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I had lipo on my stomach area just last monday.....

I had lipo on my stomach area just last sting and numbness, how long does it last? I had a breast reduction done with it, the breasts feel long does the black/blue/swollen stomach last? I just feel so sore and swollen, I am sure this is normal after such a short time, but would like anyone else's comments. Thanks
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Arnica cream or gel for outside bruising, and arnica pills for the interior bruising and swelling-is working well for me after being very disappointed in my procedures (TT, BR and lipo)
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Hi Bragurl: You had yours done 3/19 or something like that, correct? Remember I told you I was still big and once again disappointed, well yesterday I saw my PS and he took 450cc of fluid from one breast and 325cc from other, my size is perfect.......although they are filling up once again with fluid, but at least I know that is what it is.....are you sure you are not filled with fluid? If so that will account for the larger breasts and we are both just a little over 3 weeks out......keep me posted
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What is TT? You are not happy with the lipo either? My worked just ok on the tummy area, hopefully I am still swollen there as well...
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Tummy, not happy with the lipo at all
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No, I had mine done Jan. 15th, so I 11 weeks out. He only took around 350 from each breast, which apparently is not enough to be the size I wanted.That being said, I lose weight in my breast and my face first, and I have started working out so more might not be necessary. I am going to be patient until the 6 month mark-he said he would take out more in November at no cost if I was still not happy at that time. He wants me to wait until I am closer to final results.
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Yes, my Dr re-did for nothing as well....he kept telling me last yr, wait 6 months, wait 6 months, but sometimes you just know period and I knew pretty much after a couple of months not much was going to change.........hopefully all will be ok with you and you do not have to go threw it again.......yeah, not that happy with lipo either........but, I don't do much about controlling my eating habits......I am going to try and go back to excersice next week which will but me at the one month mark......I think that is pretty safe to do. why do you think the bromelain works if not much swelling has gone down? Just want to ck before I purchase the stuff.
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Hand in there. You are still relatively short term, it should improve.
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I'm 1 week post. Had lipo to flanks, waist, abs, back. Super swollen , especially at night. Still very sore.
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Oh, that sounds painful...I just had my abdomen done and I am sore and swollen....hopefully, you will love your new look and it will have been worth it.
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I took arnica for the bruising and swelling and it helped tremendously! As for the stinging and pain, the first three days are the worst! However you will start to feel yourself again by the week marker! With a little bit of tenderness, tightness, and random sharp pains for quite some time. I'm on week four and feel so much better but still deal with minor pain issues.
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Every person heals differently. I felt almost back to normal within a few days. Best of luck with your road to healing?
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