and not my lasting result. I paid a lot more than most most for just the mid abdomen smartlipo. I didn't have flanks or back done. Very upset right now. I don't eat very much - healthy, once a day - am down 5 pounds post-op, walking 3 miles 5-6 times daily in 50 minutes and not he has released me to resume golf as long as I wear my spanx - believe me, I would never try it without it. I am going to walk tomorrow and try to hit some golf balls to see if I can tolerate 18 holes. Mad and disappointed with my doctor right now. Please say a prayer that everything will turn out all right!!!

54 year old with menopot - 28 days post-op

Today's pictures are after velashape done on day 27 - the area is very red and swollen, but the area I was concerned about (the shelf) has softened and he has cleared me for golf again as long as I wear the spanx - will try hitting a few balls today to see how it feels. I do look quite large in that spanx, but I really am not - doctor impressed that I have lost 5 pounds and kept it off - I got a happy face!!! I guess he removed about 1200-1400 cc's from stomach area. Tell me what you think.


I am no expert, unfortunately.  I wish I were!  I wonder whether the shelf is the upper edge of where the lipo was started, and that it's swelling all the places the fat was taken out, but not just above, and so you end up with this differential.  And now that it's become hard, it's even more obvious exactly where the lipo was done.  If that's the case, it will go away for sure.  Did you have fat taken out above where the shelf is?
No fat taken out above - I had no fat there. My fat was localized in the mid abdomen from menopause - no fat removed below appendix scar either - just mid abs. Thanks for your input and support. I just looked like I was early stage pregnancy - small basketball directly in mid section.
Yeah, then it really does match up with the hard swelling idea.  I looked at your latest update and even though I still see that localized swelling, it really does look much better.  I think it's going to straighten out!  I wonder whether wearing an actual binder might help, instead of spanx.  My experience with spanx was that it was not very strong, but the store also didn't carry a size smaller that I could have tried out to see if it was tighter.  Maybe yours is very strong :).  Very glad to hear you've kept 5 pounds off--that is significant, so you have to be smaller.

Patience is toooo hard!!!  But you'll get to the place you want with this.  He took out a lot of fat for such a small area.  I think you're going to be happy :).

54 year old menopot - 33 days post-op

I am down to 140 today - 5 pounds from my goal weight. I am 5'6" with big bones - before procedure I weighed 148. I work hard at my weight loss - powerwalking, golfing and eating 1 meal per day with snacks of watermelon, pineapple, peaches and dark cherries. I drink lots of water during the day, but partake in a couple of glasses of wine in the evening to relax me. I am leaving for Italy in 11 days and want to look awesome!!! We will be going on a lot of walking tours there, but I do plan on eating tons of pasta, bruschetta and drinking their wonderful wines - I will not over do it. I do see light at the end of the tunnel today - the shelf has gone down somewhat, so maybe the PS is right - residual swelling. Tell me if you see a difference.


Looking good
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Thank you so much. I have literally been walking my butt off - I have gone down 8 pounds since surgery through dieting and tons of exercise. I resumed golf Sunday and golfed again today. I may have used my core to much today due to the fact that I am very swollen and tender now - 6.5 miles with the golf and my evening walk. My goal weight is 135 - I am 5'6" and have a large bone structure thanks to Hungarian lineage - 5 pounds to go!!! When I get back from Italy, I plan on joining a gym and start pumping weights again as soon as I'm allowed.
YAY!!! Italy here you come. It's on my bucket list. Eat lots of pizza.pasta,bread and drink wine You're looking good and putting in hard work,so i hope it all pays off. :)
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54 year old menopot 35 days post-op

Woke up yesterday and looked great - just had to wreck it with my core challenging golf game. I was so swollen yesterday and tender afterwards, but the sunshine and golf game were calling my name. As you can see by the pictures, I am quite swollen again. I did log in 6.5 miles for yesterday so what the heck. I just hope that I look fab when we leave for Italy on the 6th. I'm sure with all the pasta, wine and bread in Italy that I will have to be careful although we have many walking tours while there.


Are you getting ready for Italy? I hope you have a Beautiful Labor Day Weekend!
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Bella Besos - I will probably start cleaning Tuesday and Wednesday (we have someone staying at our place with our 3 dogs) while we're in Italy. I'll probably just throw things in a suitcase at the last minute - most my clothes are now to big for me!!! You have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, also. Our 14th anniversary is Monday, so we'll be celebrating with our older neighbors (79 and 86) who have been married 57 years!!! I have stayed at 140 even with strenuous work outs and still very swollen. I was hoping by the time I left for Italy that I could go without spanx, but it's no looking good - ugh!!! Stomach is way down, but still swollen - will post updated pics on Wednesday - 6 weeks.
Hi, You are very busy bee. Enjoy your Anniversary :) That definitely calls for a celebration! 14 years,WOW. My sister just had hers Aug 27th 20 years! UGH! LOL. Hang in there,i'm sure your abs will look great and to your liking real soon. I am Excited for you,Italy is on my bucket list. Lucky Lady :) Happy Sunday!

54 year old menopot 6 weeks post-op

As you can see by the photos, I am still quite swollen. The shelf like appearance above the belly button seems to be lessening. I went shopping yesterday and bought clothes in a smaller size which made my day - clothes look great on, but I still can't wear what I want on top. I was hoping by the time we left for vacation, that I would look as good as some people in week 6. Apparently my body decided to do it's own thing. I am exercising on a daily basis and maintaining the 140 weight - I guess this old body has a set point, too!!! I guess 135 is unattainable when you reach this age.

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54 year old menopot

I didn't get all 3 posted - here they are.


You don't need slimlipo or any one that BS non-invasine "lipo. The best best best thing to do is go to a certified massage therapist who does manual lympathic drainage for at least 8-15 sessions for 45 minutes. Trust me, I had lipo and it made a HUGE difference. Don't do the rip off slimlipo, vela shape, it isn't a hand- it is a small machine that can't work the body as well as a massage therapist
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any of that BS *
c318 -That velashape is a torture device and hurts like hell especially at day 10 after smartlipo. I have one more treatment left and that one will be at the beginning of October - we shall see. Pictures of week 8 tomorrow AM - PM looks swollen still and shelf like.

54 year old menopot

Today is 8 weeks postop and I really can't see that much change from the 6 week pictures (I identified the ones above as 8 weeks, but they were only 6 weeks. I wore spanx last night because of the swelling caused from the powerwalking and I did wear them the whole time in Italy. I am down 1 more pound - 139 for 5'6" big boned frame and I'm happy about that. Let me know what you think. I only hope and pray every day that it completely goes flat without that shelf!!!


I can see a difference in your most recent post also. I do see the shelf above your BB but I am with TwoPlusOne, I think you will see reduction over time. You do have the flattest little tummy. Above all else, it sounds as if you are doing things to get healthy so Yah for you! Welcome home and pics from Italy are a must. We want to see how the other half lives.....lol..
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NASA_Eng - thank you so much for your comments!!! I think I am my biggest critic - I had a totally flat stomach until about 2 years ago when menopause set in, so I want it back!!! The Italy trip was my bucket list before I die - you just never know!!! I try to be healthy and eat right - I do have some demons, however, I smoke an occasional cigarette that just makes my husband irate. I will share pictures tomorrow.
It definitely looks better than the previous pics.  And you can see your upper abs.  The thing is, it's so obviously swollen right above your belly button.  Mine looks exactly like that right there.  Does your BB fill in while you're wearing your garment?  Mine is completely shut when I take mine off--so weird.  Also, wondering how it feels--like soft or hard--because looking at the rest of you in the pic, I see no fat.  This just has to go away.

I look forward to seeing pics from Italy, I hope!!!
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54 year old menopot

Some pics of Italy.

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54 year old Mesopotamia

More pics!


What beautiful pictures and a stunning country. Loved the pic of you and the hubby. You look SO happy. Good for you! I hope you keep those memories close. I have been blessed to have traveled to Turkey several times (Istanbul & Cessme), Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Brussels. Each trip a dream. Thank you for sharing
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54 year old menopot

More pics - will post rest tomorrow


Thanks for the pics lovely. I can't wait to get to ITALY!!! You gave me a little taste,short&sweet. I hope you have a Great Weekend.
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Nasa_Eng - I still have Padua, Venice and the Island of Burano to post. So many good pictures - can't possibly post them all!!! Will do these other cities tomorrow - don't want to overload my poor brain or the computer!!!

54 year old menopot

The rest of our photos - C couldn't possibly post all - picked some of the best!!! Down to 138 today - 3 more pounds to get to my goal weight!!! Will update pictures of stomach next Wednesday at the 9 week point. Has anyone every still been sore just around the midsection where belly button is at this point after surgery? The shelf still comes and goes!!!


You are so welcome Bella Besos. Have a great weekend, also!!!

54 yearold menopot

Forgot about Padua, Verona and the Island of Burano.


Sorry, I meant to say it can take a year to heal that area.
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Looking good! I believe the area around the belly button CA take up to a year to heal. Beautiful vacation pics! Enjoy, you have earned it
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mschihuahua - Thank you for your comments - that makes me feel better. It is still touchy just around the midline - I am flat in the AM and if I exercise or do housework without support, the shelf above my belly button redevelops - this upsets me to no end!!! I will posting new pictures tomorrow - week number 9 to see if there's any difference.

54 year old menopot - 9 weeks post-op

These pictures were taken within 30 minutes of waking up. I was completely flat when I woke and the edema developed within that 30 minute time frame. As you can see the middle area is still discolored so I assume that it is still healing. With that being said, I do have hope that someday I will wake up and I will be completely flat again (it's been 2 years since I have been like that). Is anyone else out there having the same problem?


I've been totally obsessing over swelling this last bit of time and everyone's assurances of swelling have helped me sleep at night.  But today I got the ultimate proof.  I got up, weighed myself, measured myself, and took pictures.  Then I worked out for fifteen minutes.  I went back and measured myself.  1 inch larger in the waist.  Your swelling is like that--it comes on quick.  It has to be swelling.  Oh, and when I got home from the park, where I worked out as well, I had grown another inch, and other parts of my body got more swollen as well.  You're obviously further along than I am, but you had more taken out and will take longer to heal.  I'm even more convinced it's swelling for you now than I was before.
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TwoPlusOne, Slimslip and Bella Besos - thank you so much for your input - I really appreciate all the input. I think that when all the swelling goes down and I'm healed completely I'll be happy!!! I can stick a finger in my belly button, but it feels really funny in an irritating kind of way - hopefully in a matter of months none of this will matter and we'll be happy, happy, happy!!!
lol... Well Ipierce4759 I feel better now knowing we are not alone... and thanks for sharing the belly button issue... i do feel the same when I stick a finger in my belly button...which leads me to believe that we well be truly happy once all this lumpiness and numbness will go away... thanks girl!

55 year old menopot - 10 weeks post

It seems like just when I think I turned the corner, the edema above my belly button returns!!! I guess I will still have to be patient. I got a terrible cold when my twin sister flew down to visit, so my appetite is not what it usually is. The good thing about that is that I am now 2 pounds within my weight goal of 135!!! Some days, I look great, but at the end of the day the edema is back. Patience is a virtue - apparently I have none. Let me know what you think.


Hope you feel better soon,colds are no fun.I am happy you got to 135. Woohoo! but not like this. Hang in there with the swelling.
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I have been hacking and coughing so much that the area above my belly button is not only swollen, but very sore to the touch. I think this cold will do me in - just when the healing really started in this area the coughing and hacking have slowed it down - not lol!!!
fresh pineapples work 5 times better than cough syrups. Hope you can get a fresh pineapple asap.

55 year old menopot - 11 weeks post-op

I can see definite changes this week - the stomach is getting flatter, but no I have developed a little dimple on the left side of my belly button. I can definitely see improvement overall, but the mid section still has some healing to do. We shall see - be patient Laura!!! My butt looks gigantic, but it really isn't - wearing a size 8/10 now depending on the manufacturer!!!


Ok How do I add pics on my profile like to show my progress??? And I never had my questions answered by any doctors.. im lost here!! thanks!
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SlimSlip - On your real self page go to "write a review" and it will go to update your review - you can add comments about your progress and download your photos. I took quite a while for my questions to be answered since the PS's volunteer their time, so hopefully they will answer soon.

55 year old menopot - 12 week post-op

As you can see, the lower belly looks great, but there is still swelling above the belly button and a little indentation on the left side. I really think I am still healing and all of the above problems will go away without a revision - praying!!!!


OMG!  You're looking so flat now.  The improvements are adding up.  This is going to work, I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!  xoxoxoxo
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Thank you TwoPlusOne!!! I'm ecstatic with my results!!! How are you doing? xoxxo
I'm okay :).  I just wrote a long, whiney update on my lipo review and I feel a lot better now, LOL ;).  I have my six-week PO appointment tomorrow but then the big thing--a consultation for getting my wisdom teeth removed.  I'm quaking in my britches over here!  So terrified.  I've been putting it off for years (like five) but one of my Invisaligners just convinced me to get on it cause she just had it done.  Gah!
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