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I've been batteling with my body ever since I...

I've been batteling with my body ever since I could remember and finally decided this was the only way to start my new journery to finally be at peace with my body. I've gained weight, and I've lost it. But I could never achieve the look I desired. Well I finally came to a point in my life where I could afford to do this for me, mentally, financially and situationally. I'm still in my post op stages and I'm very excited for the final outcome. I'm glad I didn't let my fear get the best of me and went thru with it! As the swelling goes down I'm starting to see results, and they are looking better than I had anticipated! The pain was about what I expected, but the recovery was a little unexpected. There are still things happeing to my body that I am not sure are normal, that is why I am so glad I found this page, so I can share my experiances and hear about other peoples so I don't feel so alone! So I hope I make connections wih others in similar situations so we can help eachother :)


WTG....great for you...I had Vaser Lipo 7 days ago...still very swollen...quite the experience overall...feel free to read my page for experience...and I I can help with any questions, please feel free to ask...this has been the best site for that....Good Luck
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2marows my post op visit, I hope the doc. Says all...

2marows my post op visit, I hope the doc. Says all is well. Uhg I feel like dog turds 2day & look like hell 2! I've got dark circles under my eyes and look very pale. I ache a little, I mostly feel like I'm on fire lol, nerves growing back I suppose. The bruising and swelling is going away, yay! My biggest concern is becoming addicted to my pain meds! :( my husband snapps at me when I don't take them, but when I don't I hurt, but I heard oxys are addictive so I try to only take them when I really really hurt! Well we'll see how my post op goes, maybe it'll be picture time :) hopefully soon can't w8 2 c results!


Hi and congrats! How many days post op are you? I'm 5 days out. Feeling good overall. A little achy and sore today. Slept horrible last night though, garment so uncomfortable to sleep in! Also only taking otc Tylenol now. However gonna take a hydrocodone tonight so I will sleep better. I have a mammogram tomorrow and i hope they dont think ive been beat up when i strip down-lol. Glad you're seeing results! Have a good dr appt tomorrow!
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Uhhhg! My husbands being an unbelieveable jerk! I...

Uhhhg! My husbands being an unbelieveable jerk! I hurt & ache, and yes I know that is normal cuz I'm healing! Then he mocks me and tells me, awe, do you need to be caudled? When all I need is just some understanding! I'm completely off my pain meds and this is my first night of just plain tylenol! :( I can't move very fast,but I'm trying! I'm going for walks and trying to be me again :( I know I made the descion to have this done so I don't expect to be felt sorry for, all I ask for is just a little comfort! :( if I had one wish it would be for the rest of you ladies who've had this done, to have some comfort, caring, and support :( I knw this is gonna be a long lonely, achey night. Sleep well all :(


Needssupport77 I'm concerned about your nausea. Could it just be stomach bug? One of my meds my dr had me fil was phenomena for nausea but I never needed it. Hope you feel better!
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@Ifly65, hello! :) well I'm all finished taking my pain meds & antibiotics, and I'm roughly a week and a half post op, I feel good otherwise, except when I try 2 eat :( I haven't seen anything frm anyone else saying they feel the same way, I'm just wondering if it has to do with residual anesthesia in my system, or just my body reacting differently to fatty foods??? I'm gonna give it another week,if nothing wrks or I don't hear of others having the same prob.I. think I'll call my dr. & ask his advice :(
Put pics?
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Yay! I was FINALLY able to keep some food down...

Yay! I was FINALLY able to keep some food down 2day :) I had grilled chicken wraps & they were very tastey! I'm super happy :)


Glad to hear ur holding down food are u feeling? I get ictchy too...I scrath lightly...but sometimes its a itch that seem it cant be deep inside...Im also getting the pins and needles a bit...I guess thats normal and comes with healing...I am massaging alot to get these lumps and bumps down...seems to be working...still waiting to see big diff...slowly but surely its going down....keep in touch :)
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Ohh...I know if the itching is bad...u can take Benedryl by mouth to help that....
ahhh good to hear that...put some pics what to see you!!!
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Well 2day I took my week 3 pitures and feel...

Well 2day I took my week 3 pitures and feel absolutely defeated :( I seem to have gone back to the way I looked in my week 1 pix! Except with hardley any bruising! I wish I could find a way to post my pixs so I could get opinions! I don't think I have swelling, I look EXSACTLY the same!!!! I am trying to understand and have the paitience required but I don't even see a little difference! I think when I go back and see my dr. For my 2nd post op visit I am gonna MAKE HIM look at me without my garment this time so he could explain to me why I look EXSACTLY the same. I. Just thought I wasn't suppose to be getting fatter, but I must be, if I look like my week 1 pix and I'm on week 3!!!

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Ah ha, i figured out how to upload pix, please...

ah ha, i figured out how to upload pix, please give me input/opinions.... i think i look relativaly the same :( be honest


Come to my profile to view my pics
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I see the difference from week 1 to week 2 to week 3 to me you look like your getting smaller and smaller and less bruising. I am still in my first week post op but looking at your pics is giving me motivation as I am currently sore and swollen but have no bruising. I've been eating soup, crackers, mashed potatoes (and one night of mac and cheese I know I couldn't resist lol) all the best in your journey.
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Hi needs support! I think we had surgery about the same time, for me Sept 28, I look exactly like your pics... Swollen again... My best pic is week two... I was having same issues with not being able to keep food down and realize it was antibiotic, needless to say I was miserable for 10 days, once I finished, I was able to eat solids and keep them down. I read on this site from another lady like us, to massage with a small rubber ball and it helps a lot! You should try that! I wear one cg and a binder, Dr orders.. Ugh... But she said that patients that did that got the best results... I always read here from others that are ahead of us that it will go away (the swelling) and that its going to get better with time. So I just wait day by day and try not to get discourage, after all its only been three weeks for me. Hang in there and good luck with husband.
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Yeah, I'm officially pissed >:{ don't waste your...

Yeah, I'm officially pissed >:{ don't waste your money unless you have a train wreck of a belly and you would notice a HUGE difference getting it done. The pain versus the result is NOT worth it. The only improvement I see is I'm not bruised anymore...well I wasn't "bruised" to begin with! My size, texture,shape and rolls are exsactly the same! I wish I wasn't dumb enough to buy into the hype of "noticeable improvement", I guess it was an exspensive lesson well learned. So dissappointed :(


Need support I don't know how to say it but hang in there. You and I had surgery at the same time, I look at your pics and look at mine and we are the same. Looks like our best week was week two. I had a lymphatic massage last Thursday and it was fabulous, she worked her magic on me and when I left clinic I felt great ! I want another one next week! Don't give up just yet. Remember we were told it would be at least three months to see final results? It's only been one month for us. It helps to read the posts from others that are Ahead of us, it gives us hope and understanding as to what it's in storage for us.
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I think u look great...look at my pic's if u want to be disgusted and ur only a week behind me...set up appt to see dr monday cuz im so lumpy, bumpy and bloated...ughhhh....not happy yet. Try to keeep the faith...I am trying too....I know how u feel hun...
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Wow,I just saw your pix, I can see a big difference! You look curvey, your back is smoothed out a lot! I see some swelling in the belly area, but I can see the fats gone! You look great! I think I'm frustrated cuz it looks as though my bodys taking on the shape of my week 1 pix :( maybe swelling? I dunno :( I think I'm probably gonna start taking month to month pix now instead of week 2 week, I'll prob. Be less frustrated!

Soooo terribly disappointed :( its almost been 6...

Soooo terribly disappointed :( its almost been 6 months and I don't see any results! I know it takes a full year to see final results, but the only thing I see is my bruising is finally gone. My boobs gone up a cup size and my butt has gotten bigger, and if I'm not absolutly careful on my diet my face get fat from time to time! My pants fit the same! I've still got belly bulge(which is why I had the surgery int the first place!) And still feel self-conscience naked :( i was hoping to finally be able to wear a 2 piece swim suit this summer, but I doubt my results will allow it :( when I sit down I still have love handles and a bag of gut that sits on my lap! So what the heck did my doctor take out?! I really hope I start seeing some kind of results close to what my doctor and I discussed or I'm going to get very angry!!! >:{


I am asking all: what kind of exercise do you do and how often? Be honest...
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NS77, I'm sorry to read what's going on... As I remember we had surgery about the same time. I too don't have the results I wanted... I have hanging skin over my C section, my flans are good but I have the pouch that I originally wanted to get rid of... I know how you feel! I have the same sentiments, specially the not being comfortable when makes... Hubby is sweet and doesn't say anything, but I KNoW he's thinking " I paid $6k for this!? Please don't tell me it's a year before we see final results :( First I was told 3 months and then at my 6 month checkup she said 6 Months... Don't be a stranger and keep on posting.
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Gezz! Meant to say flanks and naked...

totally defeated :(

well all, its been 10 months since my surgery and needless to say I am horribly disappointed. I look THE SAME! I only had one glimmer of hope and that was week 2 that I may come out of this with a new out look on me. I still try to cover my love handles (which were so bruised and soar after the surgery) and my pooch (which barely looked touched) and my back fat when I wear a bra ( which was puffy and soar after surgery) I want to be pissed, but i just feel defeated. I paid for nothing. The only thing now is my face puts on a ton of weight and my breast are king size so i have to wear a DD now. Since the surgery I have had low blood sugar issues and heart arrythmias . Definately not worth the money the pain and the disappointment.

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